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6 R4300i core and executable support for rumble enabled controller plugins marked some memory allocations with execute flag game fixes for DK64, Hydro Thunder, etc enable perm cheats fixed gui issues reduced memory usage

Direct3D6 - Pilotwings no longer crashes - Fixed drivers that have incorrect depth buffer caps Direct3D8 - Added new plugin RSP - minor compiler tweaks for speed Direct Input - support for more axes - warn user when configuring button already set - rumble support using force feedback ==================================================== v1.5.1 Direct3D6 just a few tweaks made soon after v1.5 was released, that hopefully helped with the "pausing" problem: optimised texture cache better matrix stack handling optimized texture gen with SSE less memory uses, faster searches ==================================================== v1.5 R4300i core and executable stack pointer optimisations (added SP Hack option) PIF2 emulation for Banjo-Tooie and Jet Force Gemini added new (default) self.-mod code method: Check Memory Advance added Delay SI Interrupt option for games broken in v1.4 compiler resets when max code blocks reached rather than erroring more non-fatal error messages hidden in release builds improved game compatibility - refer to RDB

- fixed input plugins not showing in menu issue - fixed possible crash during plugin selection

fixed couple of causes of crash during rom load fixed several possible problems with state saving and loading allows saving and window switch while paused alt-tab should work better in Win2k/XP new rom loading method should fix Radeon+64MB rom issue cpu % counters should be more accurate added Hide Advanced Settings option added right click menus for rom browser and cheats added Always on Top option language file rewritten for more complete translations added first run selection for language opens settings dialog automatically when plugin missing better prevention of rom loading when plugins are not initialised end emulation in fullscreen doesn't mess up rom browser sort now saves by multiple columns rom browser window shrink bug fixed rom browser sorting by Genre works rom browser configuration saving moved to registry defaulted first column to Good Name removed User Notes box (still reads file) added ROM Notes tab fixed help file open in Win2k/XP fixed many bugs in menu item availibility, less crashes added and altered some shortcut keys added edit and delete cheats functions improved dialog, can enter many codes at once etc. nodes show partially selected cheats with grey ticks added serial repeater, activator and stacked activator support raised limits to 100 codes per cheat and 500 cheats per game added GS button support remembers window position, window can be resized removed 'mark all' button (caused problems) function keys work while cheat window open added option for remember selected cheats

RSP - Implemented more opcodes in compiler - Validated task lists before sending Direct Input - Analog stick range slider - Set default button Direct3D Better support for cards that lack blending & large textures Support for sprite microcodes Improved microcode detection Rewrote frame buffer emulation, new options to speed it up too Redesigned configuration dialog Anisotropic filtering slider Texture cache more reliable, and faster GeForce 3, 4 and Radeon support improved

- Lots of fixes for games, too many to list Direct Sound - Implemented volume control - Cleaned up dialog