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According to ASEAN Charter which came into force on 15 December 2008, each Member Country is to appoint a Permanent Representative to ASEAN. What is the status accorded to the Permanent Representative? A B High Commissioner Secretary Of State C D Ambassador Permanent Secretary

2. The Coordination and Surveillance Unit under the ASEANs Regional Haze Action monitors haze on day to day basis throughout the region and makes its findings public through its website. What is the website called? A B ASEAN Haze Action on-line ASEAN Haze News on-line C D ASEAN Haze Updates on-line ASEAN Haze Monitoring on-line

3. Under the ASEAN In Action Programme Member Countries would air radio series featuring culture, economic and political information with emphasis on tourism and historical places of the region. What is the title of this radio programme in Malaysia? A B Suara ASEAN Suasana ASEAN C D Rentak ASEAN Gema ASEAN

4. What is the main objective for the creation of ASEAN Charter? To establish legal and institutional framework of ASEAN To gain commitment of ASEAN Member Countries To bind all agreements by consensus. To give policy guidance and prepare procedures.



5. The ASEAN Television News Project has successfully facilitated the broadcasting of news from Member Countries to the benefit of the peoples of ASEAN for the past 15 years. Which country coordinates the ATN project? A B Singapore Negara Brunei Darussalam D C Thailand Malaysia

6. Among the principles of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia, which is false? Respect for each other's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity Intervention in internal matters of another Member Country Enhanced consultation on matters affecting common interest of ASEAN. Reliance on peaceful settlement of disputes

7. What is the theme of the ASEANs 41st anniversary celebration in 2008? One ASEAN Identity, One A ASEAN Community by 2015 B Glorious ASEAN C D One Vision, One Aim ASEAN Future for All

8. The ASEAN Foundation was established in December 1997 during the 30th ASEAN Summit held in Kuala Lumpur. What is the main objective of ASEAN Foundation? To implement strategic development C programme for ASEAN To promote social activities of ASEAN. D To promote cultural exchange programme in ASEAN. To promote greater awareness and interaction through human resource development in ASEAN.

9. ASEAN Summit is the platform where final decisions on ASEAN activities and programme are made. Who sit on the ASEAN Summit? Economic Ministers of ASEAN Member countries Foreign Ministers of ASEAN Member Countries Heads of Government of ASEAN Member Countries Head of States of ASEAN Member Countries



10. In the effort to create more awareness about ASEAN in Malaysia, the national television channel TV1 broadcasts a special programme about agricultural activities in ASEAN Member Countries. What is the name of the TV programme? A B AGRO-BUSINESS ASEAN AGRO ASEAN C D ASEAN Memajukan Pertanian AGRO-FARMING ASEAN

11. Enforcement of ASEAN Charter accepted by the 10 Member Countries was officially announced in a ceremony on 15 December 2008. Where did the occasion take place? Singapore A Bangkok, Thailand B D Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam C Jakarta, Indonesia

12. ASEAN Eminent Persons Group (EPG) is a body that reviews and gives recommendation for the making of the ASEAN Charter. How many members are there in the EPG? A B 12 10 C D 20 15

13. The Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) aims to prevent potential disputes arising from overlapping claims in the South China Sea. Which country signed the DOC with ASEAN? A B South Korea China C D Japan Russia

14. Which Dialogue Partner was the first to send its Ambassador to ASEAN? A B New Zealand Australia C D United States of America India

15. Under the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation the settlement between disputing parties is resolved by means of mediation, enquiry or reconciliation. Which body was appointed to recommend such means of settlements? A B ASEAN Mediation Group ASEAN Special Task Force C D ASEAN High Council ASEAN Arbitrary Group

16. The acronym AMAF stands for.. ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture and Financing ASEAN Meeting for Assistance on Funding D ASEAN Management for Agricultural C Financing ASEAN Ministers for Agriculture and Forestry


17. What is the main objective of the Strategic Plan for ASEAN-China Transport Cooperation? Enhance communications connectivity in the region C Enhance international and cross border transportation and facilitation Enhance electronic transactions through EASEAN To facilitate free flow of trade

18. What do the 10 padi stalks on the ASEAN flag symbolise? A B Equal sharing and bonding Friendship and Solidarity C D Formidable Unity Integration and Cooperation

19. Which country holds the permanent Chair for the Special Working Group of the Singapore-Kunming Rail Link Project? A B Singapore China C D Thailand Malaysia

20. Which country won the ASEAN Anthem Composition Competition held in Bangkok 2008? A B Indonesia Malaysia C D Thailand Vietnam

21. Infrastructure and human resource development are two out of four main focus areas of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) Work Plan to narrow development gap and accelerate the economic activities of four poorer ASEAN Member Countries. Name the other two areas of IAI focus. Manufacturing and industrial A development B Agriculture and forestry C D Information Communication Technology and Energy Banking and finance

22. The following below are the main areas of ASEAN financial cooperation except_________ Regional resource pooling and financing Capital account liberalisation Development of an integrated Asian C capital market Exchange of professional services in the region


23. Give the main reason for the adoption of the ASEAN Declaration against Trafficking in Persons Particularly Women and Children in 2004. To safeguard women and A children against violence B To strengthen border controls C D To combat and prevent trafficking of women and children To detect fraud in travel documents.

24. Under the ASEAN-China Free Trade Framework Agreement China offered ASEAN an early harvest package of tariff reductions for over a thousand goods. What categories of goods come under this package? A B Minerals and textile IT components and communication products C D Forestry and bio-diesel Agriculture and industrial products

25. Name the fund set up to effectively manage transboundary haze pollution resulting from land and/or forest fires in the ASEAN region. A B ASEAN HAZE MANAGEMENT FUND ASEAN POLLUTION ERADICATION FUND C D ASEAN HAZE PREVENTION FUND ASEAN HAZE FUND

26. Name a policy enforced by ASEAN since 2000 to curb fire and haze incidents that would prosecute culprits involved in illegal open burning. A B Fire Suppression policy Zero Burning policy C D Open Burning Control policy Fire and Haze Control policy

27. What is the official ASEAN motto? A B 'One Identity for ASEAN Community' 'Solidarity for One Community' C D 'One Voice One Community' 'One Vision, One Identity, One Community'

28. State the agreement in November 2000 made to narrow the digital divide in Information and Communication Technology between the advanced and poorer ASEAN Member Countries. ASEAN Bridging Digital Divide A Agreement ASEAN ICT Development B Agreement C D E-ASEAN Agreement E-ASEAN Technology Agreement

29. ASEAN Leaders sealed an agreement with Japan in 2003 to pursue with South Korea and China towards the creation of a community to enhance cooperation. What is this community called? East ASEAN Cooperative A Community B ASEAN-Plus Three Community C D ASEAN-Northeast Asia Community East Asian Community

30. Under the ASEAN Heritage Parks programme nature parks of Member Countries has been listed to protect the regions national treasures. Currently how many Heritage Parks are gazetted in ASEAN? A B 50 40 C D 27 30

31. The ASEAN Free Trade Area Agreement that was launched on 1 January 1993 introduced a mechanism with regards to tariff to increase intra regional trade.What was this mechanism? The Common Effective A Preferential Tariff B The Intra ASEAN Trade Tariff C D Multi Intra ASEAN Tariff The ASEAN Free Trade Area Tariff

32. The East Asia Summit (EAS) is an annual forum attended by 16 countries inclusive of ASEAN and the three Northeast Asian countries of Japan, South Korea and China. Name three other Member Countries of the Summit. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and A Timor Leste North Korea, Russia and B Maldive C D Pakistan, India and Bangladesh India, Australia and New Zealand

33. ASEAN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women made in 2004 aims to_______________________ Protect women against unfair labour Address domestic violence C D Protect women against gender prejudices Provide safer working environment for women


34. In July 2000, ASEAN Leaders approved an ad hoc body to address urgent and important political and security issues affecting regional peace and harmony. What is this ad hoc body called? ASEAN Security Consultative A Group B ASEAN High Council C D ASEAN Political-Security Advisory Group ASEAN Troika

35. ASEAN has undertaken initiatives listed below to accelerate economic integration and competitiveness within the region except_________________ A ASEAN Free Trade Area C D ASEAN Investment Area ASEAN University Network

ASEAN Framework Agreement on B Services

36. The ASEAN Multilateral Currency Swap Arrangement has been forged with China, Japan and South Korea to provide liquidity support in the event of temporary balance of payment difficulties. Under what initiative was the arrangement made? A B Bangkok Initiative Chiang Mai Initiative C D Manila Initiative Hanoi initiative

37. ASEAN VISION 2020 includes initiatives to work with the private sectors to maximise potential economic growth in the region. Name the theme adopted for ASEAN VISION 2020 to emphasise this aspect. Partnership in Dynamic Development A B C Public and Private Sector Commitment for ASEAN Vision 2020 D Vision 2020, Goal for Achievement One Vision, One Dynamic Cooperation

38. These Malaysian women writers were previous winners of the South East Asia (S.E.A) Write award except_____________ A B Fatimah Busu Adibah Amin C D Siti Zainon Ismail Zaharah Nawawi

39. The ASEAN Air Transport Working Group will introduce an open-sky arrangement encompassing the ASEAN region to create ASEAN single Aviation market. What is the target year to achieve this purpose? A B 2020 2015 C D 2012 2025

40. The ASEAN School Tour project launched in October 2008 was conducted by ASEAN Secretariat in Member countries to give more exposure to school children about ASEAN through talks, exhibitions and activities related to ASEAN.Where was it launched? A B The Philippines Singapore C D Negara Brunei Darussalam Indonesia

1. The ASEAN Free Trade Area was launched in January 1993. True False

2. Rodolfo C. Severino Jr. from the Philippines was the second SecretaryGeneral of ASEAN. True False

3. Thailand was the first country to propose for the establishment of ASEAN Charter. True False

4. The ASEAN University Games 2008 was held in Kuala Lumpur. True False

5. The Secretariat for the ASEAN University Network is located in Indonesia. True False

6. The Chairman of the Tripartite Core Group which aided the Nargis Cyclone victims in the Union of Myanmar is from the United Nations. True False

7. The ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation is located in the Philippines. True False

8. The ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre (ASMC) is based in Vietnam. True False

9. ASEAN Day is celebrated annually by ASEAN peoples on August 8. True False

10. In 1999, Cambodia became the10th member of ASEAN. True False