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never defaulted on its known commitment and there are many countries and it is no business of might decide or mention by names have had a much large stark recorded they get a better renting than us to help one tremendously glittering feature of Bangladesh has been the ultra-penurious skills of the Bangladeshis to help the generate income and diversify and depend the trade relationship. We the excellences, in addition to sending reports about discussions and remarks and unwarranted demarks and all short of things. We also in herms the possibility and scope of our either private sectors or PPP, private and public sectors to be able to access funds in the international market. My third suggestion is that Europe remains an enjenting fiction for us into as hot pretty battle to save guards if nation state been civilities and does it. But today it is slowly shedding. It is suggestion sate characters and trying to a marge as continent. Within with that continent in particular we had very deep relationship and it is not qualified as gone up and down like all good relationship. I think that given that you are not going to be confined to certain limitation. It is time where people of Bangladesh or that is a little difficult at this moment may be sub should have a representation. To address this problems on day to the basis, a norming basis, I am just not say one of this discussion in the European Parliament on non-baiting, non-voting, non-lip static capacity because we hear of globalization, we talked about it. But we are fast your continent, a continent which has contributed so generously to science, culture, art, education, civilization and to some state down history as well. And here we are seating at the history of data which has many historical connections of export from us which is a matter of pride of course excellency I remember mention Moslin, thing of mislin. So the head and concluding point would be there are many sectors pharmaceutical for minces whether here is very young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Nasim Monjur is present. We are one of the biggest exporter to time. Recently gladden my heart and certain date, when I heart that every second shoe purchase in the USA the leather is from Bangladesh. But we denote the capacity and we have ability to do it why cannot there be under some format transfer of technology where instead of selling the war material we can take advantage of selling fish finished product as we have done so in the apparel sector and this also fixing very nakedly, very nicely with your EBA.

Thank you Kaiser Bhai, I will go into discussion all of this things, but one of the point which has been raised regarding the future. I would not go into cost of fund issue that also has been mansion by Mr. Saiful Islam and now it is coming up again and CSI obviously a very inflammable territory I will dont go which is main extreme and what is CSI. But the point is which you have raised I have found very interesting is that European is now has an observer status within the sub at this moment it has.can be there a reverse membership is that European Union is become an observer I am picking on just what you have said thank to expand it. If European Union has the membership in SAARC, in the next decade you will see SAARC having a membership observer status in European Union. I think thats an interesting point. Now regarding the feature of this discussion, I think we are having a trade investment related discussionyestrade investment related discussion. I will close this part and broader the discussion. I have request from both European Union and from the left sider I have become right east of bit because that have been part of life. Then I will move to the left. You please hold for that for a minute. The last question I want to bring it on this state investment debate and close it at this moment know want to other issues please Mr Nasim Monjur on of the leading exporter of the European union. He has many other distinctions.

I will be tried be as a sus in this possible. First, you focus on the fight against poverty and sustainable. Well if I focus it is fighting poverty and sustainable and also crating sustainable, economic and social development. And I think we all know the key run in force is the job creation and if you look at the job creation in Bangladesh that is private section creating the job. As Dr. Deborip said and I am very proud have present the private sector in here. Now if you ask the private sector entrepreneur both European chines Bangladeshi what are the two biggest tenants to invest to day which also determine job creations. Despite the politics and despite the government, the first probably the infrastructure and the second is the land. Access to land. And I think here both the discussion and of course Dr. Mustafiz for being these out. When I look at slide no 17 which is very interesting in the presentation that the support provided by the EU in energy and infrastructure sectors is only 3.5% of total Unus Report provide to Bangladesh to date and the amount is 21.1 million dollars. I will propose that if you looking the next decade ladies and gentlemen if you want Bangladesh to grow, if you want Bangladesh to create job, if you want Bangladesh in order to prosper, we need to create job and if we need to create job, we need infrastructure. Let me give a specific

example, 42 kilometer from the city where we are seating right now in this meeting we are averaging 11.5 hours of load shedding. I am going to getting lots of trouble for this saying, but I said it anywhere. And there is no power. There is just not enough power to run our factories. We want take our factories into north Bangladesh, into west Bangladesh whether there are more labor, whether can be more competitive, whether infect we do not have to displaced people which I believe it is also a dandies of the EU. We can have more equitable and inclusive growth. We cannot do that without power and gas. So if EU wants us to help to grow we need to help us on the infrastructure side, I have found very shocking that US inquiring 1 million dollars on infrastructure to day. I want to thanks my friend Dr. Saiful Islam for talking about ACZ, why cannot EU take our government so called leaders and take them to some best case example in China or even in India whether it is setting up ACZ, and saying that this is model, you do not rename the way of . this how they acquire the lend, and this is how they had a build operate transfer model, I have seen this on my own in Donwang where the land acquisition is the biggest problem and they have done it. They havent bought the land, they havent force to acquire the land, and they have made the owner of the land as shareholder in the organization and day by earning the equity for the next 50 years. Please help us to fine this model. The second suggestion, I have said second apprehension actually is preferences version and I want to thank Ms. Mustafiz also Fazlu bhai for mentioning this. As UE science more and more FTA, it is creating a delusion of the advantage that help to us to brought to this level. And Bangladesh is one of the paradoxes of growth I would say dilemma brought Dr. Rahman is here I hope somebody would research this. We are in the clocks on the dilemma if we grow and we achieve MDG and we get out and we will see are we rewarded for this or are we lose. Pharmaceutical export, we talk about, we talk about EB access we actually going to lose some of this advantage. So what is the planning? What the even Bangladesh to have that look that. And the 3rd part of this, I want to talk about is land again. Hawland and Denmark are some of the major exporter that recalls of product and that very small land mussels. They incredibly use land in those small countries. Please help us through the technical system program through the transfer technology that is mention which is previously to help the private sector to utilize the land because fight is Bangladesh is not going to be over who win the election or even who has the power is going to be over land. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. Those are the very good point. There is a very good point. I particularly add it this is the 3rd time possibly that especially economy zone issue coming up. Saiful Ialum raise that and now Nashim has also reiterated it. So this is how you do really close the gap you support for evaluating that solve that involving through investment to support the ACZ, infrastructure problem and other things. And preferences solution is coming up again so what solution do we get for preference solution in the coming days that will remain as the agenda as the other trade devaluation both multilateral and regional bilateral go on. So thank you very much Mr. nashim. Would you kindly put off your microphone?

Now we are going to the left. But in order to get bit of it perspective on all this issues how we are moving on these issues. I do have Milko Bangul the head of the development cooperation of the councilor of the EU delegation in Bangladesh. Mr. Bangul you have the floor..

Thank you very much. Yes, I would not do a bit and we had a very interesting discussion on trade investment in little actually remind the participant that there are actually be full scenario Taking place on 15 of May. We have many issues that raise in here it will be able to discuss in dept. I am setting here with the specific interest that is I will be deeply involved in helping setting deal with next country strategy power. 2013 to 1220 we have been listening to at much out of this discussion as we could and with regarding to help the choices for next sectors which will be subjected to very obviate constrain no more than 3. So far what are we looking for is actually what do participant think that is earlier said. Added value, comparative involve issue to other party. We like to thank Mr. Monjur for already underline huge case made for continuing reinforcing its involvement and skills development it resolve poverty, it is about having most .. it is key question also in the yesterday daily start to attract full for direct investment it is mean the issue at least to be address with corruption and other constrain. But there also in the end here Unus objective is to fight poverty whatever would like fight poverty and many aspect I would like to hear participant speak about use role human development in the world in sense, social security, social protection, have education and also use as its works understand working, supported issue in governments, financial access to link that actually that is one of the project that I have mansion at started plays basic to help prevent the problem in future. It is nearly at a ..basis engaging more into that. Access to justice, second of system of peace occurred that help to produce the case load in the

formal court, use also have contributed agreed deal to be invitation of peace CHT peach occurred in what assume can be support the peace assured the invitation of peace occurred to support in the future. I am not even talking about issues which is relate with environment. All issues are we hear from many that you has comparative advantage, it could be interesting to hear that percipient commending all about those issues. Thank you.

Thank you Mr. Bangul to share with us the thought about the future country strategy paper which you are in working up on thats very interesting. You have heart all the diverse issues on which have been EU contemplate to work on. I would just wonder, in next decade how prominent the Chittagong Hill tact Issue will figure in EU what plan in that case. I will move couple of people from the left side. Then, I would to like to mention those who are in the second row as where Rangul spoke you may not have microphone on in front of you will bring in as it is necessary. Let me invite Mr. Johulul Almon.

I want to bring two issues. One new and i want to emphasis. Number one is if we analyses relation Bangladesh and EU, I think one track has not come up so prominently that is cooperation in the security sector indeed. May be EU emphasis more on trade and development but security is essential part and prerequisite for it and we see that the securities sector in BD often do not really reflected the democratic spirit the human rights and role odf law and I do not want to explain that much as you see in news everyday it comes up very prominently. I do not expect EU to really assist us in so much in defend sector combat training or in security sector. In the security sector of course there is a scope of training securities especially police and others would be immigration and customs and all that. Except for defense the other sector also need professional training that case it is also professional and also training the mind. I am here to emphasis on training mind of our security sector personal. What is happening now is a small number of offenses do get this training and exposer in the EU countries. But the number is very small to make substantial changes in the environment. And it does not trickle down to the rank that are more operating in the fields. The people who are not officers, who are in the same class and other different level within the forces. So I will request and recommend that this training can be done in two ways. One taking place in the European countries. It can be done in our country through team would come and run the training through courses, professional courses, short of seminars, symposium and dialogues.

The other thing I want to retaliate because it is security problem. The growth of people of BD coming decays and consequence generation of employment will be the greatest challenge for BD. And three other three speakers have emphasis this point. I am emphasizing this from the point of the security really because if we fail to meet this challenge of employment or new level force and this will really impact on security and establish of this country. I really shudder to reality what is going to be real happened. I think EU can really help us a lot on this. Because we have good number of diaspora in the whole European countries especially in Europe, French, even in Germany, but then the new Europe, I think has a scope to really especially also the north east country have tremendous what I will say potential to employ what is anew labors in their industrial board and I am sure there will be impression in the EU to revitalized their manufacturing sectors other sector which they have given up for now. I think we have potential to employ our personal there. Thank you.

Thank you very much for bringing up very non-conventional issues up here the co-operation area of security and both on the hard part and also soft part that has been mention. There are very interesting additions to our discover. And may I invite we have two very imminent person over here, all are imminent. I just specifically mentioning Salma Apa would you like to say something right now. Ambassador Salma Khan. She had been a great activates in national and global plan for gender rights.

Thank you very much. Really I do not have particular at this point. But EU has focus on human rights. I can see one of the points peculiarly with regards women rights. We have been mentioning for a long time a huge disparity in wage rate between men and women in BD and most of the and even in the product feature being exported to EU countries that area also fine that there is a latest world bank report status human development status report shows incredible differences between men and women. Sometimes it becomes even to ask it is unbelievable but one dollars men wage against 12 cent women wage. So this also has something to do not only the attitude and social kind of acceptability of low wage for women but also very little scope for skill development program. But here in this case I would like to emphasis that whether EU and CPD will take up on study how to really bring this particularly in the formal sector and informal sector both. The wage gap need to be narrowed that really enhance the human rights in the journey of women. Thank you.

Thank you Salma Khan for those points. I think you have done the triangulation between gender rights, skill development and adequate and nondiscriminatory wage issues thats a very new issue to our discussion. Talia Rahman is a human girth activist and many other things at the same time.

Thank you very much chair and excellences. I actually was thinking that I would not be able to say anything because was regarding about trade and business and very needy gritty things which I did not understand what end