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Faculty Of Computer Studies T175A Networked living: Exploring Information and Communication technologies

Spring 2010/2011 Day and Date Number of Exam Pages: (3) Time Allowed:
((including this cover sheet

(1.5) Hours


Students can use calculators. Answers will be on an external booklet.

T175A MTA Spring 2010-2011

Only this sheet will be marked

Part1 1 Question Answer no. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total (6)

Part 1
Choose the correct answer and write it on the external answer sheet: (6 marks) 1) a) b) c) d) 2) In commercial term, when technology intrudes into our lives without any influence or control from our behalf this is described as: ____________ way Market adjustment Market pull Technology push Technology acceptance
How many bytes of storage space would it require for the following phrase? Wireless Internet

a) b) c) d) 3) a) b) c) d)

14 bytes 15 bytes 16 bytes 17 bytes Bluetooth technology operated in the_________ frequency band ISM Power Visible Infrared
A ____________ is approximately a million bytes.

a) gigabyte b) kilobyte

T175A MTA Spring 2010-2011

c) megabyte d) terabyte 5) a) b) c) d) 6) a) b) c) d) The computer program contains ____________ that tell the computer what to do. Software A processor Instructions applications When writing notes, it shouldnt: Be personal Have a purpose Make sense later Be either too concise or too detailed

Part 2
Answer the following questions: (12 marks) 1)
Explain the difference between the two different Wifi modes (Ad-hoc and infrastructure) (2 marks) Possible answer stations can communicate with each other directly without the need for any intermediary or central point. In this mode, stations can communicate with each other via a wireless Access Point (AP). 2) There are different types of storage; list two of them and provide an example for each (3 marks) Any two of the following: (2 marks) Magnetic storage Optical storage Flash storage mark for each example.


Define System MAP ( 1 marks)

Is a way of explaining and analyzing a system by representing it in a graphical form


Whats a web server (1 mark)


T175A MTA Spring 2010-2011

A web server is a computer that holds web pages and makes them available to users over the Internet


What do the acronyms stand for? (2 marks)

a. ISM
ISM Industrial Scientific and Medical (1 mark) b. NIC NIC Network Interface Card (1 mark)


Define the following terms (3 marks)

a. Attenuation ( 1 marks)
a signal gets weaker the further it travels, because some of its energy is absorbed by the transmission medium

b. LAN (1 mark)
Network that cover small area (such as home, room, car)

c. Scatternet (1 mark)
Is a connection of two or more piconets; this is done when there is a need to connect more than 8 active devices.

Part 3
Problem Solving: (12 marks) 1) Having the following expression (7.3 x 105) / (2.3 x 107) (3 marks) a. Calculate the value of this expression express it in scientific notation (2 mark) (7.5 x 2.3) x (105-7) 3.173913 x 10-2 1 mark 1 mark

b. Round it to two significant digit (1 mark)


T175A MTA Spring 2010-2011

3.2 x 10-2 2) Having the following network (see figure) answer the following questions: (5 marks)

a) What type of topology is it? ( 1 marks) Its a bus topology; (1 mark) b) List two nodes' types in such a network? (2mark) Any two Printers Scanners PCs Servers c) What would you suggest to do in order to minimize competition and prohibit frames from being sent to all nodes? Justify your answer (2 mark) segmentation by using a bridge or switch (1 mark) possible answer but not limited to (1 mark) A Segment will receive only frames destined for nodes within it
3) Consider an ICT system where the user is signing up for an account on the facebook server from his laptop. Draw a block diagram showing in each block all processes taken by each component and underline the key processes. (4 mark)

Laptop USER Sends Receives Manipulates Stores/Retrieves

Network/Internet Conveys Selects Route Manipulates Stores/Retrieves

Server Sends Receives Manipulates Stores/Retrieves


T175A MTA Spring 2010-2011

Awards mark for Arrows in both directions User label Laptop label Network label Server label Network processes Server processes Laptop processes