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Chubb refers to the insurers of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

Chubb Personal Insurance (CPI) is the personal lines property and casualty strategic business unit of Chubb & Son, a division of Federal Insurance Company, as manager and/or agent for the insurers of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. Actual coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued. The coverages and services described in the literature are not available in all jurisdictions.

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For more than 125 years, Chubb has stood for outstanding claim service, integrity and financial strength. Chubb receives consistently high ratings for financial strength from A.M. Best, Moodys and Standard & Poors, the leading independent analysts for the insurance industry. As a leading provider of insurance products and services for fine homes, autos, personal liability and possessions, Chubb understands the need and the desire for customized solutions for sophisticated individuals. This is why so many of the worlds most affluent and passionate collectors trust their treasures with Chubb. For more information about Chubb, call us at 1.877.60CHUBB contact your agent or broker, or visit us on the web at www.chubb.com/personal.

1. Extended replacement cost is capped in AL, CA, FL, HI, LA, MS, SC, UT and WY 2. These coverages are capped in CA, FL, HI, LA, MS, SC, UT, WA and WY 3. Chubb Wildfire Defense Services are not available in all jurisdictions and are not available to condominium, cooperative or renter policyholders, but are available to houses under construction and houses that are rented to others. The Wildfire Defense coverage and service are triggered only when a wildfire is within three miles of a residence or when a civil authority initiates an evacuation order as a result of an approaching wildfire. Chubb and its representatives will use their best efforts to provide these services. There may be instances when Chubb will not be able to provide these services. There is no guarantee that these services will prevent damage. Evaluations, reports and recommendations are made solely to assist Chubb in underwriting and loss control. Evaluation for any hazard or condition does not mean that it is covered under any policy. No warranties or representations of any kind are made to any party. Neither Chubb nor its employees or agents shall be liable to any party for the use of any information or statements made or contained in any evaluation, report or recommendation.

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Box 1615, Warren, NJ 07061-1615 www.chubb.com/personal

Form 02-01-0524 (Ed. 6/09)

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These are the core products that Chubb offers for individuals. Chubb pioneered the concept of differentiated personal insurance for affluent individuals with Masterpiece. Homeowner Complimentary home appraisals, extended replacement cost 1, additional living expenses, debris removal and rebuilding to code 2. Chubb understands high value homes and offers homeowner insurance choices and features not usually found in other policies. Automobile Agreed value, choice of body shop, uninsured and underinsured motorists protection. Chubb helps protect automobiles with a combination of distinctive coverages and services. Valuable Articles Protection for fine art, jewelry, antiques, silver, and virtually any type of collectible. Chubb is a leading global insurer of collectors and their collections. Excess Liability A critical, but often overlooked area of an individuals personal insurance portfolio. Chubb offers a variety of excess liability limits ranging from $1 million to $50 million. Watercraft Chubb has more than a century of experience providing marine insurance. A Masterpiece Yacht policy from Chubb offers the breadth of coverage and unparalleled service that your clients deserve.

Chubb Excess Flood Insurance Chubb offers the best of both worlds for excess flood insurance broader coverage options and high limits, coupled with Chubbs world-renowned claim service. Masterpiece Family Protection Optional coverage that helps cover the costs if you or someone close to you is a victim of home invasion, child abduction, car jacking, or stalking. Personal Kidnap & Ransom Insurance An optional policy designed to provide maximum financial protection in the event of a kidnapping or extortion loss. Particularly relevant for individuals who travel extensively outside of the United States. Chubb Wildfire Defense Automatic coverage for Masterpiece policyholders in select states that provides reimbursement up to $5,000, with no deductible, for reasonable expenses incurred while defending your home from wildfire. Policyholders can also enroll in our complimentary Wildfire Defense Service3 which provides emergency defensive measures in the event a wildfire threatens within 3 miles of a customers house. Chubb Collector Car Insurance Exceptional insurance for the exceptional car. Chubb Collector Car Insurance combines innovative coverage with unparalleled claim service. Signature Passport Offered to Chubb Signature clients, this optional coverage provides up to $250,000 of emergency medical transportation costs while a policyholder is on a covered trip, which is among the highest limits available to individuals today.

Masterpiece HomescanSM A complimentary service that uses cutting-edge, infrared camera technology to help identify moisture problems and potential fire hazards in your home. Masterpiece Protection Network Chubb offers our homeowner policyholders complimentary referrals to a network of pre-qualified service providers including alarm system companies, water protection companies and builders. Emergency Loss Mitigation and Restoration Services Chubb offers 24/7 post-loss services through our partnerships with Paul Davis Restoration and Disaster Kleenup International. Masterpiece Collector Services In-house collector specialists, complimentary access to a website for collectors, and access to CollectifyTM, a leading collections management software. Chubb also offers access to qualified valuable articles specialists including art appraisers, art storage and transportation companies and home inventory companies through the Masterpiece Protection Network. Masterpiece Auto Preference Services In the event of a covered automobile loss, Chubb offers the following complimentary services in certain markets: referrals to preferred repair shops, custom auto glass repair or replacement, car rental services and roadside assistance and towing. Identity Resolution Services Chubb homeowner and automobile policyholders have access to complimentary services from Identity Theft 911, a premier identity management provider. Identity Theft 911 provides assistance with resolving identity theft should you fall victim to the crime. Claim Service For more than 125 years, unparalleled claim service has been a hallmark of Chubb. Chubb makes claim reporting easy with convenient options to report a claim anytime, anywhere and strives to contact you within 24 hours of first notice of loss. E-Policy Chubb is doing its part to be green by offering our clients the opportunity to receive their policy information and updates electronically rather than on paper. Convenient Payment Options While traditional payment by check is always an option, Chubb offers electronic funds transfer, online payments and pay-byphone to make payment simple and hassle-free.

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Signature Suite Complimentary or discounted services and innovative products for Signature and Signature VIP Chubb customers.

A core value of Chubb is innovation and we are proud to offer these unique, specialized products for individuals who require more than off-the-shelf insurance solutions. Masterpiece Employment Practices Liability Coverage Optional liability coverage that helps protect individuals who employ domestic staff such as gardeners, housekeepers, nannies or personal assistants Chubb Personal Flood Insurance Standard flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program. With Chubb Personal Flood Insurance, however, you have an alternative featuring broader coverage options and higher limits, coupled with Chubbs world-renowned claims service.

Chubb provides a complimentary spectrum of risk management and post-loss services and other value-added offerings for our clients. Residential Home Appraisals Estimates the cost to rebuild your home in its entirety, documents features of the home with measurements, photos and a detailed description, and provides suggestions for loss control.

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