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Assessment: Business
Name Description of Business Goal

Standardization & Operational Excellence

Cost Efficiency

Revenue and Profit Maximization


Effective Resource utilization

2B. Assessment: Behavior

Behavior Expectation Make It Easy

Keep Promises

Be Inspiring

Be Respectful

2C. Overall Assessment

3. Goals for 2012 4. Ambitions/ Job Expectations

5. Development Plan
Development Objective Adopt thyself to understand process and procedures

At Least 2 Self Development Initiative

Avaya Certification(ACIS)

Leadership & Communication Skill Development

OCP(DBA) Certification

6. Feedback to Supervisor
What do I need from my appraiser

One thing missing in the overall 2011 journey is the appriciation of the work. You have apprise missed the overall appriciation from the top level management. 2011 was a mixed one for improve more in 2012.

A. Assessment: Business
Target - ISO, CMMi Implementation - SLA/KPI Compliance - Perform ISO Audit for CCS and Restore all artifacrs by December 1. Reduce AMC cost by 15% 2. Explore Open source Call Center Solution in - Outbound IVR - GPIT Help desk 1. SCB Call Center Implementation Support as per Project plan 2. International Call Center & GP BPO project Support 3. Implementation Suppport of Multinet Contact Center Project by Nov, 2011 4. Support All presales activities, Proposal submission and RFP response 1. Identify 1 successor 2. Develop 3E for him/her 3. Ensure Proper usage of Project Open

Strengths in Business Performance - Ensuring time to market of any requirement - In depth analysis of an incident, finding the root cause and avoidance of its occurance - Hard-working and perform well in goal oriented activity

B. Assessment: Behavior

Ensuring best utilization of resources so that overall cost is minimized to execute things; even helped customer to access and any point of time.

Commits to realistic promises. Delivers expected quality on time. Shows care, energy and passion in work. Calls for creativity at every level.Demonstrates a contagious can-do attitude.

Seeks diverse points of view from customers, partners and co-workers.Makes each individual feel valued, understood and list and according to our codes of conduct.

Strengths in Behavior - Understanding customer need and ensuring time to market i.e. DC Shifting & 121/155 IVR Implementation - Positive Attitude toward External Customers - Ensuring On Demand Support

C. Overall Assessment

Appraisee's Comment (Only Available in Stage 3 Following Supervisor's Comment) Not Required

3. Goals for 2012

mbitions/ Job Expectations

Ambitions/ job expectations To work in top level / management position in the locally or internationally recognised company where I will dynamic work field and focus toward solution designing and taking strategic decision and ofcourse with higher pay-roll.

5. Development Plan
Development Category Soft Skill Development

Hard Skill Development

P&O initiatives

Hard Skill Development

Feedback to Supervisor
What do I need from my appraiser

all 2011 journey is the appriciation of the work. You have apprised me a lot but the I ation from the top level management. 2011 was a mixed one for me. I will try to improve more in 2012.

What Have YOU Done

What More Could Be Done/ Improvement Area

Bonus Goal





Improvement Areas in Business Performance - Need to become more process oriented rather make things easy for customer - Need to become more business focus in monetory aspects - Need to have versatile knowledge to work as a pre-sales guy

Total Rating(1-6)


Assesment Rating (1-6) 5

mized to execute things; even helped customer to access and acquire information easily at

very level.Demonstrates a contagious can-do attitude.

workers.Makes each individual feel valued, understood and listened to.Acts with honesty

Improvement areas in Behavior

Total Rating(1-6)

- Communication Skills - Self Management - Becoming more business focus

Appraisers comments Not Required

2nd Level Appraiser's Approve Comments Not Required

2nd Level Appraiser's Disapprove Comments Not Required

Expected job position in 1-3 years Mid/Higher Management Level

Available for international assignment Always, All Ways

Development Initiative PMP Certification & ITIL V3 Foundation Course completion Have training and Give exam on Avaya Track. Prepare myself as a Avaya Certified Professional Train up myself with the help of P&O on Communication and Leadship skill

Development Initiative Description Do the PMP Certification and ITIL V3 Foundation Course Completion

Priority 2

ACIS Certification

Communication and Leadership training

Become Oracle Certified Database Administrator

OCP(DBA) Certification

What do I need from my appraiser

Good Increment in Salary





Justification At least 2 - Singular Data Archiving System - Aligning DWH along with other team to generate required reports for customer Service

- In time delivery of IPCC Shifting from CP DC to Savar DC - Providing IVR solutions to customer - Worked continiously at night time to ensure project delivery - Worked closely with the everyone to lead the way - always focus on the need of customer and design the low cost solution - ensure the proper utilization of resourses and encourage people to do more

Overall Rating (1-6)

Due Date 31-Dec-12




What do I need from my appraiser

Need approval on various training :P

Your Score (In Percentage)



Improvement Area At Least 2 - Increase the knowledge in other domain - Learn and implement the soft skills

- Need to be more polite and fast in delivering things to customer - Need to be more strategic in handling external and internal customers - need to grow leadership as well as managerial aspects more - need to more work on Inside out

- need to be more team player - need to execute things as a team

Comments n/a

t do I need from my appraiser

approval on various training :P