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Rapid creation of Instrumentation and Motor data

Bentley I&W reduces project design time by utilizing user defined project standards for common loop, field panel, control panel and motor designs. Combining this with the ability to save complete assemblies and the ability to batch process the creation of data, significant reductions in project man hours can be achieved.

2. Seamless Integration with external relational project database

Bentley I&W will automatically see any instrument or motor data created by either AutoPLANT P&ID, Bentley Data Manager and PlantSpace P&ID (after synchronization). No export/import actions are required. This ensures 100% data consistency across the project between applications sharing the Bentley Plant Project Database. This leads to 100% data consistency of documents created by these applications such as P&IDs, reports and schedules, Data Sheets, Hook Ups, Loop diagrams, Fieldbus Segment diagrams, Motor schematic diagrams, Single Line diagrams and Termination diagrams.

3. Multiple Document Format Support

C.A.D. drawings for loop, termination, fieldbus segment, motor schematic and single diagrams can be created in DGN, DWG or DXF format. Multiple drawing types are available; Quick Connection, AutoGen, Template or Composite. Reports can be exported to PDF or SNP.

4. Powerful Import/Export Tools

Bentley I&W comes with powerful import functionality to expedite project startup where legacy data has to be used. Powerful export functionality is also available for sharing data rd with 3 party applications such as DCS configuration software, sizing and calculation packages and maintenance applications such as S.A.P. and Maximo. Users can design their own export views to export only the data required and this data can be imported and exported from/to multiple file formats including xls, mdb, txt, dbf or via ODBC.

5. Fast, simple and consistent reports and lists

Bentley I&W automatically populates the Bentley Plant Project Database while the instrument and motor data is being created and connections modeled . Reports are automatically extracted from the database in pre-defined formats ensuring data consistency. I&W ships with 22 pre-defined reports in MS Access format. Users can edit these or add to the list available within the project.

6. Scalable and easy to use on large or small projects

Bentley I&W is specifically designed to be easy to use and scalable. By employing a simple to use graphical drag & drop interface coupled to industry standard relational databases, Bentley I&W will be productive on both large and small projects.

7. Integration with Bentley ProjectWise suite for data and document control
Bentley I&W integrates with the Bentley ProjectWise suite of server applications for enterprise wide content management and distributed engineering. ProjectWise Integration Server delivers federated engineering content management, connects to servers for caching data, for automating and managing plotting, and for connection to Microsoft Office SharePoint. ProjectWise Navigator is used for immersive project review and analysis to support design and construction management processes and to manage assets in real time. ProjectWise InterPlot provides teams with publishing solutions for creating accurate and intelligent deliverables. It is ideal for users that need to batch or schedule production of paper deliverables and / or electronic and intelligent work packages from CAD files and Microsoft Office documents. ProjectWise Lifecycle Server provides scalable, standards-based data warehouse functionality to a workgroup, project, or enterprise. At its core is a flexible storage and retrieval engine that efficiently consolidates and integrates data from external sources to create a central data store. Surrounding the core storage are modules that provide comprehensive change management down to the attribute level as well as configurable data integrity analysis. These features combine to deliver on the promise of a costeffective, adaptable data management solution for the life of your facility.

8. User definable data entry & manipulation grids

Bentley I&W standard interface comprises of a set of user customizable, project specific data input grids that allow users to add, edit and delete instrument, cable, panel and motor data. The built-in MS Access query engine allows users to customize the default grids as well as adding new ones of their own. Using right click menu options users can add, edit delete, find, sort, filter and replace data. Multiple updates of many records can also be achieved.

9. Integration with Bentley Data Sheets and Hook Ups

The Bentley Data Sheets and Hook Ups applications can be launched from within the I&W interface to allow users to create and update MS excel instrument data sheets and installation hook ups. When data sheets open, the data held on the data sheet is compared to the data held in the project database and if any differences are detected they are displayed. Users can choose to accept or reject those differences. Using predefined MS excel templates users allocate instrument tags to a data sheet or hook up sheet. The hook up template holds the quantities of parts needed to install the instrument onsite. A BOM can then be generated from an individual hook up or from a selection of multiple hook ups.

10. Integration with Bentley Vision

Bentley I&W seamlessly integrates with Bentley Vision enabling all users on a project or plant to easily find instrument and motor data and documents via a single interface. Users can search or browse to an instrument tag and be taken to that tag on a P&ID. Any associated documents, whether created by a Bentley application or not, can now be seen and viewed via Bentley Vision. Loop drawings, Data Sheets, Hook Ups created via I&W plus manually associated files such as photographs can all be viewed. Bentley Vision also enables users to view the latest project data as well as previewing any of the reports defined in I&W.