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SENIORS NAME: Forrest Heck English 4 teachers name : Suzanne Micallef Date of lesson: April 23, 2012 Location of presentation: Coastal Christian High School Group/class: Driver Education Age: 14-17 Teachers name: Tracy Hogan Teachers telephone #: (910)264-8801 Teachers e-mail: ecds1@live.com

Purpose of lesson: To teach about the dangers of texting while driving Goals: 1. To raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving. 2. To help make sure that the students in the Driver Education class will be more safe on the road when they do drive. Materials needed for lesson: 1. Texting while driving PSAs http://www.distraction.gov/content/get-involved/downloads.html http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=2964 2. Texting while driving pledge form http://www.distraction.gov/download/Distraction_Pledge.pdf 3. Distracted Driving Fliers 4. Student Survey 5. Student PSA Blank Storyboard and Script Worksheet 6. Audience Verification Form Procedure for lesson: 1. Introduce myself and hand out student surveys. 2. Take up student surveys. 3. Show PSAs (OMG!, BAM!, Get the Message, Calling Plan, Don't Be a Statistic, AT&T Don't Text While Driving PSA) 4. Speak about texting while driving. I will list and explains facts about distracted driving and texting while driving, as well as taking questions if students need clarification or want to know more. 5. Divide the students into groups, then hand out storyboard and script worksheet and give instructions for PSA skit activity. 6. Each group will present to the other and the teachers. 7. Pass out audience verification forms to each student/audience member and the teacher in charge of the group. Ask them to complete these. 8. Thank audience for their time and collect the completed audience verification forms, putting the one belonging to the teacher in charge on top. (You must turn these in as part of your Physical Product documentation.)

Student/audience activities: 1. Audience verification forms are required from all members of the class/group and the teacher in charge. 2. A survey on the topic will be handed out at the beginning of the class; students will be given up to 10 minutes to complete it. 3. The final 20 minutes of class will have the students divided into groups who will be given part of the time to design a skit about texting while driving. Each group will fill out a storyboard and script worksheet for their skit, then present to the other group. Lesson plan approved by teacher in charge of group/class on _________________ Teachers signature: ____________________________