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Translated by TT International Group (Lebanon)

This book is dedicated to the Successor of God, The unjustly treated, Imam Muhammad Bin Al-Hasan Al-Mahdi (AS), my father, my dearest, my everything: Please accept these words with which I am trying to comfort you and share your pain. I beg you to receive them well even if I were not worthy of such an honor.

In the Name of Allh[1], Most Gracious, Most Merciful

These are the last days, the decisive moments and the days of the occurrence which either lift people up or drag them down. Some people have been growing so depraved that they settled at the bottom of the abyss, others started rising so much that they have almost reached and settled upon mountain peaks, and some others are intoxicated and confused, not belonging to any of the previous groups, rabbles who turn to every crowing. In these decisive moments, these times of the divine trial of the people of Earth, most of those who claimed to be Islamic or representatives of Islam, in one way or another, have fallen. Unfortunately, the first to fall were the inactive scholars who kept repeating the demonic saying (the supremacy of people) that has always been reiterated by the enemies of the Prophets, Messengers and Imams (AS[2]). Only this time, the Great Satan[3] brought it up, so they liked its glamour and fell for it. He named it (Democracy), liberty, free elections or any other of the designations that they could not reject. They succumbed to it and to its adherents for those inactive scholars and their followers have nothing more than insignificant and superficial knowledge of the religion. For them, religion is merely a reiteration and something empty to talk about. That is how those inactive scholars took Great Satan[4]s bayonet and planted it in the heart of Ali, the Commander of the Faithful (AS) and reopening the old wound caused by the Shura and the Saqifat Bani Saeda[5] gathering that alienated Allhs successor from his true right and approved the peoples supremacy which is not acceptable to Allh, His Prophet (pbuh[6]) and Imams (AS). Thus, those inactive scholars approved the alienation of prophets, messengers and Imams (AS), and oppressors approved the murder of Hussein Bin Ali (AS).

1 God for Muslims (.) 2 Alayhi al-Salaat wassalaam: translated into peace be upon him () 3 Term that refers to the United States of America

What hurts me the most is that I do not find anybody who stands up for the supremacy of Allh over His land. Even those who recognize this righteous supremacy have given up defending it because they found that in doing so, they are fighting against the violent and unmerciful current. The worst is that everyone recognizes the supremacy of people, and it is even approved by Muslims, unfortunately, except for the few who stayed true to Allh, even though they read the Quran, say,
O Allh, Lord of sovereignty, Thou givest sovereignty to whomsoever Thou pleasest[7]

Hence, these inactive scholars revoked the fundamental pillar of the divine religion, which is the supremacy of Allh and the succession of Allhs Regent. Consequently, the household[8] (AS) (Ahl Al-Bayt), the successors of Allh on earth, and the last of their descendants the Imam Al-Mahdi (AS), would not exist according to the elections or the democracy adopted by those inactive scholars. In fact, those scholars revoked the Holy Quran completely for Allh stated in it,
I am about to place a vicegerent in the earth (Al-Baqarah[9]:30)

And whereas He revealed the constitution and the Law in the Quran, those inactive scholars say that the ruler or the successor of Allh is to be appointed by the people through elections, and so is the constitution to be drawn up by them. Thus, not only did those inactive scholars oppose Allhs religion but they have refuted Allh Himself and stood by the devils side (may Allh curse him). This is why I thought I should write these words in order to keep any objector from finding excuses and to shed the light on the subject for all to see, even though the truth is clear and free from any ambiguity. Moreover, I ask Allh to make these words one of His arguments on the Day of Resurrection against these inactive scholars, their imitators, those who followed them and fought Allh and the family of Muhammad (AS), approved their followers, the idols and the devil, and approved the alienation of Regent Ali Bin Abi Taleb (AS) and the Imams of His descendants (AS).

In the Name of Allh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise to Allh, Lord of the Worlds (And he who submits himself completely to Allh, and is a doer of good, he has surely grasped a strong handle. And with Allh rests the end of all affairs.) (Luqman[10]: 22).


Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is achieved through the election of executive and legislative powers. The competences, rights and obligations of these two powers are determined by a Constitution or general law that might partly differ from one place to another, according to society values and traditions. Although this ideology is very old, (we know that Plato mentioned it thousands of years ago) it was not implemented in reality and it dit not get close to the reality of the thoughts exposed in the Democracy, except in America, after the liberation war or the separation that the American people - who are mostly English - went through against the occupying country or mother England. In fact, it may be better to let an American, one of the scientists of democratic America, Martin Dodge, describe to us democracy as it is in the source of the modern democracy. He says:
Democracy was created because people wanted to live free American democracy did not appear by itself but it was the result of efforts and resistance. It makes individuals their own masters Moreover, it presents us a great deal of opportunities, it places responsibilities on every individual of the society besides, it paves the way towards endless progress and prosperity

Then he adds,
The regime we are following in America comes from the core of the democratic doctrine which gave the country an existence...

Therefore, we tend to approve its validity. We forgot that democracy took a long time in order to be established and was only fully achieved after hundreds of years of resistance. It finally reached us because we were determined to live free and because we hate to be driven, as herds, from one place to another. Democracy is when people rule themselves without being submissive oppressed subjects for they hold the first place and take precedence over the ruling authorities.

Under the democratic regime, the society rules itself. Yes, it rules itself, and people occupy the highest positions. As for authorities, they become dangerous once we attribute this description to them. Moreover, if we look this theory up in human history, we will find that it had never existed because people were governed by kings, emperors or dictators who gave their citizens little rights and insignificant individual privileges. Those citizens had no vote or representation in the existing government and they had no immunity, respect or protection either. They were subject to high taxes, and were arrested or even sentenced to death for just an urgent sign or desire expressed by the ruler. Democracy was first established in Greece but its roots, which are the most important element nowadays, first appeared in England seven centuries ago, when King John signed the (Magna Carta) Constitution in 1215. In fact, he was not really ecstatic about it because he felt that it involved some sort of submission and acknowledgement for another power to rule at his side with full authority. Needless to say that heads of States and members of governing bodies refuse to cede the glory and power they have gained and therefore hang on to them for fear of losing them, whereas Democracy stipulates that the power should be held by the people. Ever since the signature of the Magna Carta, England witnessed a succession of events that lasted nearly four centuries. The process was slow, but it lead to the ratification of the parliamentary system there, when Sir Edward Coke stood before the House of Commons, early in the 17th century, and announced with an unprecedented courage that some royal decrees were illegal because they violated the Constitution, and have therefore become non-binding. Hence, England was the cradle of Democracy. However, it did not grant its American colonies such a privilege and kept treating the citizens of those colonies as a herd of livestock. The restrictions it imposed on the colonies only stirred further the struggle for freedom instead of eradicating it. This was the reason, as we all know, behind the outbreak of the American Revolution which resulted in the establishment of the most powerful country of the modern world, the United States of America. Its establishment was linked to the consolidation of the pillars of the democratic doctrine upon (the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its related appendixes known as the Human Rights Charter). We admit that we could not yet establish a (perfect and rational government). In spite of that, what do you think of our happiness..?

..Of our liberties? ..Of our progress and development? .. Of the level of our well being and welfare? .. Of our health facilities and the safety of our moral and material existence that we owe to our democratic system? We present all of this to every reader in order to contemplate, evaluate and weigh it. The ruling methods that we achieved did not reach us by mistake; they were the result of tremenduous efforts. Finally, he finishes by saying: And in every step we take, democracy paves us the way towards endless prosperity, by facilitating the path to a wonderful and forever happy life, for each of its adherents, as a reward for their individual efforts. (Know Your isms Martin Dodge). Every fair-minded thinker must admit that the democratic doctrine has intellectually defeated all other political doctrines, before defeating them on the real political ground in Europe and in some countries in South America, Asia and Africa, because all these doctrines are ramified from one truth: the appropriation of power by a group or an individual and the behavior of that group or individual and the usually abnormal philosophy they preach, as gods who enact and pass laws obliging the people to obey without objections. Ironically, many fascist and dictatorial ruling regimes claim, nowadays, to be democratic and organize fictitious referendums, homages or elections to prove that they are what they claim to be. In fact, this is the biggest proof of the defeat of all ruling regimes against the democratic doctrine, which explains why they courted it and started pretending to like it, adhere to it or at least heading that way. Even religious doctrines are nowadays expressing their affection for the democratic doctrine, and their adherents claim to be democratic as well. The latters are, unfortunately, like the pigeon which imitated the crow envying its larger size, but at the end of the day lost its identity as pigeon without succeeding becoming a crow. I do not find today a doctrine that fights democracy with valid arguments and suggests an equable concept that deserves to be adopted and classified as a real intellectual counterpart for democracy, other than the doctrine of the Awaited Reformer that exists in Judaism represented by Eliyahu[11], in Christianity represented by Jesus Christ (AS) and in Islam represented by Al-Mahdi (AS). Moreover, the Awaited Reformer is mentioned in other religions as well, without indicating a specific person.


Dictatorship is at the bottom of democracy: - this fact is clear in practice because when an intellectual doctrine assumes power through a given party, it seeks to impose its political vision on this country, in one way or another. Some might say that the people themselves elected and got this doctrine to power, however, I find that the people have placed this party and this intellectual doctrine in power, based on what is available on the political field during the elections period. The people do not know how things are going to turn out in a year. Therefore, should this ruling regime harm their religious or secular interests in any way, they will not be able to revert it, as the proverb says, Things have gone past the point of no return, theres nothing that can be done about it now. Thus, governors like Hitler who wreaked havoc in the land have gotten to power through elections and alleged democracy, and in case there were claims that what happened in Germany was due to the immaturity of democracy at that time, you should know that this is also the case in Italy nowadays. Indeed, in Italy, a group of people came to power and got the country involved in a rotten war against Islam and Muslims, alongside America. Even though the Italian people are currently opposed to this government and the opposition is calling for the withdrawal of the Italian troops, the oppressing party in power insists on keeping the Italian troops occupying Iraq. Hence, we see how dictatorship and fascism have nowadays returned to Italy. We also notice, in democratic United Kingdom, which is the main ally of the United States of America in its occupation of Iraq and the aggression made against Islam and Muslims, that millions of people protested in the streets of London condemning this miscreant and colonial war against Islam and Muslims but without affecting the decision of the British government at all. This only leads us to conclude that Dictatorship is well rooted in the core of Democracy.

The biggest democratic country in the world practices dictatorship: - Although the regime in the United States of America appears to be democratic, it still practices the ugliest forms of dominance and dictatorship on the population of the world. This is a clear contradiction to the concept of democracy. Indeed, a regime that holds a composed doctrine has to apply it on everyone, at any place and time, without any exception. However, Americans want to humiliate and dominate the people of the earth, and treat Muslims with particular contempt and disrespect because they know that the Imam Al-Mahdi (AS), the Imam of all Muslims, will bring the United States of America to an end. Another fact to notice is that the American Muslims living in the United States suffer as well from discrimination. Where is the democracy then?

Democracy and money: Democracy has no place for those who do not have money to spend on propaganda, lies, falsification of facts, hiring of mercenaries and villains. Hence, the power of money in the democratic regime appears in an abnormal way. Parties and organizations start plundering the money of the poor and misfortunate, in one way or another, before treason starts. For instance, in the United States, the Jewish control the course of the elections through money and achieve a minimum success rate of 70% in the nomination of whoever they want in power in the United States, so that the American support for the Zionist State continues. As for the deceptive and false advertising and the power of money over democracy, it is an issue that was constantly discussed in the newspapers in America itself. In fact, I remember that, years ago, I read an article written by an American author confirming that the democracy in the United States is just a sham and an insignificant play for what govern it are deception, scams and money.

Democracy and freedom: there is no regime in the whole world that recognizes absolute freedom; even the democratic regime places restraints on the freedom of individuals and groups. However, what is the extent of these restraints which diminish freedom? And to which extent one can let individuals and groups be free to do whatever they want?! Note that it is people who impose those restraints on freedom and that they certainly commit mistakes not to mention that most of them only care about satisfying their cravings. Therefore, in democracy, restraints are imposed on religion, reform, in addition to the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, because the divine religion incorporates another law that contradicts the positive law which is the Divine Law. In fact, in democracy, freedom is unleashed in order to discharge desires, corruption

as well as impairment, and to sink in the vices prohibited by Allh. Consequently, all societies where democracy was implemented had turned into deteriorated and rotten communities, because positive law protects the person that practices adultery, corruption, drinking alcohol, nudity (for women) and other forms of corruption.

Democracy and religion: the divine religion has, undoubtedly, a philosophy different from the democratic philosophy whereas the religion of Allh only recognizes the appointment made by Allh (I am placing on Earth a caliph) which is the appointment of the Mahdi (AS) and only recognizes the law of Allh in our era (the Quran) for us Muslims, whereas for the Jews, God appointed Eliyahu (AS) and his law is represented by the Torah, and for the Christians, God appointed Issa[12] (AS) and his law is stated in the Gospel. If that were the case, how does the Muslim, Christian or Jew claim he believes in Allh and acknowledges His supremacy which is represented by the Mahdi (AS) and the Quran, Issa (AS) and the Gospel or Eliyahu (AS) and the Torah; and, at the same time, recognizes the supremacy of the people and democracy that refutes the pillar of the divine religion and the supremacy of Allh on earth. Therefore, whoever acknowledges democracy and elections cannot be related to the divine religion and is considered a disbeliever in all religions and in the supremacy of Allh.

Democracy from the cradle to the grave: When the course of democracy gets started in a given country, tens of political parties and currents may be constituted. However, since deception, falsification, lies, defamation, advertising and money rule the country in reality, all these parties are dismantled with time, and mostly only two parties remain on the political field. In fact, the final result and the bitter end come up to one of these two parties dominating the helm of leadership. In consequence, dictatorship reappears in the form of democracy. Indeed, the two oldest democratic countries represent clear evidence to this situation because they are experiencing the last stages of democracy. In fact, these two countries are none other than the United Kingdom, where both the Conservative and the Labor Parties are dominant, and the United States of America where the Republic and Democratic parties are dominant. At this stage, these parties are in conflict over the absolute dominance of the helm of leadership for Democracy entails a phase of eliminating the weak. Thus, people are currently going through a transition from democracy towards dictatorship. In fact, the domination of two parties and ideologies of the helm of leadership, is by itself, a form of dictatorship if we take the ideological compatibility between them and the absence of any true ideological opposition into consideration.

Furthermore, this phenomenon only applies, if no setback occurs after a group of democracy advocates takes over the rule and eliminates the other parties, thus changing from a democracy into a dictatorship overnight. In this regard, the Greek philosopher Plato says (and among the advocates of democracy and protectors of the people will emerge the one who is the most violent and subtle, he then banishes or executes the rich, abolishes debts, partitions the lands and forms himself a garrison to protect him from the dangers of plots. The people then rejoice with him and he takes over the reign. Moreover, in order to consolidate his position, keep the people off him and stay indispensable, he declares war against his neighbors after making peace with them. Thus, he would be able to have his own way in the country, cut off the head of every opponent or critic, keep all virtuous man away from him and bring over a group of mercenaries and veterans. He also gives generously to the poets we banished from our city so they heap him with praise. Furthermore, he plunders the temples and squeezes the people to feed his guards and assistants. Finally, realizes at this point that theyve witnessed a transition from freedom to tyranny and that this is the last government) The Republic, by Plato. I settle for these inconsistencies for abridgment purposes, otherwise the inconsistencies of democracy are so numerous.



DOCTRiNE OF THE AWAiTED WORLD REFORMER All divine religions recognize Allhs supremacy. However, people have refuted His supremacy and have not acknowledged it for the majority of them, except for few such as the people of Moses (AS) in the era of Talut[13] or the Muslims in the era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, no sooner did the Prophet (PBUH) pass away than they went back to refuting the supremacy of Allh and recognizing peoples supremacy through the Shura[14], the elections and the Saqifat Bani Saeda gathering that alienated Regent Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (AS). Even though nowadays everybody advocates the supremacy of people and elections, whether they were scholars or the common public, the great majority of them admits that the successor of Allh on earth is the righteous ruler. Yet, this acknowledgement remains a weak, defeated doctrine in a psychological turmoil struggling between the conscious and unconscious. Hence, people, especially inactive scholars, live in a state of hypocrisy that eats at them and troubles their sleep, and makes them stagger and stumble dim-sighted. They know that Allh is true, that the supremacy of Allh is righteous, and that the supremacy of people is untrue and in opposition to Gods supremacy over His land. Yet, they do not stand for the truth or for what is right, but support the untrue and invalid. Behold the scholars of this era for they are the bad jurists of this world. They were the ones who fashioned defiance and to them it shall revert, as the Prophet of Allh (PBUH) said in their concern,
A time will come for my people, during which nothing would remain from the Quran but its scripting, and nothing would remain from Islam but its name. They would be named Muslims while they are the farthest people from Islam. Their mosques would be filled with people but it would be void of guidance. The jurists of that time are the most evil jurists living in this world, sedition arose from them and to them it shall revert Bihar al-Anwar volume 52 page 190.


As if they have not heard the Commander of the Faithfuls (SA) saying,
Do not find lonesome the way that leads to the truth for the scarcity of people who take it,

And as if they did not hear the prophets (PBUH) saying,

Islam began as something strange, and it will revert to being strange as it was in the beginning, so good tidings for the strangers

Oh, but yes I tell you! By God, they have heard these sayings and understood them, but they have grown fond of this world and liked its embellishments. They have gathered around a cadaver and exposed themselves eating it. They were weary and out of tricks and could not find a way to have the rewards of this world but through religion. Those who claim to be Muslim Shiite scholars only ended abusing the sacredness of the Commander of the Faithful (AS) and adding yet another wound to his and a blister that made his heart bleed. Thus, the Imams of the darkness, those inactive scholars, have reproduced the catastrophe of Saqifat Bani Saeda and brought it up as it was in its day one, they have also paved the way to hurting Fatimah Al-Zahraa (AS) once again. Only this time, it would be through Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (AS), for it will be a day like the day of the Messenger of God[15] (PBUH) and descendants like the descendants of the Messenger of Allh (PBUH). Yesterday, there were Ali (AS) and his son and today there are the Mahdi (AS) and his son. Will there be someone who will be wise enough to save himself from the fire, escape from the grip of the infidels of Quraysh of current times, and shield himself through adhering to the Awliya[16] of Allh? Do not let the devil (may Allh curse him) trick you and make you sanctify the inactive scholars who fight Allh and His Messenger and twist His Law[17]! Compare their sayings and doings with the Quran, the Sunnah[18] of the Prophet and his household (AS) (ahl al-bayt) and you will find that they stand completely opposed to one another! Do curse them as the Messenger of Allh (PBUH) has cursed them. Exempt yourselves from them like the Messenger of Allh (PBUH) has exempted himself from them, when he said to Ibn Masud: Islam began as something strange, and it will revert to being strange as it was in the beginning, so good tidings for the strangers. Those of your descendants who will witness that time (the time of the reappearance of the Mahdi (AS)) and who shall not belong to their community, nor attend their funerals, nor visit their patients, they who shall claim to be following your Sunnah and pursuing your call and your way while contradicting your actions, they shall die following a religion different than yours. Those people do not belong to me and neither do I belong to them Then he (the prophet) (PBUH) siad: O Ibn Masud, there will come a time when the person who is still adhering to his religion will feel as if he were holding an ember in the palm of his hand.


Therefore, he should act like a wolf, otherwise he would be eaten by wolves. O Ibn Masud, their scholars and jurists are dissolute traitors. Even worse, they are the evil creations of Allh and so are their followers, visitors, people who deal with them, love them, sit with them and counsel with them. Behold the Evil creations of God, the fires of hell find their way through them and they are deaf, dumb and blind and would not return. We shall assemble them on the Day of Resurrection and squeeze them deaf, dumb and blind because they belong in hell. Whenever the fires start to die out we shall boost the blaze, and whenever their skins ripen we shall substitute them with other skins so they would feel agony. If thrown in the fire, they would hear its inhalation ripping through, and the fire would flare up almost furious whenever they want to get out of it, anguished, but they would be thrown back in it and doomed to taste the excruciating pain of burning. In it they have an exhalation but in it they do not hear. O Ibn Masud, they claim that they follow my religion, my Sunnah, my way, my laws but they have nothing to do with me, neither do I have anything to do with them. O Ibn Masud, do not sit with them in public! Do not pledge allegiance to them in the markets! Do not show them the way and do not offer them water to drink! Allh said,
Whosoever desires the life of the world and its glitter; to them We shall pay in full (the wages of) their deeds therein, and they will have no diminution therein. Hud:15

Allh also said,

Whosoever desires (by his deeds) the reward of the Hereafter (afterlife), We give him increase in his reward, and whosoever desires the reward of this world (by his deeds), We give him thereof (what is decreed for him), and he has no portion in the Hereafter (afterlife) (Ash-Shura[19]: 20)

O Ibn Masud, my Umma is subject to great hostility, hatred and disputes coming from them. Those are the Ummas abject beings in their lifetime, and by His name, Allh will sink them down and transform them into apes and pigs. Then he said: The Messenger of Allh cried and we wept because he cried and we said: O Messenger of Allh what makes you cry? He replied,
In mercy for the miserable Allh says: (And if you could but see, when they will be terrified with no escape (for them), and they will be seized from a nearby place (Saba:51)

Referring to the scholars and jurists he said, O Ibn Masud, whoever acquires the knowledge and wants to gain the pleasures of this world with it and whoever favors love for this world and its embellishments over knowledge, will attract Gods fury upon him and will be placed at the lowest level of hell along with the Jews and Christians who rejected the Holy Book of Allh (the Quran).


In this regard, Allh said: (then when there came to them that which they had recognized (the Quran), they disbelieved in it. So let the Curse of Allh be upon the infidels). O Ibn Masud, whoever learned the Quran for the sake of this world and its embellishments, shall be prevented by Allh from entering the Heavens. Indeed O Ibn Masud, whoever learnt the Truth and did not implement what he learnt, shall be rendered blind and placed in hell on the Day of Resurrection, whoever learns the knowledge for lies and reputation, and for earthly purposes shall have his blessings retracted, and his living made difficult by Allh who will let him to his own demise dooming him for whoever is left by Allh to his own demise is doomed. In this regard, Allh stated,
Whoever wishes to meet his God has to perform a good deed, shall not worship another but his God

O Ibn Masud, let your companions be the faithful ones and your brothers be the pious and ascetic ones for Allh stated,
Friends on that Day will be foes one to another except the pious ones (AlMuttaqn)

O Ibn Masud, I know that they see what is known as repudiated and what is repudiated as known, because Allh has labeled them as disbelievers and there will not be among them witnesses to the truth nor defenders of justice. Furthermore, Allh said,
O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allh, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin. (An-Nisa:135) O Ibn Masud they claim merit for their ancestry and money) Ilzaam anNaaseb[20] volume 2 pages 131-132.

This is the case of those scholars who do not follow and act upon the words of the Messenger of Allh (PBUH) because they claim they are Muslims and Shiites while they approve of the alienation of Ali (AS) and wrong Ali (AS) at the same time. Allhs curse be upon each misleading errant who appointed himself an Imam for the people, an idol and god to be worshipped in the place of Allh. It is important that the people avoid following inactive scholars because they recognize the supremacy of people, the elections and the democracy that America (the biggest imposter) came up with. They are to recognize the supremacy of Allh and follow the Imam Al-Mahdi (AS). Otherwise, what would people say to their prophets and Imams? Is it not known to everyone that all divine religions recognize the supremacy of Allh and reject the supremacy of people? There is no excuse for anyone to follow those scholars after they have infringed the Quran, the Messenger of Allh and Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and distorted Allhs Law (Sharia). Those are the scholars of nowadays, the scholars who fight the Imam al-Mahdi (AS).


Therefore, is there any excuse left for any of their followers, after they have followed Satan (may Allh curse him) and recognized the supremacy of people, although all divine religions recognize the supremacy of Allh?! The Jews still await Elijah (Eliyahu) (AS), the Christians still wait for Isa (AS) and the Muslims await the Mahdi (AS). Will the Jews then say to Eliyahu: go back we have elections and democracy and they are better than the divine appointment?! And will Christians tell Isa (AS): You who ride a donkey, wear a wool garment, eat so little and renounce earthly pleasures, go back we have elected presidents who enjoy life in all possible ways, in what is allowed and what is prohibited, and accept our passions and lusts?! Will Muslims, especially the Shiites, tell Imam al-Mahdi (AS), go back, son of Fatima, because our jurists have found the best solution which is democracy and elections?! Moreover, will the imitators of jurists, the jurists of nowadays tell the Imam al-Mahdi (AS): our jurists found out that the Shura, the Saqifat and the elections are those which are righteous?! Will they say, at the end of the day, that the people at the Saqifa were right and that the Commander of the Faithful Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (AS) is a fanatic?! What will they say and how will they solve this contradiction they stepped into?! I am not saying to those jurists and I name them so according to the prevailing opinion concerning them, otherwise I do not consider them jurists other than what the simple Iraqi person would say (is it religion or a masquerade?) and you have rendered it a mess. We Shiite, reject Umar Ibn al-Khattab because he advocated the Shura and the elections and you, the jurists of nowadays, approve the Shura and the elections. So, what changed?! The current Torah and the current Evangel (Gospel) both endorse the supremacy of Allh over His land and not the supremacy of people, and both are divine books which represent a compelling evidence for Jews and Christians. The theorists of democracy in the West have worked hard on refuting these texts that appear in the Torah. Some of those theorists even favored distorting those texts, such as Spinoza in its Theologico-Political Treatise, in order to dispose of these texts which confirm the supremacy of Allh over His land and refute the supremacy of people. However, from its first pages till the last ones, the Quran acknowledges the supremacy of Allh and refutes the supremacy of people. We are not interested by the faulty perception of those who want to distort the word of Allh as they please, and those who defend a certain person or a certain belief, with the corruption of those they defend and the falsity of what they believe, although this corruption is clear and does not require much effort to be perceived.


First, let us go through the verses that consolidate the supremacy of Allh over His land:

Say, O Allh, Lord of sovereignty, Thou givest sovereignty to whomsoever Thou pleasest; and Thou takest away sovereignty from whomsoever Thou pleasest. Thou exaltest whomsoever Thou pleasest and Thou abasest whomsoever Thou pleasest. In Thy hand is all good. Thou surely hast power to do all things. Aal Imraan[21]:26

This verse clearly indicates that Allh is the absolute sovereign. He, Almighty, designates whoever He wants as His successor. In this regard, He said,
I am about to place a vicegerent in the earth Al-Baqarah[22]:30

Following this verse, no one is entitled to appoint a king or elect a king or a ruler unless he is appointed by Allh. Indeed, this divine sovereignty or supremacy is granted by Allh to whom He wishes. Moreover, it is not necessary that the king appointed by Allh truly reigns, for he might be subdued and alienated as it has always been from the onset of humanity. Abraham[23] (AS) did not rule, Nimrod (Allh curse him) did. Moses (AS) did not rule either, Pharaoh (Allh curse him) did. Hussein (AS) did not rule, Yazid[24] (Allh curse him) did. Hence, Allh said,
Or do they envy men for what Allh has given them out of His bounty? If that is so, surely, We gave the Book and Wisdom to the children of Abraham also and We also gave them a great kingdom (An-Nisa[25]:54

Furthermore, although Abraham (AS) and his descendants (AS) have always been granted dominion and divine sovereignty, they have been oppressed, subdued and alienated from the power which has been taken over by the unjust. In fact, it is the duty of all people to empower the successor of Allh in His land and consolidate His supremacy, otherwise, they would waste their chances and infuriate their God. As As-Sadeq (AS) said,
Do you not see Allh saying it was not up to you to plant its trees, and adding: it is not up to you to designate an Imam for yourselves and claim him as such upon your wish and will? Then, As-Sadeq (AS) said, there are three types of people that Allh will not talk to nor look at on the Day of Resurrection. He will not help them either and they will suffer from great pain: those who grow a tree that Allh did not grow, meaning those who designate an Imam not designated by Allh or those who reject the people appointed by Him (Tuhaf al-Uqul[26] page 325


The story of Talut (Hast thou not heard of the chiefs of the children of Israel after Moses, when they said to a Prophet of theirs,
Appoint for us a king that we may fight in the cause of Allh? AlBaqara:246

This faithful and honest community of the people of Israel believes in the supremacy of Allh. Indeed, they did not appoint anyone. Instead, they asked Allh to appoint a king for them. That is the greatest evidence that the law of God, in all divine religions, acknowledges that the ruler is appointed by Allh and not by the people through elections.

I will create a vicegerent on earth (And when thy Lord said to the angels,
I am about to place a vicegerent in the earth. Al-Baqara:30

The representative of Allh shall be the ruler on earth and the first representative is Adam (AS). Each era has its own representative of God. Thus, in these times the representative of Allh is Al-Mahdi (AS) and people should consolidate his supremacy for he is appointed by Allh, and he should not be opposed by elections and democracy.

The Almighty said,
And whoso judges not by that which Allh has sent down, these are the unfaithful (Al-Maida[27]:44)

Then said ,
and whoso judges not by what Allh has sent down, those are the wrongdoers (Al-Maida:45)

And He added,
and whoso judges not by what Allh has revealed, those are the rebellious (Al-Maida:47)

The successor will obviously face new problems, in whatever time, and he should have God-given sightedness and special inspiration, through which he would make His supremacy known in the events that come up. In fact, how could someone other than the Successor of Allh rule in what Allh has revealed?


The constant is such that no one, but the Successor of Allh on earth, will have the chance to govern with what Allh has revealed. There are a lot of verses and events that refute the supremacy of people and elections, such as this incident of someone who listened and was an eye witness. *The story of Moses and his people (And Moses chose seventy of his people for Our place of meeting: when they were seized with violent quaking, he prayed,
O my Lord! If it had been Thy will Thou couldst have destroyed, long before, both them and me: wouldst Thou destroy us for the deeds of the foolish ones among us? This is no more than Thy trial: by it Thou causest whom Thou wilt to stray, and Thou leadest whom Thou wilt into the right path. Thou art our Protector: so forgive us and give us Thy mercy; for Thou art the best of those who forgive.) (Al-Araaf[28]:155).

There was Moses (AS), an infallible prophet, who chose seventy men from the finest sons of Israel. They all disbelieved and rebelled against him and against Allhs orders. Therefore, if an infallible prophet such as Moses (AS) chose seventy men for a divine mission and none of those turned out to be worthy of this mission, how would common people choose a ruler and a king? They could choose the most evil of Allhs creations unknowingly. This constitutes enough evidence for those who look for what is right and want more. Indeed, the Quran, placed in his hands, addresses the unaware (And already have We written in the Book of David, after the exhortation, that My righteous servants shall inherit the land* And We have sent thee not but as a mercy for all peoples * Say,
What has come to me by inspiration is that your Allh is One God: will ye therefore bow to His Will (in Islam)?

* But if they turn back, Say,

I have proclaimed the Message to you all alike and in truth; but I know not whether that which ye are promised is near or far * It is He Who knows what is open in speech and what ye conceal * I know not but that it may be a trial for you, and only an enjoyment for a while,

* Say,
O my Lord! Judge Thou in truth! Our Lord Most Gracious is the One Whose assistance should be sought against the blasphemies ye utter! AlAnbiaa:105-112



A - Allh
And I have not created the Jinn and the men but that they may worship Me) (Al-Dhariyat[29]:56

Speaking about them (AS) i.e. so that they know, the Awaited Reformers (AS) main task is to introduce Allh to the people and lead them to Allh. He is the guide to Allh and His representative before His worshipers. B - The Messengers The second task of the Awaited Reformer (AS) is to introduce the messengers to the people indicating the wrong that was done to them, and show that they are the successors of Allh on earth, who were forced away from their rights and disowned of their legacy. C - The Missions The third task of the Awaited Reformer (AS) is to introduce the people to the divine missions and laws and protect them from distortion and falsity, and thus show the Right and the Creed that please Allh and the Sharia that pleases Allh.


Consequently, the most important thing the Awaited Reformer (AS) can come up with to rectify the religion is cognition, knowledge and wisdom (He shall teach them the Book and wisdom). Moreover, in the Hadith, As-Sadeq (AS) stated,
Knowledge is constituted by twenty seven syllables, and everything that the messengers have come up with amounts to two syllables. In fact, people have not learnt more than two syllables until this day. So, if our Mahdi is resurrected, he would expose twenty five syllables and transmit them to the people and added the two syllables to them in order to transmit them as a whole of twenty seven syllables Bihar Al-Anwar part 52.


As all divine religions state, the Awaited Reformer will fill the earth with justice and equality after it was filled with injustice and inequity. This statement is well known among Muslims because it was pronounced by the Messenger of Allh (PBUH) and his family (ahl al-bayt) (AS), and it was told by both Sunnites and Shiites. Then, what are the things included and covered by the supremacy of Allh that represent a reason behind the proliferation of justice and equality on earth? However, before I look into this important issue, I want to demonstrate a thing that is just as important and shows the need to look into it as well. Indeed, we, as Muslim Shiites, and according to the statements of the Messenger of Allh (PBUH) and his household (Ahl al-bayt) concerning the signs for the reappearance and resurrection of the Awaited Reformer, agree that these days are the days of his reappearance and resurrection (AS). We certainly do not care about the opinion of those who have lost their way and have not heard the stories. Furthermore, Christians around the world also consider these days as the days of the resurrection of the awaited Messiah (the Christ) (AS) who they consider to be Isa[30] (AS). I have even read a book written by a Christian priest in the middle of the last century. In this book, the priest considers that the signs for the reappearance and the Minor Resurrection have started in the Kingdom of God. As for the Jews, they consider these days to be the days of the minor resurrection. In fact, a good number of their rabbis confirm that these days will witness the return of Eliyahu[31] (AS) and the appearance of the World Reformer. Some of them have recently thrown flyers from airplanes to the Muslims in Palestine, demanding that they leave the Holy land because the time has come for the minor resurrection, and stating that these days are the last days, after which there will not remain in the Holy land but the righteous. I need not say that according to the Jews, they (the Jews themselves) are the righteous people. If that is the case, it seems that


all religious people who believe in what is mentioned or written in their book about Prophets (AS), acknowledge that these are the days of the minor resurrection and the reappearance of the Awaited World Reformer (AS). Therefore, if these days are the days of his resurrection and he is to fill the earth with justice and equality after it was filled with injustice and inequity, we conclude that the earth these days is filled with injustice and inequity. Hence two questions come to mind, the first of which is: what brings to the world and fills it with injustice and inequity? The answer to this question has been explained and I will mention it hereinafter. The second question deals with the following: What brings to the world and fills it with justice and equality? This is what I actually want to start explaining while highlighting some of the things that fall within the supremacy of God, rendering it a reason that fills the earth with justice. 1 - The Law the General Constitution and Other Allh is the One who sets the law. He is the Creator of this world and what populates it. He also knows what is in the best interest of its population and living forms such as men, Jinn, animals, plants and other creatures, whether they were known or unknown to us. He also knows the past, the present and the future, He knows what mends the human body and soul as well as what mends the human kind as a whole. For instance, the law has to observe the past, present, future, human body and soul, the interest of the individual, the interest of the community and the interest of other creatures. The law even has to consider the good of inanimate objects such as the earth, the water, the environment, etc. Therefore, how would someone other than Allh know about the details of all these things, although a lot of them is unperceivable and incomprehensible, which means it is impossible for us to discern them and know their attributes etc. Besides, even if we assume that someone knew all these details, how would he be able to draft a law that observes all these details although some of them might be contradictory in practice? Where would the interest be? In which legislation? It surely will not be present in any other law but the divine law and the divine Sharia, because they were set by the creator of all creations. He knows the secrets and the unknown and He is capable of making things go as He pleases, for He is the only Ruler of this world.


2 - The King or Ruler Leadership, no matter what form it took under the supremacy of people (dictatorship or democracy) or under the supremacy of Allh, it affects directly the human community for the society is compelled to accept this leadership, at least innately, because humans are naturally disposed to follow a certain leader appointed by Allh (the instinct of Allh which is an innate characteristic originating at birth, and no one can alter the creation of Allh for that is the valuable religion). This leader is the representative of Allh and his successor on earth. However, if the representative of Allh is alienated from his right and the reflection of human instinct became unsettled due to the haziness of this material life, Man will accept any substitute leadership that replaces the representative of Allh and His claim over His worshipers. In fact, in so doing, Man wants to fulfill his needs, even if this substitute leadership were inverted and hostile to the representative of Allh on earth and His guardian over his people. Man usually pays attention to the leadership represented by the ruler, knowing that this leadership will only consist of two parties: the successor of Allh and His guardian over His worshipers, who is the ruler appointed by Allh; or someone else, whether he were a domineering dictator reigning through oppression and violence with, or a leader elected through free democratic means. The ruler appointed by Allh speaks for Allh because he only says what He orders him to say and does nothing without being told to do so by Allh. As for the ruler who is appointed by the people or dominates them, he does not speak for Allh at all. In this regard, the Messenger of Allh (PBUH) said something like (Whosoever listens to a spokesman, shall worship him. Thus, if the spokesman were speaking the words of Allh, he shall worship Allh. However, if the spokesman were speaking with the words of the devil, then, he shall worship the devil). Hence, there are only a spokesman of Allh and a spokesman of the devil, without a third option. Therefore, any ruler other than the representative of Allh and His guardian over His worshipers is a spokesman of the devil in one way or another, depending on the amount of wrongdoing he is carrying. In this regard, they (AS) said (Each banner held prior to the Mahdi (AS) shall be the banner of the devil), and by this they (AS) refer to each banner whose owner is not related to the Mahdi (AS). Then, the ruler appointed by Allh speaks for Him and the ruler that is not appointed by Allh speaks for the devil. Hence the certainty that the spokesman of Allh leads the religion and the world to the right path and the spokesman of the devil ruins both religion and world.


Furthermore, Allh knows our intentions and thoughts. He knows the good from the bad. He chooses his representative and successor and distinguishes him from the rest of mankind, so that he be the finest of His creatures and the best, most honest, wisest and most knowledgeable being on earth. He will also make him infallible and trust him for righteousness and reformation. However, if the people object to the appointment of Allh, they will only choose the worst of Gods creatures, for if Moses (AS), who is an infallible prophet, chose seventy men among his people, whom he believed were righteous, only to find out later that their corruption should be taken as an example and made known to whoever wanted to listen to what he witnessed. 3 - Since the law and the ruler in the supremacy of Allh are perfect and infallible, the rectification of the peoples political, economic and social situations shall fall upon them. In fact, all these aspects of the peoples life depend on the law and the ruler because the law regulates them and the ruler applies it. Therefore, if the law was set by Allh, the regulation and organization of these aspects will be the best and the most perfect of all. Hence, if the ruler were the representative and successor of Allh on earth and the finest of His creatures, the application of the divine law would be perfect, complete and at its best. Consequently, if the Umma accepts the supremacy of Allh on earth, it would have the best of religion and life, and its sons would gain happiness in this world and in the afterlife. Indeed, the Umma that acknowledges the supremacy of Allh on earth by pledging allegiance and devotion to the representative of Allh, will have its sons rise to the heavens and they will be the finest of all men who have risen to the heavens. Earth will be blessed by with the gifts of heaven for he is the best that might be sent by Allh and this Umma will be the best of all known to men because it has accepted the representative and successor of Allh on earth.
And if the people of those towns had believed and been righteous, We would have surely opened for them blessings from heaven and earth; but they disbelieved, so We seized them because of that which they used to earn Al-Araaf:96

In fact, Ummas would gain more merit in as much as they empower the successor of Allh on earth and obey his orders.


Consequently, the Umma that would accept the Imam al-Mahdi (AS) would be the best ever known to Man,
Ye are the best of peoples evolved for mankind you enjoin what is good and forbid evil Aal-Imraan, verse 110

Those would be the three hundred and three sahaba (companions) of the Mahdi and their followers. However, should an Umma refute the representative and successor of Allh on earth, it would make the biggest mistake ever losing the rewards of this world and those of the afterlife, for it will be subject to humility and misfortune on earth and to fire and evil in hell. Finally, I want to highlight that I do not think that anyone who believes in Allh might think that the law established by people is better than that of Allh; and that the ruler appointed by the people is better that the ruler appointed by Allh Praise be to Allh alone,
And when they see thee, they only make a jest of thee: Is this he whom Allh has sent as a Messenger? * He indeed had well-nigh led us astray from our gods, had we not steadily adhered to them. And they shall know, when they see the punishment, who is most astray from the right path. (Al-Furqaan: 41-42).


[1] God for Muslims (.) [2] Alayhi al-Salaat wassalaam: translated into peace be upon him () [3] Term that refers to the United States of America [4] Great Satan refers to the United States of America. [5] [6] Peace be upon him () [7] Aal Imraan:26. . [8] Household of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) . [9] The Cow. [10] [11] Also Elijah (.) [12] Also Jesus for Christians (.) [13] Saul (Arabic: , Tlt.) [14] Shura is an Arabic word for consultation [15] The Messenger of Allah or the Messenger of God (Rasul Allah in Arabic) refer to the.Prophet Muhammad. [16] Term referring to those who are loyal and protected by Allah [17] Also known as Sharia (Arabic word for Gods Law). [18] Tradition. [19] The Shura [20] . [21] The family of Imraan. [22] The Cow. [23] Ibrahim in Arabic. [24] Yazd ibn Muwiyata ibn Ab Sufyn. [25] The Women. [26]Masterpieces of the Mind (translation: ) [27] The Table (.) [28] The Heights (.) [29] The winnowing winds (.) [30] Jesus for Christians (.) [31] Elijah.