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Faison School for Autism

Applied Behavior Center (ABC) Marketing Plan

Gretchen Cundiff PR Intern

Faison School for Autism ABC Marketing Plan

Table of Contents
1. Marketing Plan Purpose & Budget 2. ABC Overview & Services 3. Marketing Plan Summary 4. Marketing to Parents with Children Ages 2+ 5. Marketing to Daycare Centers/Pre-Schools 6. Marketing to Pediatricians 7. Print Media Contacts 8. Additional Resources pg. 3 pgs. 4- 8 pgs. 9-12 pgs. 13-14 pg. 15 pgs. 16-17 pgs. 18-19 pgs. 20-30

ABC Marketing Plan Purpose & Budget

To educate parents and caretakers of children ages 2-6 years old in the greater Richmond area about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of autism and direct them to the Faison Schools Applied Behavior Center (ABC) for information about treatment. To raise awareness of the ABCs consultative services both on-site and at home for children/young adults with autism up to the age of 22 and encourage families to utilize the applied behavior analysis (ABA) methodology offered at Faison.

Advertising- magazines, online links, newspaper Richmond Parents Monthly Magazine- free distribution Richmond Family Magazine- free distribution Richmond Magazine- subscription Autism Advocate Magazine Richmond Times Dispatch Richmondmom.com Richmondmommies.com

Print Materials- brochures, flyers, pamphlets, business cards Brochure- feature all ABA services, contact info Allegra Printing Lewis Printing Graphics Innovations Minuteman Press

ABC Marketing Plan Program Overview & Services

The increasing prevalence of Autism has been recognized as the fastest growing developmental disability in the nation, affecting one in 110 children. It is now the third most common childhood disorder, more common than Down Syndrome and childhood diabetes combined. In turn, parents need to be informed of the assessment, treatment, and intervention resources available to help their children if diagnosed with autism. At the Faison School for Autism (TFSA), we want to reassure parents that there is hope, and through our services, individuals will be able to maximize their potential. TFSA has established itself as the institution that parents turn to for support, reassurance, and hope when faced with the uncertainty of their childs future. Since 1998, TFSA has gained notoriety for its holistic cause, extensive research, state-of-the-art facilities, and individualized programs ensuring the best possible outcome for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or developmental disabilities (DDs). To most effectively meet the needs of children with autism and their families, Faison has developed an Applied Behavior Center (ABC) scheduled to open in 2012. This new initiative will create a more timely early diagnosis screening for infants and toddlers who may be afflicted with an ASD. A Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP) will be hired to meet the ever-growing demand for extensive evaluation, assessment, and treatment services. ABC will work collaboratively with local service providers, school systems, and our partners at Johns Hopkins Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) to create a progressive and comprehensive treatment facility to best serve childrens needs. In addition, TFSA will continue its partnership with medical practices and local, regional, and state agencies that specialize in serving the developmentally disabled and those with ASDs.

With the passage of new legislation mandating the coverage of autism therapy for children aged 2-6 years old by health insurance companies in Virginia, Faison can expect to see a large influx of parents, who could previously not afford to pay out-of-pocket for comparable services, now seeking treatment for their young children with autism. This insurance reform bill will go into effect on January 1, 2012 and enable families with limited financial means to receive the benefit of early intervention services offered at the ABC. While the Richmond community is well aware of the quality education, intensive intervention, and innovative treatment options available for children at Faisons day school, the Applied Behavior Center (ABC) does not have as strong as a presence due to its development in recent years. However, that does not mean that the ABC will not achieve its full potential of establishing strong recognition by families affected with autism in the near future. It is imperative that Faison build strong working relationships with daycare providers, pediatricians, related agencies, and family-friendly businesses to raise awareness of the warning signs of autism and educate the public on what treatment options are available to best serve them. Early diagnosis and intervention is crucial in order to improve the lives of children/young adults with autism in our community, and Faison offers the educational and therapeutic programs to accomplish that.

The ABC believes that all families should have access to behavioral and consultative services that could positively impact the lives of children/young adults with ASDs and DDs. While some children require the intensive daily management offered at the TFSA, others benefit from more limited assistance through after-school visits or inhome care. Through the ABC, children with varying levels of functioning can learn coping strategies and techniques that they can implement within their regular routine to improve daily life. Services such as diagnostics and assessments, behavior training, social/family support, therapy, and other developmental services not currently available for this population in the Richmond area, will be provided at the ABC. Moreover, the ABC is committed to serving children and adults in a variety of capacities to meet the wide array of needs for Virginians with developmental disabilities. On-site services are provided at TFSA campus between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, while in-home services are offered on a case-by-case basis. Below is a breakdown of ABC services: After School Program (ASP) ABA Therapy Assessments In-Home Consultative Services Parents Training and Support Social Skills Training & Curriculum Planning BCBA and BCABA Supervision

For more detailed information on one of our services, please refer to the specific section accordingly. For additional questions or assistance, please contact Eli Newcomb, Assistant Director, at (804) 612-1947 or enewcomb@thefasionschool.org.

After School Program Since 2009, the ASP has served students requiring academic and behavioral support during afternoon and evening hours year-round The ASP provides students with a structured, safe learning environment based on TSFA day programs three-pronged approach of empirically-driven treatment, research, and training In a 1:1 student/staff ratio, children work on building communication, recreation, social, and daily living skills Individualized program created for each student as assessed by TSFA and based on requests of parents/guardians Enrollment criteria: o Must be between the ages of 2 and 22 o Diagnosed with an ASD or DD o Reliable source of transportation o Services offered Monday-Thursday, 2:15-6:00 p.m. May choose four day schedule or two day schedule (Mon. & Wed. or Tues. & Thurs.) ABA Therapy Assessments Adaptive Behavior Assessment o Includes VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, Brigance assessments and C-PIRK o Typically conducted at ABC; range in length from 3-10 hrs Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) o Direct observation of target behavior, data collection, and interviews with primary caregivers and service providers o Typically conducted in natural setting; range in length from 5-8 hrs Preference Assessment o Identifies preferences, motivators, etc. o Typically conducted at ABC; range in length from 2-3 hrs Functional Analysis (FA)

o Identifies a function (cause) of mild to sever problem behavior using systematic and controlled experimental procedures o Typically conducted at ABC; range in length from 5-15 hrs Transition Assessment & Planning o Formal & informal assessments and Person-Centered Planning meetings result in direct training, recommendations, and consultative services o Typically conducted at ABC; range in length from 4-6 hrs Assistive Technology Assessment o Team assesses and guides the referral process through formal, data-guided means, to determine the potential utility of certain assistive technologies o Typically conducted at ABC; range in length from 3-10 hrs. In-Home Consultative Services Consultation on behavior problems, toilet training, adaptive behavior curriculum development, social skills training, and parent/caregiver training, etc. Parent Training and Support Parent participation in workshops or direct training to address the behavioral and adaptive needs of their child Social Skills Training & Curriculum Planning Direct training and consultation with caregivers to improve social skills Creation of individualized, social skills curriculum may be developed

BCBA & BCABA Supervision ABC and TFSA certified behavior analysts provide professional supervision hours for those individuals working towards obtaining a behavior analyst certification

ABC Marketing Plan

The ABC needs to differentiate itself from other applied behavior analysis (ABA) service providers in the greater Richmond area by stressing the variety of treatment programs available for autistic individuals ages 18 months to 22 years. The ABC should stress its six distinctive services ranging from on-site early intervention assessments to intensive programming options in home, and other consultative services. Although cost may be a barrier for some individuals inquiring about these services, the ABC needs to emphasize that it is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective, beneficial, and advanced capacities to serve the autistic community in Richmond. Moreover, the public needs to be informed about the credibility, convenience, and comfort that the ABC provides to its patients needing assistance beyond those services offered at the day school. Through the ABC, families will be guaranteed an accurate assessment of their child and given recommendations on how to address his or her behavioral needs. Next, a curriculum will be developed focusing on specific areas of development along with the implementation of a behavior planning emphasizing individual strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, the After School Program (ASP) should be advertised as a more hands-on, enriching, safe, and productive alternative to daycare. The ASP offers a similar model to the day school focusing on social and academic progress for students in a fun, learning and recreational environment. In addition, the ABCs other services, such as ABA therapy assessments, in-home consultative services, parent training and support, social skills training and curriculum planning, and BCBA and BCABA supervision, are invaluable resources available to families who have children with autism or developmental disabilities.

Currently, TFSAs marketing tactics mainly involve its website promotion, Facebook presence, student referrals through schools or doctors offices, and word-ofmouth. It is crucial for Faison to broaden its reach beyond those mediums of communication, especially when it comes to promoting the ABC, by recognizing what marketing tactics would most effectively capture the publics attention via print media, online advertising, etc. Most parents of small children obtain information about their son or daughters health/behavior from pediatricians and the Internet. It is important that Faison establish a stronger presence on the web in terms of social media, interactive online features, blogging, and links to partnership/resource websites. In age of ever-advancing technology, how, when, where, and why people interact changes instantaneously, and Faison needs to make sure that it stays in constant contact with its audience. One of the first steps to establishing a more concrete marketing plan is to determine how to best reach out to parents/caregivers and encourage them to consider how the ABC services could potentially benefit their child with autism. Advertising in magazines such as Richmond Parents Monthly, Richmond Family Magazine, Richmond Magazine, and the Autism Advocate would grab the attention of parents already reading that content and encourage them to seek more information about the ABC. Furthermore, the Richmond Times Dispatch garners extensive readership in the Richmond community. While the web is becoming more dominant in how news is obtained and shared, print media still offers a viable outlet for tangible information at ones fingertips. Refer to the Media Guide for further details. In terms of online media, the above publications offer advertising avenues on their websites, via banner ads, sidebars, blogs, etc. Also, the ABC should consider promoting its services by advertising on mommy blogs including, Richmondmom.com and Richmondmommies.com. These two websites in particular have become very popular among mothers in Richmond who seek quick information about area services, community news, parenting tips, and health advice.


Email marketing offers another innovative outlet to reach parents, pediatricians, day care providers, etc. Websites such as constantcontact.com or verticalresponse.com feature customizable, professional email formats, surveys, online newsletters and other virtual marketing tools. Data reports, which monitor click through rates, are automatically created every time materials are sent out to the contact base. Social media links to Faisons Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts could be promoted via email marketing as well. The ABC should also look into partnering with other local autism organizations, such as the Autism Society of Central Virginia or the Central Virgina Care Connection for Children, to gain more widespread appeal across the state and nationwide. The Faison website could be linked on other organization web pages and vice versa to build camaraderie and be able to connect with viewers personally affected by autism in some way. This strategy would increase web traffic to Faisons home page to ensure that parents are kept up to date on the latest treatment and intervention options and new developments through the ABC. Furthermore, by sponsoring a major national autism organization, such as the Autism Society of America or Autism Speaks, this would show community members that Faison is not only supportive of its own students but reaches out to contribute to other causes benefiting autism research, education, intervention, and treatment. This would also connect the ABC with opportunities to participate in autism events, health fairs, and medical exhibitions occurring nationwide, which would further raise awareness of its services. In terms of reaching out directly to the Richmond community, the ABC needs to take advantage of its relationships with local day care providers and medical centers. Parents who may be alarmed with their child's developmental progress or behavior may seek advice on where to get their son or daughter assessed for autism via early intervention. Advertising in facilities that these parents frequent on a regular basis


through visual displays, brochures, flyers, etc. will grab their attention and direct them to the services available at the ABC. Family targeted businesses and restaurants also attract parents and children who seek recreational, entertainment, or dining options. Therefore, the ABC should consider forging relationships with owners at these venues. A collaborative event, such as a profit share, could be held at a popular restaurant where both the ABC and the restaurant financially benefit. The ABC could also host a fundraising event at a fun, family-friendly museum, which would appeal to regular visitors along with parents with children who may have autism or a developmental disability. News agencies, radio stations, publications and other media networks could be contacted to promote such festivities and inform the public of the latest happenings at the ABC. The media holds the key to grabbing the attention of viewers' eyes, listeners' ears, and readers' hearts, and it is crucial to pinpoint which communication mediums will most effectively and efficiently reach them. Journalists can instill in the community the mission, values, and principles that TFSA abides by in hopes that potential clients will inquire about the ABC's services and seek assistance for their urgent needs. A more dominant presence in the media would ensure that the ABC maximizes its growth potential by obtaining measurable results, such as an increase in the number of appointments scheduled at the ABC. Moreover, by setting realistic goals for its promotional purposes, the ABC will pave a path toward creating a long-lasting legacy reinforced by its invaluable services provided to children with autism and developmental disabilities.


Parents with Children 2+ Years Old:

Strategy to Reach Audience Link Faisons website with other local autism organization sites and consider forming a partnership with them o Autism Society of Central Virginia o Central Virgina Care Connection for Children o See Resource Guide for more Sponsor a major national autism organization o Autism Speaks o Autism Society of America Advertising on mommy blogs o Richmondmom.com o Richmondmommies.com Stay in close contact with parents online via email marketing o Constantcontact.com o Verticalresponse.com Promotional materials in local family targeted businesses o Romp n Roll o Richmond Childrens Museum o Richmond Science Museum Advertise with recreation groups that are geared toward children with autism or developmental disabilities o See Resource Guide for listings Profit share at popular family-friendly restaurants 13

o Chick Fil A o Millies Diner o Stuffys o Qdoba Mexican Grill o Moes Southwest Grill o McAlisters Deli Set up table at local health fairs/family events o Connections Resource Fair- held typically in April http://www.careconnections.vcu.edu/connectionsfair.html o YMCA Survey current parents- references to others with autistic children o Find out original source of referral to Faison o Who, what, where, when, why? o Determine what marketing tactics have been most effective Send out letter to current parents informing them of ABC Attend autism support group meetings- promote ABC o See Resource Guide for listings Host Open House/Visitors day- potential new families o Have food donated by Chick Fil A or other family-friendly restaurant o Meet & greet with staff o Tours of building, grounds o Presentation by Dr. Kathy Matthews, BCBA o Current parents discuss the benefits/progress for children o Classroom demonstration- preview of what to expect o Promote at local doctors offices, pre-schools o Advertise via print media


Daycare Providers/Pre-schools:
Research Summary Individuals who interact with children on a daily basis, such as parents and caretakers, may pick up on the warning signs of autism after time. While daycare facilities offer a traditional learning environment for children, those diagnosed with an ASD need to receive immediate intervention at an early age. ABA enables professionals to pinpoint the behavioral problem or developmental delay and determine treatment options to best remedy those issues. With hundreds of daycare facilities in the Richmond area, those service providers need to be aware of what steps need to be taken if they feel a child in their care may have autism. Marketing Strategies Send letter about ABC to local daycare facilities Invite providers to tour Faisons facility Printed materials promoting the ABC could be displayed inside these facilities


Research Summary While health professionals are knowledgeable on various medical conditions, they might not be fully informed on the extent of autism. Autism treatment, research, and intervention methods continuously progress, and it is imperative that pediatricians are kept up to date about this increasingly apparent childhood disorder. Parents rely on doctors to be a reliable source of information about their childs health, and they need to be made aware about any possible behavioral and developmental issues their son or daughter may face. Autism is often an alarming condition to be associated with a young child, but it has become a reality for nearly 1 out of every 110 children. Therefore, early diagnosis and intervention is crucial for a child to receive all the treatment options available to improve his/her condition. Parents need to be proactive, especially when it comes to seeking assistance for their child with autism and seek a reliable source to turn to for medical center resources. Faison needs to ensure the public that its ABC is most progressive, innovative, and effective program of its kind in providing ABA and other consultative services. The ABC at Faison has the potential to distinguish itself as the most equipped facility in the Richmond area to provide early intervention options for families who have children with autism or developmental disabilities. Increasing the number of doctor referrals to the Faison School will be dependant upon marketing effectively in pediatric offices and child development centers. Marketing Strategies Letter to area offices- see Resource Guide for list Promote ABC with cardboard cut out with service information featured in medical centers Advertise with ABC brochures in facilities


Host a special seminar for pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. to inform them of the latest service offerings at the ABC o Include presentations by the LCP, Dr. Kathy Matthews, Eli Newcomb o Feature workshops discussing early warning signs of ASDs and DDs o Serve a free dinner catered by a family-friendly restaurant


Print Media:
Richmond Parents Monthly 1506 Staples Mill Rd., Suite 102 Richmond, VA 23230 Phone: (804) 673-5203 Calendar of Events- feature Faison events online and in publication o Items must include a contact phone number and must be received by the 5th of the month prior to the event. Advertising Information o Mark E Fetter, Publisher and Sales:

mfetter@richmondpublishing.com (804) 673-5215

o Sheilah G. Augustine, Sales: saugustine@richmondpublishing.com (804) 673-3886 o See PDFs for detailed advertising information Richmond Family Magazine Calendar of Events o Email submission: calendar@richmondfamilymagazine.com Advertising Information o Sales Department email: sales@richmondfamilymagazine.com o See PDFs for detailed advertising information

Richmond Magazine 2201 W. Broad St., Suite 105 Richmond, VA 23220 Phone: (804) 355-0111 Advertising Information Contact: Rich Malkman richm@richmag.com (804) 355-0111, ext. 305. See PDFs for detailed advertising information


Autism Advocate Magazine Advertising Information o See PDFs for detailed advertising information

Richmond Times Dispatch 300 East Franklin Street Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: (804) 643-4414 Advertising Information o Display Ad: (804) 649-6251 retailads@timesdispatch.com o Online Advertising: (804) 649-6638 dbradshaw@mediageneral.com o See PDFs for detailed advertising information


Autism Resource Guide- Richmond:

Autism Organizations/ Related Medical Groups

AutismLink: Information and Support for Autism Spectrum Disorder Website: http://www.autismlink.com Autism Research Institute Website: http://www.autism.com/index.asp Autism Society Central Virginia Chapter PO Box 29364 Richmond VA 23242-0364 (804) 257-0192 (Main Phone) Bradford Hulcher Fax: (804) 290-0286 E-Mail address: asacv@aol.com Website: http://www.asacv.org/ Autism Society of America Website: http://www.autism-society.org/site/PageServer Autism Speaks Website: http://www.autismspeaks.org/ Celebrating Special Children Website: http://celebratingspecialchildren.org/ Central Virgina Care Connection for Children 804-827-1795 Website: http://www.careconnections.vcu.edu/ Children with Special Health Care Needs Virginia Department of Health 109 Governor Street, 8th Floor, Box 2448 Richmond VA 23219 (804) 864-7706 (Main Phone) Nancy R. Bullock, R.N., M.P.H Fax: (804) 225-3307 Website: http://www.vahealth.org/specialchildren/ Commonwealth Autism Service 2201 West Broad Street, Suite 107 Richmond VA 23220


(804) 355-0300 (Main Phone) Becky Boswell (800) 649-8481 (Toll Free) Fax: (804) 355-0932 E-Mail address: information@autismva.org Website: http://www.autismva.org Defeat Autism Now! Website: http://www.defeatautismnow.com/ Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) 804-786-3921 Website: http://www.dbhds.virginia.gov/ Easter Seals UCP of Greater Richmond 4860 Cox Rd., Suite 200 Glen Allen, VA 23060 Website: http://www.va.easterseals.comhttp://nc.eastersealsucp.com/ Families for Early Autism Treatment Website: www.feat.org First Signs Website: http://www.firstsigns.org Generation Rescue Website: http://www.generationrescue.org/ Infant and Toddler Connection of Chesterfield 6801 Lucy Corr Boulevard Chesterfield, VA 23832 (804) 706-2561 E-Mail address: nortonh@chesterfield.gov Website: http://www.chesterfield.gov/content.aspx?id=2990 Infant and Toddler Connection of Richmond Virginia Partnership for People with Disabilities 700 East Franklin St., 10th Floor, P.O. Box 843020 Richmond VA 23284-3020 (804) 828-2742 (Main Phone) Deana Buck - Council Coordinator Fax: (804) 828-0042 E-Mail address: dmbuck@vcu.edu Website: http://www.vcu.edu/richmondinfantcouncil Interactive Autism Network (IAN) 21

Website: http://www.ianproject.org International Society of Autism Research Website: http://www.autism-insar.org National Autism Association Website: http://www.nationalautismassociation.org/ National Autism Network for Dietary Intervention Website: http://www.autismndi.com/ National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilites (NCBDDD) Learn the Signs. Act Early Campaign Website: http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/ActEarly/ NHS Human Services - Virginia 8303 Lydell Dr Richmond VA 23228 (804) 261-1199 (Main Phone) National Information Center for Children and Youth Disabilities Website: http://www.nichcy.org Oasis@MAAP Website: http://aspergersyndrome.org/ Office of Special Education -State Department of Education P.O. Box 2120 Richmond VA 23218-2120 (800) 292-3820 (Toll Free in State) H. Douglas Cox, Asst. Superintendent (800) 422-1098 (Toll Free in State) Website: http://www.pen.k12.va.us/ Organization for Autism Research Website: http://www.researchautism.org/ Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center 2922 West Marshall Street Richmond VA 23230 (804) 819-1999 (Main Phone) E-Mail address: partners@peatc.org. Website: http://www.peatc.org/ Parent to Parent of Virginia P.O. Box 38341 Richmond VA 23231 22

(804) 795-1481 (Main Phone) Dana Yarbrough (804) 301-6844 Fax: (804) 795-1486 E-Mail address: ptpofva@aol.com Website: http://www.ptpofva.com Partnership for People with Disabilities Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia UCEDD 700 E. Franklin Street, 10th Floor, P.O. Box 84302 Richmond VA 23284-3020 (804) 838-3908 (Main Phone) Fred Orelove, Executive Director (800) 828-1120 (Toll Free in State) Fax: (804) 828-0042 E-Mail address: jmhall@vcu.edu Website: http://www.vcu.edu/partnership/ Partners in Policymaking Virginia Board for People with Disabilities 202 North 9th Street, 9th Floor Richmond VA 23219 (804) 786-9381 (Main Phone) Teri Barker, Sponsored Programs Manager (800) 846-4464 (Toll Free in State) Fax: (804) 786-1118 E-Mail address: Teri.Barker@vbpd.virginia.gov Website: http://www.vaboard.org/policymaking.htm Pathfinders for Autism Website: http://www.pathfindersforautism.org Talk About Curing Autism Website: www.talkaboutcuringautism.org The ARC of VA 804-649-8481 Website: http://www.arcofva.org/ The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network Website: http://www.autisticadvocacy.org/ The Greater Richmond Area ARC 804-358-1874 Website: http://www.richmondarc.org/


Unlocking Autism 1-866-366-3361 Website: www.unlockingautism.org Virginia Autism Council Email: info@autismtrainingva.org Website: http://www.autismtrainingva.org Virginia Autism Resource Center- VCU P.O. Box 842020 Richmond VA 23284 (804) 674-8888 ext. 5161 Toll- free: (877) 667-7771 Fax: (804) 276-3970 Email: info@varc.org Website: http://www.varc.org Virginia Board for People with Developmental Disabilities 804-846-4464 Website: http://www.vaboard.org/ Virginia Commonwealth University- Autism Center for Excellence 1314 West Main Street P.O. Box 842011 Richmond, VA 23284-2011 (855) 711-6987 - Toll Free Fax: (804) 828-2193 Email: autismcenter@vcu.edu Website: http://www.vcuautismcenter.org/

Diagnosis Services
Autism Clinic for Children Center for Psychological Services and Development 804-828-8069 Website: http://www.has.vcu.edu/psy/cpsd/counseling_services/autism.html Child Development Clinic 3600 West Broad Street, Suite 229 Richmond, VA 23230 804 827 2100 Michelle Lightfoot E-Mail address: mlightfoot@mcvh-vcu.edu


Children's Hospital of Richmond 804-321-7474 Website: http://www.childrenshosp-richmond.org/ Children's Neurological Services 5875 Bremo Road, Suite 700 St. Marys Medical Office Building South Richmond, VA 23226 804 673 9600 Dr. Ronald David E-Mail address: vachildneurobus1@aol.com Virginia Commonwealth University - Child Neurology Children's Pavilion 1001 E. Marshall St Richmond, VA 23298 804 828 0442 Website: www.neurology.neu.vcu.edu VCU Child Development Clinic (804) 827-2100 Website: www.vcuchildrens.org/ChildDevelopment

Dr. Ted Abernathy Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners 804-794-2821 Website: http://www.pahpartners.com/index.asp Dr. Pasquale Accardo 804-827-2100 Website: http://www.vcuchildrens.org/ChildDevelopment Dr. Peter Blakely Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners 804-794-2821 Website: http://www.pahpartners.com/index.asp Dr. Sandra Boisseau 804-222-7744 Dr. Kevin Campbell Chester Pediatrics


804-748-9090 Website: http://chesterpediatrics.yourmd.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/site.home.cfm Dr. Ronald David 804-673-9600 Dr. Philip Dawson West End Pediatrics 804-740-6171 Website: http://www.westendpediatrics.com/ Kyle Van Dyke, M.D. Rimland Center for Integrative Abilities 434-528-9075 Website: http://www.rimlandcenter.com/ Dr. Rolanda Johnson 804-526-0346 Dr. Ann Kessel 804-628-7337 Dr. Mary Megson Pediatric and Adolescent Ability Center 804-673-9195 Website: http://www.megson.com/ Dr. Marilyn Meyer 804-282-4207 Dr. Patricia Mulreany Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners 804-794-2821 Website: http://www.pahpartners.com/index.asp Dr. Elizabeth Mumper Rimland Center for Integrative Abilities 434-528-9075 Website: http://www.rimlandcenter.com/ Dr. John Pellock 804-828-0442 Website: http://www.vcuchildrens.org/?id=654&sid=4


Dr. Christine Seliskar Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners 804-794-2821 Website: http://www.pahpartners.com/index.asp Dr. Robert Shayne Chester Pediatrics 804-748-9090 Website: http://chesterpediatrics.yourmd.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/site.home.cfm Dr. Paul Strehler Chippenham Pediatrics 804-310-1353 Website: http://www.chippenhampediatrics.com/index.asp Dr. Donald Taylor 804-288-9898 Dr. Jean Teasley 828-0442 Website: http://www.vcuchildrens.org/?id=654&sid=4 Dr. John Zachary James River Pediatrics 804-749-1072

Dr. Cheryl Al-Mateen 804-828-3129 Website: http://www.vcu.edu/psych/faculty/directory.shtml Dr. Padimi Atri 804-270-4100 Dr. Mario Gomez 804-353-0010 Dr. David Gould 804-327-4032 Website: http://www.tuckerpsychiatric.com/index.html Dr. Adam Kaul 804-794-2444 27

Dr. John Lee 237-8030 Website: http://www.commonwealthcounseling.com/ Dr. R.S. Shenoy 804-794-2444 Dr. Bela Sood 804-828-3129 Website: http://www.vcu.edu/psych/faculty/directory.shtml

Robert Falk, Ph.D. 804-794-4482 Website: http://www.drbobfalk.com/ Lori Hedrick, Ph.D. 804-282-9989 Website: http://www.iaddvantage.com/index.htm Jewish Family Services 804-282-5644, ext. 239 Website: http://www.jfsrichmond.org/counseling.html Louisa Psychological Consulting, P.C. 540- 223-0837 Website: http://louisapsych.com Melinda Moore, Ph.D., LCP 804-423-1550 Website: http://www.comonwealthcounseling.com Donald Oswald, Ph.D. 804-828-9900 Website: http://www.vcu.edu/psych/faculty/oswald.shtml James Polyson, Ph.D. 804-741-3396 Gail Quick, Ph.D. 804-270-1124


Andrea Stern, Ph.D. 804-237-8030 Website: http://www.commonwealthcounseling.com/index.php Dr. Pamela Waaland 804-673-3567

Social Groups for Children, Youth or Adults with ASD or DD

Adults with Asperger's/HFA Interest Group Autism Society Website: http://www.asacv.org/ Center for Teens and Adults with Autism at Richmond House 804-288-3122 Website: http://www.richmondhouse.org/home.htm Adult's with Asperger's Syndrome/HFA in Central Virginia Website: http://ricaspies.webs.com/ Project Success 804-516-2361 Website: http://va.easterseals.com/site/PageServer?pagename=VADR_ProjectSuccess Teens with Asperger's Interest Group Website: http://www.asacv.org/

Sports and Recreation

Chesterfield Country Therapeautic Recreation 804-751-4134 Website: http://www.co.henrico.va.us/departments/rec/at-your-leisureprogram/therapeutic-recreation/ Dance Destination 804-303-9546 Glen Allen Buddy Ball Website: http://www.glenallensports.com/index.php Henrico County Therapeutic Recreation 804-501-5112 Website: http://www.co.henrico.va.us/ 29

Hanover County Therapeutic Recration 804-365-4695 Website: http://www.co.hanover.va.us/parksrec/default.htm Joe Haddon- Swimming Instructor 229-5795 E-Mail: haddon.joe@gmail.com Miracles in Motion (Dance) 804-730-1740 Open Gym 804-512-9072 Special Olympics Area 6 Charles City, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, and Pohatan 836-7647 Website: http://www.area6sova.org/ Special Stretch (Yoga) 804-938-5374 Website: http://www.diossayoga.com/ The Miracle League (Baseball) 804-229-4966 Website: http://www.miracleleagueofrichmond.com/ Top Soccer Website: http://www.richmondkickers.com/youth/TOPSOCCER/index_E.html Unique Kids 804-858-3889 Website: http://www.uniquekidsva.org/ VSA Arts of Virginia 804-230-0246 Website: http://www.vsarts.org/