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Gandhinagar Institute of Technology Software Engineering-160701

1. Explain various characteristics of software which makes software different form hardware. 2. Explain five different generic process framework activities (with software process framework figure). 3. Explain various Umbrella activities in detail. 4. Explain Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) with different levels 5. Explain various types of software failures. 6. Explain terms below in detail 6.1 The Waterfall Model. 6.2 The Incremental Model. 6.3 The RAD Model. 6.4 Prototyping. 6.5 The Spiral Model. 6.6 The Concurrent Development Model. 7. Explain fundamentals of Software design Concepts.(any five) 8. Explain Design Classes. 9. Explain Dimension of Design Model with figure. 10. Explain Architectural Design Elements. 11. Explain Interface Design Elements. 12. Explain Deployment Level Design Elements. 13. Explain Architectural styles for software. 14. Explain architectural patterns in detail. 15. What do you mean by object oriented design for software? Explain. 16. Draw data flow diagram for the following system. A simple invoicing system for a small business. 17. Draw context level and level 1 DFD for following system: 1. Hospital management system 2. Railway reservation system 3. Online book ordering system 18. Develop ER diagram for Library Management System. 19. Explain SQA group activities. 20. Explain defect Amplification Removal Model. 21. Define Software Reliability and explain three metrics to measure software reliability. 22. Write a short note on Complexity metrics. 23. Which are the activities required to perform under SQA? Explain FTR in detail. 24. What you mean by coupling? Explain different types of coupling. 25. Write a note on Review Guidelines for software project. 26. Explain W5HH principle. 27. Explain Risk management in software engineering.

28. Write a short note on The software Team. 29. Explain Management Spectrum in software project management. 30. Differentiate Cohesion and Coupling and explain Cohesion in detail. 31. What is CASE tool? Explain functions involved in an integrated CASE tools. 32. Explain five levels of SEI-CMM. 33. Write a short note on Unified Modeling Language (UML). 34. Explain Difference between Graphical and Text based User Interface. 35. What according to you is quality software product? Describe the difference between process and project metrics. 36. What is the role of Team Leader in Software Project Management? 37. What is Software Engineering? Explain the importance of study related to it. 38. Explain Black Box testing. 39. Explain user interface design principles. 40. Explain formal specification in the software process. 41. Explain White box testing. 42. Explain Levels of testing in software testing. 43. Explain the Cost of Quality by including various cost components. 44. What is software measurement? Explain in detail. 45. What is the importance of Complexity Factor in function oriented metrics? 46. State difference between Incremental and spiral Model. 47. Explain process of requirements validation. 48. Explain hazard and risk analysis. 49. What do you mean by umbrella activities? Explain with examples. 50. Write a short note on Software prototyping. 51. Write a short note on software project plan.