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Assignment # 2

Job analysis, job description and specification

Submitted by : Anum Siddique 12108

Farah Jehangeer 12102

Sufyan Aslam 11432 Shakeel Ahmed 11443

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Sir Fareed Ahmed

Human Resource Management

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Executive summary:
This assignment is assigned to us to administer job analysis questionnaire and job description and job specification by our course instructor of human resource management.

Job Analysis Questionnaire

The purpose of the study is to obtain current information on your job based on a review of job duties and responsibilities. Please complete this questionnaire as honestly, completely and accurately as you can. Base your answers on what is normal to your current job, not special projects or temporary assignment duties, unless these tasks are a regular part of your job. This questionnaire needs to cover many jobs, so the questions are not specifically about your job. However, you should be able to compare your job duties to the examples given. If two answers seem to fit your situation, just check the one that works best. When answering the questions, imagine you are describing what you do to a neighbour, friend or to someone just hired for your position

Please return this questionnaire to your supervisor.

Your Name: Employee ID: Your Job Title: How long have you been in your current position: Work Telephone Number: Supervisor's Name: Supervisor's Title: Division or College: Department: Job Code: years months

Describe specific job responsibilities/duties, listing the most important first. Use a separate statement for each responsibility. Most positions can be described in 6-8 major responsibility areas.

Human Resource Management

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General Education & Experience C. EDUCATION: Check the box that best indicates the minimum training/education requirements of this job. (Not necessarily your education, but the requirements for the job).
Minimum Requirement

Up to 8 years of education Degree 9 to 11 years of education High School Diploma or GED Vocational/Technical/Business School

Some College/Associate's

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree Doctorate Degree



TYPE OF EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Please indicate the specific job experience needed. For example, "accounting experience in an education environment" vs. "accounting experience". Be sure that the experience stated is what is actually required by the job, not what is preferred.

SUPERVISORY NATURE: What is the nature of the direct supervisory responsibility your job has? Check one answer. No supervisory responsibility. Work leadership of one or more employees.

Human Resource Management

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Supervisor over a section of a department. Assistant Manager over supervisors or a small department. Manager of one department. Manager of more than one department. Director, through managers, of a single department. Director, through managers, of multiple departments. How many positions report directly to you? None 1 2-3 4-6 7 or more


Indicate how often the following physical demands are required to perform the Essential Job Responsibilities. C=Constantly F=Frequently (5-8 hrs./shift) (2-5 hrs./shift) as regular part of job) Physical Demands Standing Walking Sitting Lifting Carrying Pushing Pulling Climbing Balancing Stooping Kneeling Crouching Crawling Reaching Handling Grasping Feeling Talking Hearing Repetitive Motions Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination O=Occasionally (Up to 2 hrs./shift) R=Rarely (Does not exist

Environmental Conditions Extreme Cold Extreme Heat Temperature Changes Wet Humid Noise Vibration Hazards Atmospheric Conditions Other (define):

Physical Strength Little Physical Effort Light Work Medium Work Heavy Work Very Heavy Work

Human Resource Management

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Based on your understanding of the job as it currently exists, please review the employee's response and provide your own comments in the space provided below. Please do not change the employee's responses. The questionnaire is intended to analyze the job as it is currently being done and not how it might be done in the future. The employee's level of performance in the job is not part of this review and is not to be considered. Section Remarks

Supervisor's Name: Supervisor's Signature: Telephone Number:

Title: Date:

I certify to the best of my knowledge that the information contained in this questionnaire is accurate and reflective of my job.

Signature of Employee



Human Resource Management

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Job Title: Reports to:

Recruitment Consultant Branch Manager

Staffing None Responsibilities:

Job Summary / Purpose: To understand and match the needs of our clients and candidates to provide quality tailored recruitment services whilst continually meeting target.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Sales Activities New business generation - Make canvass calls and carry out mail shot activities Meet sales/gross profit targets in line with dashboard Deal with speculative calls, aftercare and service calls Client visits new and service identify and follow up business leads Write proposal documents and tenders, negotiate fees and rates in line with Co policy and comply with approvals and discounts allowed and Issue Terms of Business Write and place advertisements in newspapers and on website and Keep in contact with job centres and colleges

Client Management Serve clients, identify their needs and provide feedback on success of filling jobs Qualify job specification / salary information and record accurate and comprehensive job description check info / client requirements in line with key processes and legislation Gather info on client decision maker and no of employees

Human Resource Management

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Network internally and externally with clients Benchmark for clients salary, availability, candidate pool, industry activity Write and Place advertisements in newspapers and on website

Candidate Management Candidate control keep in regular contact to review progress and performance Pre-screen candidates before their interview for suitability and conduct interviews Coach candidates on interview skills / Skills testing Manage Temp availability to meet client needs Spec CVs / Market candidates, Search / Shortlist CVs in line with job order request, Ensure CVs are of a specific standard and reflective of client requests Provide information to candidates on clients and job specifications for permanent jobs

Other Administration duties including; identification and national insurance checks, verification of qualifications, obtaining bank details, dealing with timesheets, payroll queries and amendments, tracking credit checks, raise permanent invoices and reference checking Capture info / calls / bookings correctly on EZ Access update and maintain client and candidate information database and adhere to persona rules Manage own PDP Ensure records are kept in line with legislative requirements Carry out work instructions in line with Key Processes and QMS Any other duties as required

Human Resource Management

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Job Title: Branch: Department / Desk: Hours of Work: Office Hours 08.00 18.00, however 24 hour on call cover may be required, depending on desk / branch. Recruitment Consultant

Requirements for the post.

CATEG ESSENTIAL ORY Qualificatio 5 G.C.S.Es at Grades A-C (or equivalent) ns including English Language and Maths Experience 1 Years Recruitment Consultancy experience within the last 4 years Or 2 Years direct sales experience within the last 5 years in a target driven environment where you have had to identify new clients and maintain existing clients Experience should include; Administrative functions And Experience of using MS Office to include Microsoft Word and Email

DESIRABLE 3 Alevels or equivalent

2 Years Recruitment Consultancy experience within the last 4 years 3 Years direct sales experience within the last 5 years in a target driven environment where you have had to identify new clients and maintain existing clients Use of computer databases

Human Resource Management

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Competenc ies


Business decision making and knowledge Ability to make effective judgements on available data / knowledge Influencing - Ability to influence others Building Relationships - Ability to build relationships, interact sensitively, use effective networks Planning and Organising Ability to identify the steps to be taken to achieve objectives Communication Resilience Accountability Problem Solving Current driving licence

Working conditions:
Normal office working conditions with the with the absence of disagreeable elements. Note: The duties and responsibilities highlighted in this Job Specification are indicative and may vary over time. Post holders are expected to undertake other duties and responsibilities relevant to the nature, level and scope of the post and the grade has been established on this basis.



Human Resource Management

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