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Academy of Tucson Advanced Womens Choir Course Syllabus

Teacher: Mr. Caleb Nihira Contact Info: cnihira@aoths.net Cell: 520.260.0665 Course Description: This class provides students with the opportunity to experience the art of choral music through the study and performance of many styles of moderate to advanced music literature composed specifically for female voices. The focus is on performance techniques and music of various cultures. Each student is expected to practice at home on a regular basis to be prepared for class. In class, students are expected to have their materials with them at each rehearsal. They are expected to take notes and mark the music to aid them in their home practice. This class is a continuation of first year choir and students are expected to bring prior knowledge to the rehearsal each day. Therefore, all members have either been auditioned individually or chosen by the conductor based on prior experience. Be proud of the work that you have done to be here. Materials: Folder (provided) with sheet music and a pencil. Sheet Music: Students are responsible for the music and folder that they are assigned. Please notice that some of the music we will use is borrowed from other sources and must be returned in good shape. Damaged or lost music may result in fines. Course Topics: Vocal production Aural training skills Diction Balance and blend Music reading Harmony Intonation Interpretive elements Styles and periods of music history Conducting Performance skills Rhythmic precision Body Movement Evaluation: Students are evaluated on the following criteria: Participation/Attendance* Concert Performances Written assignments* In-class performance assessments Concerts: Being that this is a performance ensemble, concert performances are a crucial component of this class. All students are expected and required to be present at and on time to every performance whether informal or formal. Part of being a respectable musician is the

understanding that musicians work on a different timetable than the rest of the world. If a performance starts at a particular time, it is expected that the musicians are there at least an hour early to prepare. A good rule of thumb is: To be on time is to be late. To be EARLY is to be on time! Concert Attire: This ensemble has been provided with formal dresses for concert performances. These dresses were a gift to the music department in recognition of our accomplishments over the years. Therefore, great care must be taken when handling these dresses. Students will keep their dresses at home. The only attire that families will be responsible for providing is shoes. Heels higher than ONE INCH are prohibited as you will be on your feet for long periods of time and must be able to comfortably walk on stage. Flats are recommended. *Participation/Attendance: Eighty percent of success is showing up. Woody Allen Students receive 2 points each school day (1 for being present, 1 for being actively engaged in rehearsal.) If it is obvious that the student is not attentive and participating, they can expect to lose their participation points for that day. Participation also includes respect of peers, respect of teacher, and willingness to respond to instruction. *Written assignments: Students are expected to attend a local music concert at least once per semester and write a 1-2 page response to the event. Refer to the Concert Report Guidelines handout for specific information on what to include. These papers are worth 150 points and will be graded as if they were an assignment for an English class (grammar, punctuation, etc.) Academy plagiarism policy applies. Acceptable performances: -Local high school band/choir/orchestra concerts -Any performance by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra/Chorus or other professional/semi-professional performing ensemble in Tucson. -Any nationally touring college band/choir/orchestra -Performances by the All-Regional/All-State band/choir/orchestra -Any performance that would be considered classical in nature: symphonies, operas, musical theatre, jazz, etc. Unacceptable performances: Pop/Rock/Hip-hop concerts