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Beginners Kuji In This course is focused on developing your ability with the Kuji In mudras and how they

relate to the physical. You will also be given examples of the good ninja versus the bad ninja. If you arent already enrolled in a form of martial arts training if possible I suggest you get in one. If you have previous experience try remembering that training and start training again. If you arent interested in that, then get into a sport or some physical training. Just doing push ups and sit ups helps. The stronger your body is the easier the mind works. The stronger the body is, the more energy and abliity the mind has to work with. If you have the ability to become physically fit, please do so. However even if you are overweight and sloppy you can still progress very well in Kuji In and later Kuji Kiri, but you would have progressed faster and become stronger quicker if you had been physically fit. The training you get from a more traditional form of martial art will double your ability in Kuji In. In the end it is all up to you, and how much it is worth to you. If you remember the story of Samson and Delilah, Samson was a man gifted with incredible strength. Delilah tricked Samson into telling her the secret of his power. After she succeded in cutting off Samsons hair his incredible strength was gone. You may also notice that the Samurai did not cut their hair and put it up into a top knot and pony tail, and to cut it off was a sign of being an outcast. In either case the connection between having long hair and having supernatural abilities and approval has been notified. I find this to be noteworthy, though I personally am not aware of the authenticity of this. If you have no reason to cut it short, perhaps we should give it the benefit of the doubt. Here is a link on this subject http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/main/wisdom-base/more-about-hair/ Because you can use higher mind states you should look into deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing is used to relax your body and mind. It has extreme health benefits when practiced routinely as the high oxygen content in your blood kills things in your blood stream that could potentially make you sick. The less your own immune system has to work the more power in your body left available for other higher functions. Remember the function of repairing muscle, which is what creates denser, stronger muscles. Learn how to do seiza sitting positions. When you see the Japanese sit ontop of their legs, that is seiza. It may take some practice before you can sit this way for any comfortable amount of time. The benefit of this is that it opens up your lungs and diaphragm so you can breath freely and deeply. Do this on the ground if possible in nature and breath deep and slow, without hyperventilating. While in this state you might aswell explore more deeply the Kuji In. Hold a Kuji of your choice and feel the energy of it. Imagine that you are engulfed with that energy around you, the kanji for that seal flickering around you like in a cloud. You could also do this practice in the next exercises. How often should you do deep breathing? Really as much as possible, but perhaps once at twilight and again at sunrise. This gives you a vivid backdrop, and helps you get back in tune with natures balance. Now that you are familiar with the Kuji In you can begin getting benefit out of its practice. Find ways to apply it every day if possible. For example when I wake up in the morning and it seems like I have zero drive whatsoever to get myself going I will drop gear into the Rin mudra and start going after it. Then as I do this I start pulling out of the morning haze, then switch up a gear into Byo. Once in Byo the energy starts flowing through my body, and from

there I might go into Toh to help store that raised energy for the day ahead. Try it next time you have trouble waking up, just dont take too long or you might be late. As you might have guessed, the first three seals are about pumping and holding energy into your physical body and with little practice they work real goodl for that purpose. You could say Rin is energy now! Byo would be focus that energy get it pumping with the mind. Toh would be lets take a minute and enjoy the view, save some for later. You could call the first 3 the 3 primal elements. Rin being water at its highest point of energy, Byo would be like an electrical fire that would probably cause a brown out if you were an insulated wire, and Toh is like the embodiment of earth. In this case think of it as charging your liquid cells battery. For two weeks I want you to focus on just these three. This does not mean to stop doing the others, but to focus more heavily on these. While you do them think on the above statements, and find your own practical uses for these three in your daily life. Again, be creative young Ninja Samurai Priest. Now that you have completed your 2 weeks of the first 3 seals, go onto the next 3. These are Sha, Kai, and Jin respectively. Sha is noted for its healing abilities. It is the first seal that begins to manifest the spiritual into your life. It is the go between from the bodys raw energies to the energetic field that surrounds the soul; the soul field that dictates how the body processes. Kai is the door to spiritual awakening. It begins to interact between your lower body and your higher body. Meditation on this opens up your ability to deal with that which does not appear natural in our daily lives. Jin is the beginning of balancing between the spiritual and the physical. It is like the cosmic dust slowly spirling together in a tightening corkscrew to form a star or planet. It is quiet and deep, it is forceful yet not overbaring. Keep these in mind while you study them. These three are all about how your body begins to see that which is in the spirit and around you on a celestial level. Focus on these 3 for half a week as expanding upon these takes a lifetime. The next three are Retsu Zai and Zen. These three denote that your body is alive, your spirit is in sync with the body and it is being inbetween them in harmony that now can effect that which is not easily percieved. Retsu is the cutting of the dimension. Think of it like breaking your physical restraints or the unwanted and unwilling control over the mind. Zai is the expansion of the newfound liberty that was given in Retsu. Here you are learning to gain control of what has been restricted to you before in life by megalomaniac control freaks. Zen is the harmony of the preceding 8 seals. Practice Zen to learn to become at harmony with yourself and all that you can see. Focus on these for 3 weeks. For those that were victimized by mind control (aka everyone on earth) this is the beginning of freedom for their minds and the defense against mind tamperment. Now that you are that alchemists tree you are becoming stable in your abilities. Your roots have spread out enough that a gentle storm is of no consequence, but a direct enough wind might take a few limbs. Your branches are getting thicker and spreading out, but are not yet strong enough to support the weight of a tire swing. You have become strong in health, but are far away from your true pontential. These things come in time, and with patience and steady growth you will start to see that which is coming. To aid you in your Kuji journey I am providing further links and videos to strengthen and progress you in your travels. Music is a great tool to use with meditation. It alone can put

your mind into a meditative or trance state. Havent you listened to music and started toe tapping or swaying to the beat without conciously enagaging in it? Music is another form of mind control, and now you are learning to use it to control your mind for your own purposes. Here are some meditative sound tracks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-I39fomKNg&feature=relmfu Sakura Sakura Translation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCgjNFXFLjQ&feature=relmfu Kagami Tsuki Translation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFKj9Ms2jBw&feature=channel&list=UL Sakitama Translation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICkPs-xlgpY Sakitama MV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToM-o87c79g&feature=relmfu Doushin Translation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ur8A63VakA&feature=relmfu Kochou no Yume Translation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo4-mmiNoKA Murasaki no Yukari MV On top of these you can find sound tones that are pitched to a certain frequency that is reputed to put the mind into certain states of being and associative thought patterns. There are beats called bineural beats which are at times more tolerable to the pallate than single tones. Realizing that you have your own tone generator, your vocal cords, you begin going the way of the chanting monks. Yes, that is why they did that. When you speak the name of the syllable you naturally speak a certain tone. Repeat and chant the tone. To find a frequency that is comparable to that just speak the syllable tone while listening to sound. If there is a harmony, you found a good tone that will assist you in that certain syllable practice. Speaking them out loud is not alway necessary. Simply humming or murmuring them works fine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02DURB-aw2Y 936hz Follow the links on the above site and look at the works of this man surrounding water and musical tones effect on human health. http://tetrahedron.org/ In your study you will find a practice called mantra. These are prayers to arcane gods, and in as much as that I have personally denied this practice. I have my suspicions that someone is trying to trick you into becoming a battery to faciliate bad behaviour in occult circles or bring into your life things you just really, really, wish you hadnt. In courses to come I will explain more on this. If you choose to recite these mantras, do so at your own risk. It has become time that I teach you about orgone and its effect with Kuji In and the human organism in general. Orgone is a name coined by Willhelm Reich. He was a star pupil of Freud for a time, but later fell in disfavor as he held the view that the libido was a real energy that could be measured and not just a philosophical idea. Reich later went on to build boxes that took on this energy and stored it. The box, called an Orgone Accumulator, was constructed to be just big enough to have a chair and to house one person. The person would sit in this for several minutes and they would become charged with the energy. It was

reported to be extremely effective at healing burns and would restore the libido in men and women alike. The man found that when the energy is condensed down it had a regal blue hue and could be housed in a glass tube. This energy, called the Orgone energy, is the same exact thing as Ki, Chi, Ether, and the like. This is the energy that monks used to make their body nearly impenetrable. It is also the common denominator behind manifesting psychic phenomenon. In recent times an inventor called Karl Hans Welz created a machine that could not only harvest this Orgone or Ki from the surroundings but actually generate its own from electricity. I am a very staunch supporter of his technology and recommend you get one of his Orgone devices to assist you in your Kuji In. It has far too many applications than I will get into here, but I highly suggest one if you can afford it. You can gather your own Ki energy from the surroundings and through deep breathing, but there again there is only so much in a given area. Natural surroundings have the highest yields, as plants generate their own. In fact, you create your own energy too, but again you need that energy to function normally. If you use all your own energy you will be exhausted; chronic depletion of it can cause chronic illnesses in other ways. Again I highly suggest obtaining a Chi Generator. Take note though that his machines are not officially recognized or sold for health. They are made for making you feel better, and enhancing food and drinks. All true statements, however they are marketed for boosting sexual drive and manifesting the reality you wish to live in. This has merit too if you know how to operate it for that. In our cause we would be using it for assisting us in manifesting our ability with Kuji In and to progress much faster than if we were limited to only using what little exta Ki our body can raise up for this. The machine is a great thing to have, but even if you have one, do not rely upon it. The power comes from within, and even with it it will be your training alone that manifests results. Think of it like walking to a friends house versus riding a bike there, or from riding a bike to driving in a car. Either way you have to get up and go, but how long it takes and the effort to get there is greatly reduced, though you arrive at the same destination. http://www.orgonelab.org/wrhistory.htm Willhelm Reich http://orgone.net/ Karl Welz Chi Generators The thought process I am giving for this course is the same as the last one, but more complex. Be one with nature. Thats right. I said it. Be ONE with nature. Gods command to humanity in the beginning was to subdue, but not abuse nature, and to multiply throughout the earth. Does that mean the earth is over populated? Perhaps the greater truth is that humanity has not taken care of what they have. Instead of subduing nature and Gods creations they manipulated them and sickened them. They cut off their ability to multiply and fill the earth by inhumane treatment and acts that may be very well considered playing God. This is a far cry from this systems teachings. Instead, let us go back to the beginning. Be ONE with nature. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt59rjadYeI Render unto the Emperor. Learning the physical alchemy of turning your body from a soft cream puff into a rigorous resilient animal is only possible while returning it to its natural habitat, nature. If you live out in the country, you are set. If you live in the middle of a city, chances are there is a park somewhere. Are those two not an option? Plant some trees or a small garden in the back yard. Agrarianism is the hallmark of the human. Taking care of animals might be next on that list. Getting down in the dirt is another good one, and having the guts to sit on the ground and take on the negative yin energy of the earth is imperative. You must become that alchemists

tree again, and take roots in nourishing soil, and not the synthetic fertilizers some elites have tried to force into your gullet. Eat that which is a product of creation. Drink that which is of the earth, like well or spring water. Become ONE WITH THE EARTH, AGAIN. Our bodys defenses are greatly weakened. We are bombarded with ionizing radiation, electro magnetic frequencies, and noise pollution that really messes up our days. Before we were too dumbed down and lackadaisical to understand or be aware of this, but now we have awakened to the face of it. To regain that natural strength we must reabsorb ourselves in both the physical and cosmic nutrients. Not only that but we are behind. We have been pumped full of toxins and other malicious compounds quite litterally hell bent on turning our life into the flickering light of a candle. To fix these things, (you guessed it) we need only return to nature. The Divine Alchemist has given to us a body so well designed that given that which used to be readily available could cleanse out all these physical irritants. http://bodyelectrician.com/ Your body detoxes itself. Not surprising, you can acquire alchemical elixirs which are full of minerals and work like homeopathic remedies to clear your body of toxins too. Kuji In itself is a purifying system. Should you understand by now that Kuji In is a form of alchemy, you have been paying attention. This is when you prove to yourself that that which God has given you has dominion over earth. Take a cup of water or any other beverage and take a drink. Swish it around a bit in your mouth, and notice the fine texture and taste of it. Now put that drink down and focus on it. Go back into that serene place in your mind, focus on just one seal of the Kuji In, and using your minds eye project that seal inside of the cup. Hold the mudra of that syllable, recite slowly, effectually, and with meaning the name of the seal. Rock gently back and forth whether sitting or standing, imagining that the drink is now the fullness of that Kuji. If you begin to feel tired or your eyes begin randomly blinking, that is a good sign. Hold this for about 5 minutes staying focused that the drink is now full of that seal. The drink is now Kuji. After you have come out of your meditation, take a sip of the drink. If you notice no difference, that is ok. If you did notice a difference, you are now ready to go onto the next course. However, if you tasted a difference yet thought it was just your imagination playing tricks, let someone else taste the drink. Do the above exercise, then let them taste it again. If that is not enough for you, you have now flunked this course. Go back to Kuji In Basics and review the links about mind control and keep practicing until you get my point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taQUrkB0nPQ&feature=channel&list=UL A documentary on water structuring and how it may lead to future medicine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH5sbbjV8CM&feature=related Raven Playthrough. At this point let us continue the arc set by the last videos of this character. The link called Kuji Explosion! was the beginning of this all with Ravens practice of the Kuji In mudras then jumping off during the explosion. Later you find out that the explosion didnt have the intended effect and actually released a non-human thing that Raven would later have to battle. Right after the explosion it goes to Raven sensing an oncoming attack, and without even having to look is able to avoid and reprimand the attacker. Notice the x on his face, and the x on his back formed by his blades. When he strikes violet circles are cast, and he has the ability in some moves to slightly phase out of reality and strike. Raven is being shown with the full embodiment of Retsu energy. He is an adept of Kuji In and is Retsu dominant. After defeating Heimachi he performs a quick Kuji Kiri then fights the demon being next, who is

Heimachis father. As you can see, just as Retsu splits the dimension and itself is a negative energy, the immoral application of it manifested a negative being. Raven is a good example of the immoral side of Kuji In practice. Should you only focus on the physical and the power of your own ego you will be just like Raven. You might be powerful, but your lack of judgement will put obstacles in not only your path but in everyone elses. Notice also that he is just a soldier that does what he is told. He does not think for himself, and doesnt seem to care either way. Watch and ponder this before going onto the next course. Here is an example of the good ninja. He fights for justice and is on call for the upcoming crisis. He looks for nothing in return, and in victory he simply returns to nature in silent repose. As you will see later on he is a protector and lover of women (that doesnt mean he sleeps around) and the strongest move vivacious of them come to his aid. You can see from how he jumps about that he is Jin dominant, and moves with the wind, sometimes seeming to teleport from place to place. Jin is the positive counter balance to Retsu. (though even if you find later on that you are Retsu dominant, doesnt mean you have to be immoral, though you are naturally inclined that way. I too am Retsu dominant.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0iAXdP8eX0&feature=related (The end boss would have ended quickly if only he had used Kuji In first!) You will see that this ninja character Ryu often points his index and middle finger out and clasps his ring and pinky finger down with the thumb. You may have wondered, Well if he is the example of the good Ninja, and does Kuji In, what Kuji is this? This is the mudra of Kuji Kiri, called Sword Hand. There are some variations of this called Spear Hand and another we shall call Pen Hand in that, sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword. Each one is used in different circumstances, however Sword Hand is the universal mudra and can be used for all the above. Pen hand is where you curl all the fingers of your dominant hand except for you index finger. In Pen Hand your thumb touches the side of your curled middle finger. You are imagining your index finger is like a quill pen for writing. It is used for small spaces, like a slip of paper that is immeadiately infront of you, or for a very small grid. Sword Hand is the next biggest, and is used for anything big enough that you would have to bend your wrist fully to cut a stroke through. Spear Hand is for those times like in painting a wall that using a hand brush would just take too much time, so you use a paint roller on a shaft. Just as the paint roller, you have to use a lot more paint and you are more likely to have sloppy unwanted overflow. This is the same with Spear Hand. It takes more energy, is less defined, but can accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time, if you can afford the paint. Spear Hand is made by collapsing the fingers on your dominant hand together so that they all come under your middle finger, the middle finger becoming the point. The thumb points up and aligns under the middle finger in the center of the hand. You may also remember that these mudras once empowered can be used for devastating physical combat. Then you might ask, what Kuji In does this relate to? The answer is, any and all of them. These hand positions are made to project into percieved reality the virtue of the Ninja spirit and the energies of the Kuji In. All the energies of Kuji In by themself are purifying and healing. By shooting these energies into the air with a cutting motion you are sending out a wave pattern of those seals. Back to the end of the Raven movie, after beating Heihachi he cut a cross symbol with his fingers. This was to both weaken and purify Heihachis spirit to not be evil and cause trouble for Raven in the future, espescially since he spared his life after all. Later you will see Ryu do this aswell.

In this course we are focused on the physical aspects of Kuji In, and are not ready yet to get into Kuji Kiri. Instead of learning to make these cuts you will learn how to make these 3 mudras, Pen Hand, Sword Hand, and Spear Hand. After you make it practice it by holding your opposite hand palm up like making the stop sign with your hand, and then pointing the guiding finger of the mudra you selected in your dominant hand. Imagine a beam of Kuji energy shooting out of that finger into the center of the opposite palm. Turn your hand and move it up and down on either hand, and try and feel something. Add in the visualization that a beam of light like a laser beam is shooting from the tip of your finger. Make it real in your mind, and remember your training. If you can feel the beam go into your opposite hand, find someone that wont give you a hard time about this whole experience and try focusing the energy into their hand the same way. If you are weirded out by this experience, just remember that your body is an electromagnet, and it is more than possible to shoot some of the magnetism out in a thin line and percieve that energy if you can line up your neural synapse pulses. Those synapses run on weak electric currents, and your palm if full of those recievers because of your delicate fingers and what complicated movements they can do. In fact, your muscles contract on the same electric stimulus. The fact that you havent figured out how to do this in the past by shuffling your feet on the carpet and then zapping yourself or your friends from static is beyond me. After you learn how to make all 3 of these hand position and can sense the energy coming out of the pointing finger of all 3, you are ready for the next course. You will notice that as your physical health gets better, so does your results with manifesting Kuji In. The more you develop Kuji In, the better your health is. If you add Kuji In to your workout, your workouts will become stronger too. Try counting repetitions with Kuji syllables instead of numbers. (If counting to 9 instead of ten throws you off just say Gin at the end which is 10 or double Zen. Gin is a seal you will learn in an upcoming course.) With each rep you can imagine that serene place (or you could switch to a more lively background for this purpose) again, and manifest infront of you in a burst that fades away a Kuji Seal as you count. You can rapidly go through the Kuji In mudras before each workout to energize your body and mind. The better your health and your Kuji In is, the better your mind works to seperate propaganda and other nonsense coming out of the abusers of men and women alike. We will focus more on the energy and mental benefits to come. Now onto the next lesson, Intermediate Kuji In. Congratulations! Upon completion of this course you have achieved the rank of InfoSamurai. Contact me at patriotspot.wall.fm or on my group Kuji In/Kuji Kiri to request your official listing of your status of Info-Samurai to show others your basic mastery of physical Kuji In.