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Advertising is a Waste of Resources

Points to remember before you participate in this disuccsion: Assume, you one of the member of a real group discussion. Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution. 1 Hi friends in my point of view advertisement is a good way to promote any product. With the help of advertisement only it will be easily kn owned to the every citizen. But in present scenario more probably what they show about their product through advertisement is not trust worthy. And creativity which is used in advertisements is really impressive one. What I wanna conclude is advertisement is necessary for promoting a product. 2 Advertising is a waste of resources, many people are say like this via advertise only we know the quality of product. Is it cent % correct, no. Because each and every company advertised their products are best one, bye it, you feel good. Then how people will understood which one is best, get it and use it then only known its quality. Advertising is necessary one, but the companies gives more importance to the advertisement of the product, but not the quality of product. Just tell the usage of product that is enough. If the product is too quality people will surely get it. So give more importance to the quality of product. Do not spend much amount for advertising and do not blame people. 3 In my opinion advertisement is not a a wastage of resources at all. As a consumer, I will get to know about new and better products in the market only by advertisements. But spending large amount of resources to advertise a product would obviously increase the price and indirectly affect the consumer. So advertisement should be done without spending large amount of resources. 4 Advertisement is really important now a day. There are thousands of products in the market. By advertisement one can tell about one's product to a large mass in a short time. People get attracted towards a product if the advertisement is done properly specially kids. As we know now a day people are quite aware about the products. So now its not easy to make people fool by false advertisement. However if you are launching any new product in market, you must have show it to people and that is only possible by advertisement. 5 No, I don't agree that advertisement is the waste of resource. If a company made a good product and don't know to any one then how will the consumers get to know of it? For that Advertisements are the best and direct way to promote the products into public. To familiar with the new products and their usage, the changes in the existing products should be known to people. Choosing the product is dependent on them. But making them aware of any product is responsibility of that company. At the same time the adds should not consume more and more money. It should be limited. Once up on a time there was a company (don't want to mention the name) with great quality and great featured products. But it had a rule that people should not advertise either through media or printing media. It should be done by people who are the agents. The product was recognized by fewer of the people. Although it has the ability to be the No.1 company in the world, But remained hidden. As the time goes it realized that importance of adds. So, they started using the media for marketing their products and became the most popular company.

Advertising is as important as the product making. Unless advertisement is there the product would never used by us although it has more quality with low cost. I conclude that Every company should need advertisements to make their profits and cope up with the competition. 6 Hi everyone! I think advertisement is neither to good nor to bad. It's depend on the way of advertisement.Let me try to make understand.The more cost will increase in advertisement the more quality will be decrease.Because firm will not to want carry loss. So firm will be manage;It can be possible only through reduction the quality of product.In this case advertisement is bad for both firm and customer. So finaly a good way of Advertising is always good. 7 No, I didn't agree with the statement because we don't know the product which is recently marketed without the advertisement. If we want to know the product we need advertisement. So it is not the waste of money, It is selling the products to the people. But we don't spend too much money for the advertising. If it happens it said to be "Waste of money". 8 Hi Friends, I think when we are introducing a new product into market advertisement is needed to tell features of our product. If we want to establish a new party advertisement is needed to tell people about out objectives. So I think advertisement is to create an idea about a new thing, but now a days so many companies, institutes, and parties are using this advertisement as tool to make them to be superior. So I feel Advertisement is really wasting so much money because we can create an idea by spending less amount of money. 9 Hai friends my opinion on advertisements is, In these days advertisements plays important role in connecting consumers with the product. They gives information about the product and suggest the consumer whether it is useful or not. The various forms of advertisements includes News papers, Televisions, Radios, Internet, Mobile SMS, and magazines etc. Through these medias firms can tell about their product like cost, functioning, and usage etc. In order to make the consumer buy their product. Advertisements also gives information regarding to jobs and opportunities. So they are the main mediators between consumer and producer in these days. 10 Hi, through the medium of advertising people get information regarding new products. As people use these new and advertising goods, their standard of living gets a boost. Advertising is helpful in providing employment and increasing income of the people. Both have a positive effect on their standard of living. Main communication media are Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio etc. Major source of their income is advertising. If these media of communication do not get support of revenue from advertising, they cannot survive for long. These media of communication keep the society well informed. Their existence is of utmost importance and they can survive only by ADVERTISING. 11 Advertisement play an important role while selling a product of company. So it have some necessary Information. A company should keep in mind that a particular product made for which type of level people ? and advertisement money have a limits. In my views a product should designed for all levels of peoples. 12 Advertisements are an important part of the brand promotion. So if a company launches a new product in the market, people will not be aware of the recent advances unless they are made aware so with the present generation, most indispensable source of information is print and electronic media so advertisements though requiring a huge investment are necessary to enhance the productivity and sale of a company in today's competitive market.

13 Hello friends, I think advertisement makes a relation between producer and consumer. Advertisement gives the information about the product according that the consumer reacts. In this modern market advertisement shows a very important role for selling the product but some companies are saying lies about the product to improve their sales this is the main disadvantage. 14 In my view advertisement plays a very important role in present world at the same time some disadvantages. Through advertisements only the people know what are the products available in market, so the gain of company increased automatically. At present advertisements like in the form of news paper, tv ads, online ads etc. , in olden days advertisements in the form of news paper and radio only. These days the people change the TV channel at the time of advertisement, at present world any body don't want to see advertisement because the people have no time for see the advertise. Here ever advertiser knows it and even they spend corers of RS in that like the company takes big celebrities sachin, dhoni, mahes babu etc. , so the company spend corers of RS to the celebrities. So, in my view company invest crores of RS on advertisements. Some advertisements like tobacco, drinks etc. , this gives negative ways to people especially students some advertisements like glucose, boost, rasna etc, the children are more influenced by the advertisements and there by can influence their parents. For example, of mobile phone ads the technology is inventing new features for mobiles day by day and it is also trying to decrease the price of it. So if there are no ads how people will come to know about the advanced features. In this way if the ads are giving information for new products and there features. 15 Advertisements are putting wrong feelings in children's and others mind. If there is add of bicycle or any other thing then they will force to buy that thing. Adds are only the waste of money because it costs a lot. It led to increase in price of product. 16 I think the definition of advertising has changed today. It is very important to generate the awareness in the market about the new product but at the same time it is banging frequently on the consumers by showing it more often. The cost goes so high that according to me to generate profits also become an issue. Big MNCs do not find it hard to spend but what about the local players, how much they can spend to sustain their presence. The conclusion is too much awareness is dangerous in long run. 17 Advertising is a gate way to generate profit or earn profit. Through advertisement companies can easily approach there customer. Yeah its need of product to be advertisement. Not necessary to spend lots of money you can use cheaper way for advertisement of your product. 18 Advertisements in form of newspaper or even by public announcement has been in India since ages. With the advent of new technology and globalization with improvised media the means or the modes of advertisement has been changed. The basic fact of making an advertisement is to make a public approval of a thing (generating public awareness) of the product or any object and forming the link between the company and the consumer. Beginning from the tea in morning till the mattress on which we sleep we have various advertisements. The boom of advertisements has tremendously increased in world why? The reason is simple since more and more people are getting acquainted with the media it becomes simple for the company to reach the masses within very few days. Also this makes the people aware of the product and indirectly helps the company to increase its sales. Since mass public in India still follow the trends of superstars (sometimes even blindly) using well renowned

personalities (superstars and cricketers) it further improvises the profits (sales) of the company (ex: using of luxury bathing soap LUX various actress right from madhubala to katrina kaif of today are used for advertisement). Also the fact that if he/she (superstar) is using a particular product then it depicts the quality policy of the product and also its effectiveness. Though sometimes the company makes false acquisitions (of making smarter look by using this cosmetic or generating fairer skin by using so and so product or reducing your obesity within few days without any exercise) leads to the misguidance of the the uneducated people. But then there are certain advertisements like (TB awareness done by vivek oberoi or the advertisement done by amitabh bacchan for polio) certainly helps the public health issues to come forward and thus helping the poor and needy individuals of society. In my view though the advertisement help the masses or it is not the waste of resources to improve its resourcefulness the government (broadcasting unit) should see to it that it doesn't pollute the social harmony of society as well as it should not affect the youth by any of the means (ex: the ads of certain company shows all the girls in those skimpy dresses clinging to individual just for the sake that he uses the product). Yes of course it is marketing strategy of the company but then the company must also ensure that the advertisement does really market the product or it is weakening the social health of society. Finally to conclude I would say that any advertisement done with a view of reaching the masses for promotion of goods with a social aspect in mind would surely make it more resourceful. 19 Friends, I would like to elucidate the ongoing discussion by saying that advertisement does make us aware of the new products in the market. But at the same time it costs a lot, especially when brand ambassadors are recruited. None but us, the consumers, only have to suffer the inflation due to the rise in prices due to addition of taxes and Ad charges. The only way I think this problem can be tackled is by maintaining the austerity of the Advertisement. An advertisement must be very simple structured the company should mention the cost, the benefits and other strong points only and instead of brand ambassadors animation can be used to create awareness. This way advertisements can be made effective, persuasive and to the point. 20 Hi friends, according to me advertisement plays a very important role in increasing profits of business. By giving advertisement through paper, magazine, television not even educated people but aslo people who are not educated can know the product which is introduced by a firm. If the product is advertised in a good way which grasp the veiwers taste they surly go for the product if they are satisfied with the product they even advertise the product to their neighbours. So my conclusion is that viewing a product througt advertisement if impressed by product and advertising to other by their experience will increase intrest in others, these increases production and profits of business. 21 I think it is very much essential for companies to advertise their products. Today consumer is bombarded with plethora of choices and advertisement helps in selecting the right kind of product available. I do agree about certain advertisements which are useless and vulgar and sure a waste of resource. Considering wider picture, advertisements are must. Advertisement helps in awareness about the product or cause and has an excellent reach if addressed to right target audience. 22 Advertising is not a waste of resource, Advertising also helps people providing a good job who are not employed, it is two way benefit, one it is a source of bring awareness among the public. Because one person might have using one product for long time but he has not satisfied and also he is not ready to switch-over to other product which is lower quality than the using one. If he aware about new product he will switch-over to new which is quality wise good than user product. Another benefit is it helps to company in increasing of sales and earning a good profit. 23

Yes, I agree with you all But Advertisements has benefits as well as disadvantages. Most of Advertisements have lack in faith of people, lack in quality of product now a days. !Of course Advertisement will create a new entry in the market world as well as people get more awareness about the product. ! Like, Most of food products advertising but they hide the problems coming from those. ! When it comes politics oriented advertisements they spending lot of money in the time of elections polls to attract the people but not after elections to serve the people. ! According to the rules defined by the Govt before advertise any product to the market they tell everything (plus, negative) about product but most of companies hide loss coming from those. ! Finally I want to say one thing is that one product will get succeeded in market only when it has QUALITY in Product, REALITY in Advertising. ! 24 Today advertising is the source of earning profit but it is the responsibility to inform, educate the people about their needs. About their rights. In marketing, the aim is to earn profit and it is possible only by adverting and attract the consumer so that they buy their products. So we can say advertising is waste resource. 25 Hi all, Advertising is not a waste of resources. We know it is an effective sales promotion technique. Now a days competition is very high. So effective sales promotion tools is necessary. Compared to other tools like notices, I think advertising is the best tool. It can reach many people at the same time. But I have some suggestions also. Now a days most of the advertising are vulgar. The children are interested in watching advertisements rather than adults. So this will influence their mind and also their character. In the case of newspaper advertisements, it should be done only after selecting the targeted segment. This will helps to avoid the waste of money. It should be done for the best of the society and not for the profit only. Thank you all. 26 Advertising a product is necessary because the customers will to buy if they know anything about it. So to make sure that the product is good, it is necessary to advertise a product. But doing so much of mess in a advertisement is not necessary. In olden days the way advertising was perfect but now a days it had mislead. Its better to use the advertising a good source for their publicity not for misleading the people. 27 Advertisement is a communication between the consumer and the company. Advertisement makes the consumers aware of various products and services. Advertisements are important in every aspects. They should be done by following the ethics in advertisement. Also advertisement must be done as per the product life cycle. Ads must be more in introduction and growth stage and then ads should be made less during maturity and decline stage. In introduction and growth stage, the ads must be more to attract the customers while in maturity and decline stage, ads must be less because the product is well known in the market. 28 Advertising is a wast of resources if only the product is not good or when too money much is put on it. Spending much money on advertising an already well known product, is also wasting resources. 29 Good Afternoon every one. Good to see so many points from different candidates but then to I will add that ADVERTISEMENT is not a waste, but we all know that excess of anything is bad, by which one can get irritate and get a bad reviews of a product. Advertising is a back bone of launching any product in this generation but much more matters in which mode advertising is going with. Last not least want to add one more points that advertisement can't hide the quality, yes for a time being but not permanently so the product should always be of good quality.

30 Advertisement is valuable to everyone in the world because it help to know more about the particular product. So when we watch a advertisement we gets the some idea about the products. We do not waste any more time to see the product in the show room! 31 I am agree with you all. Thank you for sharing your valuable ideas. We are living in 21st century, we all do not have spare time. If we are watching a news on television, we see a new advertisement of any launched product, we got all details about the product. Suppose that you are planning to purchase a new bike, you do not have spare time to visit all showrooms and get details about various bikes available in your city. But, when you will see an advertisement of bike, you will get a proper idea about the bike. You can see 3-4 advertisement of bikes in 1-2 minutes on your TV screen. You can compare those bikes and purchase any bike. This will save your important time. So, I do not think advertisement is wastage of money. If a company is spending money in an advertisement, there are so many people who belongs to advertisement sector get their jobs. It is also a source of employment. Thank you. 32 Advertisement play the key role for any industry. People will see different advertisement and then they prepare there mind and then they will purchase that product. It does not prepare on Star Publicity or Any else. If the product is good gross profit also increases whether it may be for small scale industry or large scale industry. Presentation of the product is also important. 33 Advertising in today's world is very important as we come to know about the new launched products in the market through advertising only, advertisement gives us opportunity to know about the different products and select the best one for us. Advertising is necessary for producers as well as customers, as to survive in the market with their products it becomes necessary for producers to advertise their products and it creates awareness among different types of customers. Hence, advertising is not a waste of resources. 34 According to my knowledge, advertisement plays very important role to propagate any product, brand, organisation. Nowadays advertisement reaches in every aspect of life. It is good for both whether a producer o r a buyer. We can update ourselves with new plan, scheme or to know about the product. 35 Advertising is wastage at only one situation, when your product is not good and you are just pushing it towards the customer through advertising. I think at that situation advertising is wastage. Rather than spend lots of money in advertising, the producer should spend it on improving products quality and features. 36 Hi all, Advertisement is not a wastage of resources because it provides us various information regarding product price, quantity, how it looks like & so on. Whenever a new product/service is launched/rendered then the customers come to know this from advertisement through TV adds, Hoardings, Pamphlets as well as from radio. Radio is a good way of advertising in rural areas where people don't have the facility of TV & newspapers so how can we say that advertisement is a wastage of resources. Rather than it provides us the way to know about qualities of product/service. Now a days advertisement is also useful for com-paining in politics. So I don't agree with above statement. 37 I agree with you n now I would like to add some point like Advertisement is nt jst only in tv but advertisement has many ways like print media, tv, radio, banners, news paper n also press release all are part of advertisement, now why we advertise anythng because if we or anyone launches any products so how anyone come to know about that because its so competitive word & without advertisement our product never set its identity. So advertisement is very important in producer point of view but also in customer point of view the advertisement is itself by them customer come to know that how many products are available in market n whts the benefit for using it because many products n many things are there which we never see but advertisement is the only way from where we get the knowledge. Now discuss about where we use advertisement I thnk no one

field is there where we are nt using advertisement. If we talk about food, cosmetics, daily usage things, clothes, schools, business n yes politics is also the play of advertisement. So at last I want to say that if we are producing anythng then advertisement is the one tool from whch we will grow n if we are customer then advertisement is the way to knowing about product so it is nt a waste of resources but also its a root of resources. 38 As a MBA graduate I completely disagree saying advertising is waste. In sort of business advertising plays a key role and its just like a key tool to any business. In simple words it creates awareness in peoples mind about the product; where even a illiterate person gets a brief idea about the services about the product. 39 As an advertisement professional I don't agree with the motion. Advertisement is the important part of marketing strategy, either the product or service new or old. Advertisement always provides some information about the product or service. And every consumer has right to know the product or service very well. Now the question arise, should there is any significance to hire a 'STAR' for promotion? Think about the 'PLUSE POLIO' ad. You really think that there is no significance to hire AMITAV BACCHAN ! STARS from cricket, movies etc. Always make a great impact on our mind and A STAR Statement always force us to think about the matter, consciously or unconsciously. But for a product campaigning a good creative and out of the box thinking really attract us and it also need the best RESOURCES like Visualiser, Copy-write, Art-director etc. Which make a lot of job opportunity. So ADVERTISEMENT IS NOT A WASTE OF RESOURCES. 40 Advertising in a way is a waste of resources. I don't say this because lots of money is used. Advertising is mostly done by private sector companies and its their own money they use. So money is not an issue. But the resources like electricity, paper, etc are. But against this waste of resources, advertising industry opens a whole new vista of opportunities. It provides large number of job opportunities. Everything has two sides, one positive and one negative. Its the same here. 41 If we see this statement according to marketing point of view than it is totally absurd. Since a marketer use advertising as a tool for promoting his goods and services, therefore it is very much necessary for them. They even use for informing about a new product and also for new service. Moreover advertising also create lot of employment opportunities for the people. 42 I think the topic Advertising is a waste of resources at that condition when much and much money is wasting for it. The Advertising companies like Cocacola, Hero Motorcorp advertise there product by there brand ambester like Sachin, Ranveer Kapoor and other then the cost of the product is increased. Beacause they wants a hugh amount for advertise. The politicians are also spends a lot of money at the time of election but after they elected they used to fill up there pocket and don't use it for us. So I think Advertisign is a wastage of money and resources. But it is a good mathod for them who want to advertise there product and schemes. 43 Hi all, I think so advertising is not waste of resources. I am doing job in well known media & I know how much advertising is important to people as well as to the consumers. Advertising has lot of benefits. If you want to sustain in the new market with your product then you should must do advertisement or marketing. At last that will beneficial to the owner as well as consumer. We can't say that all consumers or peoples should know the particular product. But advertisement can know them the varities of products. So people can choice & diffrentiate the products as per their needs & requirements. It is not at all waste of resources if we can use new technologies in the world to make a good advertise. Thanks all. 44 I am not agree with this statement because when a new product is come into market this nobody has no idea about the product.At first advertisement is necessary to introduce the product in the

competitive market.Consumer can choice their best among these product.When they find one of this product is not good quality so that they can easily good bye the using product. 45 Its great too read all of your points. Advertisement can't be a waste of resources at all but at the same time it also depends on the company how they are advertising their product. Advertisement gives an idea to the consumer about the product and now its all depends on the consumer that he/she is interested in the product or not. AS far as about limit of ad I would say that it should be done to a proper limit, so that it wouldn't increase the product rate after launching it in market. 46 I agree that Advertisement is a wastage of resources because as we can see at time of election parties are investing a huge amount of money in attracting crowd, lots of hoardings and banners are made to advertise about their party members but after elections when they won, they don't have enough money and to fill the vacant pockets they increases the price of commodities and the extra money is going to be paid by the common man. In-spite of that, this money is to be used in developing our country. 47 As every coin has two sides, I would say that advertising is waste of resources also but at the same time it is important also. Assume any product which is not advertised. We do not pay attention to the products which do not appear on our TV screen. On the other hand products which appear regularly, are more in demand. So it can be said that advertisement is a necessary evil. 48 Advertising is as important as production of a particular commodity. If we don't advertise the commodity there won't be any awareness regarding our product among the people. So lack of awareness means lack of customers. So advertising is important to make the people aware of your product. Its not like advertising is only needs to be done for a new commodity, it is equally important even for the existing products in the market as it is important to grab the peoples attention to sell the product. The public memory is very short lived so it is important that you come up with new and catchy advertisement to get noticed and draw customers. 49 I think advertising is not a wastage of resources. It actually attracts people towards the product. Just because of these dazzling advertises people bother to take at least a look at those products. If comapnies won't market their products who are gonna have a look at them. Take the example of Amway products or neutrogena. The products from these companies are really worth of their prices. But just because of advertisement not properly being done most of the people don't even know about these products. So, the advertisement, presentation, look-and-feel of the products, Using film stars, special launching parties of the product are some of the factors which really effect the position of the product in the market. Advertising should be done properly as well as in budget of the company. 50 Now I would like to say that advertisement is not wastage. This is a good topic on which we are discussing. Customer can know about the product through the advertisement. Before advertisement we don't know what product company is going to produce in future or present. Without this we can't promote our product. In a marketing field it is very necessary. Every marketing manager consider advertisement & prefer the advertisement. That would be helpful to achieving the target of company. Advertisement play vital role in achieving the objective of the company. Advertising is must for every product. It generate the demand of the product in the market field because competition is in high stage. Due to this advertisement is must necessary. Ok. 51 I would like to add, that though advertisement didn't play any role in improving the quality of the product but mass sale can only be achieved by proper advertisement and as a result the manufacturer get opportunity to make mass production and hence the cost of production get lower which ultimately benefit the consumers. 52 Hii friends. I agree with all yours view but I also agree that too much advertisement is a wastage of resorces and money also. We all knows that if there is new product comes in market the company calls for celebraties for its launch and the fees of celebrities in crores it leads either product rate high or product quality low, both of is harmful for people and we suffers from that. So I wants that much advertising should be prohibited. Thanks to all.

53 Yeah I agree with your points it is advertisement has some advantages as well as some disadvantage. But now a day it become a custom to advertise product and every company using it without thinking about how much money they wasting in it. People know which product is good and which is useless. Ad has little impact but not complete effect. 54 I think advertisement is not just for taking selling befit from your product, it is a direct and easy way of communiction between the particular products and the custmer. It is a popular and fast way to getting attention and intrest for a compny or a product form the consumer side. A good and proper advertisement reaches the information about your product to the custmer and it also creates a curosity and exitement in the custmer. It is a part of marketting because there is a high comptetion between the compnies and produts, in that situation your advertisement helps you to promte your buisness and getting the finantial benifits from your products. 55 Advertisement is crucial in today's competitive arena. It is an essential part of marketing and without proper marketing the company is more likely to fail in attracting a huge no of customers. Along with this one should consider that advertisement should be more informative rather than being just attractive. It is not always necessary that taking benefit of anyone's stardom only you can sell your product. Your product should be sound and proper advertisement can make you a winner. 56 Advertisement is not wasteful if it is presented in informative way, and by focusing on benefits of the product. It is an investment for future benefits. That means more purchase. But at first for a new company it must give more advertisements for informing or awareness. Because at first it should create a favorable image or awareness about products on consumer minds. It is not wasteful. Which at first any one can seem that way. But the presentation of the advertisements should not have illogical contents and over benefits that actually not have in the products. By this way it can be fruitful. 57 I think Todays various big and reputed companies every year are spending a tremendious amount for adverising for the purposes of-inform, remind and influence. But by showing illogical contents and only to focus brand name only leads to wasteful and failure advertisement. So by focusing relevent contents of product and by showing enough information about product related can lead to be prospective and fruitful advertisement. 58 Hi Friends, My point of view advertisement is not waste of money. It is easy way of communication between customer and the company. It is the fastway to sale the product in market. Example buy one and get one offer adver. Comes on television, the immidiate response comes from customer. They ready to buy it. At that time large inversement for advertisement is not give always success. ! 59 Hi all, I think a company should advertised it'e products but there should be some limit on the amount spending on advertisement. Now a days companies take big celebrities to publicize their products , now big celebrities charge for these adv. crores of rs. , so finalyy what happened either the company increase the cost of product or decrease the quality of product, in either case we have to suffer. So in my view a company should invest money on adv. but in limited amount. 60 To my mind, advertising is not wastage of money, if it is done according to the requirment, it becoms wasttage of money when some business man wants only money, they look for private gain only. They sell cheap quaility product, by investing huge money, at the time they are wasting money nd resourses, misguiding people. After they recover there investment by charging high cost, but all businessmans are not alike. 61 Advertising is a part of business strategy of any scale enterprenure. So we can't say that advertising is just wasting resources.

But the thing which matters a lot is the way in which we are advertising. Showing a big celebrity in a Ad will have a very less impact on people watching the add and it costs a lot for the producers of the Ad. So instead of that they can use real time legends from India Army or Navy or IAS or IPS or so. Not on the education based but the bravery based people in their Ad's which draw a lot of attention form consumers watching the add and as well will reduce he cost and finally it will bring a good recognition to that great person. 62 Its true today major part of any business depends upon the advertisement more you spend on it or more the quality or glamorous image it have more will be products sale. Eg. a newly developed culture of brand ambassador is presently being followed like we frequently listen everyday Dhoni get that much for that brand Amitabh get that much much for that branding and we also want to buy d same watch which Dhoni promoting. But on the other hand in my views this culture of advertisement or branding is playing a measure role in hike of products and inflation. Eg. Pepsi, coke or any other soft drink with best quality can be made in rs-1 including everything and rs-1 is required for its logistics and all. And we (customers) get it for rs-13 in market because rest of d money is spend on branding if they exclude them any soft drink in world will cost more then rs-4. But we get it for rs-13 a huge difference which make them millionaire to see that advertisement on TV it cost us at least rs-9 per bottle. Dhoni, Amitabh or any other celebrity is already getting enough for their work no need to give them 100 crore for advertisement and fetch out money from our pocket. So it is waste of money. But industrialist and economist will never stand by this giving this idea as an attempt to murder to economy. Why would they worry abut right distribution of money. Affluent getting richer everyday and poor getting ponderer. 63 Hi friends, as my point view Advertisement is a best way to success nd company growth why because I would say we are lived-in 3G So in older days we are not interesting to seen the advertising one's self. 64 Hi friends. I agree with your points. But, in my point of view advertising is the waste of money. Advertising are prepared by using actor actress etc. So, more money should invest into that. Because of these product money also get increased. And also now a days most of the peoples are not willing to watching the advertisement. It creates boring to the peoples. Because a man/men watching the interesting scenes in television that time they are giving advertisement, he get tension or some anger they changed the channels only not watching advertisement. So advertisement is waste of everything. 65 I don't think so that advertising is a waste of resource. Advertisment has more impact among the customers. The customers are attracted towards a product by advertisement only. Advertisement mostly covers the younger generation and the children. Younger gen. Are attracted towards cosmetics through advertisement and children are attracted towards chocalates and toys through advertisement. No one can say that there won't be any influence to a business through advertisement. Recent advertisement about the Hero Company with a song which shows that Hero Honda has become Hero Motor Corp reached among many people. They came to know that com. Name has been changed. Therefore when customers watch an advertisement they get attracted towards that product and if they are attracted they are tempted to buy that product. Which in turn earns profit to a business. Thus advertisement is not at all a waste of resource but indeed brings resources. 66 Now a days we are live in a advertisement world, no one can sold the product without advertisement, advertisement is a blood of business, the amount spend on advertisement is not waste it is a investment for business profit. 67 Hello friends I think advertisement in every case is not a waste of resources. To make a newly launched product reach common people we need proper advertisement. One important thing is

that we have to advertise in a proper way so that people get attracted to it. It must convey a good message then only people will go for it. On the other hand if they only invest the money on advertisement but not on the quality then it will not get the market. In that case it will be a waste of resources. So we have to keep one thing in mind that if we advertise our product in a charming way and simultaneously looking at its quality then it will not be a waste of resources failed to do so then it will be a waste of resources. 68 I partially agree Advertising is a waste of resources. Because crores of money companies invest for adveritising the product which crease the price hike of the product. In some of the cases what is shown in advertisement is not fully true like the actor actress advertising it may not have used the product ever or using a fairness cream makes one fairy is never achievable. Some how they are misleading people. But in this capitalism world there is huge comeptition, so to keep alive companies have to advertise. Many good products because of no advertisement lost from the market. So advertisement is needed. But more money should be given in making qualtiy product. Because people understand "everything that shines is not gold". 69 Advertising provides the companies to promote thier products to the consumers by creating an awareness of the product.But however some advertisements are providing some false information of the product or unclear idea about it which make such advertisements just a waste of resouces. 70 In my point of view advertisement is the goodwill of the company. Because that is the way to reach the people with quality products and we also caring about this, because now a days there is no meaning in advertisement, we can't expect what is the product up to ending and there is no relation between product and action. So according to me, if we do good advertisement giving to our people then we have to get more profits as well as goodwill. It is the way to explain the products of quality to the society. 71 Hello every one. Advertising is useful and it depends on the product. There are more advertising sources like news papers, pamplet, tv so on. , and it is waste of advertising if it is harmful to people and lot of money is lost. But, every one should think in positive way. But, the product of no use advertising is waste. 72 Hello Friends, I think advertising is not waste of resources it is essential to create awareness about your product in people. But while doing this we also keep in mind that how much we are spending on adds, so that it will not increase price of product. Brand Ambassador plys major role in increasing budget so we should create such ideas which will save this amount. Best eg. Of this is add of Vodafone (jo jo) which is very famous without any Brand Ambassador. We should show reality in adds otherwise it will create -ve impact in the minds of people I. E. By seeing adds people think that d product is not good and thats why company trying to push d product by making adds. 73 Hello everyone! I feel that advertisement is the best way in which a company can reach out to its customers and make them aware of the benifits provided by their products or services. By this both the customers as well as the company is benefited. In the era of global competition among companies it has become very much essential for companies to advertise their products in order to thrive. I do not think that advertising is a waste of resources but I feel that it is a important tool using which we can make better use of our resources. 74 When I listened this topic the first thing came to my mind "what kind of resources are we talking about?". Is it the company's resource or our natural resources?

Definitely advertising is a reliable formula for most of the companies and they rely on this for competing in present market conditions.Advertising promotes consumption of goods and is profitable for the company. But on the other hand, advertising promotes unnecessary consumption. Suppose a new computer brand is launched then even the people who owns a computer try to buy it just because we have to compete the world in terms of how updated we are? Hence advertising leads to a feeling of superiority and inferiority among people and leads to more consumption and thus leads to more depletion of resources.So, I consider it as a waste of our natural resources. 75 I don't think advertising is a waste of resources. What one shows in the advertisement is basically the first impression on the customers. Only after one sees the advertisement (on the television or in the newspaper) , one comes to kno that so n so product has been launched and is available in the market. In many cases, one goes to buy the product only if he likes the advertisement, so, advertisement should be made as attractive as possible. 76 Advertising is a part of promoting your product via different media which is very necessary but this is a fact that about more than half of the money spent on that goes wasted. There is no measure that could find out where and how did your advertisement really helped your organisation. Though it is also necessary in terms of communicating your brand personality and image to customers so that they can connect it to themselves.So if you have to compete in market you cant avoid it , you have to promote your product. 77 I strongly oppose that why because with out advertisement the company will not reach to the society. In this present corporate world advertisement is very important for the organization. Even organization produce good products, with out advertisements the company will not do any awareness about those products. Advertisements help to the company to increase their sales level. 78 In my point of view Ads. are not waste of resourses because if a server wants to deliver his product with a clean view and client will buy that then only the proper marketing will happen.... So Ads must be there.... 79 Advertising isn't a waste of resources -as both (we who are purchasing the goods and at the same while the sellers) of us gets benefit to these ad's. AS NOW A DAYS EVERY ONE INTERESTED IN BUYING ONLINE PRODUCTS AND THUS HERE THE ADVERTISING PLAYS MAJOR ROLE. But in rare number of cases the product becomes not satisfiable to consumers and so all are using only the branded products. 80 Advertisements directly targets the consumers. It familiarises the audience with variety of new products available in the market. Since there is so much competition in the market advertisements helps us to decide which product to buy. Though advertisements might have a false impression on the consumers by simply overhighlighting the benefit over drawbacks of the product, we cannot say advertisement is a total waste of resources. 81 No, I don't think advertising is a waste of resources. Through advertising only we come to know about the new products available in the markets, their prices and their uses. It is not a waste of resources, infact we are saving money because we are able to decide the suitability of the products for our use through seeing these advertisements. 82 From marketing point of view advertising is not at all a waste of resource. Mainly advertising is done to spread awareness among people, and if we start considering it as waste of resource then how can we spread awareness. Yes it is true that many people are using improper means to advertise its product but still advertising is an important part for increasing the awareness. Lastly I wanna say it is not a waste of resource. 83

Thank you friends. "Advertising is a waste of resources" is a very relevant topic. In some points view it has benefits as well as drawbacks as everything has two phases. I partially agry with this topic. I think advertising of a product is very essential to know the use and features. Some product mainly depends upon the advertisement for e. G networking sites, paper media, electronic etc. But it has disadvantages in case of advertisement of the hazardous products like tobaco, drinks etc. Which bound the people specially students and even the childrens to go to the wrong ways. Which is very emotional. As now most of the people like to use the branded things for which advertisement is very essential. So we have to act accordingly. 84 Good morning to one and all present here . only through advertisement many product are known to us . even it is a good quality product without advertisement it doesn't reach all in that way advertisement is good to popularize the product but it has side effects too . some advertisement which doesn't says the truth . some advertisement of tobacco and drinks impress the people this makes them into wrong way . It has two phases so we must act accordingly . 85 They say "Do not judge the book by its cover". While this is true, in this age, well. You don't have time to read the entire book so often. So what can one do but look at the cover. Judge if they may be interested in reading further and make an informed decision. 86 Hi every one as I think advertising is not a waste of resource but it make us familiar with the product. It is very important for us because it relate us with the quality of product. It gives the basic information about the product. But as we know that every thing is not perfect so it has also some draw backs in it such as it does not show the totally truth. 88 Everything has two phases and, advertising too has this. Advertising is beneficial, as it makes the people aware about the different products launched, and their features. Now on the other hand, we advertise, for tobacco, drinks, and many other hazardous product, and many people, even sometime I got attracted towards it, so, I think, it should be their in society, but should advertise only the truth, of product and hazardous product launches should be banned. 89 If every company thinks that advertising is not beneficial, the people are not aware of the new product and its use. If advertising is stopped, most of the networking sites, electronic and paper media may need to shut down as they mainly depend on the advertisement. Advertising makes once attention towards the product to analyse whether it is affordable or not.Besides false advertising leads to misleading the public about the useful product. 90 In my view, advertising is not a waste of resources, because through this we are aware of the new product in market, advertising is the best way to promote the product, but some companies, deceive the people through the misuse of advertising of the product, we should protest such type of cases. In a modern era, it is the simpliest waY, through which we give information about any product (its attributes) to the come people on a single platform, it isn't a waste of resources. 91 In my point of view, advertising is beneficial for both producers & consumers. If advertise is in wright way means it gives full awareness about that product to consumer. It is not waste of resources. In other hand, if it does not full fill that condition i.e. does not give awareness about that product to consumer. It is wastes of resources. No one firm & any Industry can reach home to home to telling about their product. If it becomes possible then it is very long time process &can be costly. Therefore advertisement is necessary and beneficials for both industries and consumers. But it will be in wright way. 92 I do not completely agree with the statement but to some extent I consider it true

Just take the example of mobile phone ads.The technology is inventing new features for mobiles day by day and it is also trying to decrease the price of it.So if there are no ads how people will come to know about the advanced features.In this way if the ads are giving information for new products and their features it is useful for consumers but if the ads are not giving proper information of the product then I agree that it a sure wastage Now take the case of those ads which are not so useful . They consist of fun but not the information of the product so it is the wastage So the conclusion is that advertisements should be made to make the people aware about all the aspects of product then it will be useful for the consumers 93 I disagree that advertisement is the waste of resource. It is way to reach public. Unless and until you don't advertise any thing how would people get to know about your product. Suppose that you are making a quality product which is better than any other product available in market. You want that people should use it. You are not going to manufacture that thing without anyone knowing about that. Advertisements also let you choose something better. So advertisement is not the waste of resource. 94 I agree with that advertisement is not wastage of resources. But whenever a company makes an advertisement for a newly introduced product in the market. Then the company have to do advertise by the help of a famous actor and by some media like television, radio, internet, poster, banner etc. So company has to pay more and more money to the actor and to the different medias. Then the price of the product would have to increase in the market which will affect the customer. Which is a bad shine for the market situation. So I observe that advertisement is an wastage of resources. 95 Well. According to me advertisement is not a waste of resources since it helps the organisations to reach the more number of people so if there are more number of customers more number of sales for the organisation and customer will also have a choice of which product he should take finally it is beneficial for both company and customer. 96 Hi Everyone. When we talk about Advertisement, according to me neither it is waste nor it is useful. Why I am telling this because Advertisement is the only way to establish their (product) name in market. But the information about product which they provide us is just 20 % true. Here companies should be more more clear about their product. In present scenario Advertisement is being more entertaining, at some extent it is good But with that they must show fact about their product. 97 Advertising is not a waste of resources. Actually with the help of advertisement we get more information about the product. There are many way of advertisement it may be Radio, Television, newspaper, banner, poster through this we get more information. It is helpful for us on daily needs. Advertisement increase the sale of product and increase the company rate. If company are giving any discount on a product if they will not give advertisement how can we know? And How can sale will increase. If we will see in the advertisement and buy it for example- buy 1 get 1 free offer. So Advertisement not only good for customer but also company. 98 According to me advertiesment is not a waste of resource because it quite difficult for each one of country member to get the full knowledge regarding a particular product. So in that case different advertisement are available through different sources providing them information about the product. Helping people to choose best from available options and according to their needs they can pick up the one. They are not forced to change their priority. Instead it will make them more confident to be smart enough to choose their goods for the next time. If they are cheated by any mean they will be aware of the fact and in case they are not cheated they will look forward for the better option. 99 Definitely advertisements are necessary to promote the products because many people would not be knowing about all the products in the market. When they see it through advertisements it would be helpful to them and advertisements made through the actors are attracting many people to buy the product.

There are many ads which got popularised by the advertisements for example "NIRMA" and "ZOO ZOO" Ads. The song of nirma ad is very popular and also the zoo zoo ad which attracted many people by their action and comedy. 100 I agree with this statement that advertising is a waste of resourses. Because in my opinion lots of amount spends on advertising, which increasing product value.If this value which is uses in the advertising,to be decrease then the value of product automatically would be short. 101 I agree with you but I think Advertise are not wastage of money because if employs of any company will going somewhere and promote their company, in this case company waste more money. So advertise is good way to save the money. By the help of advertise company save more money than if they send a employ in an over world by help of advertise all people of all over world easily understand about any company.