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Republic of the Philippines PHILIPPINE HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION Citystate Centre Building, 709 Shaw Blvd.

,Pasig City Healthline 441-7444 www.philhealth.gov.ph ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT Name:MARTIN FEDERIC M. PALCO PRO: 6 Hospital Assignment: Date Covered: 06/01/2012 06/31/2012 BUGASONG COMMUNITY MEDICARE HOSPITAL RAMON MAZA SR. MEMORIAL DISTRICT HOSPITAL PRESIDENT DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL DISTRICT HOSPITAL Summary of Events: Orientation to workplace to different hospitals Answered inpatient and outpatient concerns of PhilHealth and non-PhilHealth members Conducted daily patient rounds to different wards to gather concerns/ check documentary requirements for efficient processing of claims, providing personalized care to PhilHealth patients Done PhilHealth Advocacy Campaign in various wards of the hospitals Done PhilHealth Advocacy Campaign at OPD Department of the respective hospitals Issued CARES Form 1 to members/ dependents who are admitted Assisted members in filling up necessary forms needed for benefits Availment Done records checking of Pantawid Pilipino Pamilya Program beneficiaries Linked with Antique LHIO in checking member eligibility of LGU & Governorsponsored indigent member as well as making CE1s for eligible members

Problems encountered/ untoward incidents/ Actions undertaken: Some hospitals dont have internet access- texted fellow CARES for PCF1 data needed Most 4Ps members Philhealth member record were incorrect- informed 4Ps member regarding this and given them checklist of documentary requirements to update their records There are many complaints regarding unpaid refund from the Hospital for case packages because the Governors accountants were not able to systematize refund processing yet- explained to the client regarding current status of philhealth refund from hospitals operator which is the Provincial Government of Antique

Recommendations: Hospitals should have a pharmacy inside so that patients can easily obtain medicines especially for our indigent members

Strict implementation of Circular 22 s. 2012 regarding minimum requirements for No Balance Billing Beds/ Wards A thorough orientation of Philhealth members regarding their duties and responsibilities as a member So called PhilHealth Clerks by the hospitals should always be updated and trained regarding PhilHealth claims processing/ policies Common concern of the hospitals is that, sometimes, they misinterpret the released Circular. PhilHealth should make sure that released circular can be easily understood and they should also be open on clarifications Indigent list should be updated to the LHIO as soon as possible. Presently, LHIO Antique doesnt have the list of renewed members of the Provincial Government of Antique making it difficult for Governor-sponsored member to check whether their PhilHealth has been renewed by the Provincial Government