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Daily lesson plan Subject Date Time Class No.

of Pupils Age Level Teaching Context Topic : English : : : 4 : 20 : 10 years old : Average to advanced : World of stories : Childrens story ; Two frogs

Curriculum Specification (CS) : 1.5 Obtain information from texts listened to in relation to main ideas, specific details, and sequence 1.5.3 Listen to simple texts and tell what the text is about LEVEL 2

1.5 Obtain information from texts listened to in relation to main ideas, specific details, and sequence 1.5.2 Listen to simple texts and recall details by answering simple Wh questions LEVEL 2 1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately 1.4.1 Listen to and understand simple instructions LEVEL 1

2.5 Talk about the people, places and moral values of the stories heard, read and viewed in simple language 2.5.1 Give details about the people and animals of a story heard to read LEVEL 1

4.2 Match words to linear and non-linear representations : i. word to word 4.3.3 Matchword to other words LEVEL 3

Focused Skill Integrated Skill Language Input Integrated Subject Previous Knowledge Critical Thinking Skill Moral Values Teaching Aids

: Listening : Writing and Speaking : Grammar : Visual Arts & Music : 1. Pupils have heard or seen a frog before in daily life. : Relating, Identifying and Visualizing, Attributing and Determining, Evaluating and Making Conclusion. : Co=operative, Helpfulness : Laptop, Speaker, Projector, Audio, Song, Glue, Colour Pencils, Pictures, Video clips, Pats of Frog Mask, Scissors, Worksheet : By the end of the lesson, Pupils should be able to:

Learning Outcomes i) ii) iii)

Listen to the story entitled The Frog and answer multiple choice questions correctly based on the given text individually. Listen and arrange the sentences of the story in the correct order in pairs. Listen to the procedure and make a frog mask individually


Topic/Content Identify the animals

Teaching And Learning Activities 1. Teacher asks pupils to close their eyes. 2. Teacher tells a riddle. 3. Teacher asks pupils to listen the riddle carefully. 4. Teacher asks pupils to identify the name of

Rationale To create interest and curiosity towards the lesson and to draw pupils attention

Remarks Materials: 1.Frog Mask 2.Speaker 3.laptop

Set induction (+/- 5 mins)

name through a riddle


animal in the riddle. 5. Teacher wears the mask of animal and asks pupils to open their eyes. 6. Teacher introduces the name of animal and correct pupils answer.

CCTS : Relating

Identifying different PreListening (+/- 8 mins) types of frogs and its characteristics through pictures and video. Example of question : 1. What do you see in the video clip? 2. Where you can see these animals?

1. Teacher shows pictures of different types of frogs to the pupils and gives some explanations to them. 2. Pupils see the pictures and listen to the teachers explanation. 3. Teacher plays a short video clip regarding frogs. 4. Pupils watch the video and answer teachers question.

To help the pupils to Materials visualize a frog To help pupils to know different types of frog 1.Laptop 2.Video clip 3.Pictures 4.Speaker 5.Projecter

Listening to recorded text entitled Two Frogs

1. Teacher plays an audio recording based on a short story about Two Frogs and ask pupils to listen the audio recording carefully.

To enhance their listening skill

Materials: 1.Laptop 2.Speaker 3.Worksheets 4. Text of audio recording.

While Listening (+/- 25 mins)

2. Teacher asks pupils to complete the worksheet 1 that has been distributed individually while pupils listen to the audio recording. 3.Teacher asks pupils to exchange worksheet 1 with partner and discusses the answer. 4.Teacher plays the audio recording again and instructs the pupils to arrange the strips of sentences that she has distributed, in the correct order with their partner. 5. Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils.

Moral values: Co-operation

PostListening ( +/- 17 mins )

Production Make Your Own Frog Mask

1.Teacher distributes a plastic bag to each pupil that consists of parts of frog mask. 2.Pupils receive the plastic bag and get ready to do the mask. 3. Teacher tells step by step procedures in making the frog mask. 4.Pupils follow the teachers instructions and take turns to complete each step.

To get pupils to be proactive and to put their interest into invention

Materials: 1.Colour Pencils 2.Glur 3.Scisers 4.Parts of frog mask

5. After completing, teacher instructs them to wear the mask and do a role play based on the short story Two Frogs. 6.Teacher rewards pupils who have performed well. Closure (+/- 5 mins) Summary of lesson Recap by singing a song entitled Two Frogs Examples of question: 1.Do you enjoy with today lesson? 1. Teacher summarises the lesson by asking a few question. 2.Teacher flashes the lyric of a song in power point and teaches them how to sing. 3.Teacher instructs them to do some gestures and to wear the mask while singing. 4.Pupils listen and sing aloud with the teacher. To end the lesson with some excitement Materials: 1.Laptop 2.Speaker 3.Projecter