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THBT The Child Abusers deserve to die

Abuse is mean rought treatment like violence, persecution, mistreatmen, improver behavior that can be have a negative action like physic, phycological, or financial in individu or group. Child Abusers is the name from people to call that some abuse to child, sometimes they called it with child maltreatment. Usually child abuse means that act thats become a harm or imposition to child in physic and emotional. Child in 0-18 years old, 50% is under 2 years old. 15-42 case/1000 children/years. Boys 55% and Girls 45%. Most of Abusers are their parents. Why? That abuse can teach their children to be discipline Parents are expecting to much from their own children, they not understanding the development stages and needs of children Alcohol and Drugs abuse

When parents see their own children do the things that disappointed them and out of they thought and wants. So parents give a punishment to their children and they thought that punishment its good for they manners and become their children to be discipline people or person. If parents give some punishment it over act or over load it make a negative action and abuse them. However parents is responsibility to their children to secure, prosperity, development children. And parents are the first place for children to know how to act and do for the society The effect from parents who abuse their children are: Child can be frustrating Passive and Apathetic They didnt have personality Difficult relate to others Hate themselves Alcohol and Drugs Abuse Education neglected Trauma long time for the children

If parents always do abuse to their children, it make them mental disease, or ih physic abuse it make scar in their physics so if it not good care it make a victim died with the disease. Example of Abuse:

Kidnapping and Trafficking children Rape to child Pedhophilia Physic abuse Sexual

Child Abusers must not deserve die, because abusers only feel it for the last time, just die and thats not fair for the victim who feel the pain for the long time and forever. If the Government death penalty to abusers, it dont solve the problems. Example for the Kidnapping and Trading Children, they can trade the organs of the child bodies. Government must do an investigation the market that helped the abusers. And must abduction and dismantle networks trafficking in children. Government also make a subsection to person who trafficking children and it cant give compromise and tolerance. A Lot of Institute of Law can help the victim of Child Abusers, they can explain the things to reduce the abuse to the abusers. Person who do abusers can sharing with the government and that institute. The abusers must have a think be a victim. They can know how the victim feel , it can be a solution to reduce it. For the parents they must give their children chance for they told about what they want and needed.

THW ban Homework Neg: Homework is a task form your teacher that give us to practice again and improve our knowledge by ourself and express positive attitudes towards children and their education Why homework must be ban. That have a positive point, if you though that its homework give you a tension, you can do that little by little or you can installment that the days before. It can make you easy to do a task. And you can be better to manage your time. Homework is also a part of students, without that students can be lazy and lack of knowledge. So homework must had. It can the way you have a easy step to study for the test, when you do your homework its mean that you learn again and keep that in your mind. For the school who give a lot of homework to the students, they must think again how far the their location from home. Schools also graduated a dumber and dumber by the years, its mean if they didnt do homeworkit make them lazier and Your parents give you some tension to you to study again or give you others courses.

Gov: Homework is refers to tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside of class like reading, writing or do some project that school give to students For the primary school if the school give their students homework it make the students waste their time with that. Students of primary school majority of 6-12 years old so they still kids. Sometimes homework is boring to others student, it give them tension and tired because a lot of time in their life is for study. Wheres time for sleep? Eat? Take a bath? Have fun? Students didnt have a lot of time to do that. Can you imagine if we study in school for 6-9 hours every 5 days and half-2 hours for the one way to school 2 hours for eat and take a bath 2 hours for do homework. If you calculate that how many times you can take a rest? 5-7 hours. If ban homework and that time can use to you for take a rest We know that kids must improve their knowledge for the future, but they needs is play like some games to help their knowledge. With that games, children feel happy to improve the knowledge step by step. If they didnt understand the homework, its same that school should give that and just have a additional time or lesson to students to learn what subject they didnt understand.