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Mehra metal component Pvt. Ltd.

Project on quality of Automobile product

Submitted by: Rahul 10/ME077

With immense sincerity and pleasure I have completed my training in a well-developed plant with latest technology at Thomson press. The purpose of training is that it helps one to get the required knowledge of manpower ,actual work requirement, industrial and human relationships. The experience at the industry dealing with supervisors and actual work environment gave me some practical knowledge with respect to what we have studied theoretically from the curriculum books. This six weeks training gave me some knowledge of the things stated above . I will utilize the same to the best of my efforts.


B.S.Anangpuria institute of technology

In the modern scenario of technical advancement, more importance is given to the practical knowledge of a particular student. Hence for this reason workshops and training sessions are being provided, to make students technically sound. After my fourth semester I HAVE undergone in plant training from THOMSON PRESS, Faridabad. I AM EXTREMELY grateful to (H R Department) for their expert guidance and valuable support during my training period.


B.S.Anangpuria institute of technology


Mehra Metal's board of directors is comprised of managing director , executive director ,chief financial officer and chief operating officer. Each member is a highly regarded individual with broad and deep business experience and with significant and relevant management experience. The Mehra Metal's principles and processes, which include internal annual reviews of board practices, the board selection process and the company's Code of ethics , have been in place for many years. The company is fortunate have an experienced leadership team to recruit, mentor and guide our global and diverse workforce. These men and women conduct Thomson press global business in keeping with our company's vision, values and standards of behavior. Members of the organisation Mr. Gulshan Mehra., Managing Director Nashin Ahmad, Quality Head Gopal singh, Asstt. Quality Head Chander Sekhar, Sr. Engineer

About Company
MMCPL was established in jan. 1983 by Mr. Gulshan Mehra. Mr. Mehra had a Strong working experience of more than 40 years in the field of tools, dies and precision sheet metal component manufacturing. We were lucky to have M/S. Kelvinator India ltd. Faridabad as first customer . In 1986, we made our entry into automobile component manufacturing sector with M/S. Denso India ltd. Since then the company has grown multifold by continually improving and upgrading technology to meet National / International standards and now working with Indian major auto gaints.

Quality Policy


Products of Mehra metal component private limited


Draw Components

1 viper bracket Quality 1. dimension problem are checked by 2. plating thickness checked by micro tester use
it is use for clean the glass of automobiles

Robotic Welded Parts

Robotic welded parts

1. robotic welding are used to assemble the base and bracket 2. assembling the flexible part Defect 1. blow hole , pin hole , porosity .welding short operation missing , dimension problem and visual defect.

Fuel Tank Cap Outer

fuel tank cap outer Use

1. Used in motor bikes to cover the fuel tank. Quality 1. In the quality we checked visual defect and dent free.

Moving Contacts

Moving contact
1 on /off button of automobiles by a key.

1. in the quality we check crack, damage , dimension are ok or not .

Commercial Door Lock

Commercial door lock 1. it is the interior lock of the door.

Defects 1. 2. 3. 4. Dimension problem. Cracks. Visual defects. Dent.

1 it works for stator to start the automobiles.

Defects 1. 2. 3. 4. Dimension problem. Cracks. Visual defects. Dent.

Alternator Rectifier Plates

Alternator rectifying plate

Plates for electronic works in automobiles.

Defects 1. 2. 3. 4. Dimension problem. Cracks. Visual defects. Dent.


Wire holding and providing the current for electronic part.

Defects 1. Dimension problem. 2. Cracks. 3. Visual defects.

Alternator Fans

Alternator fans

1 it is used for remove the heat of engine to cool it

Roof Lamp Terminals

Roof and lamp terminals

1 it is used for internal light and lamp and provide the earth for electricity.

Mehra metal component Pvt. Ltd.

Production Press Shop

Press Shop includes Power/Pneumatic/Hydraulic/High Speed Stamping Presses in the range of 10T to 250T.

Pneumatic machine
1 Pneumatic machine are used for stamping the coils. 2 Introducing the lamination of coils is called stamping.

Assembly Line

Assembly Line for Stampings

Assembling line
1. After lamination riveting is done by hydraulic machine for maintain the flatness and eliminating the gap.

Robotic Welding Machine

Robo welding Area

Robo Machine

Robotic Welding Machine

1. Robotic welding machine consist the welding fixture and assemble the welded parts.

Tool Room Wire cut

Tool root wire cut

1 It is the machine in which material is cut by wire 2 It is used to make the tool.

Quality Control Inspection Gauge

Quality control inspection gauge

1 To check the quality of product we use the instrument plug gauge ,ring gauge ,dial gauge Plug gauge It is used for measuring the innerdia Ring gauge It s used for measure the outer die Dial indicator It is used for checked the flatness.

Quality Control Equipments



Quality control equipment CMM (IT is co-ordinate measuring machines)=its work on factor like x,y,z used for all direction list count =1microne Projector See the large image of the product when placed on it and remove the error