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A Listening Lesson Plan Subject Date Time Class Enrolment Level Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated Skills

: English Language : 5 October 2009 : 7.45 am 8.45 am. : 3 Orkid : 35 pupils : Average to advance : World of Stories : A Bad Day : Listening : Writing

Curriculum Specification: 1.7 Listen to and enjoy stories, fables and other tales of imagination and fantasy and predict outcomes, and draw conclusions at a level suited to the pupils ability. 1.7.1 Listen to simple stories and fables and respond non-verbally and verbally. Obtain information from texts listened to in relation to main ideas, specific details, and sequence. 1.5.2 Listen to and understand simple messages.


Learning Outcomes : By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to: a. Answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly in Worksheet 1. b. Answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly in Worksheet 2.

c. Suggest positive points about the ways to wake up early in the morning.

Language Focus

: Vocabulary

Educational Emphases Thinking Skills : Critical to determine Creative generate ideas Moral Value Multiple intelligence Teaching Aids : Attentive and punctuality : Visual-spatial, Interpersonal : Pictures, video clip, audio recording, Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2, manila cards.

Stages/ Time Set Induction ( 5 min)


Teaching/ Learning Activity

Rationale - To arouse pupils interest. - To capture pupils attention. - To set pupils mentality that they are going to learn a new lesson today.

Remarks Moral Value Attentive

1. Teacher shows the pictures of bus, Pictures of bus, alarm alarm clock, a cup coffee, and clock, a cup coffee, restaurant. and restaurant. 2. Teacher asks questions based on the pictures. Tell the name of the pictures? Where can you see them? What is the function of each one of them?

Pre- Listening ( 15 min)

Video Clip: Bad Day


Teacher shows the video clip of Bad Day. Teacher asks questions to the pupils;

To determine the situation in real life.

Multiple Intelligence Visual-spatial

What can you see in the video? Why the man in the video rushed to the bus stop? Teacher distributes Worksheet 1 to the pupils. Pupils complete the worksheet. Teacher discusses the answer together. 1. Teacher plays the audio recording of a story titled A Bad Day. 2. Teacher distributes Worksheet 2 to the pupils. 3. Teacher explains how to complete the exercise in Worksheet 2. 4. Teacher gives time for pupils to read through the question in Worksheet 2. 5. Teacher plays the recording again and instruct the pupils to complete Worksheet 2. 6. Pupils complete Worksheet 2 individually. 7. Teacher discusses the answer together. 1. Teacher instructs students to sit in their groups. 2. Teacher distributes manila cards to each group. 3. Teacher tells pupils to discuss the ways to wake up early in the morning. 4. Teacher instructs students to use their creativity to present their

Worksheet 1 Question about situation according to the time.

While- Listening ( 20 min)

- Listening to a recoding story entitled A Bad Day

Multiple Intelligence Visual-spatial - To encourage group participation. - To practice listening skill. CCTS To determine Worksheet 2 Question based on the recording.

Post- Listening ( 20 min)

Discussion How to make sure you wake up early in the morning?

- To encourage group participation.

Multiple Intelligence Interpersonal

CCTS Generate Ideas

answers on the given manila card. 5. Teacher facilitates their work. 6. Pupils need to present their work to the whole class. 7. Teacher comments on pupils work.

- To encourage critical and creative thinking skills.

Closure ( 5min)

- Sum up the activity and the lesson.

1. Teacher sum up the lessons that time is very important. 2. Teacher stresses the significance to wake up early in the morning. 3. Teacher inculcates the moral value; punctuality.

- To make them happy. - To relax and free pupils mind from stress.

Moral Value Punctuality