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Put the sentences into English

1. Eu sou do Brasil. Eu no sou do Canad. 2. Eu estou com fome. Eu no estou com sede. 3. Eu estou cansado. Eu no estou com fome. 4. Eu sou um empresrio. Eu no sou um professor. 5. Eu no estou atrasado para aula. 6. Eu no sou seu irmo. Eu sou seu amigo. 7. Eduardo e Mauro so meus amigos. 8. Mauro meu amigo de trabalho. 9. Leandro meu filho. Ele est em casa agora. 10. Marcelo e Mauro so bons alunos. Eles so amigos de classe. 11. Voc um bom aluno. 12. Voc um bom aluno? 13. Voc est aqui a negcio. 14. Voc no est aqui a negcio. 15. Voc est aqui a negcio? 16. Eu estou aqui de frias.
Teacher Elaine

17. Eu no estou aqui de frias. 18. Voc est aqui de frias? 19. Voc do Brasil. 20. Voc no do Brasil. 21. Voc do Brasil? 22. Ele est atrasado para aula. 23. Ele est atrasado para aula? 24. Ele no est atrasado para aula. 25. Estou com fome. Eu no estou cansada. 26. Voc est cansado tambm. 27. Eu no estou com fome. 28. Voc est com fome? 29. Ns somos Brasileiros. 30. Ela est cansada hoje. 31. Ns estamos atrasado. 32. Ns estamos atrasados?

Teacher Elaine

Answer and translate the questions

1. What is your name? 2. What is your e-mail address? 3. What is his nickname? 4. What is her first name? 5. What are your nationalities? 6. What are your favorite channels? 7. What are his best friends? 8. What are her favorite colors? 9. What are your hobbies? 10. What is his nationality?

Teacher Elaine

Put the sentences in the correct order

1. is name what your? 2. Her full what is name? 3. Name is your first what? 4. What nationality his is? 5. From he Brazil is. 6. Not a am I teacher. 7. Are the late you class for? 8. Best she friend is my? 9. Hungry is he. 10. Not here Leandro now is. 11. You how doing are? 12. Last her is what name? 13. Business he not here on is. 14. Vacation on are you here?

Teacher Elaine

Put in the following forms of be (am, are, is) into the gaps in the text. Do not use short/contracted forms.

Peter Backer _______________ from Manchester, but Paul and John _____________ from London.
Manchester and London _________________cities in England. Hamburg _________________a city in Germany. Sandra _______________ at school today. Jack and Peter ____________________ her friends. They _____________________ in the same class. Mr and Mrs Baker _______________ on vacation in the USA to visit their friend Anne. She __________________ a nice girl. Peter says: "My grandfather ________________ in hospital. I _________________ at home with my grandmother." What time ________________ it? It ___________ 8 o'clock. ___________ you tired? No, I ______ not. Put in the following forms of be (am,are,is) into the gaps. Do not use short/contracted forms. Example: He __ a good boy. Answer: He is a good boy.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. Maria ____________ on vacation. 11. Bruno and Ellen ______________ married. 12. Victor ______________ single. 13. ___________ Denise late for the class? 14. It ____________ my car. 15. Marcelo ____________ from Cotia. 16. ___________ you from Cotia, too? 17. Ellen ____________ very intelligent. 18. Denise ___________ always on time. 19. My teacher ____________ not late. 20. His name _____________ Eduardo. 21. __________ Bruno a good student?

My friend __________ in class. The students ________________not at school today. Madonna __________ from The USA. I ______________ tired. It _____________ Monday today. They ___________ not late. ___________ you from Japan? I ___________ hungry. Hey John! We ___________ here.

Teacher Elaine