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Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012







Good Causes Daily

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Jesse Seaver: Businesses With Impact: Kiva.org

huffingtonpost.com - The nonprofit organization Kiva came on the scene about seven years ago, long before Kickstarter or cloudfunding or peerto-peer lending were household ideas. One of the first companies to really l... Kiva

Barbara Stocking: We Need to Break Africa's Hunger Cycle

huffingtonpost.co.uk - Harne Waddaye, a 60-year-old grandmother, digs for food in the bare earth outside the small village of Louga in the African country of Chad. She is not digging for wild roots or for ones she has pl... Oxfam International

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Kenyans lending to Oakland: How crowd-sourced loans are revolutionizing the philanthropic world - The Gavin Newsom Show // Current TV
current.com - WEB EXCLUSIVE Premal Shah, president of Kiva.org, says that with the opening up of micro loans to the masses, a surprising number of people are compelled to help out. In this Web exclusive from his... Kiva

Hunger: Facts, stats and infographics

pinterest.com - Living Proof | Growing a Better Future with Sweet Potatoes Maria Mchele is a mother and farmer in Tanzania who relies on farming for food and income. Through a local agricultural program, Maria lea... Oxfam International

Regulating the arms trade: One more heave

economist.com - CLOSE, but no cigar. That pretty much sums up efforts to reach agreement on an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which foundered at the United Nations on July 28th. Delegates from more than 170 countries ha... Oxfam International


HealthSafety Health and Safety Training 3 September 2012: scribd.com/doc/104858946/
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HealthSafety Health and Safety Jobs 3 September 2012: scribd.com/doc/104858860/

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HealthSafety Health and Safety New s 4 September 2012: scribd.com/doc/104858787/

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#fridayfirstaid - dislocated shoulder #fridayfirstaid - bleeding #fridayfirstaid - sunstroke

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Bupa Great South Run 2012 - Find an event - Running for Cancer Research UK
running.cancerresearchuk.org - General entry for the Great South Run has now closed, but you can still run by joining our team. Call us on 0871 641 2403 to claim your place. For a low entry fee of 40, and a pledge to raise 25... Cancer Research UK


See all News digest chemotherapy resistance, iron and bowel cancer, teen smokers and more - Cancer Research UK - Science Update blog
scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org - The media spotlight has been firmly fixed on the Olympics and celebrating the most successful GB medal haul for over a hundred years. But in among all the sporting excitement there have been some i...

An Evening of Whisky Tasting at Blair Castle Horse Trials

rnli.org - Bruadar aim to raise 1000 for the RNLI through an evening of whisky tasting at Blair Castle Horse Trials and Country Fair. Through an amusing and informative presentation, attendees to this fundra... RNLI
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Cancer Research UK

Cigarette packaging - The answer is plain - Cancer Research UK

action.cancerresearchuk.org - The Government is considering making cigarette packs less attractive to children by stripping packs of their glitzy style and branding. Watch the video to see why this is an opportunity we cant af...


Cancer Research UK

Why cigarette packs matter Bad Science

badscience.net - Ben Goldacre, The Guardian, Saturday 12 March 2011 This week our government committed itself to the removal, albeit slowly, of cigarette displays in shops. But plain packaging on cigarettes has bee... Cancer Research UK

RoSPA Safety Connections: Issue 99

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rospa.com - Young Drivers at Work (Scotland) Black Box Technology Project RoSPA Scotland will be looking for Scottish-based companies with young drivers (aged 17- 25 years) to participate in this unique proj... RoSPA


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See all LegionLive Blog Guest Blog: Pte Andrew Wright, Bravo 22 Company
legionlive.org.uk - Today we have a guest blog from Private Andrew Wright. Andrew is one of the cast of The Two Worlds of Charlie F. which is currently on tour at the Edinburgh Festival. My name is Andrew Wright and...

Poppy Legion

Community mapping with Boyce - WaterAid - the Big Dig

thebigdig.org - Recent posts have mentioned how the whole community have come together to plan for the provision of safe water. Engagement of everybody is vital as all must share responsibility for the proper use... WaterAid

Leonard demonstrates his new handwashing facility - WaterAid the Big Dig
thebigdig.org - Leonard of Kaniche village demostrating how he uses his new hand washing facility after visiting his newly constructed ecosan toilet Help to spread news of The Big Dig. The more people who hear abo... WaterAid


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