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1st Period Best Classes 1. Chilled. Enthusiastic. Nice teacher. 2. I know it the best. Im good at it. It is interesting. 3.

Nice teacher. Too easy. 4. Always understand. Always thinking. 5. Not just writing notes. A lot of smartboard stuff. 6. The teacher is very chilled. 7. Lets you go to the bathroom. Everyone participates as one. 8. My best subject, and its fun to me. Its kinda interesting. 9. I like when teachers give each student their help that they want and actually care about them. I would like if the teachers near the end of class reviews what we learned that period to make it clear. 10. Understanding teacher. Class with very little homework. 11. Interesting. Interactive. Worst Classes The teacher and the constant hard homework and Im bored to death. It is very boring. The things I dont like about classes are when the teachers write notes on the board fast and the students worry about getting all the notes so they dont pay attention to what the teacher is saying thus not understanding the lesson, hard tests, lots of homework, because if every teacher gives lots of homework then the student stays up late at night and in the morning he misses the bus.etc. Having 2 tests a week. Having term papers. Everyone is talking at the same time. A lot of notes. A lot of reading. Im not so good. Too much homework. Boring and I dont get it. Too many quizzes. It is hard. Confusing. Too strict. No freedom, mean teacher. Difficult, hard. Boring. Very boring, very strict. Boring, extremely hard.

2nd Period Best Classes A class when after its done I cant wait to come tomorrow for the next time. Where Im up to date with the work and doing well while also the teacher teaches it in an exciting way. At least somewhat interesting. Not too much homework. Playing Jeapardy with math problems. Getting correct answers. Very caring teacher. Made class fun/interesting. Not a lot of homework. Not a lot of rules. Not strict on format of homework. Sleep Worst Classes Boring, super hard Lots of homework. Too hard. Confusing. Teacher hated me. Gave me a look every time I dared to ask a question. Way too much work and confused about everything. A class where I tend to fall asleep in. Boring, annoying, not chilled, not da bomb. Always too cold. Teacher always screamed even when she wasnt upset. Large amounts of homework that make it hard to do other class work. Not

time. No homework. Easy tests, no detention, 10 minute breaks, naptime Not strict. Little work and homework. Not boring. Interesting, fun. Understood the material in class. Exciting. Small amounts of homework Exciting. Little bit of homework Interesting. Not too hard Fun, chilled, exciting, dabomb Fun, interesting, active, no HW. Teacher let students stand by their desks. Teacher told stories in class off topic. Nap time Understand, able to do work/subject. No homework. Nap time. Class discussions. Jokes/interesting. Fun. Interesting. Active. Interesting homework. Fun. Interesting. No homework. Interesting class, and everybody is into the learning Interesting. Crazy Math. Interesting, learnt something. Interesting. Learned a lot. Fun. Exciting. Fun. Interesting. Where there is actual learning Interesting, learning

interesting like teacher reciting textbook. Teacher had no control over the class. Very loud. Mean teacher. Lots of detention. Screams a lot. A lot of HW and a lot of big tests. Boring. A joke, no one took it seriously, and the teacher just let us act like that. Strict teachers, annoying teachers. Boring, mean teacher, abnormal work, no understanding what teacher is saying. When the teacher makes no sense. Hard HW and crazy. Boring, hard. Boring, quiet. Lots of HW, boring. Loud, boring, too long, too much HW. Boring and tired. Boring, horrible teacher, didnt understand anything. Loud, boring, too hard, too long, too much homework. When I dont understand anything the teacher is saying. Boring, not interesting.

3rd Period Best Classes 1. I like class discussions about current topics. Topics relating to religion. 2. Able to eat. 3. Incentives. A teacher with a good personality. 4. Teacher that explains things 5. I like to do experiments. 6. Cared about the class and made sure everyone knew it. Funny, good teacher, explained everything and was patient. 7. No tests, no homework, fun topics, works in groups. Worst Classes 1. Too much homework. No bathrooms. 2. Too much homework. Pop quizzes. 3. Teacher talks too much. Boring. Pop quizzes. 4. Too much homework. Too much homework. 5. I just dont see a point to it. 6. Too much memorization. Teacher cant control the class makes it hard to learn. 7. Outside reading. Portfolio. Too much work. Awful books. Criterion. 8. Too loose or too strict. Dont get things

8. The kids and the subject make it good. 9. I love gym because we get to have fun. I like science because it is very interesting. 10. Social, relaxed, mature atmosphere, working on mutual respect as opposed to shut up and listen. 11. A lot of explanations, step by step. Not much homework but a lot of in class work. 12. My teacher would play games where she would ask a question and everyone wrote it down on a mini white board and whoever raised first would get a point. Top 3 people with most points got prizes. 13. Review before tests. Work with partners. 14. I like classes where there is participation and everyone gets to have their questions answered and helped. 15. Math games, and enthusiastic. 16. Break in the middle. Group work, class notes on the board.

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done. Impersonal. Overly fast-paced. Limited bathroom uses. Too fast. Unpreparedness. Boredom. Lecturing versus teaching. Strict. Nightly HW. Slow moving. Boring. No notes on board. Too much homework. Lack of caring, interest, he insulted the class and didnt care. Unorganized, didnt care. The time. The subject. Lots of homework. Lots of rules. 4 pages of class rules. Strict. A lot of work and homework. Boring. Loud. Boring. Speaks very fast. People yell out a lot. Strict. Lots of homework. Loud. Teacher yelling. No discipline. Boring. Slow. Vagueness. Disorganization (by the teacher). Boring. Long lectures that are hard to keep up with. Boring, long lectures. Class material not on test.

5th Period Best Classes 1. Interesting material. Involve students. 2. Joking around. Test reviews. Homework but only 2-3 questions aright. 3. No calling out. We learn a lot. 4. He taught in a very understanding way that made sense and repeated important stuff. He gave a good normal amount of HW that made it easy to use to study for the final. 5. When the teacher makes the learning fun and enjoyable. When I understand the material and I am doing well in class. 6. Teacher able to control class. Finding time to answer questions, but not a designated time. 7. We did nothing. Worst Classes 1. A teacher that gives questions on tests that we didnt learn. A teacher who doesnt teach clearly. 2. Teacher goes too quickly. Students dont let teacher speak. 3. Boring, long lectures. Class material not on test. 4. Teacher always speaking. Boring. 5. Lectures, boring material. 6. He didnt teach in a way that made sense and understanding. He gave a huge load of unnecessary homework and assignments that didnt affect the lesson. 7. Teacher went on too many tangents and did not teach the material. Teacher rambled and bored the class to death.

8. Good class control. Mixed styles of teaching. 9. Interactive, little fun, occasional jokes to keep me focused. 10. Interactive, figuring out solutions. 11. Teacher found an innovative way to teach the material so it was interesting. Teacher was able to make the class exciting without letting it get out of hand. 12. Fun, interactive. Partner time. 13. Teacher goes at a comfortable pace. Room is quiet. 14. Creative. Students did independent thinking with teacher helping with blocks, feeding creativity. 15. I was involved. A lot of partner time. 16. Exciting, interesting. 17. A teacher that explains everything clearly, and in a fun and creative way. 18. Jokes once in a while. Doesnt use such hard to understand words. 19. Clarity and organization (by the teacher). 20. Chilled. Little HW.

8. Teachers dont listen, plow on under pressure of finishing the curriculum. 9. When teachers talk to me with an air of condescension. When other kids are obnoxious and rude enough that either the teacher stops teaching and waits for the talking to stop, or that I cant hear or understand what the teachers says. 10. Bad class, cant control, wild. Bad teacher. 11. Everyone calling out. Teacher gives homework. 12. The teacher sucked. 13. A lot of homework. 14. Work, overload. 15. Rapid fire note taking.