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b o A r d
u Cory Phare

issue 1

volume 2

2 0 1 0 / 2 0 11

icpA president

u adam PatriCoski

icpA president-elect

u Jennifer Bonarek

past-president/ director of finance


u LaiLa mCCLoud

director of membership

u denise Ledsinger

director of records/recognition

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Illinois voices
Though it seems like the worst of the recent fiscal crisis may have passed, student affairs professionals are still facing challenges on the reshaping higher educational landscape. Ive heard inspiring stories from across the state on how professionals have found creativity in stretching their budgets and collaborating across departments and schools in order to keep the most important person at the forefront of conversations the student. Illinois is a diverse and resilient state; I consider it a great privilege to serve as your ICPA president and wish you continued prosperity and happiness in 2011.

Welcome to the icpA newsletter!

A Greeting from Cory Phare, ICPA President
Hello, and thanks for reading the second installment of the ICPA newsletter! As your state division of ACPA, I hope youll find this new year brings new opportunities to connect to professional development opportunities through the state of Illinois and beyond. Weve been developing collaborative and need-driven chances to do this, including an upcoming inservice/round table, a virtual brown-bag webinar refresher on student development theory, and a block-booking opportunity for activities programmers. Youll find information on these events and more in this issue of the newsletter. At the national level, all eyes have been on the proposed consolidation process of ACPA and NASPA. I hope youve had the opportunity to follow the conversation and have your voice heard; if not, I encourage you to read the proposal (http://bit.ly/ bMqehI) and the subsequent updates by organization presidents Susan Salvador and Elizabeth Griego. At this point, both organization governing boards have approved moving the measure to respective members for a vote; ACPAs voting period is currently scheduled to run from March 15-April 15. I strongly encourage you to participate in the conversation, and vote I will be posting updates regarding this and others from the Baltimore national convention via ICPAs Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/gNRUGc) and subsequent recapping newsletter. Dont forget -Early Bird Registration ends on 1/31! I encourage you to Be More in Baltimore with ACPA and attend the convention.

get more involved with icpA!

Weve got some more initiatives weve talked about for the rest of the academic year and beyond (podcasts; another webinar; a drive-in), but we need your help! Whether this takes the form of a chair position or project-based committee work, I encourage you to email me (c-phare@northwestern.edu) with ideas/suggestions or general questions about how you can get involved more. I hope to hear from you soon!


technology, communication,and professional development

Technology -- its a term thats bandied about regularly, but remains somewhat esoteric. When looking at different resources to actually help improve communication or job function, where should you start? Jen Bonarek has compiled the following list of web-based resources as a possible starting point (note: ICPA does not endorse any product; the following list is for information only. The application names are clickable links).
Polling and Feedback Poll Everywhere is a web-based program that allows a presenter to ask a question and have the audience provide immediate feedback via text, Twitter or web browser. The results can be displayed immediately as part of your presentation. Flisti is a web-only polling program, but without the ability to integrate the poll as part of a presentation. Instead, you can embed the poll on your blog or website. Micropoll also allows you to embed polls on your website. The polls can be customized and features include the ability to analyze the results. Vorbeo also allows you to embed simple polls on your website. The only customizable features relate to how the poll will look once embedded. Project Management Wiggio allows groups to collaborate together, meet online, take polls and share a common calendar. There is a mobile component and it can integrate with Facebook. Its a great tool for professional associations or student groups as a way to coordinate activities and projects. Doodle is a free online scheduling tool. Phone Conferencing and Webinars Dimdim allows groups to meet online and share documents. In addition, Dimdim offers voice, video and phone conferencing with the ability to record sessions. It has a free version for small groups, and can integrate with Moodle, a free, open-source course management system. Talkshoe is a service that offers free phone conferencing, with recording and storage features. Phone conferences are recorded as podcasts then accessible online. Presentations Mindnode is a free, downloadable program for MACS ONLY that creates mind maps and converts them into .PDF Prezi is a free web program that creates dynamic presentations as an alternative to Powerpoint. The presentations can be embedded in a website, left online to be accessed via the web, or downloaded along with the appropriate program to view the presentation without web access. Media Audacity is open-source software for recording and editing audio sound. Its a good resource for those creating podcasts, or trying to add an audio component to a website. CamStudio is open-source software for recording the screen and audio activity on your computer. For instance, it can record video recorded on a video camera, but play back on your computer. You can also record how-to videos, or a running presentation.

N oteworthy N otes

in an effort to recognize professionals state-wide, the icpA board will be accepting nominations for the icpA spotlight Award, given to outstanding student affairs professionals. Winners will be recognized in appreciation of their professional commitment. if you would like to nominate a colleague, please contact denise ledsinger at d-ledsinger@northwestern.edu by february 10. Award recipients will be recognized with a gift certificate in appreciation

A wArds

icpA to host Virtual brown bag on theory

Do you remember Chickering as that guy that has something to do with arrows? When someone says relativism, do you immediately conjure images of family gatherings? Does mere mention of self-authorship make you break out in a cold sweat? We realize that with the demands of a fast-paced office environment, it may have been a while that some professionals have had a chance to keep up on current advancements within the student development theory world. Thats why weve asked Rich Whitney (DePaul) and Denise Rode (Northern Illinois) to present a Virtual Brown Bag webinar on contemporary theory. Think of it as your chance to brush up on your vectors, and connect the dots on what is shaping policy development today. You might even have a crossroads moment of your own.

Friday, January 28 12:00-1:30

(attend part or all)

* L ocAL b Lock b ookiNg e veNt


pleAse emAil c-phAre@ northWestern.edu for rsVp And log-in info

Are you an activities programmer or someone looking to book entertainment at a reduced rate? not able to get to nAcA to do it? in conjunction with AcAA, be sure to check out one day under the big top on friday, february 18. registration at columbia college chicago. registration information can be found at http://bit.ly/eQKa3i

illinois state to host Young Professional learning Network

The College Student Personnel Administration Group at Illinois State and NASPA IV-E New Professionals and Graduate Student Knowledge Community are hosting this inaugural drive-in confernce for new professionals on February 25/26 at Illinois State University. For more information and to register, please visit http://bit.ly/eJUCDH

roundtable and in-service, friday 1/21 at concordia

ICPA and the Association of Campus Activities Administrators (ACAA) are excited to announce a roundtable and in-service session open to all ICPA members on Friday, January 21 at Concordia University Chicago. The featured speakers will be Lisa Kelsay, chair of the ACPA Commision on Student Development in TwoYear Colleges, and Betsy Oudenhoven, Vice President for Student Development at Joliet Junior College. They will be introducing us to the history of the community college, using Joliet Junior College as an example, and helping us understand how to serve the community college student of today as they transfer to 4-year institutions. Please RSVP to Jen Bonarek, jennifer.bonarek@cuchicago.edu

* M eMbership
laila mccloud is a coordinator at depaul universitys cultural center and the membership director for icpA. please contact her at lmccloud@depaul.edu or (773) 325-7516 in order to renew or ask questions regarding membership in icpA.