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Scott Swope Democratic Candidate for Pinellas County Sheriff P.O.

Box 1021 Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1021

Contact: Scott Swope 727-743-0800 SwopeforSheriff@gmail.com

Swope offers 10-point plan for reducing Pinellas Countys huge backlog of outstanding warrants
PALM HARBOR, Fla. (Sept. 11, 2012) Scott Swope, the Democratic candidate for Pinellas County sheriff, offered a 10-point plan Tuesday for reducing the huge backlog of outstanding warrants that have accumulated during the administration of Gov. Rick Scotts appointee, interim sheriff Bob Gualtieri. The plan offers a number of different strategies for reducing the backlog of more than 56,000 warrants that are languishing in Gualtieris files. Most would cost nothing to implement; others would cost very little. The best thing to do would be to re-establish the 16-person unit whose sole mission was to serve warrants in Pinellas County, the unit that Bob Gualtieri abolished as a cost-saving measure three years ago, Swope said. That is what I will do as sheriff. But this plan is something that Gualtieri could do right now, even if he sticks to his decision doing away with the warrants unit. Swopes plan is described in a position paper, 10 ways to reduce Pinellas Countys huge backlog of outstanding warrants. The plan was posted Tuesday on Swopes campaign website and can be seen at www.swopeforsheriff.com . The strategies include: 1. Removal of the names of deceased people 2. Simply inviting people to come in and clear up their warrants

3. Offering incentives, such as dropping one warrant for settling another, or offering a night-only opportunity so warrants could be cleared for offenders without forcing them to miss work 4. Ask for the publics help 5. Post warrants on the sheriffs website 6. Lure wanted people with prize offers 7. Dismiss some old warrants 8. Match warrants database with other state databases 9. Partner with the news media 10. Announce jail time for misdemeanor warrants Details of the strategies are contained in the position paper. In early September, Gualtieri revealed his department was in possession of more than 56,000 outstanding warrants that have not been served. This revelation came after a Pinellas County resident and convicted felon, Gregory Johns, was killed in a Treasure Island motel room as sheriffs deputies tried to arrest him on child sex charges. Johns had allegedly raped the 11year-old daughter of his girlfriend several times. It then was learned that Johns had been named in a felony arrest warrant that had been issued in February 2011 but not served until July 2012, a month after the girl was raped. Swope has asked Gualtieri for details about the outstanding warrants. Gualtieri has failed to respond, and he has exhibited little concern about the unserved warrants. Even after the Gregory Johns incident, Gualtieri said he stood by his decision, commenting that connecting the Johns case to the warrants backlog was silly. If Gualtieri wont reinstate the warrants unit, he can implement some or all of my suggestions, and begin to get those unserved warrants under control, Swope said. Ill be happy to meet with him to discuss these ideas further. All he has to do is ask. Scott Swope is the Democratic candidate for sheriff, running against Gov. Rick Scotts appointee, interim sheriff Bob Gualtieri. Swope, a former traffic homicide investigator and magistrate, is running on a platform focused on violent crimes, traffic safety, crimes against seniors and children, human trafficking, and responsible gun ownership. He has broad support across party lines includes numerous current and former elected officials, the AFL-CIO, and the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County. -0Editors note: For additional information or comments, please contact Scott Swope at 727743-0800 or at SwopeforSheriff@gmail.com .