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Updated Dec 12, 2011 by oritomov

The micro controller presents digital speedometer and odometer. It is implemented especially for Audi B3/B4 with bi-fuel - unleaded and LPG.




Pic - PIC16F648A Decoder - SN74LS138N Display - 7 segment led displays common cathode

Speedo Reed LPG Mode selector

Main board

Alpha phase Beta phase Gamma phase

DIY digital speedometer using PIC microcontroller by Jeff Hiner Microchip PIC16F648A Datasheet 3-Line To 8-Line Decoders/Demultiplexers SN74LS138N Datasheet Orient Display 6 digit 7segment LCD LCD Driving Circuitry: Static AVR241: Direct driving of LCD display using general IO Driving static LCD displays Thermometer with an LCD display Speedometer Signal Conditioner



Comment by tanvir...@gmail.com, Dec 6, 2011 Dear Oritomov, I am following your project and anxiously waiting for updates. Have you tried the prototype yet or not? and which compiler you recommend for this C code. Tanvir Comment by project member oritomov, Dec 6, 2011 Yes. I'm testing Gamma release at the moment. The C compiler is SourceBoost?. I'll update source and apply more materials soon. Orlin Comment by tanvir...@gmail.com, Dec 11, 2011 Dear Orlin, I really like the new LED displays that you have described and also showed a picture. I hope these will be available here in Rawalpindi. Wishing you the best and eagerly waiting for the project completion (so I can start building one for myself). Tanvir Comment by project member oritomov, Dec 12, 2011 I bought them from ebay. look for "micro 7 segment 4 digit" and you'll find them. Comment by tanvir...@gmail.com, Jan 11, 2012 Hi Orlin, no update for a long time? Can you please tell me if the code is final now or not? I am eagerly looking forward to see the project completed. Regards Comment by fraeggle...@gmx.de, Mar 17, 2012 Hi Orlin. Very beautiful project. I do have some questions. What is the LPG input for? How often do you store the mileage (lifetime of the pic)? Is there a wrong calculating in your descrition, because i think the line "45000000 / 445 pulses_in_100m 4 bigticks/smallticks = 25281" should be "45000000 / 445 pulses_in_100m / 4 bigticks/smallticks = 25281) because if i multiply with 4 i will get another result. How do you change the Calib_Factor? (new burning the pic or change parameter via menue)? Regards Peter Comment by project member oritomov, Mar 19, 2012 Hi Peter, Thanks. Shoot :) LPG see Liquefied petroleum gas. For mileage I have 2 counters - 6 digit "distance" is for lifetime & 3+1 digit "trip" user resettable. I missed parentheses i.e. 45000000 / (445 star 4). code.google.com/p/speedo/wiki/Main 3/5

At the moment I'm burning "calib factor" & "pulses in 100m" to ROM only. Regards Orlin Comment by 150...@gmail.com, Apr 8, 2012 Hi Orlin, I build this several times from scratch but i can't get it to work. All displays are constant on, (faint) and flashing somewhat. The mode button does not do anything. Is the current schematic still valid for the current sourcecode ? Regards Mike Comment by project member oritomov, Apr 9, 2012 Hi Mike, There are two 'main' functions in source - one in test.c and one in speedo.c. Don't mix it. test.c is for test purpose (obviously). Witch one you run? Regards Orlin Comment by 150...@gmail.com, Apr 9, 2012 Hi Orlin, yes i do run speedo.c :-) The only diference is i use CA displays, and inverted the bitmasks for the characters and multplexing. The CC displays are ordered, perhaps i should wait for them. i just wanted to make sure the source code and schematic still match. Regards from Holland happy easter Mike Comment by project member oritomov, Apr 9, 2012 Hi Mike, In fact I can't tell for sure :( I'm running it with a new version. I added LM358 (low power dual operational amplifiers) in order to improve input signal and i added timers to mileage counters in order to know time also instead of mileage only, but it is not stible enought. I'll public the new release when I fix it. Try to run it with test.c instead of speedo.c. Regards Orlin Comment by surany...@yahoo.com, May 25, 2012 Hi Orlin! It's a great project. I was looking for a similar circuit on the net, but so far it's the best. I have some questions: 1.If i want to build this circuit without LPG input, wherein changing the code and the PIC's pin 4 (RA5) must be connected to Vcc? 2. U8 pin 2 connected to DP line or is it just an error? 3. with S1 switch can reset the trip counter ( or what's the 3rd input "mode selector")? 4. should be necessarily DP line in the distance counter? 5. displayed in KMH or MPH? Sorry for questions. anyway i was found an error on main board (or the schematic is bad?). I waiting for your respond. Regards Zsolt Comment by project member oritomov, May 28, 2012 Hi Zsolt, At the moment I can't find enough time for this project. Keep in mind - it is not final yet. From time to time it behaves ... let say strange. 1. Leave it unconnected. LPG is alternative only. code.google.com/p/speedo/wiki/Main 4/5

2. Yes. Thank you. I'll fix it. 3. S1 is mode selector and responding action. For example: to clear "trip" I hold until mode is CLr (clear) and after that hold it for the action clear. 4. Yes. the last one is for 100 meters: 123.4 means 123 km and 400 meters. 5. KMH. if you change calib_factor (eeprom 0 & 1) & pulses_in_100m (eeprom 2 & 3) you can see MPH. Regards Orlin Comment by surany...@yahoo.com, Jun 4, 2012 Hi Orlin! Thanks for answers. I'll try to build this project.I look forward to the developments and updates. Regards Zsolt Comment by arjen.ve...@gmail.com, Aug 3, 2012 Mike any updates on your project? I'm interested in this project, to imitate something like this: http://www.jegs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplayPopup?storeId=10001&catalogId=&productId=&itemId=51448&langId=&showValue=1 (cyberdyne C241E061N)

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