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Manufacturers & Traders of

AUTOMATIC ELECTRICAL NAPKIN INCINERATOR & WASTE MANAGEMENT INCINERATORS No.378, Annai Sivagami Complex, T.H.Road, Therady, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai 600 019. Ph : 044-64132755, 43569624, Cell : 9840121517, 9841555111 E-Mail : erventures19@gmail.com, mail@erventures.in Web: www.erventures.in

Dear Sir/Madam, Sub : Introduction Letter Sanitary Napkin Incinerators-NAPKINCI, GPRC Waste Management Incinerators & Shredders We are welcoming you for a venture in Waste Management Process thus limiting the waste dumped in our earth. In order to protect our environment from garbages and wastes, we have come out with an ERV innovated products that can take care of our mother nature. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers and Traders of Automatic Electrical Sanitary Napkin Incinerators, GPRC Waste Management Incinerators & Shredders. Automatic Sanitary Napkin Incinerators Napkinci. It is an automatic sanitary napkin destroyer manufactured with a high rate of reliability proven through performance. Our NAPKINCI is the best solution for sanitary napkin disposing needs wherein the used napkins are converted into a sterile ash. It helps in instant disposal of a used napkins in a very scientific and hygienic way. Our various range of Napkin Incinerator models includes:

1. Napkinci nano - Upto 100 Napkins/day

(Fully Automatic, Specially designed for students to operate very easily and safely)

2. Napkinci Maxi- Upto 200 Napkins/day

(Fully Automatic, designed to operate by unskilled workers)

3. Napkinci Jumbo - Upto 1000 Napkins/day

(Automatic, specially designed to destroy bulk amount of napkin waste and general dry waste) Features: Fully Automatic, Electrically operated. Safe, Reliable & Hygienic. Ceramic insulation for external protection. Very compact, Wall mountable, can be installed inside the toilet. Just Start and forget. It burns and stops automatically Complete burning of a napkin only less than 5% ash per napkin is generated. Our wide range of Waste Management Product Includes: General Waste Incinerators Automatic Electrical Napkin Incinerators Automatic Electrical Cyclone Incinerator Portable Electrical Incinerators Leaf/Garden Shredders Paper/Cd/Credit Card Shredders

We are enclosing herewith our pamphlet for your perusal. You may call on us and we are ready to serve at any time. Awaiting your early response in this regard. We assure you of our best attention at all times. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, For E.R.VENTURES, K. Elangovan, Manager.
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