Curriculum Vitae

Vitor Vieira Vasconcelos

Date of Birth: June 8,1983


Marital Status: Married

Phone: (55-31) 993311593 / (11) 96603-6153
Engineering ID: MG43685TD
Driver’s License (Car)
Link for social networks:
Linkedin, Academia, Scribd, Research Gate

Rua Rocha nº 58 Apto: 51
Cep: 01.330-000
City: São Paulo. State: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Professional Summary

Vitor Vieira Vasconcelos, PhD Natural Sciences, has expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Resources
Management, GIS, Remote Sensing, Groundwater, Hydrology, and Public Policies on Natural Resources. Vitor has more
than 10 years’ experience in government environmental departments, research institutions and consultancy companies.
Available to work in the metropolitan region of São Paulo - SP.
Academic Degrees
Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2015) Stockholm Environment Institute
PhD in Natural Sciences (2014) UFOP (Federal University of Ouro Preto) with major in Environmental Geology and
Conservation of Natural Resources and PhD internship in Water Resources Engineering at Chulalongkorn University
Master’s degree in Geography (2010) PUC-Minas (Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais State)
Expert Degree in Soil Science and Environment (2009) UFLA (Federal University of Lavras)
Bachelor of Philosophy (2006) UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais State)
Environmental Technician (2005) CEFET-MG (Federal Center of Technologic Education of Minas Gerais State)
Computer Science Technician (2005) CEFET-MG (Federal Center of Technologic Education of Minas Gerais State)
In progress:
Bachelor of Geography (expected completion: 2017) UERJ (University of the State of Rio de Janeiro)
Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (expected completion: 2017) Open University (UK)
Brazilian Portuguese – Native tongue
English – proficient (ECPE – Michigan – certificate in 2011 / TOEFL Score: IBT 106 in 2013, ITP 660 in 2014)
Spanish – intermediate level
Thai – basic level
Rubem Braga Award – Best Scientific Project (2004) CETEC-MG (Technological Center Foundation of Minas Gerais State) and
CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development)
Advanced skills in GIS and Remote Sensing applications: ArcGis, Envi, Saga, Erdas, GPS Trackmaker, Quantum GIS.
Basic skills in GIS and Remote Sensing applications: Idrisi, MapInfo, PCI Geomatica, Surfer, Spring, ArcPad, AutoCad,
Intermediate skills in Statistics applications: SPSS, Excel, Simca, Statistica.
Intermediate skills in Image Editors: Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator.
Intermediate skills in Hydrological Modelling: Weap, Hec-Ras.
Basic computer programing skills: logical, structural, visual and modeling languages (UML, Prolog, SQL, Python, HTML)

Professional Experience


1 year and
5 months

October 2014
February 2016

1 month

August 2014
July 2014

4 years
and 1

September 2013
February 2015



Stockholm Environment
Institute – Asia Centre




UNA University Center


August 2011
July 2014

Public Ministry of
Prosecutors of Minas
Gerais State

July 2010
July 2014

Legislative Parliament
of Minas Gerais State

1 year

August 2009
July 2010

5 months

March 2009
July 2009

1 year and
5 months

September 2006
March 2008

3 years
and 1

August 2003
August 2006

Brazilian Institute of
Environment and
Renewable Resources
Technological Center
Foundation of Minas
Gerais State (CETECMG)
National Institute of
Colonization and
Agrarian Reform
Technological Center
Foundation of Minas
Gerais State (CETECMG)

PhD Internship

Water Resources Management and
Modeling, Water Quality, Remote Sensing,
GIS, Environmental Policies
Hydrological Modeling and Climate Change
Vulnerability Assessment
Graduate professor for the course
Environmental Inspection for Courts and
Water Resources Management, Hydrology
Socio-environmental conflict mediation,
projects to mitigate socio-environment
Consultancy on conflict resolution, public
policies and law on environment,
agriculture, mining and energy


Environmental Impact Assessment,
Environmental Surveillance

GIS Analyst

Hydrogeology, Water Quality,
Environmental Information Systems


Environmental Impact Assessment, Water
Use Allocation, GIS


Environmental Assessment of River
Basins, Hydrogeology, Environmental Law,
Information Systems for Environmental

Total: 11 years
Complementary Qualification
Leadership and Management (90 h) 2001 – SENAC (National Service of Commerce Education)
Radar – Remote Sensing and Photo-interpretation (40 h) 2004 – CETEC-MG (Technological Center Foundation of Minas
Gerais State) and INPE (National Institute of Spatial Research)
Interpretation of Satellite and Radar Images (65 h) 2006 – CETEC-MG (Technological Center Foundation of Minas Gerais
State) and INPE (National Institute of Spatial Research)
Geoprocessing and Remote Sensing with Idrisi (40 h) 2007 – INCRA (National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian
Reform) and UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul State)
Mineralogy (10 h) 2008 – Mineralogy Museum of Belo Horizonte City
Environmental Computer Science (20 h) 2009 – UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais State)
Environmental Surveillance (176 h) 2009 – IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources) and
UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State)
Karst Geomorphology (10 h) 2010 – SBC (Brazilian Society of Speleology)
Occupation, Sustainable Use, and Preservation of Dry Forests (10 h) 2010 – UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais
Legislative Analyst Qualification (120 h) 2010 – ALMG (Legislative Authority of Minas Gerais State)

Scientific Production
Articles published in scientific journals: 43
Articles published in congresses, conferences and symposiums: 7
Book chapters: 3
Thesis and monographs: 3

Academic Publications
In English:
What keeps the waters flowing in our rivers? Rethinking hydrogeology to improve public policy. Vasconcelos, VV, Applied
Water Science, 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s13201-015-0373-0
Information Science and Agricultural Land Suitability: interscalar approaches for land use planning. Vasconcelos, VV;
Martins Jr, PP. Interthesis, 12(2):221-245, Jul-Dec, 2015.
Public Policies for Negotiated Water Allocation: a dialogue between Thailand and Brazil. Vasconcelos, VV;
Koontanakulvong, S; Martins Junior, PP; Hadad, RM, Water Policy, 17(5):887–901, 2015
Analysis of spatial–temporal patterns of water table change as a tool for conjunctive water management in the Upper
Central Plain of the Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand. Vasconcelos, VV; Koontanakulvong, S; Suthidhummajit, C;
Martins Junior, PPM; Hadad, RM, Applied Water Science, 2014, 1-18
Grounds for the implementation of expert systems to aid the decision-making process in environmental law. Vasconcelos,
VV; Martins Jr, P. RDBCI, v. 12, p. 5-21, 2014
Methodologies for integrated studies of natural resources: a discussion on ecological-economic zoning. Vasconcelos, VV;
Hadad, RM; Martins Jr, PP. Pesquisas em Geociências, v. 40, p. 21-30, 2013
Spatial Modeling of Water Systems using Partial Least Squares: a study case for Paracatu Basin (SF7), in Minas Gerais
State, Brazil. Vasconcelos, V.V.; Martins Jr., P.P.; Hadad, R.M. Águas Subterrâneas, v. 27, n. 2, 2013, p. 47-65.
Large Mining Enterprises and their Social Impact. Lima, P.C.; Vasconcelos, V.V. De Jure, v. 12, n. 20, jan-jun, 2013.
Methodology for rapid assessment of aquifer recharge areas. Vasconcelos, V.V.; Martins Jr, P.P.; Hadad, R.M. Geologia
USP, Série científica, São Paulo, v. 13, n. 2,jun. 2013.
Methodology for Geochemical Signature Characterization of Water Paths in Recharge Zones of Interfluves. Martins Jr.,
M.M.; Vasconcelos, V.V.; Scherrer, L.R.; Morais, M.C.; Santa Cecília, V.C.; Gomes, L.A.M. Acta Geográfica, v. 7, n.
14, jan/apr. 2013, p. 193-197.
Estimation of flow components by recursive filters: case study of Paracatu River Basin (SF-7), Brazil. Vasconcelos, V.V.;
Martins Jr., P.P., Hadad, R.M. Geologia USP. Série Científica, v. 13, p. 3-24, 2013.
Map of Deforestation in Brazil, from 2002 to 2008. Vasconcelos, V.V. Caderno de Ciências. Mundo do Trabalho. 8o ano.
São Paulo: Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Econômico, Ciência e Tecnologia. 2013. p. 64.
Pierre Monbeig: from French Regionalist School to Brazilian pioneers fronts. Vasconcelos, V.V.; Hadad, R.M.; Martins Jr,
P.P. Ateliê Geográfico (UFG), v. 6, p. 41-60, 2012.
Hydrographic and Hydrogeological Basin of Entre-Ribeiros: probable recharge zone delimitation and environmental impact
assessment. Vasconcelos, V.V.; Martins Jr, P.P.; Hadad, R.M. Engenharia Agrícola, Jaboticabal, v. 32, n. 3, June 2012.
Socio-environmental characterization of the Carinhanha River Mouth and proposals for its sustainable management.
Vasconcelos, V. V,; Chaves, R. M. CLIMEP. Climatologia e estudos da paisagem, v.1, n. 1-2.2012. 30p.
From Zoning to Territorial Environmental Management: environmental vulnerability mapping of the mining impacts in Minas
Gerais Northern Region – Brazil. Vasconcelos, V.V. Boletim de Geografia – UEM, v.29, n. 2, p. 59-74, 2011.
Document Management through Georeferencing Processes. Vasconcelos, V.V. ACTA Geográfica, Boa Vista, v.7, n.14,
jan./abr. de 2013. pp.193-197
Teleology and Randomness in the Development of Natural Science Research: systems, ontology, and evolution. Martins
Jr, P.P.; Vasconcelos, V.V. Interthesis, v.8, n.2, p. 316-334, Jul./Dez. 2011
Teleology and the Study of Natural Sciences: philosophical contributions. Vasconcelos, V.V.; Martins Jr, P.P. Ambiente &
Educação.Vol. 16(1), 2011
The Environmental Professional and the Touch with Nature. Vasconcelos, V.V. Qualit@s (UEPB), v. 1, p. 1-10, 2011.
Phyto-environmental Characterization of Brazilian Savanna (Cerrado) and Brazilian Atlantic Forest, by studying Stone
Lines and Paleosols. Vasconcelos V.V, Vasconcelos C.V., Vasconcelos, D.M. Rev. Geografia: Ensino e Pesquisa. V.
14, n.3, jul-dez, 2010.
Ecological - Economical Zoning and Optimal Design of Land use of Watershed Territories. Martins Jr. MM, Campos, O.M.,
Vasconcelos, V.V., Jano, D. ECEN - Economy & Energy, ano XIII, n 76, Jan-March, 2010.
Specialized System Prototype in Environmental Law for Aiding Decision Making in the Context of Rural Deforestation.
Vasconcelos, VV; Martins, PP. Revista Climep – Climatologia e Paisagem, 2008. Rio Claro. V. 3, nº 2, p.53-71.
Empiric Method for Prospecting Small Energy Potentials in Basins. Ferreira, O.C., Martins Jr., P.P.; Vasconcelos, V.V.
Brazilian Symposium of Water Resources, XVI. Annals... 2005.

In Portuguese (most titles and abstracts in English)
Agrarian and Environmental Geosciences and Droughts. A Geociências Agrárias e Ambientais e o Déficit Hídrico. Martins
Jr., PP; Vasconcelos, VV. Informe Agropecuário, 36(285):109-118, 2015.
The drama of the Brazilian Savana: knowledge fragmentation, legal inconsistencies and environmental devastation. O
Drama do Cerrado Brasileiro: fragmentação de saberes, incongruências jurídicas e devastação ambiental. Alvarenga,
LJ; Martins Jr, PP; Vasconcelos, VV. In: Os Saberes Ambientais, Sustentabilidade e Olhar Jurídico: visitando a obra
de Enrique Leff. 2ª ed. EDUCS, 2015.
Geoparks and conservation of geological heritage: epistemological contributions of the right to landscape. Geoparques e
conservação do património geológico: contribuições epistemológicas do direito à paisagem. Alvarenga, LJ;
Vasconcelos, VV; Castro, PTA. VIII Seminário de Recursos Geológicos Ambientais e Ordenamento do Território.
UTAD. 2015
Conservation and enjoyment of geological and landscape heritage: theoretical, methodological and legal bases for
modelling a Geopark in the Serra da Canastra, Brazil. Conservação e fruição do património geológico-paisagístico:
esteios teórico-metodológicos e jurídicos para modelagem de um Geoparque na Serra da Canastra, Brasil.
Alvarenga, LJ; Vasconcelos, VV; Castro, PTA. VIII Seminário de Recursos Geológicos Ambientais e Ordenamento do
Território. UTAD. 2015
High Altitude Fields, Rocky Fields and appliance of the Atlantic Forest Law: prospective study for the State of Minas Gerais.
Campos de Altitude, Campos Rupestres e Aplicação da Lei da Mata Atlântica: estudo prospectivo para o Estado de
Minas Gerais. Vasconcelos, VV. Boletim de Geografia – UEM. 32(2):110-133, 2014.
Aquifer Recharge: contributions for water and environmental management. Recarga de Aquíferos: subsídios à gestão
hídrica e ambiental – Bacia do Rio Paracatu SF7. Vasconcelos VV. PhD thesis. Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto.
Ecological Economic Zoning: goals and strategies for environmental policies. Zoneamento Ecológico-Econômico Objetivos e Estratégias de Política Ambiental. Vasconcelos, VV; Hadad, RM; Martins Jr, PP. Gaia Scientia, v. 7, p.
119-132, 2014
Social Impacts of Hydropower Reservoirs: assessment of Social Assistance Plans in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Impactos Sociais de Hidrelétricas: avaliação dos Planos de Assistência Social – PAS – no Estado de Minas Gerais,
Brasil. Lima, PCV; Vasconcelos, VV. In: Maia, LC; Cappelli, S; Pontes Jr, F. (Org.). Hidrelétricas e atuação do
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Changes in the Occupation of the Area around the Reservoirs of Jaguara, Igarapava and Volta Grande Dams, and
Assessment of the Consequences on Water Quality. (Alterações na Ocupação das Áreas de Entorno do Reservatório
das Represas de Jaguara, Igarapava e Volta Grande e Avaliação de suas Implicações na Qualidade das Águas).
Bedê, J.C.; Vasconcelos, V.V; Sabino, C.S.; Castro, I. Congresso Brasileiro De Limnologia, XIV. 2013.
Atlantic Tropical Forest Mapping and Planning of the Agrarian Reform Settlement Tanque Rompe-Dia, Municipality of
Várzea da Palma, Minas Gerais State, Brazil (Mapeamento de Mata Atlântica e Planejamento do Projeto de
Assentamento de Reforma Agrária Tanque Rompe-Dia, Município de Várzea da Palma, Minas Gerais, Brasil.)
Vasconcelos, V.V.; Santa Cruz Jr A. J. S.. Campo - Território, v. 8, p. 1-30, 2013.
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Methodological Propositions on Soil Cartography and Agricultural Aptness Cartography: Case Study of the Paracatu River
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Paracatu) Marques, F.S.M.; Martins Jr., P.P.; Vasconcelos, V.V.; Novaes, L.A.d`A. Revista Brasileira de Geografia
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Geo-environmental management of watersheds: the geological systems as the initial decision to land use (Gestão
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Jr, P.P.; Marques, F.S.E. M.; Carneiro, J.Á.; Vasconcelos, V.V.; NOVAES, L.A.D'a.; Rosa, S.A.G. Revista Brasileira de
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Hydrological Studies on Entre-Ribeiros Basin and Water Consumptive Use Assessment for Irrigation (Estudos Hidrológicos
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state of Minas Gerais. (Análise cartográfica das fontes de poluição e de diluição nos rios da Meso-região
Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte, no Estado de Minas Gerais). Lucena, U.P.; Duarte, C.S.; Sales, L.O.; Campos, M.P.;
Vasconcelos, V.V.; Silva, V.K.S.E. XVII Encontro Nacional de Geógrafos, 2012, Belo Horizonte. Anais..., 2012. p. 110.

The Microclimates in the Ecological Station of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. (Os Microclimas na Estação
Ecológica da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais). Nascimento, D.D.; Vasconcelos, V.V.; Jardim, C.H. XVII
Encontro Nacional de Geógrafos, 2012, Belo Horizonte. Anais..., 2012. p. 1-10.
Delineation and Protection of Permanent Preservation Areas on Tablelands: case study of hillside sand mining in the
northern Minas gerais State – Brazil (Delimitação e Proteção das Áreas de Preservação Permanente de Chapadas:
estudo de caso da mineração de areia em encostas no Norte de Minas Gerais). Vasconcelos, V.V.; Steiner, F.
Caminhos de Geografia (UFU), v. 12, p. 189-204, 2011.
Inter-scale Methodology Adjustments for Environmental Zoning of Agricultural Basins in Southeastern Brazil (Adaptações
Metodológicas Interescalares de Zoneamentos Ambientais a Bacias Hidrográficas Agrárias do Sudeste Brasileiro)
Vasconcelos, V.V.; Hadad, R.M.; Martins Jr., P.P. Revista Geoambiente Online, n. 17. Jul-Dez, 2011. P. 109-133.
Analysis of the Impact on the Cerrado Biome in the interfluvial area between the Watersheds of the Paracatu and
Paranaíba Rivers (Análise do Impacto sobre o Bioma Cerrado na Área do Interflúvio entre as Bacias dos Rios Paracatu e
Paranaíba). Carneiro, J.A.; Martins Jr, P.P.; Oliveira, L.C.; Vasconcelos, V.V. Caderno de Geografia, PUC-MG, v.21, n.35,
p. 12-30, 2011.
The Knowledge Scheme of Aquifer Systems (Arquitetura de Conhecimentos sobre Sistemas Aquíferos). Vasconcelos,
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Hillside Sand Mining in the Minas Gerais Northern Region: economic-environmental characterization and lithostratigraphy
mapping by kriging. Mineração de areia de encosta na Região Norte de Minas Gerais: caracterização econômicoambiental e mapeamento litoestratigráfico por kriggagem. Vasconcelos, V.V.; Steiner, F.A. Estudos Geográficos, n. 8,
v. 1, 2010. p. 44-54.
Logic Models for Integration of Knowledge to Aid in Decision-making - Ecological and Economic Forest Plantations in Areas
of Aquifer Recharge (Lógica para Modelos de Integração de Conhecimentos para Auxílio à Decisão: Plantios
Ecológico-Econômicos em Zonas de Recarga de Aqüífero). Martins JR P.P., Carneiro J.A., Endo I, Marques A.F.S.M.,
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março, 2010.
Fronts of Agriculture Irrigation and Ecological-Economical Zoning: case study of Entre Ribeiros Basin – Minas Gerais State,
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History, Economy, and Natural Resources: Entre-Ribeiros Basin, in Northwest of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. (História,
Economia e Recursos Naturais: a bacia hidrográfica de Entre-Ribeiros, no Noroeste de Minas Gerais) Vasconcelos,
VV; Soares, J; Hadad, RM; Martins Jr, PP; Castro, JFM. Caderno de Geografia, PUC-Minas, PPGG-TIE, Belo
Horizonte, v. 18, n. 30, 2º sem. 2008, p. 39-57.
The Impacts and Economical-Environmental Costs of Modern Agriculture: study case of the agriculture front of Northwest
of Minas Gerais State, Brazil. (Impactos e Custos Econômico-Ambientais da Agricultura Moderna: Estudo de Caso da
Frente Agrícola do Noroeste de Minas Gerais). Monografia. Especialização em Solos e Meio Ambiente, UFLA. 2009.
Interdisciplinary Geo-environmental Modeling for Territorial Planning with Ecologic-Economic Forest Corridors.
(Modelagem Geo-Ambiental e Interdisciplinar para Ordenamento do Território com Corredores Florestais EcológicoEconômicos) Martins Jr, P.P., Carneiro, J.A., Novaes, L.A.A., Vasconcelos, V.V., Gomes, L.A.M. & Paiva, D.A. Revista
de Geologia, UFC, Vol. 21, nº 1, 79-97, 2008
Model for Integrating Geological Knowledge to Aid Decision Making on Land Use on Aquifer Recharge Zones (Modelo de
Integração de Conhecimentos Geológicos para Auxílio à Decisão sobre Uso da Terra em Zonas de Recarga de
Aqüífero)- Martins Jr. P.P., Endo, I., Vasconcelos, V.V, Novaes. L. A. d’A, Sequetto, M. A. - Revista Brasileira de
Geociências (RBG) v. 36, n. 4 (2006) - 12 p.
Expert System to Aid Decision-making on Water Resources Management and Agriculture Projects. (Sistema Inteligente de
Apoio à Decisão em Gestão de Recursos Hídricos e Projetos Agrícolas) - Vasconcelos, V.V., Martins Jr., P.P., Novaes,
L. A. d’A, - XVI Simpósio Brasileiro de Recursos Hídricos, 2005. 20 p.
Environmental Information System in Access: case study of the Velhas River. (Sistema de Informações Ambientais em
Access. Estudo de Caso: Rio das Velhas). Tolentino, J. A., Martins Jr., P.P, Vasconcelos, V.V. - Fundação CETEC:
Nota Técnica -CRHA 10 / 2004. 19 p.


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