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Primary Auxiliary Leadership Training March 2012 - Notes Planting Seeds of Conversion 1. 2. 3.

. Joy of Primary Music Resources available at LDS.org Ways we can teach children

Sister Wixsom Is this really where I should be serving? Kneel down and ask! He will confirm. Because we have been given much, we too must give. Serving in the Gospel changes our nature. When we focus on the why of the Gospel the confusion fades away. What is the why of Primary? To teach and train our children to become stalwarts in the church. To help our children know of Jesus Christ and feel of His love for them. To gain a testimony of their own. Testimony is belief- conversion is the change. How do we plant those seeds? Conversion is a lifelong process. Baptism can be a defining moment in a childs life by being an example of Jesus Christ. Help children understand that life is a path of covenants. Ideally, spiritual instruction happens in the home. But sometimes seeds of conversion dont happen there. As Primary leaders we can be Saviors on Mt. Zion. Serve with love despite personal life events and mishaps. Dont underestimate your service. Behind every disruptive child is a REASON. 11.3.2 Ward Primary Presidency Meeting Plan ways to strengthen children and teachers. Feed my lambs and feed my sheep. President prayed about choosing the teacher. Three ways to strengthen the teachers 1. Offer resources through TNGC (invite teachers to separate TNGC meeting) 2. Give public praise by recognizing teachers in front of the children. 3. Build personal relationships with them. We have undertaken a great work. We are helping children feel the Spirit. We are planting seeds of conversion. 18 months to 11 years old. How can we create the feeling of unity in Primary? Music Portion Use scriptures, questions, and child involvement. Bear simple testimony of the truths of the Gospel. What situations require us to have courage? Teaching teachers Standing in front of teachers and bishopric Teaching in front of teachers (Im not a teacher)

I will go, I will do! We must have courage! Heavenly Father will help us. Use a variety of teaching methods. SIMPLIFY. Use childrens creativity to learn songs. Copying, repetition (echo chamber). Music plants seeds of conversion. Sing, sing, sing! LDS.org Navigation and Resources Menu, Service, Serving in the Church, Primary Menu, Media Library, Gospel Art View Sharing Times: http://www.lds.org/service/leadership/primary?lang=eng#ministering-to-children Mirror/Magnifying Glass When we focus on ourselves as teachers the children suffer. When we focus on them they will learn and testimonies will grow. How we teach makes a difference. Tell me and Ill forget - Show me and Ill remember - Involve me and Ill understand. Two important questions What will the children do to learn? How can I help them feel the spirit? Engage by: using examples, singing, questions, role play, Games, hand signals, memorizing, movement, costumes, let children share and teach each other, scriptures (underline). Challenges: Same kids answering, give them the opportunity to correct you, large primaries (sing quietly, pg. 110 TNGC age characteristics, Chap. 24 TNGC, pg. 81 speaking positively Shoes Teach by the Spirit, be flexible, manual is the guide but follow the Spirit. If we dont show them which way to go how will they know? We are not teaching lessons, we are teaching children. What did Mormon know at age 10 that he used later? Sanctify Yourselves for tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you. How can we prepare the children for these moments? Teach the here and now. They are becoming desensitized. 1. Prayerfully consider the instruction youve received. 2. Ask yourself the why of your service. 3. Ask yourself therefore, what? Determine 3 specific actions you will commit to implement. Open your hearts and minds to the will of heaven, and I promise you the Spirit will reveal the things that matter most for you, your family, and your responsibilities. President Ugdorf 1. 2. 3.