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PowerPoint presentations for each chapter Model question papers along with their solutions Answers to Additional Questions given at the end of the book Answers to Numerical Exercises included in the chapters International Accounting Standards and Accounting Standards in India International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Accounting standards issued by ICAI

ISBN: 978-93-5004-313-4 | Pages: 708| Authors: Dr. Kapil Jain, Prof. Rashmi Somani & KLSI | Price: ` 429/-w/CD
The book entitled Accounting for Managers provides theoretical and practical knowledge of management accounting. The book is intended primarily for students pursuing management, CA and CWA courses. The concise and accessible style of the book is also suitable for managers to achieve operational excellence and enhance their decision-making capabilities. Moreover, the book will serve as a guide for practitioners and research scholars undertaking dissertation or internship projects. The book encompasses the three major branches of accounting, namely financial accounting, managerial accounting, and cost accounting. It also contains a number of numerical illustrations and exercises that will help the readers to gain the practical knowledge of the subject. In addition, case studies incorporated at the end of each chapter outlines the real world scenario of management accounting. Moreover, the model question papers and the additional questions provided in the book will help the students in preparing for their examination. A practical guide for executing various accounting activities with the help of Tally is a special feature of the book.

About the Authors:

Dr. Kapil Jain, M. Com, M. Phil., Ph.D, is a faculty in management at the International Institute of Professional Studies, Devi Ahilya University, Indore. He has published several research articles in international/national journals and conferences in the fields of accounting, finance, economics, e-commerce, and consumer research. He has also guided more than 40 research projects at the postgraduation level. He has also been a visiting faculty at many reputed institutions, such as Institute of Engineering & Technology, Institute of Management Studies, and School of Future Studies & Planning, Devi Ahilya University. Prof. Rashmi Somani , FCA, MBA, PGDIM, PGDFM, DIM, is working as Associate Professor in Management Department of Medicaps Institute of Technology & Management, Devi Ahilya University, Indore. She is a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Master of Business Administration (Finance). She has experience of more than 15 years in industry and academics. Her areas of interests include accounting, finance, taxation, portfolio management etc. She has guided more than 100 postgraduate students and has published research papers and articles at various levels. She has been teaching management subjects to postgraduate students for the last two decades. She also serves as an examiner at different universities and professional institutions. The proficient team at Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press has seized the market of management books bringing excellent content in management education to the fore. The team is committed to excellenceexcellence in quality of content, excellence in the dedication of its authors and editors, excellence in the attention to detail, and excellence in understanding the needs of its readers.

Table of Contents
? Basic Concepts of Accounting: Introduction | Concept of Accounting | Nature of Accounting | Role of Accounting | Users of Accounting Information| Branches of Accounting | Basic Accounting Terms ? Accounting Concepts, Conventions, Principles, and Standards: Introduction | Basic Accounting Concepts | Accounting Conventions | Defining Accounting Principles | Accounting Standards ? Accounting Process: Recording of Transactions: Introduction | Process of Accounting | Accounting Equation | Classification of Accounts | Double Entry Bookkeeping System | Journal Entry | Ledger Books | Subsidiary Books ? Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors: Introduction | Concept of Trial balance | Rectification of Errors | Suspense Account ? Preparation of Financial Statements: Introduction | Financial Statements | Classification of Financial Statements | Adjustments in the Preparation of Financial Statements ? Depreciation: Introduction | Definition of Depreciation | Need for Charging Depreciation | Factors Affecting the Computation of Depreciation | Methods of Calculating Depreciation | Criteria for Selecting the Depreciation Method ? Bank Reconciliation Statement: Introduction | Definition of Bank Reconciliation Statement | Need for Bank Reconciliation Statement | Bank Passbook | Bank Statement | Causes of Difference between Cash Book and Passbook Balances | Procedure of Preparing a Bank Reconciliation Statement ? Budget: Concept and Types: Introduction | Concept of Budget | Types of Budget | Solved Illustrations ? Cash Flow and Funds Flow Statements: Introduction | Cash Flow Statement | Concept of Fund | Funds Flow Statement | Difference between the Cash Flow and Funds Flow Statements ? Concepts of Organizational Health and Financial Analysis: Introduction | Parameters for Determining Organizational Health | Tools of Financial Analysis | Solved Illustrations ? Financial Business Decisions and Breakeven Analysis: Introduction | Analyzing Financial Business Decisions | Solved Illustrations ? Cost Accounting: Introduction | Concept of Cost Accounting | Concept of Cost | Methods of Cost Accounting | Cost Control and Cost Reduction | Techniques of Costing | Cost Sheet | Cost Units and Cost Centers ? Material Control and Inventory Control: Introduction | Materials Control | Organizing Materials Control | Concept of Inventory Control | Accounting System for Materials or Inventory Control | Inventory Costing Methods ? Labor Costing and Control: Introduction | Direct and Indirect Labor | Control over Labor Cost | Cost Accounting for Labor | Problems Relating to Accounting for Labor | Labor Turnover | Efficiency Rating Procedures ? Factory Overheads: Costing, Control and Distribution: Introduction |Meaning and Definition of Overheads | Factory Overheads Costs | Distribution of Factory Overhead Costs | Under-Absorption and OverAbsorption of Factory Overheads ? Costing and Controlling Administrative, Selling, and Distribution Overheads: Introduction | Meaning and Nature of Administrative Overheads | Selling and Distribution Overheads | Treatment of Some Items and Expenses ? Job-Order, Batch, Contract, and Service Costing: Introduction | Meaning and Nature of Job-Order Costing | Batch Costing | Contract Costing | Service Costing ? Standard Costing: Introduction | Concept of Standard Costing | Components of Standard Cost | Quality Costs ? Variance Analysis: Introduction | Concept of Variance Analysis | Material Variance | Labor Variance | Overhead Variance ? Concepts of Management Accounting: Introduction | Concept of Management Accounting | Management Accountant | Principles of Management Accounting | Process of Management Accounting | Installation of Management Accounting | Tools and Techniques of Management Accounting | Organization of Management Accounting | Relationship between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting | Relationship between Management Accounting and Cost Accounting | Changing Role of Management Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment ? Responsibility Accounting and Process Costing: Introduction | Concept of Responsibility Accounting | Responsibility Centers | Responsibility Performance Reporting | Transfer Pricing | Concept of Process Costing | Difference between Job Costing and Process Costing | Equivalent Units of Production | Procedure of Process Costing | Joint Product and By-Product ? Working with Tally: Introduction | Features of Tally | Enhancements of Tally | Installation Process of Tally.ERP 9 | Opening Tally.ERP 9 | Components of the Tally.ERP 9 Window | Creating a Company | Defining Stock Groups | Defining Stock Categories | Defining Stock Items | Units of Measurement | Defining Godowns |
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