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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Anyone who is familiar with the major organizations in their area probably has observed firsthand how dramatically the business environment has changed in recent years. These changes have had a significant impact on organizational efforts to be successful. In practically every instance organizations have tried to more clearly identify and then focus on factors that impact their success. One factor that seems to be receiving more attention than any other is the people who work for organizations. What organizations are realizing is that their likelihood of sustained success is most dependent on learning to get the maximum out of their employees. Such a realization has had a significant impact on the practice of human resources management (HRM). Whats more, business forecasters predict that the role of employees, managers, and HRM personnel are likely to see more changes in the decades ahead. Thus, individuals entering the business environment today (and tomorrow) require both an understanding of the importance of human resources and effective HRM to organizational success. As we move into the twenty-first century, its becoming absolutely clear that the effective management of an organizations human resources is a major source of competitive advantage and may even be the single most important determinant of an organizations performance over the long term. Organizations have started to realize that their success is dependent on their ability to attract, develop, and retain talented employees. The long-term, sustained success of an organization in todays changing and challenging business environment involves top managements commitment to designing and implementing HRM programs geared to developing both high-performing employees and organizations. This means that top management anticipates the future need for employees and develops specific plans to obtain, develop, and retain the type of employees who meet the needs of a high-performing organization. Only by anticipating and working toward the development and retention of the right type of employees can any organization expect to be successful in a global, dynamic, and continuously changing competitive environment.

HRM Human Resource Management

What makes one organization successful whereas another fails to make use of the same opportunities? For our purposes, the key to continued survival and organizational success lies not


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

in the rational, quantitative approaches, but increasingly in a commitment to things like people, employee involvement, and commitment. Success for the organizations of today and tomorrow is being increasingly seen as dependent on effective HRM. Effective HRM positively affects performance in organizations, both large and small. Human resources management is the term increasingly used to refer to the philosophy, policies, procedures, and practices related to the management of an organizations employees. Human resources management is particularly concerned with all the activities that contribute to successfully attracting, developing, motivating, and maintaining a high-performing workforce that results in organizational success.

What is the utility of the Internet and more specifically the Intranet for the field of Human Resource development? This is the question, which is investigated and explored in this article. A few suggestions are provided, keeping in mind the Indian context. Its just another day on the Internet. Inside the offices of ABC company, a mid size Indian organization. Its HR manager is surfing his way around the world, and hes now looking for the next great wave. Sitting in front of his computer, he is browsing the Internets World Wide Web and using its sophisticated hypertext links and graphics to boldly go where HR has never gone before. With the click of a mouse button, hes inside the Indian Governments Human resource ministry server in New Delhi. Examining a schedule of upcoming state level HR conferences. Then, instantly, hes off to the Wharton Business School, looking at the latest research by its faculty and students. A few minutes later, hes made a lightning-fast pilgrimage to the Quality Wave, an index of sites containing information on TQM, educational programs and business theories. Every time he sees something that piques his interest, he simply clicks on a highlighted word or graphic imageincluding high-resolution photographsto obtain more information. The text pours onto his computers screen, at which point it can be printed or saved for future reference. And if it so happens that hes jumping to another Web site, the system transports him there at warp speedefficiently and invisibly, regardless of whether the computer is located in


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Boston or Bombay. Of course, the World Wide Web is just one portion of the Internet. He also uses the Internet for E-mail and to subscribe to newsgroups that keep him informed on the latest industry buzz Cyberspace. Its certainly not the final frontier, but its fast becoming an important part of the corporate arsenaland psyche. Opening new doors and new opportunities for human resources professionals who have the equipment and the mindset to venture into the online arena. Today, a growing wave of HR managers are going online to recruit personnel, conduct research using electronic data bases, send E-mail, and engage in valuable networking and discussions. Using the Internetwhich connects upwards of 28 million people and 3.2 million host computers in 70 countriesas well as commercial services such as CompuServe, Prodigy and America Online, these pioneers are venturing into a revolutionary new world where data and information flow at the speed of light.

What is the Intranet?

When discussing the idea of Intranet, its helpful to accept a working definition. Basically, its the use of Internet and Web technologies inside a company to enhance employees ability to find, manage, create and distribute information. In effect, its a private Internet behind the company firewall. A firewall blocks outside Internet users from accessing information on internal Webs, thereby ensuring company security of documents. People inside, however, can circumvent the firewalls to reach outside Internet sites and gather unlimited information. Why HR should use Internet/ Intranet: For HR, the Web has led to dramatic changes. A high performance organization can operate globally and locally at lower costs, higher productivity and improved quality than their competitors. A HR department can help build a high performance organization by doing innumerable things via the internet, intranet and extranets: Its allowing corporations to market themselves directly to college students and professionals -- 24 hours a day. As resumes stream in, theyre automatically routed into databases. When a manager needs to fill a position, its possible to search on keywords and find top prospects. Then, using videoconferencing software over the Internet, its even possible to conduct a preliminary interview.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Recruiting may have been the first big HR application for the Web, but it isnt the only one. Its also possible to outsource payroll, benefits administration and more. Its relatively simple to connect employees worldwide for training through the Net. And then theres the ability to conduct research on anything from benchmarking to TQM. HR is at the center of a changing electronic universe. Its the department thats being looked at to drive gains and provides strategic skills. That means learning how the Internet works and how companies can use it to their maximum advantage. So be prepared to explore new opportunities. Broadly, one can divide the major functional areas of HR as:

Selection & Recruitment Training & Development Compensation & benefits Performance appraisal Grievance resolution Welfare provisions Corporate news and information

Having divided the whole HR gamut of functions in the above mentioned 7 sub-functions, we will now see the use of Internet / Intranet for each respective function: Selection & Recruitment: Recruiting can become very easy with Internet/ intranet. Four reasons to elaborate:

Internal job postings can be easily posted to the intranet. Employees can review latest job postings anytime anywhere via the intranet. This reduces the costs of photocopying and distributing job posting information while giving all employees the same information at the same time regardless of location.

Employees, if interested, can apply for a new internal position via the Intranet. They fill in an on-line form and submit the application on the Intranet. The amount of information required to be filled in is limited as it is automatically drawn from the corporate databases. Paperwork is extremely reduced for applicant, HR staff and line managers.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

External job postings can be posted on the Internet. Once the senior management approves the job posting, the HR staff instantly posts them to the corporate Internet web site as well as to other web recruiting sites. This reduces time to posting, reduces recruiting costs for those positions amenable to web recruiting and expands the applicant pool.

External applicant resumes are received electronically via the internet by the HR dept. the intranet. By tying in an applicant inventory and tracking system using the web and imaging systems all information can instantly be sorted, queried and viewed anywhere at anytime via

the intranet. This reduces all paperwork; cuts time frames to review applications and improves the ability to find the skill sets youre looking for out of the many applicant resumes. Compensation & benefits:

In an intranet environment, all the employees would be required to make direct changes to their basic information such as name, address and contact numbers via the intranet. The information would automatically be then updated into the corporate databases. This reduces consumption of paper forms, personnel handling, processing costs and reduces updating time to being instantaneous regardless of time zones.

Employees choose and change benefits options (Cash/ Bank transfer/ Cheque etc.) via the intranet. This information is automatically put into the corporate databases. Employees can make and change their own selections any time, anywhere via the intranet. This reduces data entry costs by HR dept. HR staff spends little time answering mundane questions over and over while concentrating staff resources on the unique questions and the "human" part of HR.

Employee benefits claims may be submitted via the intranet. On-line forms and document imaging systems mean an employee can make claims anytime with little or no paperwork at low processing and handling costs to HR.

Training & Development:


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Training can become very easy with Internet/ Intranet. Indeed, the benefit of the Intranet for HR and training departments is increasing the Intranets popularity. It can be an extremely costeffective and efficient way to distribute training material as well as documentation. And although the Nets current technological limitations still prevent it from replacing CD-ROM, its important for HR to know what the Intranet can and cant do. This information will place the department in a better position to take advantage of the technology when its deemed right for its particular needs. Five reasons to elaborate:

HR dept can post the list of training programmes chalked out for the week/ month/ year on intranet and then all the employees, staff and approved managers can instantly view individual training records at anytime via the intranet. This reduces calls to HR for records and verification of training, thus virtually ruling out any ambiguity which normally exists in Indian companies.

All internal training programs can be made instantly viewable and book-able via the Intranet. Basic course information, qualifications and booking is all on-line. This reduces calls to HR about basic training information and lowers staff costs to book and arrange internal training regardless of location.

External training provider programs are viewable and book-able over the intranet via an internet linkage with the providers. External training information is viewable from anywhere on the Intranet. Handling and processing costs between the corporation and the providers are thus reduced.

On-line courses can be easily made available via the intranet and internet. This provides employees with training to the desktop and just in time training regardless of location and time zones. Costs are reduced for training delivery, courses can be customized for individuals and experts brought in electronically to assist where deemed appropriate regardless of location.

Employee skills can be instantly sorted and queried by management via the intranet. This quickly allows management to identify and assemble project teams at low cost and fast time frames.

Performance appraisal


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Intranet, can reduce the unnecessary paper work and time spent in transfer of papers an integral part of typical Indian Performance Appraisal exercise-as well as make the process more interactive, confidential and responsible. Such an intranet based typical automated Performance Appraisal system would ideally have basically three forms, access to which would be given to each employee individually and no one else would be authorized to access the other persons forms. One form would be for selfappraisal while the second would be on the Feedback of other subordinates, peers and superiors. The third one would be meant for HR dept. Having filled the self-appraisal part, the employee would share the access with the superior who is supposed to appraise him. Now the appraiser after going through it and as well as during Performance Appraisal review can give his remarks. Clubbed with telephone conferencing and E-mail network, he may consult other peers and superiors as well. There would be no dearth of space for comments.

Grievance resolution Frequently asked questions (FAQs) may be identified and posted on intranet for employees reference. In case, an employee has a typical doubt about a policy matter or any benefit scheme or wants help from HR dept. Or wants to resolve his tussle with his superior/ subordinate, he just needs to intimate it to HR by Intranet. Welfare provisions Consider this scenario: Your Company has a new training manual it wants to distribute to a department of 200 people. But only 10 of them really need to read and keep the entire document. What do you do? In the past, companies such Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) would send a thick hard copy to all 200 employees. Those who didnt need it day-to-day would probably file or dump it. Think of the waste of time and money to reproduce these unnecessary copies. Benefits in the HR arena, sites such as Career Mosaic, Job Web and the Monster Board offer employer profiles, job openings, career information and human resources forums. In addition, there are long lists of consultants and services peddling their wares and offering their


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

expertise on everything from training to career development. There also are government sites, including OSHA, where an HR practitioner can stay informed on current regulations, directives and even scan OSHA notices in the Federal Register. Its possible to jump from one subject or service to another in a matter of secondsby simply clicking a mouse button. Meanwhile, other portions of the Internetsuch as FTP, Usenet and Telnetoffer a mind-boggling array of additional resources. You can access mailing lists for your specific interests, along with interests, along with newsletters, academic studies and an array of background materials. Corporate News & Information:

Employee handbook and other "binder" information is all available via the intranet. All employees, regardless of location and time, have immediate access to the most up to date information. HR reduces staff time and costs spent on assembly, reproduction, distribution and updating.

Organization charts are available via the Intranet. Organization charts can be automatically updated on the Intranet as changes are made to the human resource information system.

Charts are "drillable" and "expandable" by simple point and click methods. Costly time to produce, maintain, and distribute org charts is reduced. All staff has the same information once the executive suite makes the decision.

Basic telephone, departmental and e-mail information is on the intranet. This may even be combined with the org chart web pages. Employees can quickly filter contact information, view departmental and web page information without having to use outdated binders or call HR for the information.

Corporate and departmental newsletters and communication pieces can be sent via the Intranet. All general corporate news may be instantly made available to all employees at reduced production and distribution costs. Innovative new ways of communicating can also be used including corporate radio station via the Intranet, audio and video interviews with staff.

External news sources on the corporation and key corporate indicators can be viewed on the Intranet with links to the internet. This keeps all staff equally abreast of news and


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

changes. Its vital a high performance organization communicates to all staff all the time regardless of time zone and location. To compete in a global economy one needs to ensure that his/her organization is heading in these directions. And he can modularly put his organization on the fast track by laying out a well thought strategic implementation plan for HR to use the Intranet and the Internet. The price points for implementing these tools and new systems are dropping while the ease of implementation is greatly improving. By taking advantage of the new mindset these tools offer, youll avoid being a low performance organization in a high performance economy.

About HRMS
A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package.

HRMS is a powerful solution that transforms human resources procedures to reduce hours per task and related costs. It strategically aligns the workforce to the work, engages employees and ultimately optimizes your workforce. HRMS achieves all of this by helping your organization manage the hiring process, streamline benefits administration, . alleviate regulatory compliance, and more.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

This solution helps improve productivity and efficiency by providing greater control over critical HR processes. With Web-based capabilities like comprehensive employee self-service, Workforce HR streamlines and automates time-consuming processes and administrative tasks. The system empowers your HR staff to eliminate the hours spent capturing and processing redundant data, and instead spends their time contributing to your organization's strategic goals.

About Syntax Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Calling us just another Information Technology Firm would be like calling infinity just another number. Very limiting. Very misleading...

Syntax is thus office and home to an ever-energized and enthusiastic team of professionals committed to deliver enhanced technology solutions including business process management, collaborative computing and workflow applications. Syntax Soft-


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Tech is a part of Total OutSource Group; a premier global outsourcing company providing solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies merge.

The Path to Infinity:

At Syntax, the concept of Infinity is easily understood. That's because they've rediscovered the idea and redefined it to reflect their core philosophy. Infinity is part of their inherent corporate genetic structure. To them, it means generating value that is endless; innovating solutions without constraints; a never-ending pursuit for excellence. It represents their state of continual, aggressive evolution to adapt rapidly to the ever-changing topography of market demands and technological advances. Integrate all the characteristics of Syntax and you'll have a new definition for Infinity. On the ground, Syntax fundamentally aims to build strong relationships. Their deliverables are strong technology solutions that make a difference to the profitability of their clients' businesses. One relationship that is already making a big difference is their alliance with Total OutSource, Inc.

The fundamental values at Syntax can be defined by their Vision, Mission and Philosophy. Vision To be one of the top IT Consulting Companies in India and abroad.

To leverage Technology & Human Capital for Optimum Productivity.

To create an opportunity & to provide a platform where everybody can grow & contribute towards making India a 'Super Power' & the World a better place to live in.

Company Profile:


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

In today's technology-driven business ecosystem, everyone agrees that change is not only constant but is also increasing at an exponential rate. At Syntax, we believe delivering true value is a result of staying on top of change. In fact, we take this one step further; we focus on being part of the very force that drives these changes.

Accelerating .


Does change have direction? Neo-Darwinian principles define survival as a function of change; the ability to adapt to changing requirements. All businesses are governed by these principles. At Syntax, they are aggressive catalysts helping customers to leverage technology to accelerate adaptation. .

Their focus is singular and clear: offer business benefits to the customer to deliver an unbeatable edge over competition. That's the bottom line they like to put on top of everything else. All their passion, all their values, their strengths, skills and efforts orbit around this positioning. The idea of offering endless value to the customer is the very differentiating principle Syntax was founded on. Building up from the direction their foundation gave them, their guaranteed, unwavering quality of delivery was built up by sheer determination, expertise and commitment. Having started in 1998 with a one-man team and a single client, Syntax today has a manpower base of over 150 that is expected to double within the year and a list of clients that reads like a Who's Who list of companies spread across geographies. Syntax has now attained the position of an emergent powerhouse in Technology consulting, product development and Outsourcing services.

This amazing growth has resulted from the tremendous confidence Syntax has evoked in everyone alike - Management, Employees, Investors, Partners, Alliances and, of-course, their Clients. On the ground, Syntax is a people company. The company's backbone is its strong management team that keeps focused on the magic of the initial vision. In addition, the expertise and energy of the founders has filtered down to the entire team making it one complete dynamic entity with strong commitment and focus.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Adopting Acceleration .

They continue to evolve rapidly by adopting emerging technologies and stressing on their research initiatives; they strive to stay at the leading edge of change. Innovative excellence is at the heart of all their solutions and by staying at the leading edge of change, they help their clients leverage the best of the technology to meet their business objectives. The ultimate objectives adopt the newest technologies and accelerate their clients adaptation to the competitive landscape.

Syntax is associated with NASSCOM.

NASSCOM is India's National Association of Software and Service Companies, the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT software and services industry in India. NASSCOM was set up to facilitate business and trade in software and services and to encourage advancement of research in software technology. NASSCOM is a global trade body with around 850 members, of which nearly 150 are global companies from the US, UK, EU, Japan and China. NASSCOM's member companies are in the business of software development, software services, and IT-enabled/BPO services. Syntax is associated with this global body and holds a primary membership status.

Differentiators Our core values are our basic differentiators. They provide the thrust for continuous growth and development. To ensure reliability and high performance, Syntax and its employees live by their commitment to a set of three core values: Innovation, Quality and building Enduring Relationships with customers, employees and society at large.

In an age where competitors can so easily imitate yesterday's inventions, their key advantage lies in their ability to innovate and evolve continuously. Innovation is the foundation


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

on which Syntaxs solutions are built. They've built a system that is based on discovery and technological innovation. Their innovative approach to technology is carried over into their innovative business solutions that enable customers meet competitive market demands.

At Syntax, quality is not a mere word but a way of life. Syntaxs commitment to quality is evident in a number of ways:

In the dedication of their management team to produce world-class solutions that meet customers' real-world requirements. In the determination of their development team to constantly improve processes, to increase efficiency and deliver cost effective products. The approach in which customers requirements remain the focal point throughout the entire development process.

Building Enduring Relationships

Syntax culture is built and maintained in synchronization with the organization's vision and goals. Syntax strives to maintain high standards of conduct and integrity in all its relationships and is dedicated to client satisfaction and enduring relationships.

Syntax works towards one key objective: Customer Satisfaction. The exceptional rapport that Syntax enjoys with its customers emanates from its interactive work culture. Keeping the passion for innovation and customer focus alive, Syntax recruits proficient professionals to deliver best-of-breed business solutions and services to customers worldwide. Syntax constantly endeavors to deliver unparalleled value to customers and views success as dependent upon its customers success. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Syntax always goes beyond the last mile, setting standards for the rest of the players in the same genre.

At Syntax, every employee is an invaluable asset and not a mere resource. In an industry


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

that is typically characterized by high attrition rates, Syntax builds enduring relationships with its own employees - recognizing that an organizations greatest asset is its people. Syntax believes in professionalism without hierarchy. The key role of every individual team member is to perform: overcoming limitations and delivering more than the best. Syntax believes in generating positive attitudes and a strong work ethic among the team members by creating a vibrant work environment that encourages and enables imagination and innovation: 'esprit de corps'.

Society at large

They at Syntax believe that they are an integral part of a larger ecosystem. They firmly believe that every entity in the ecosystem has some responsibility towards the society one lives in. In addition to providing world-class business solutions, Syntax has always strived to fulfill its responsibilities as a true social and economic enabler. Their employees are pragmatic and believe in the dictum that small grains of sand gather to form a desert and so are ever ready to volunteer and contribute to a social cause. Besides contributing to various spiritual, charitable and religious activities from time to time, they at Syntax have also contributed to national causes like the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, the Tsunami relief fund etc. This is just a humble beginning, almost like a drop in the ocean, but it is with these small endeavors that they attempt to create a world that will be a better place for the future generations.



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Syntax has a state-of-the-art R&D facility and Software development center at its corporate headquarters in Bangalore, India. In line with its commitment to developing real-world business solutions, the infrastructure at Syntax includes a facility with over 25,000 square feet of space that can accommodate up to 300 software professionals.

Syntax's wide repertoire of product offerings span from Enterprise Applications to Business Productivity Solutions. Their rich experience in developing indigenous products in tandem with their distribution of world-class, best-of-breed products puts them in a position ideal to find optimal solutions for you.

Enterprise Solutions eFactory

eFactory is a complete online ERP application, integrated with workflow management to facilitate easy and efficient management of operations in a connected environment. eFactory enables modeling the entire production process into a single integrated system and manages all processes with multiple end products. It integrates Materials Management, Quality Control / Quality Assurance, Production Planning and Control, Plant Maintenance, Sales and Costing, Excise, Human Resources and Financial Accounting.

eHRIS is a web-based new generation, multifunctional Human Resource Management and Information System. It efficiently automates the process of Recruitment, Employee Management, Benefits Administration, Training and Development, Travel Management, Performance Management and Tasks and Schedules. It enables organizations to maintain their employee assets in a more effective manner.



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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

ViewWise is a feature-rich Integrated Document Management / Image Enabled Solution. ViewWise is engineered to facilitate compliance with current and emerging operational and

regulatory compliance requirements for document imaging, capture / indexing, searching / retrieval, archiving and records management. It is robust, simple, reliable, cost effective, scalable and easy to use. ViewWise is designed to operate in both WEB and LAN based environments. It leverages a firm's existing investment in their IT infrastructure, and operates on a variety of distributed and centralized topologies. ViewWise integrates with other software applications within diverse operating environments.

Cutting-edge applications from AnyDoc Software, Inc. provide the full spectrum of automated solutions for all your document and data capture needs, including Scanning software (local and remote), Forms processing (structured and unstructured) and Document imaging (storage and retrieval).

Business Solutions
Syntax's end object of providing infinite value extends far beyond its in-house products and services. They understand the need (and cost-efficiency) of not reinventing the wheel! As a result, Syntax offers a huge and extremely comprehensive range of packaged products to provide solutions to all types of businesses and users. They are not a standard re-seller. Their focus is to build a long-term relationship, with end-to-end services including pre- and post-sales support, installation, consultancy and maintenance. Syntax aims to act as a single-window Procurement Partner. They have the ability to even source products that are rare, or not easily available by conventional means. Their strong alliances with major distributors ensure competitive pricing.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

The entire range of tools caters to a wide variety of users including tools for: Software Development Lifecycle Management Designing

Authoring Development Deployment Testing Help Authoring Installation Documentation Project Management Configuration Management Website/Portal Development & Deployment Network Management Security Productivity Enhancements Knowledge Management

Syntax deals with major industry standard products from leading manufacturers.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Organizations worldwide are trying to achieve increased productivity at reduced costs by implementing a wide range of IT-based business solutions. Syntax empowers and improves your business by creating custom web and software solutions according to your business needs. At Syntax, they understand unique business requirements of their customers. They work in synergy with them to conceptualize reliable and versatile solutions that aptly fit their needs. They take care of the complete life-cycle development of the solution, right from requirements analysis to implementation.

Software Development
Syntax's bespoke software development service enables companies to meet their realworld business needs through a comprehensive range of value-added architecture, technology and development expertise. Their services are aimed at helping customers realize their vision within budget and on schedule. Their methodology is focused on integrating software development services seamlessly with the customer's business process to deliver applications of high-quality and effective usability. They use all the man-years of their past experiences, proven industry practices and established tools to ensure that every project is totally transparent, efficient and has predictable results. Their experience demonstrates that no implementation method by itself - be that ISO, CMM, or an agile approach is a 'one-size-fits-all' method for every budget and timeframe. Therefore, they also advise and help customers in matching business processes and understanding mutual expectations towards software development methodology that is best suited for their customized . Their ultimate goal is to ensure that customers maximize the benefits of their software needs. The end objective is of-course, to maximize returns.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

development services in terms of cost, quality and capability to meet their strategic goals without compromising on any of these factors.

Technology Enabling
Emerging trends in the market place have resulted in organizations adopting new technologies and business models. Syntax offers consulting services that aim to help clients maximize revenues and streamline operations.

Syntax offers consulting services through its team of consultants having widespread cross-functional business and technical understanding. The team of experienced project managers, business analysts and software developers work in a collaborative approach with clients. This allows the teams to chart business requirements to the technology solution that best fits project objective.

Legacy Migration and Re-engineering

While there seems to be a neck-to-neck race between technology and time, organizations are exploring ways and means of keeping up with the technology in order to maintain an edge over competitors. To realize this, a few of them have been redeveloping their applications with state-of-the art technologies. As very few organizations have budget or time or resources for redevelopment, most opt for migrations and conversions. At Syntax, they understand that migration/porting legacy applications requires a different strategy and approach. It requires a thorough understanding of the technologies and platforms involved. Their experience of working on various tools and technologies has helped them understand the nuances of the existing and evolving tools and technologies. This has helped them strategize their approach towards the porting and migration needs of their customer. They have the expertise to handle mission critical legacy applications that are of great value to organizations.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

The issues facing migration tasks can be daunting. Over time, as technology changes, legacy applications can prove to be stumbling blocks for an enterprise-wide IT architecture and present several challenges in operations and maintenance. These challenges can be categorized as 1. High maintenance costs 2. Non-availability of experienced resources 3. Adapting to a constantly changing business and regulatory environment. Their proven application migration and re-engineering solutions help organizations overcome these hurdles and unlock as much value from these applications as possible.

The Return on Investment on a migration project can be manifold. It can result from enhanced business support, significant improvement in the ability to integrate applications and reduced licensing and maintenance costs. The key factor that adds value while working with them is their domain expertise in chosen business verticals. This results in their ability to flawlessly execute re-engineering projects of varying sizes and complexities. Their primary business goals are accelerated time-tomarket and reduction in costs.

SYNTAX Offerings
Their tested indigenous Migration & Re-engineering Methodology is a four-phased approach. The key to the approach is ensuring continuity and transparency across all the phases. This is achieved with utilization of appropriate tools that integrate and drive the entire project. Their diverse spectrum of application migration and re-engineering include:

Application Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of an application migration or reengineering exercise including the choice of the target architecture. Portfolio Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of re-engineering an entire portfolio of related applications.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Platform Migration: Migrating an existing application to new hardware, operating system, database or programming environment. Application Re-engineering: Completely redesigning an application in order to provide superior functionality by taking advantage of new technology standards.

Outsourced Software Development

Syntax's Outsourced software development service enables companies to meet their realworld business needs through a comprehensive range of value-added architecture, technology and development expertise. Their services are aimed at helping customers realize their vision within budget and on schedule. Their methodology is focused on integrating offshore software development services and practices seamlessly with the customer's business and technology practices. They use all the man-

years of their past experiences, proven industry practices and established tools to ensure that every project is totally transparent, efficient and has predictable results. As experience demonstrates, no implementation method by itself - be that ISO, CMM, or an agile approach is a 'one-size-fits-all' solution for every budget and timeframe. Therefore, they also advise and help customers in matching business processes and understanding mutual expectations towards software development methodology that is best suited for their customized needs. . As a global technology outsourcing provider, they make a consistent effort to ensure that project communication goes smoothly, by providing:









Onsite teams that closely collaborate with the customer to get a better understanding of business and project requirements A secure and efficient communication environment for all the distributed team members, both onsite and offshore/near-shore


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Specialized information infrastructure and effective communication tools for centralizing, organizing and managing all project information. Further, flexible contractual models ensure that software outsourcing project is delivered

on time and on budget, while meeting the highest quality requirements. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that customers maximize the benefits of outsourcing software services in terms of cost, quality and capability to meet their strategic goals without compromising on any of these factors.

Outsourced Product Development

To remain competitive, organizations need to be able to focus on their core business processes. Product Developers, for example, can expend their resources on the concept, design, developing marketing strategies and business development. The actual product development can be outsourced to a suitable developer.

There may also be other factors that come into play. Designing and Engineering a software product from its specification to its release requires a dedicated team of skilled software personnel, experienced managers, and domain experts. Most product companies do not have sufficient management or engineering resources inhouse to bring the desired product to the market at the targeted time. Today, many companies are taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of Outsourced Product Development, an option which was not available too long ago. The reasons why a company should consider outsourcing product development are many:

The in-house engineering team may require additional skill-sets to engineer the product (e.g., experience with open source solutions and specific language expertise) Adequate engineering resources may not be available in-house to start development on the new software product or enhance an existing product


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The cost of adding additional software engineers to an in-house team can be deferred This may be the only way to meet stringent time-to-market requirements From working with a well-established and professional outsourcing engineering services company, an additional benefit would include understanding infrastructure and welldefined management processes

In-house engineering teams can also benefit from the association and collaboration with other engineers at the outsourcing engineering services company Having decided to outsource Product Development, the most critical issue becomes

selection of the outsourcing partner. This requires careful consideration. Apart from cost considerations, the developer must have the engineering resources in place with the technical background and necessary infrastructure to ensure a quality product and meet your quality and time-to-market expectations.

SYNTAX: the ideal outsourced product engineering team

With it vast experience and extensive technical & domain expertise, Syntax is an excellent partner to work with. They have successfully managed, developed and delivered quality products in a diverse set of domains. They score high when it comes to why you must choose Syntax:

A proven ability to engineer products. A through understanding of the entire product development lifecycle including requirements specifications, design, development, quality assurance testing, and release A commitment to best practices throughout the product development lifecycle to ensure high quality during the development process Skilled engineers plus access to off-shore resources to quickly and adequately staff the engineering team to meet the product development requirements Management infrastructure in place to closely monitor the progress of projects throughout the product development lifecycle, and to ensure communication between customers, software engineers and our project management

Project infrastructure to ensure strict adherence to source code control and backup procedures


Page 24

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Total commitment to continuing technical education to ensure that engineering resources remain up-to-date on the latest advances in technology Skilled engineering resources with strong backgrounds in a wide variety of operating environments, languages and technologies Strong regulatory procedures and security policies and infrastructure Microsoft certified partner and Sun Developer Connection partner. This helps Syntax to continuously improve delivery on these platforms

Outsourced Testing and QA

Syntax offers independent product testing services that provide critical and objective evaluation of the performance and quality of software systems and applications. The dimensions of their testing service include:

Unit Testing Functional Testing Load Testing Peer Testing Interoperability and Conformance Testing Certification Testing Regression Testing Integration Testing Development and Deployment Testing Test ware and tools development Test strategy and planning Syntax with its extensive experience in providing independent testing services to

customers helps provide distinct insight into reliability, maintainability, and usability issues. Selecting the appropriate and right testing strategy, strong management of testing processes, and use of automation tools to support the testing processes are some of the value adds that Syntax offers its customers.

Domain Expertise Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 25

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Industry Domains:
Syntax specializes in domains such as Manufacturing, Healthcare and Banking, Financial Services & Insurance. Syntax understands these segments well and is well equipped to handle the various business issues involved in these industry sectors. Each member of Syntax is constantly upgraded through training and through participation in technology specific events, seminars, discussions and workshops, with the aim of providing cutting edge solutions to all customers and partners.

Functional Domains:
By adopting emerging technologies and by stressing on in-house research initiatives on a diversity of projects, Syntax has gained extensive expertise on many functional domains like Enterprise Resource Planning (efactory), Human Resources (eHRIS) and Business Process Automation. Their expertise is so deep that they have quality products in these domains. Their indigenously developed and widely used eFactory and eHRIS continue to add value to leading enterprises by cutting down process time, enhancing accuracy and smoothening out workflow bottlenecks.

Clients Their success is evident in the long list of satisfied customers that they serve. Here is a select list:
Allegro Networks Altium Technologies

Anupam Rasayan Ltd. Canfin Homes Ltd. D.S. Constructions Eastern Engineering Company Espark Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Explocity Pvt. Ltd. Ginie Interactive Jindal Praxair Oxygen Company Ltd.


Page 26

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Moser Baer, India NHRD, Bangalore Novell Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. Ocwen Finance Solution Pvt. Ltd. Peak XV Pvt. Ltd. Perot Systems Phoenix Global Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Praxair India Pvt. Ltd. Raffles Software Pvt. Ltd. Rockwell Automation India Sapient Corporation Sonim Communications (India) Pvt. Ltd. Spider Systems, Malaysia Team Asia Lakhi Semiconductors Texas Instrument India Pvt. Ltd. Titan Time Products Ltd. TUV Rheinland Group Asia, Japan Wipro Ltd. Zilog India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.



Page 27

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS



About eHRIS
In today's competitive business environment, recruiting and maintaining a skilled, educated, empowered and effective workforce is critical to success. Growing globalization, Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 28

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

rapidly changing technology, pressures for cost control, and the mounting importance of knowledge capital are exponentially increasing the demands on the HR department and its ability to contribute in a meaningful way.
The role of the HR department is rapidly changing and becoming increasingly demanding. HR department is expected to be able to provide on-demand information about applicants, employees and benefits. To be effective and be able to meet the growing work demands, HR needs advanced systems that offer easy and rapid access to information, as well as the capability to use and distribute information throughout the enterprise.

Product Overview
eHRIS is a web-based new generation, multifunctional Human Resource Management and Information System. eHRIS is secure, robust, easy-to-use and maintain. Using eHRIS can simplify time-consuming processes by automating administrative tasks and minimizing paperwork, thereby dramatically reducing the costs associated with lengthy HR processes. eHRIS is a comprehensive, powerful HR system that can manage information and process a multitude of transactions. It efficiently automates the process of recruitment, employee management, benefits administration, performance management etc., but more importantly it enables organizations to maintain their employee assets in a more effective manner. eHRIS has been developed keeping in mind the future needs of organizations and is designed such that it adapts to your changing needs. It is highly customizable and system scalability allows for large increases in record capacity and changes in organizational needs. eHRIS has been extensively tested by industry experts and guarantees a definite return-oninvestment to organizations.

Product Advantages
Some of the advantages offered by eHRIS to organizations are as below:


Page 29

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Customizable and cost-effective Flexible, configurable and easy-to-use Helps organizations in recruiting the best available talent Provides information on employee skill levels and competencies Assists in planning, scheduling and decision making Automates almost all the manual tasks performed by the employees and the HR department Increased employee participation in HR activity Provides for paperless processing of HR activities

Main Functionality
In addition to basic employee administration, HR departments today are increasingly expected to have a clear understanding of employees proficiency and competencies, and to recognize gaps in the progress of employees. Optimizing all levels of the employee career cycle through the use of right technology is vital. eHRIS provides HR professionals with a complete HR solution that includes tools to administer all levels of the employee career cycle. Following is a list of tools that facilitate easy and efficient management of the HR functions in an organization.

This module consists of the following processes:

Maintain Resume Databank Manpower Requirement Indents Maintain Manpower Consultants Database Resume / Requirement Matching and Selection Shortlist Candidates and Fix Interviews Perform Interviews and Capture Interview Ratings Perform Final Interview and Generate Offer Letters

Employee Management Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 30

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Maintain Personal Data Maintain Company Data Maintain Educational Details Maintain Work Experience History Maintain Skill Sets Statistical Reporting Based on Grades / Department / Location, etc.

Benefits & Administration


Leave Record Maintenance Configure Leave Types Fill Leave Applications Submit Leave Applications for Online Approvals Maintain Leave Balances Updation of Leave Records

Expenses and Reimbursements

Maintain Claims Record (claims master) Claim Medical Reimbursements Claim LTA Claim Other Expenses (petrol, lunch, conveyance etc.) Generation of Statement of Claims


Apply for Appliance / Furniture Loans Apply for Cash Advances Apply for Company Leased Accommodations Apply for Vehicle Loans

Training and Development Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 31

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Manage Training Calendar Announce Training Programs Training Cost Estimation Training Program Nominations Post-training Feedback's Capture Actual Training Costs Generate Skill Set Registers Maintain Employee Training Register

Travel Management

Travel Plan and Travel Request Applications Travel Advance Requests Domestic & Foreign Travel Applications Travel Expenses Statement

Performance Management

Employee Self-assessment Goal Setting Process Identify Training and Development Issues Statistical Reporting Overall Performance Rating

Team Administration



Resignation Exit Interview Final Settlement


Page 32

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Compensation and Benefits

Define the Components Formula Based or Fixed CTC Definition


Roster Preparation Cab Master Pick Up and Drop Timings

Employee Communication, Motivation Awards, Rewards and Fun @ Work

Events Newsletters Interoffice Memos News Magazine Birthdays Anniversaries


Page 33

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Research Design

Objectives: 1. The Top players in HRMS space in Bangalore. 2. Investment scope and readiness to purchase in the identified verticals. 3. Top verticals ready to invest in HRMS. 4. Potential clients for HRMS software. 5. Priority requirements for an HRMS. Scope: Verticals IT/ITES, Non-IT (Manufacturing), Corporate. Territory Bangalore Duration Two Months

Sample Size: 45 companies Sampling Method: Random Sampling. Measurement Tool: Questionnaire. Measurement Technique: Telephonic interview. Personal interview. Data Collection: Primary Data HR Heads of selected Companies Secondary Data Websites


Page 34

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Questionnaire 1. Name:____________________________________________________________ 2. Name of the Company:_______________________________________________ 3. Designation:_______________________________________________________ 4. Type of Company: BPO / IT / ITES / Manufacturing / Corporate. 5. Number of employees in your Company: _________________ 6. Annual Turnover: _________________ 7. Rate the complexity of HR functions in your company on the scale of 1-10 :
(Low) 1

10 (High)

8. Have you implemented any HR software or HR Management Solutions (HRMS)? YES 9. If Yes, then which are you using presently? (Specify Software Name & Company Name) __________________________________________________________________ 10. Reasons to choose that software or HR solution : ___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 11. Investment made in implementing that software : __________________________________________________________________ NO
(If NO, then Goto Q.no. 14)

12. Does the implemented HR solution offer the security function? Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 35

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS


13. Are you planning to upgrade or change the present software? YES 14. If No, are you ready to invest in HRMS? YES NOT SURE NO NO

15. Do you have a budget allocated for HR solution in this financial year? YES NO Specify: __________________________________________________________ 16. List some of the key and important functions in the HR department of your organisation: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________


Page 36

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Analysis & Findings
Companies in the research

The research contained companies from verticals like IT, ITES, Manufacturing and some Corporate. The following is the list of companies / respondents out of which 35 were IT/ITES companies, 10 manufacturing companies and in these 3 were Corporate Offices. Company Names Agni Software Pvt. Ltd. B. R. M. Machine Tools Building Network Automation Ptd. Ltd. Ceramed Engineers (P) Ltd. Comcast Software Soltuions Pvt. Ltd. Compu Lease Network Pvt. Ltd. Cross Domain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Cymfony Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Cypher Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Deccan Aviation Ducont Esika Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Essae Technologies Gears and Pinions Pvt. Ltd. Gemplus India Pvt. Ltd. Hedge Street Infosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ITTI Pvt. Ltd. Jaycee Industries LS Software Maini Precision Products Mastermind Software Technology Solutions Micro Plastics

Micro Village Communications Next Omni Matrix Optimus Orchid Informatics Perfect Polypacks Pinnacle Infotech Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Preva Test Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Protekz Raffles Software Pvt. Ltd. Simplex Solutions SQA Technologies Square One Business Solutions Surendra Engg Syntel Limited Sysfore Technologies TechSpan Tricon Infotech Tryarc India WiFi Networks Pvt. Ltd. World2Web Soft Technologies

Number of Employees in the Companies surveyed :


Page 37

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Number of Employees




> or = 50 and < or = 3000


This question was asked to know the employee strength of the companies. Here the companies are divided into three categories below 50 employees, more than or equal to 50 employees and less than or equal to 3000 employees and the last category which has more than 3000 employees. The above graph shows that 22 companies have below 50 employees, 18 companies have more than or equal to 50 employees and less than or equal to 3000 employees, one company has more than 3000 employees and rest of the companies have not disclosed the number of employees. Syntax is looking for mid-sized companies that is from 50 employees to 3000 employees, but through research it was found that even the companies like LS Software, Optimus BT and Cymfony Infotech Pvt. Ltd. where employee strength of below 50 have also implemented HR software.


Page 38

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Complexity of Human Resource functions according to the respondents :

Complexity of HR functions
14 No. of Respondents 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1 (Low) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Rating Scale 2 2 4 8 6 6 3 0 9 10 (High) 2 12

Here the respondents were asked to rate the complexity in managing the HR functions according to them in their organization, a rating scale from 1 to 10 was given where 1 is low complexity and 10 is high complexity in HR functions. The above graph shows the ratings given by the companies surveyed. Its seen that 12 companies rated it as 5 which is average but falls towards the low complexity side and 6 companies have rated as 6 which could again considered as average but falls towards the high complexity side. So considering 5 & 6 as the average on the 1-10 complexity scale 16 companies have rated the complexity below 5 i.e. 1,2 3, or 4 and 11 companies have rated the complexity above 6 i.e. 7, 8, 9 or 10. Here it cannot be generalized from the responses whether the complexity of HR functions is High or low, because the complexity of HR functions varies from company to company and which also depends on various other criteria such whether they have implemented any HR software to manage their Human Resource.

Human Resource Management Solution implemented in companies : Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 39

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Companies implemented HRMS

40 35 No. of Respondents 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No 10 35

This was asked to find out how many companies have implemented HRMS, the software name and company name, reasons to choose that particular software, investment made in the implementation of that software and whether that software provides security function. The above graph shows that the 10 companies have implemented HRMS and 35 companies have not implemented HRMS. The following is the list of companies who have not implemented HRMS, but it cannot be said that these all are the potential clients because few companies which do not have an HRMS may not meet the other criteria such as number of employees, technology to support, investment required etcto go for HRMS or HR software.

Company Names
Esika Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Gemplus India Pvt. Ltd. Hedge Street SQA Technologies Tricon Infotech Ducont Orchid Informatics B. R. M. Machine Tools Comcast Software Soltuions Pvt. Ltd. Agni Software Pvt. Ltd. Compu Lease Network Pvt. Ltd. Mastermind Software Technology Solutions Protekz Square One Business Solutions Infosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. World2Web Soft Technologies Omni Matrix Building Network Automation Ptd. Ltd. WiFi Networks Pvt. Ltd. Essae Technologies Gears and Pinions Pvt. Ltd. Perfect Polypacks Cross Domain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. TechSpan Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Jaycee Industries ITTI Pvt. Ltd. Cypher Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Page 40

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Preva Test Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ceramed Engineers (P) Ltd. Micro Plastics Sysfore Technologies Surendra Engg Deccan Aviation Pinnacle Infotech

And the company names which have implemented HRMS and the reasons for selecting that particular software are mentioned below. 1. Micro Village Communications The software implemented here is internally developed by their development team where in the approximate investment made in the implementation of the software was 2 lakhs. This software also provides them with a security function. 2. Syntel Limited They have implemented PeopleSoft HRMS software as this software helps them to handle the large employee number of 4500 with all the HR functionalities along with the security function. 3. Tryarc India They have implemented software which provides them with the security function and have chosen that software for easy and smooth functioning. The software name is not mentioned. But this company could be a potential client as they are looking for software upgradation. 4. Optimus They have implemented Microsoft Project Server & Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server. The reason for this implementation of software is to control their whole operations. They are the re-sellers of this Microsoft product.

5. Raffles Software Pvt. Ltd. The software implemented is been developed internally by their development team, which also has a security function


Page 41

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

6. LS Software They have implemented the software called LS 360 Degree Appraisal which is internally developed. They are the pioneers of this software and according to them it is most reliable one and is even use by Wipro, ICICIIt also has the security function and the investment in this software is less than 10 Lakhs. 7. Cymfony Infotech Pvt. Ltd. They use TALLY software, which has an HR module built in it. The reason to implement this software was its user-friendliness and software which also handles the financial functions. 8. Simplex Solutions The software used here is internally developed by their development team which is cost Effective / Tailor-made to their Department according to them. They have invested 15 lakhs in the software but it does not provide them with the security function. 9. Next They have implemented software for which the main reason was faster scanning of CVs. The software name is not disclosed. 10. Maini Precision Products They have implemented HRIS software from Pro Pay because of its user friendliness and for faster operations. This software also provides security functions.

Companies looking for software upgradation:


Page 42

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Upgrade or Change the Software

Will upgrade Will not upgrade

This was asked to find out whether the companies which have already implemented Human Resource Management Solution are looking for any change in software or upgradation of that software. During the research it was found that from the 10 companies which have already implemented software, only one company Tryarc India is planning to go for software upgradation. They have implemented software which provides them with the security function and have chosen that software for easy and smooth functioning. The software name is not disclosed. Tryarc India could be a potential client for Syntax Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd. as they are planning to go for software upgradation and they even meet the criteria that Syntax looks for its clients for eHRIS. Tryarc India has 50 employees and Annual turnover of approx. 21 Crores but they arent any budgets allocated for HR solution in this financial year. They are focusing on modules like Recruitment, Payroll and Policies Implementation.

Companies ready to invest in HRMS :


Page 43

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Ready to Invest

14 28

Yes Not Sure No

This was asked to find out the companies which are ready to invest in Human Resource Management Solution. The research tries to find out the companies which are ready to invest, which are not ready to invest and the companies may or may not invest in Human Resource Management Solution. Here from the graph it can be found out that 28 companies are not interested or not ready to invest in Human Resource Management Solution and 14 companies may invest or may not invest Human Resource Management Solution but 3 companies are ready to invest in Human Resource Management Solution. The three companies are Cross Domain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Orchid Informatics who are ready to invest, they may not invest immediately but surely in future and Deccan Aviation may invest in this financial year. From these three companies Orchid Informatics is small company with currently only 10 employees so Syntax has to check whether eHRIS would match Orchid Informatics requirements and budget .Cross Domain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. could be a potential one as number of employees is 180 and are also willing to go for HRMS. Deccan Aviation could also be a potential one as they have employee strength of 1600 all over India. The 14 companies which are not sure of investing into HRMS are Micro Plastics, Ceramed Engineers (P) Ltd., WiFi Networks Pvt. Ltd., Essae Technologies, Mastermind Software Technology Solutions, Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Esika Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Sysfore Technologies, Square One Business Solutions, World2Web Soft Technologies, Agni Software Pvt. Ltd., Tryarc India, Infosense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Compu Lease Network Pvt. Ltd.


Page 44

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

List of some key and important functions of Human Resource :

Important Functions of HR
1% 3% 13% 0% 1% 13% 0% 16% 9% 13% 0% 24%


An open ended question was asked here to find out the key and important functions of HR in their respective organizations. The graph here shows the percentage of companies which have mentioned the important HR functions with respect to their organization. From the graph its clear that majority of companies have mentioned Recruitment as one of the most important functions of HR and then followed by Training & Development, Performance Management & Employee Management & Compensation & Benefits, Selection etc


Page 45

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Few other players in HRMS space in Bangalore:

Syntaxs eHRIS is one among the players in HRMS space, the will give us information about few other players in HRMS space in Bangalore. It gives the company profile in brief and their product details.


PeopleSoft Human Capital Management

Company Profile
Oracle and PeopleSoft bring together the best and brightest talent in the enterprise software industry. They plan to accelerate innovation and offer customers a superior solution at a lower price. The combined companies represent more applications and database customers than any other company in the world. PeopleSoft and JD Edwards product lines: PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World. PeopleSoft Support, Consulting, Education, Hosting, and Financing are now integrated with Oracle Services.

Product PeopleSoft Human Capital Management

PeopleSoft Human Capital Management is described by the company as the only global pure-internet solution designed to help organizations drive cost containment and value creation across the entire extended enterprise. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) enables organizations to improve efficiency and productivity, in order to drive higher levels of business outcome in real time. PeopleSoft HCM enables companies to:

Manage and mobilize a unified global workforce. Connect people directly to business processes anywhere in the world, at any time. Align the workforce with strategic business goals.

The PeopleSoft HCM product family includes HRMS, Workforce Analytics, Enterprise Incentive Management (available in Q3 2003) and Enterprise Learning (available in Q3 2003).


Page 46

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

HR management

PeopleSoft 8 HRMS enables organizations to manage HR business processes from recruitment through to retirement using pure internet applications that are built on a bestpractices performance record of more than 10 years. With the solutions, enterprises can:

Extend the reach of their organization by pulling external content into the suite of employee and manager self-service applications, all of which are delivered through a role-base portal.

Align the workforce with strategic business goals with analytics to support better, faster decision making.

Accelerated HR

PeopleSoft Accelerated Human Resources provides functionality to help small to midsized companies manage their human resource business processes, using pure-internet applications. Users of Accelerated Human Resources receive the same PeopleSoft 8 software products and internet architecture used by Fortune 100 companies, bundled together with pre-configured fixed-price implementation, training and support services designed to make it affordable for smaller companies. Workforce Analytics performance. The package allows companies to analyze workforce trends, leverage key performance indicators and corporate benchmarks, and align the workforce with new organizational objectives. PeopleSoft Workforce Analytics comprises the following components:

PeopleSoft Workforce Analytics provides the tools to measure and manage workforce

HRMS Warehouse enables companies to manage their workforce information for analytic reporting and analysis.


Page 47

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Workforce Planning companies can align workforce competencies with organizational goals. Workforce Rewards helps companies plan compensation and retention initiatives.

Workforce Scorecard used to assess the impact of the workforce on enterprise operations to determine how best to meet future business objectives.

Learning solutions the right learning to the right people, at the right time and in the right format.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning is a pure-internet solution that helps enterprises provide

With PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Solutions, organizations can approach learning strategically. Companies can improve enterprise performance by planning and deploying learning within and beyond the enterprise to customers, suppliers and employees that aligns with business objectives. By using Enterprise Learning Solutions, PeopleSoft says companies can:

Integrate learning across all business processes. Provide intelligent learning advice to the workforce, customers and suppliers. Align learning with corporate objectives.

Various modules offered by Oracles PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Portal Pack Workforce Planning Talent Acquisition Manager Candidate Gateway Career and Succession Planning Training Administration eDevelopment ePerformance Learning eProfile Manager Desktop Human Resources


Page 48

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Payroll for North America Global Payroll ePay Payroll Interface Payroll Interface Connector for ADP Connection Time and Labor Absence Management HelpDesk for Human Resources HRMS Warehouse Workforce Scorecard Benefits Administration Pension Administration Stock Administration eBenefits eCompensation eCompensation Manager Desktop Workforce Rewards


TATA Infotech - eDOTHR

Company Profile
Tata Infotech is part of the 125-year-old Tata Group, India's most trusted and best-known industrial group. The group has a turnover of US $ 14.25 billion (equivalent to 2.6 % of India's GDP), covering 91 major companies with business operations in seven sectors - Engineering, Materials, Energy, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Services, and Communication and Information Systems. Tata Infotech operates in the chosen areas of System Integration, Contract Hardware Manufacturing and IT Education. The Systems Integration services also include Software Development, IT Enabled Services and IT Infrastructure Management. The seven delivery centers


Page 49

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

across India and the proximity center in Chicago, US, have enabled customers across the world benefit from solutions, products and services of the company.

Product eDOTHR
Tata Infotechs HRMS solution, eDotHR helps you manage your Human Capital from recruitment to retirement with pure Internet applications. The application enables Employee Self

Service (ESS), wherein individual employees view and update their information (such as paid time off) online, instead of filling out forms offline and sending them manually to the HR department. The system is workflow-enabled, where tasks assigned to you (such as Leave Application Approval) arrive as To-Do tasks in your To-Do Box. This components based solution consists of Modules that will automate the critical Human Resources operations: Selection and Hiring

Applicant Tracking From Requisition, Screening to Joining Transfer data to Employee account on Hiring


Standard Employee Data Tax Status Personnel Action Notice Employee History


Staff Pay and Job Classification Salary


Page 50

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS


Establish and manage multiple Benefit programs Allowances Leave Management Leave Travel Allowance Medical Insurance Retirement Plans

Performance Management

Competency Management KRA based 360 degree Appraisal

Succession Planning

Select Positions for Succession Candidate Identification Development Plan Competency-based, linked to Training Track Progress

Training & Development

Courses New Employee Orientation Training Eligibility, Requirements, Attendance, Budget, Location Linked to Performance

Accounts Interface

HR Data Exported in Excel format, ready for use by the Accounts Department


Page 51

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Workflow features Tasks are generated in the system on specific events (such as Leave Application, Medical Allowance Application submitted by an employee). Tasks can also be generated manually. These tasks are assigned to the concerned employee (such as, Manager, HR Dept.) and appear in the Work-To-Do / Task Box of the employee concerned. Functionality Specifications

Assign multiple tasks to any employee Multiple users per tasks Reassign Tasks Set Status, Priority, Deadline Set Vacation / Out-of-Office Messages with Auto-reassignment of Tasks Assign, View and Reassign tasks by User / Task Complete history on task progress

Security A user has access to the application portal by supplying his username and password. This helps ensure that only registered users can access your website. However, which areas of the application he has access to is based on the permissions assigned to the user (authorization). The Security features follow the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) protocol and facilitate Database level Security and Audit Trail Web Enabled Users can access the system anytime, anywhere 24 x 7 with only a standard Web Browser (such as, Internet Explorer) and a login name. No application specific software is required on the client machine. This makes the system maintenance friendly. On-Line Help The HRMS Books Library contains comprehensive documentation. This serves as your online help.


Page 52

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

The eDotHR system is designed for high Performance, is Extensible into other applications and Scalable for enhanced features and bigger employee base. This makes the solution from Tata Infotech technically and functionally geared to meet your growing Human Resources Management needs.

3. WIPRO - e-HR Solutions

Company Profile
Wipro Technologies is the No 1 provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform. Wipro is differentiated by their full-service portfolio that allows them to address diverse customer needs and deliver an integrated, one-stop solution. 90% of their customers work with them across service lines - using the depth and breadth of their offering to align IT strategy with evolving business needs. Wipros services are mainly categorized into enterprise applications, product design services, business process outsourcing, technology infrastructure services and consulting services.

Product e-HR Solutions

With Wipros team of domain and technology experts in the HR field, they focus on new technologies, proven management processes, strategies for human capital management, and innovative e-solutions for HR, helping to Develop and execute human capital management strategies for leveraging technology and existing infrastructure Select the right tools for a robust web-enabled HR (e-HR) environment Make the best use portals, intranets, and the Internet


Page 53

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Set realistic e-HR priorities, goals, and organizational requirements through flexibility and phased deployments Build HR, IT, and business alliances that work and show results Maintain your employee-ness with technology

Competency Management Their HR domain expertise backed by a strong technology helps you establish competency dictionaries, make your employees competency-literate, measure competencies and relate this core element to all other HR processes like Performance Management, Compensation and rewards, Promotions, Succession Planning, etc, thereby helping you with your Competency Based Management system to provide The process whereby competencies needed to achieve success are identified Integration of several human resource functions Provide an objective basis for tracking and measuring performance Provide transparency on measurement parameters Provide a system that can integrate people taking into consideration vertical, horizontal and geographical spacing. The main features of their Competency Management system are: A competency dictionary structure, and a universal set of competencies categorized according to competencies across different roles and levels Weights attached to each competency element and sub-element in order to bring out appropriate importance of each with respect to the job role. Drop-down features whereby the employees can view not only competencies associated with his/her own role, but also those associated with other roles. Comparison scores of competencies picked up from intra and inter business units, along with competency scores of the super achiever, for easy comparison and benchmarking. Competency based questionnaire for appraisals and development needs identification. Archive of competency scores for tracking and reference.

e-Performance Management


Page 54

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Wipro offers an integrated end-to-end Performance Management Solution. This solution is based on global people processes drawn from best practices and helps organizations streamline their performance evaluation processes. Wipros ePerformance Management solution not only helps you establish the best practices in Performance Management, like 360degree appraisal, MBO, etc, but enables reduced Performance Management cycle time without compromising on the sub-processes which are so critical to your HR values, like Work Planning Conference, Work Plan establishment, Development plans and Objective setting, Interim Review, Overall evaluation, detecting Performance deficiencies, Tracking, Documentation and Archiving. Wipros solution aims at strategic value delivery in the least possible time incorporating rich functional features, aided by smooth workflow, notification, authorization, etc. It helps to Align employee objectives to the business goals. Enable strategic Performance Management through Management by Objectives (MBO) Measure and Assess employee performance periodically and provide feedback and support to achieve quantitative, qualitative and process targets Evaluate and track Hi-Performance and achievers based on Competency driven practices. Enable online Reward and Recognition

e-Recruitment Wipro offers a global automated collaborative e-Recruitment solution, which helps to web-enable your complete recruitment process right from requisition to hire. e-Recruitment Solution brings together all the participants of your recruitment process including employees, external agencies, career sites and applicants on a role based, web-enabled platform. e-Recruitment is a one-stop solution for all recruitment needs and comprises of a range of end-to-end applications with built-in best practices such as global people processes and six-sigma for: Requirement Planning Sourcing and Selection


Page 55

Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Resume Collection Online Communications Applicant Tracking Performance Analytics Personalized Desktops - Candidate, Partner, Recruiter, Panelist

4. Ramco Systems Ramco HRMS

Company Profile
Ramco Group is a well-diversified industrial conglomerate. The group has a turnover of close to USD 300 + million and employs over 7000 people. Ramco Systems is a part of the Ramco Group. Ramcos Adaptive Enterprise Solutions, developed using Ramco VirtualWorks, a Virtual Software Factory, allow organizations to address their Unique & Next Practices over and above

standard Best Practices. Ramco VirtualWorks is a Process to Application Platform that incorporates several breakthrough concepts (multiple patents filed), a first for an Indian Software company. Ramco is a global provider of Enterprise Solutions and Services in key areas such as Manufacturing, Aviation, Asset Management, Trading & Logistics, Healthcare, eGovernance, Banking & Financial Services, Corporate Performance Management and Human Resources Management. It is also a Siebel Alliance Partner and provides CRM implementation services to global customers. Ramco provides Converged Networking Solutions, Information Security Services and total Contact Centre Solutions. In the Factory Automation space, Ramco provides Engineering Process Optimization solutions to the Cement, Chemical and Power sectors.

Product Ramco HRMS


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Ramco Human Resources Management Solution offers comprehensive functionalities across the entire HRMS process spectrum. In addition, the product aligns itself seamlessly to ones organization's process through its configurable structure, flexible design and powerful tools. It is competency driven and architected to handle BPO needs. A comprehensive component is also available for managerial/employee self-service and HR analytics. HR Analytics - Perform, measure and plan The solution's powerful drilldown and reporting capabilities help identify key data and uncover critical trends. Ramco HR Analytics will help you answer these and much more, enabling the HR department to be a strategic business partner for you. Disciplinary Action - Conform to enterprise norms Ramco HRMS provides a complete solution that enables to capture the misconduct of the employee, enquire into this process and award disciplinary action. Grievances - Enable a transparent organization Ramco HRMS provides a mechanism by which employees can complain and address their issues or "on-the-job" problems. These matters can be addressed in a timely and constructive manner. Any work-related problems or issues can be set right, including conflicts or disputes amongst

employees, be it supervisors or coworkers. Their solution helps organizations to identify and resolve disputes at an early stage with fair consideration to both sides. Workforce Management - Knowing your employees Ramco HRMS provides a comprehensive and integrated solution. It captures all employee information pertaining to the employee's personal as well as employment related information. Their module also helps to keep track of the assets in the organization. Vehicles, furniture, accommodation that is leased, owned or rented by an organization are a few examples. .


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Employee Information - Knowing your people An employee's personal details need to be captured once recruited. The information recorded here includes:

Personal Information Contact Information Identification Information Family Member Information Competency Information Qualification Information Work Experience Information Reference Information Language Proficiency Information on Hobbies Military Service Information Disability

Besides this you can view the summary of an employee's details at a glance, including:

Identification details
Synopsis of Educational Qualifications that an employee holds Current assignment details History of assignments held within the organization before the current assignment Latest promotion date A synopsis of work experience information.

Employee Movements - Moving your human assets

Employee Movements in Ramco HRMS includes the following:

Promotion Transfer


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Promotion with Transfer (and vice-versa) Separation Rehire

Recruitment - Get the right person Their comprehensive solution automates and accelerates the entire recruitment process with its enriched functionalities across all steps/stages. It also helps in creating job requisitions. This module helps capture the information details of a candidate transitioning into an employee. With its extensive self-service applications, their solution allows you to connect and empower all the key players in the hiring process:

Recruiters Managers Employees Candidates Staffing agencies. They offer you a complete workflow, which enables you to provide key information for

all levels of the interview status. Staffing - Get the right person Their comprehensive solution automates and accelerates the entire recruitment process with its enriched functionalities across all steps/stages. It also helps in creating job requisitions. This module helps capture the information details of a candidate transitioning into an employee.

It allows you to connect and empower all the key players in the hiring process:

Recruiters Managers Employees Candidates


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Staffing agencies- through extensive self-service applications. Management Leave/Vacation management is an important although a time consuming activity for the

Leave .

HR executive. Ramco HRMS eases the workload for the Personnel/HR department. It also aims at the accuracy of information captured and processed. It also provides information based on approved leave and employee availability to other areas such as:

Time Management Payroll Employment Information.

Ramco Leave solution is completely business rule driven. It supports multiple choices/paths through which leave can be applied. Some of them are:

HR User applying leave on behalf of another employee HR User applying leave for a group of employees for the same leave types and dates HR User entering leave applications for a set of employees for different leave types and dates Employees applying leave through self-service.

Time & Attendance - Effective resource allocation To facilitate this, Ramco HRMS has a comprehensive and flexible time management business process, which helps organizations to effectively utilize its human capital. Ramco Time Management helps plan and record the employee schedule and attendance against the planned schedule. The solution provides a simple and yet intuitive interface that helps to:

Schedule employees


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Record their attendance Calculate their normal working hours Calculate any overtime hours.

Attendance Management - Effective resource allocation Ramco HRMS Attendance Management solution involves:

Time Management Leave Management. Time Management helps to plan and record the employee schedule and attendance

against the structured schedule. Basically, the solution provides a simple and intuitive interface that helps to:

Schedule employees Record their attendance Calculate their normal and overtime working hours.

Ramco Leave Management:

Enables an employee to take time off Eases the workload of the Personnel / HR department by reducing the paperwork and improving the accuracy of the information being captured and processed.

Appraisal Management - Sophisticated performance management Ramco HRMS provides an evaluation system that helps establish a formal process to achieve the following goals:

To link the work of an employee to a group and department To set objectives so that expectations are clear To review the objectives period wise for updates, assistance and recognition To reinforce positive work habits and ethics To offer the employee information regarding professional development.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

This system provides for team, self, functional and 360-degree appraisals. Competency Management - Measuring and nurturing skills Ramco HRMS makes use of the concept of competency to offer an integrated solution for:

Recruitment Training Performance management Career and Succession planning Other development processes. The competency model in Ramco HRMS is completely flexible, enabling the users to

define their own values. It is hierarchical by nature and with its capability can inherit higher order definitions. This method of organizing business processes using competencies produces substantial benefits because they reinforce each other in the total system. The entire solution is therefore very efficient and effective. Training - Nurture your human capital Ramco Training is agile, flexible and features rich solutions to address the complete training needs of your organization. It also helps the transition of a training function from a calendar-driven role to a more strategic one. Employees in the organization require continuous development in the competencies they possess so that they are able to perform well on their jobs. The training solution enables covering the entire training process by:

Defining the training environment Planning the training programs Conducting these programs Updating employee competency profiles. Ramco Training also helps analyze aspects such as trainee performance, trainee

attendance, cost etc. Our training solution can be used for in-house training as well as for external trainees.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Employee Development - Grow/scale your people Employee development being strategic to the organization's requirements, they need a solution that can comprehensively and flexibly address their needs. Ramco HRMS solution helps manage the entire employee development process, which involves:

Defining and assessing competencies Appraising the performance Recommending suitable training courses Managing the entire training process. Ramco HRMS is completely competency driven. It enables definition of competencies at

the organization or department or position or assignment level. The solution helps in automating competency gap analysis, which is provided as inputs to training. This is handled through a comprehensive 360 appraisal process. The training solution enables this by comprehensively covering the entire training process including:

Defining the training environment Planning the training programs Conducting these programs Updating employee competency profiles.

Compensation & Benefits - Keeping your employees satisfied Besides compensation to employees by means of pay, other benefits are also important like:

Medical plans Retirement plans Health plans. The administration of these benefits is a complex affair and can be easily managed

through Ramco HRMS. Ramco Reimbursements handles administration of Reimbursement of employee expenditure. Reimbursement of expenses borne by the employees for official duties is a common practice in many organizations. Ramco HRMS helps organizations to easily handle re-


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

imbursement and use this as an effective compensation tool. Some organizations also provide other facilities like

managing the funds either as part of statutory regulations or as a goodwill measure. Organizations also offer loans to their employees, which can also be managed effectively and easily through Ramco HRMS. Tax - Meet your statutory obligations Ramco HRMS supports comprehensive employee income tax processing spread across diverse locations. There is a provision to store information pertaining to investments made by an employee to avail of tax rebate, based on local statutory governing rules. Ramco HRMS provides a forecast of tax amounts deductible for the future periods. This helps the employee plan for his taxes accordingly. The tax sub-system also provides a powerful stored procedure builder. This enables definition and use of any kind of rule that influences tax calculation algorithms. Benefits - Administer your employees' benefits Ramco's Benefits solution enables organizations to administer the most complex benefit plans with utmost ease. This is achieved through a complete business rule driven approach. Their solution seamlessly integrates with Payroll for premium deductions and features unlimited benefit plans, rate tables, eligibility rules and COBRA. Some of the key highlights of the solution are as follows:

Covers Health, Life & AD/D, Disability Savings & FSA Plans Flexible benefits / Cafeteria plan Automated enrollment Non-Discrimination Testing Cross Plan Validation Multiple leave types - FMLA, Bereavement, Jury Duty, etc. Vacation accrual - based on company policy.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Core . Ramco Payroll as a solution is ideally suited for the requirements. It addresses in a comprehensive and yet simple and flexible manner, all the areas of:





Compensation definition

Administration Management. The solution is designed to accommodate various unanticipated requirements such as a

change in statutory legislation that may involve revised calculation algorithms. Such revisions can be easily incorporated with the help of a robust business rule builder that enables definition of rules that affect pay. The Ramco solution includes facilities for:

Comprehensive tax processing Retroactive compensation processing Increment processing.

Succession Planning - Thinking ahead The succession planning feature in Ramco HRMS ensures that managers fill vacancies created by promotions, transfers or separation. This solution creates a repository of information that helps in filling vacancies that may arise in the future. For an effective and comprehensive succession planning process, the system obtains information from career plans for the positions available that need specific competencies. Career Planning - Helping your employees to grow Their Career Planning solution helps identify key employees, provide them with the right opportunities within the organization and help them "Grow". Career Planning charts out the evolution of an employee with respect to the functions and the position he is capable of handling. It monitors employee career movement and is linked to succession planning. It can also be the


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

outcome of an appraisal process. It is therefore an effective tool in harnessing the potential of your employees. Salary Planning - Comprehensive tool for compensation processing Ramco HRMS defines salary budgets for all levels. It has built-in rules for structuring the salary for each individual and offers the following features:

It takes into consideration the organization structure, appraisal and compensation details Option to link salary planning with manpower planning to get a complete scenario of the compensation requirements during planning Easy representation of the salary planning needs at each level in the organization Any changes in the planned salary is reflected at all the levels above it through roll up Built in rules for apportionment of increase of salary Display external equity process to compare salaries with another organization or the industry standards Internal equity process to compare salary given to an employee within the organization.

Manpower Planning - Plan your most valuable assets Ramco HRMS helps organizations plan for their present and future manpower requirements. To enable this, their solutions capture data pertaining to existing and planned recruitments. Planning has been made easy with the representation of manpower planning needs at each level of an organization. Capturing these inputs from functional and line managers for their departments or sections facilitate enterprise-wide manpower planning. The system subsequently gathers requests such as changes at the lowest level of planned manpower by aggregating and reflecting at all levels through roll-up. It highlights the planned and actual manpower and any variance due to changes in manpower. Budgeted changes in salary outflow are also highlighted.

Planning - In order to help you plan for the future

The entire planning activity is facilitated within a specific period. You have the option to generate unlimited plans before arriving at the final figures. Ramco HRMS provides a package in: Manpower Succession


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS


5. LS Software LS 360 Degree Appraisal System

Company Profile
LS Software Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified firm providing Customized IT solutions, BPO and HR services. LS Software is the pioneer in providing outsourcing capabilities for 360 degree appraisal service in India. LS Software's comprehensive suite of Human Resource Processing Services can expertly perform part or all of your organizations HR function -- allowing you to concentrate on generating further profit in your core business.

Their trained staff, sophisticated human resources tools, and state-of-the-art telecommunication and computer systems can supplement or replace client-staffed systems. Their HR solutions enable companies to improve HR services to their employees while reducing the overall cost of providing these services. They apply best-in-class HR technologies and processes to transform the way your company delivers vital services such as payroll, benefits, assessment mechanisms, employee appraisal systems and training. They help you increase workforce competencies and organizational performance through effective employee assessment, training and development planning for employees.

HR Services
LS Software provides a comprehensive suite of HR (Human Resource) Processing Services. LS Software's HR wing provides the knowledge, technology and resources to perform part or all of your organizations HR functions, professionally. The company delivers vital services such as payroll, benefits, assessment mechanisms, employee appraisals, employee satisfaction surveys and training to employees. LS Software can help you increase workforce competencies and organizational performance through effective employee assessment and development planning and training for your employees. This includes the following features: Workforce . Analyzes training requirements to design and deliver training and development tools for Training and Development


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

employees; includes our powerful LS 360 Degree Appraisal for active, assessment-based learning. Talent . Helps you increase workforce competencies and organizational performance through effective employee selection, assessment and development planning. Leadership Assessment and Development . Solutions Consulting

Assesses employee strengths and development needs against leadership competency, providing guidance for employee and management efforts to maximize performance and development. This service would utilize LS 360 Degree Appraisal for performance appraisal and development planning; and for accelerating the assessment and development of leadership talent.

Performance .


Builds systems and processes that guide employee and management efforts to maximize performance and development; includes LS 360 Degree Appraisal for multi-rater feedback, performance appraisal and development planning. Employee . Their employee perception surveys and job/customer satisfaction surveys have shown a direct correlation between employee's perceptions of their organization's culture and that organization's ability to achieve successful outcomes, including increased productivity, lower employee turnover and higher profitability. Payroll . LS Software provides solutions that satisfy the intricate payroll needs of today's large organizations. The solutions can cover part or end-to-end payroll processing. In each solution, Administration Perception (Organizational Climate)/Customer Satisfaction Surveys


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

they implement a precise fusion of people, processes and technology to ensure satisfaction among both payroll executives and employees.

Product LS360degree Appraisal System

This HR software of LS software focuses on only one function i.e 360 degree appraisal. The main objective of the software is for Reliable management evaluation / assessment Improved organizational & personal training/development Better team development Comprehensive & reliable multi-channel feedback Remuneration qualification Better customer service Promotion / layoff qualification Reducing discrimination risk Involving staff in developing their own manager.

The Benefits: Provides multi-data points/opinions reducing performance appraisal errors and bias Increases employee and, in certain cases, customer involvement Increases employee ownership of their managers' development Increases management sensitivity to employee concerns Allows honest feedback Can be used for promotion qualification, assessment of skills, individual development, etc. Increases self-awareness Encourages productivity improvement through better communication Replaces occasional 'war story' performance appraisals with periodic sampling and data Statistical tools utilized eliminates 'outlying data' and allows for trend analysis


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Can be conducted remotely Sales and profit improves because customers concerns are highlighted Baseline data makes cross-departmental and multi-year comparisons more accurate

Summary of main findings

Competition We have already seen the different softwares and companies in HRMS. The features or characteristics of each software are given in detail in the previous section. Syntaxs eHRIS is compared with other competitors products, most of the features are common in all the softwares but the few which were different are mentioned below:


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Syntaxs eHRIS has a feature of goal setting process and employee self assessment which are not there in TATAs eDOTHR. TATAs eDOTHR has a feature of succession planning and competency management which are not offered by Syntaxs eHRIS. Ramcos HRMS has feature of Grievance handling and MBO which are not offered by Syntaxs eHRIS. Ramcos HRMS also offers succession planning. Wipros e-HR solutions has feature of competency management and MBO where as Syntaxs eHRIS does not offer these features. PeopleSofts Human Capital Management offers almost each and every feature that is been offered by all the others. The feature of 360 Degree Appraisal is offered by PeopleSofts Human Capital Management, TATAs eDOTHR, Wipros e-HR solutions, Ramcos HRMS and LS softwares are pioneers in this feature but Syntax does not offer this feature.

Investment scope and readiness to purchase in the identified verticals. There are three companies who have said are ready to invest in Human Resource Management Solution. The three companies are Cross Domain Solutions
Pvt. Ltd. and Orchid Informatics who are ready to invest, they may not invest immediately but surely in future and Deccan Aviation with employee strength of 1600 all over India may invest in this financial year and are looking for Recruitment module. From these three companies Orchid Informatics is small company with currently only 10 employees so Syntax has to check whether eHRIS would match Orchid Informatics requirements and budget, the modules mentioned by them are recruitment, internal management and program co-ordination. Cross Domain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has employee strength of 180 and looks for employee management, performance appraisal and leave management modules. Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also has readiness towards investing in HRMS but in the next financial year with a planned investment around 8 Lakhs.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Top verticals ready to invest in HRMS.
The verticals selected for this research were IT / ITES, Manufacturing and some of the Corporate Offices in Bangalore. If these verticals are compared the response in manufacturing vertical was not very good. Many manufacturing firms did not even have Human Resource Department separately so it can be said that manufacturing vertical would not be ready to invest but again it cannot be generalized for all manufacturing firms in Bangalore as the sample size surveyed was also very small. But the IT / ITES companies would be interested in investing in HRMS as some of the potentials clients for HRMS are from IT / ITES vertical and the same way for Corporate also, theres one corporate office in Bangalore who are ready to invest in HRMS, but it cannot be said that rest of the corporates would not invest in HRMS. So from the sample surveyed it can be said that IT / ITES would be the top vertical which would be ready to invest in HRMS.

Potential clients for HRMS software.

The potentials clients for HRMS as mentioned in purchase readiness are Cross Domain Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Orchid Informatics and Deccan Aviation. From the research it was found that there are some other companies who could be considered as potential clients even if they have not mentioned that would invest in HRMS but rather are not sure of investing: Ceramed Engineers (P) Ltd. from manufacturing vertical who have employee strength of 40 and annual turnover of 4 Crores have plans of implementing but not immediately. The important HR functions which they focus are salary and administration, Recruitment and training.

Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has plans of implementing HRMS and have investment plan of 8 Lakhs and employee strength of 250 and would invest in the next year. They would focus on modules like training & development, recruitment and compensation. Esika Infotech Pvt. Ltd. which is just a one month old company, probably one year down the line they may think of investing into these kind of applications.


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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

Tryarc India could be another potential one, but they already have one software and are looking for software upgradation. Here the employee strength is 50 and annual turnover is 21 Crores. Important HR functions according to them are recruitment, payroll and policies implementation. Compu Lease Network Pvt. Ltd. is planning to go for HRMS but after expansion which are planning for in 4 months. Now their employee strength is 26 and annual turnover is 3 Crores. They are planning to increase the employee strength and project an annual turnover of 8.4 Crores. They focus on leave policy and performance appraisal modules.

Priority requirements for an HRMS.

Recruitment Training & Development Employee Management Performance Management Compensation & Benefits Selection Benefits & Administration Employee Communication Team Administration Transportation Travel Management Attrition Motivation Awards/Rewards - 24% - 16 % - 13% - 13% - 13% - 9% - 7% - 3% - 1% - 1% - 0% - 0% - 0%

But again this cannot be generalized to all the companies in these identified verticals. It differs from vertical to vertical and may also differ from company to company. If we have a look at the potential clients each one may focus on different HR function.

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Competition Analysis & purchase readiness for eHRIS

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