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Why Jewelry Designing On Computer?

Jewel CAD has the power and tools for you to create jewelry in an intuitive and timely manner from the virtual to reality; Jewel CAD will be your tool. Jewelry designers plan the pattern and style of jewelry. They decide which metal to use (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and which stones (precious or semiprecious) to use. An important aspect of designing is also to present your design in an eye-catching manner. This course aims to: a) Create design awareness of different styles of jewelry b) Develop skills to communicate design intention c) Create digital jewelry models d) Translate digital models to 3D master models through Jewel CAD applications Getting started in 3-D? Start with a Jewel Cad class. Solid Modeling withJewel Cad For Information or to Schedule Training: Email me: dmpgold@yahoo.com or call Dmitry at Cell:(347) 448-0487 I am in the New York area 9 AM. - 6 PM. First-time Jewel Cad users: learn to create and edit accurate free-form 3-D SOLID models. You will learn how to: 1. Create lines, circles, arcs, curves, 3-D models , 3-D models from 2-D objects 2. Using solids, surfaces from curves, and 3-D text 3. Edit using copy, move, rotate, scale, join, 4. Boolean operations (add, subtract, intersect) and control points 5. Manipulate views with zoom, pan, and rotate 6. Render using shade, color, render, and materials 7. Customize the modeling environment: grid, viewpoints, units, buttons, toolboxes, and workspaces Completing the Menus: Learn to use the File menu Learn to use the Edit menu Learn to use the Pick menu

Learn to use the Copy menu Learn to use the Surface menu Working With Database: Inserting object from the database Learn to select object Transform Toolbar Copy Toolbar Introduction to Copy Toolbar Grid settings and measurements Cut-Paste Tool Vertical mirror copy Deform Toolbar Curve Toolbar Creating 2D drawings Creating custom 3D objects from 2D objects: Learn to use the Extend Surface Toolbar Learn to use the Vertical & Horizontal Surface Toolbar Learn to use the Loft Surface Toolbar Learn to use the Pipe Surface Toolbar Introduction to Cross Section and Rails. Introduction to 1 Rail. Learn to use the Loop World Origin Learn to use the Loop Center Understanding Section Extent. Introduction to 2 Rails. Learn to create complex objects using scale and semi scale Learn to use double cross section Learn to use Mirror cross section Learn to use multiple cross section Learn to use Circular cross section Learn to create loops for pendants Creating Rings Learn how to create simple 2 and 3 rail rings : Introduction to 3 rails Learn to use 3 rails to create simple rings Learn to use 3 rails to create complex rings Learn to create rings with channel settings Learn to use the Miscellaneous menu

One on one training is the most effective.

This gives me the ability to focus on the person being trained. Intensive Training is recommended: 3 days 6 hr. a day.

Starting training sessions by going over questions helps me determine a trainee's skill level and trouble areas so I can guide the training accordingly.