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Building Study

Operating theatre Creating a good acoustic environment is important for both our patients and our staff. Ulla-Karin Ericsson, project co-ordinator

Facts about the project Surgical ward, Varberg Hospital, Sweden Client Landstingsfastigheter, Halland County Council Architect White Arkitekter Build year 2006-2008 Ceiling Ecophon Hygiene Protec

Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Careful planning and motivated staff Creating a surgical unit that is optimised to be as effective as possible requires careful planning and the involvement of many groups throughout the building process. Close collaboration between surgical clinics, the hospitals medical technology department, the client (Landstingsfastigheter) and the architect has resulted in a surgical unit that is both modern and practical. In the surgical unit consisting of seven operating theatres, 6500 procedures in general surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology and cardiology are carried out each year.
Our goal was to create a good working environment in the new operating theatres at Varberg Hospital. The need for a good acoustic environment was one of several key criteria in the design of the theatres. A great deal of thought went into specifying the ceilings to co-ordinate acoustics, lighting, ventilation and technical requirements and create an effective whole, says Ann-Marie Revell from White Arkitekter.

activity, long shifts and stressful situations. A large team of people and a great deal of equipment have to fit into a limited space of an operating theatre, where there are many different sources of sound. An acoustic solution that meets hygiene requirements The primary acoustic goal in operating theatres is to reduce the sound level. The operating theatres in Varberg therefore have acoustic ceilings with high sound absorption capacity. The ceiling also has a hygienic surface that repels dirt and water and is resistant to disinfectants. The tiles can be removed to provide good access to technical installations above the ceiling. A circular laminar air flow (LAF) ceiling is integrated into the acoustic ceiling to create an ultra-clean zone around the operating table.
The staff report a clear improvement in the acoustic environment in the new premises. Creating a good acoustic environment is important for both our patients and our staff. Ulla-Karin Ericsson, surgical project co-ordinator, Varberg Hospital.

Acoustic environment in operating theatres Constantly being alert to the reactions of the patient and never compromising on safety calls for total concentration from the staff. Their work also involves periods of intense

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