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Skit preparation. Your group needs to create a skit based in a Latin/Spanish restaurant, which fulfills the following criteria: dialogue must be in Spanish (focus on appropriate usage of vocabulary and verbs in context) The dialogue must include entering the restaurant, asking for the special, ordering off the menu, asking the ingredients of the special, and eating and paying for the meal. skit should last 5-6 minutes, without time gaps You must include a backdrop (i.e. banner or poster etc.) with the name of the restaurant; you must include 2 props per person. each group member must speak at least 15 lines one of the following themes must be selected and developed: * A cook in your restaurant makes the best mole in town. All the customers want to meet him/her. However, she/he isn't the friendliest person on staff. What happens when the customers invade the kitchen? * Your waiter is very friendly but he confuses your order with the person sitting in the next table. You would switch plates but the other customer is already biting into your chicken and loving it? What will you do? * You go out for a blind date with a friend of a friend. Little did you know that he/she is going to propose marriage after dinner! What will you do? * At a restaurant in a Spanish speaking country, you go out for a meal with a friend. In the restroom, you notice that your waiter just walked out without washing his/her hands! What will you do? *You can pick a topic of your choice, but it must be approved by your teacher!!

Beginning 2 Skit conducted in English or mostly in English or in Spanish, but filled with numerous grammatical errors

Developing 3 Spanish mixed with considerable amount of English; considerable grammatical errors

Accomplished 4

Exemplary 5


Language Usage

Spanish used Spanish used throughout consistently most of skit, throughout with some skit; exceptions; few some grammatical grammatical errors errors Skit lasts 4-5 minutes, with Skit lasts 5-6 no major gaps minutes, with or 5-6 no major minutes with gaps some gaps

Skit lasts Skit lasts 3-4 under 2 minutes, with minutes, with no major Length no major gaps or 4-5 of Performance gaps or 3-4 minutes with minutes with some gaps

some gaps

Most of skit At Least 5 centers lines per around 1 person/ member, with pronunciation/ others having inflection less than 5 lines, poor pronunciation and inflection

2 group members had less than 10 lines, fair pronunciation and inflection

At least 1 At least 15 group member lines per had less than person, 10 lines, good excellent pronunciation pronunciation and inflection and inflection

Theme Development

One of given skit themes was not developed or was poorly developed Little to no usage of facial expressions/ body movements

One of the given themes was minimally developed

One of the given skit themes was developed well, but with some confusion

One of the given skit themes was developed very well

Appropriate Facial Expressions/ Body Movements Evidence of rehearsal

Excellent Inconsistent Generally usage of usage of appropriate facial facial usage of facial expressions/ expressions/ expressions/ body body body movements movement movements

No evidence Some Skit fairly Skit obviously of rehearsal, evidence of wellwelluninspired rehearsal, but rehearsed, but rehearsed performance considerable some with good problems problems with flow of with its flow flow speech, events No props Few props, poorly used Good props, fairly well used Excellent props, well used

Usage of Visuals (2 props per person) Copy of Skit

Sloppy copy of skit/ No copy of skit

Typed copy of Untyped copy Typed copy of skit turned of skit turned skit turned in, but not in, clear and in, clear and wellwell organized well organized organized

Misc. Information: I will grade you, and each member of your group will grade you as well. This is a TEST grade, so it is imperative that you use your class time wisely. I am more than happy to proof your skit ahead of time for correctness. Buena Suerte!