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Nicholas Najjar (630)656-4387 Nnajjar2@mail.depaul.edu 1398 Phoenix Dr.

Des Plaines, IL 60018 EDUCATION DePaul University, Chicago, IL Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Graduation date: June 2014 EXPERIENCE International Law Students Association-DePaul University-College of Law | Chicago Intern to Programs Coordinator| September 2012-Present Edit and review articles. Insert information to the organizations data base. Complete research on law schools with international law programs as well as human rights issues. Prepare and mail letters, and documents to others working in the field of international law. Update lists of scheduled events and workshops occurring around the world. Expanding the organizations network. Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center | Jerusalem Analyst Intern for Paralegals | June 2012-August 2012 Raised legal awareness to victims of human rights violations. Assisted in aid of representation. Collected necessary legal documents and providing clients with legal forms. Allowed for noticeable acceleration and accuracy in the process of providing legal counsel and adopting and litigating cases. Had an increasing reliance on assisting the organization through research of legal documents. Gained experience in human rights through researching, monitoring and documenting. Reviewed documents and testimonies, and submitting statements regarding human rights cases and possible areas of interest. Panera Bread Caf | Des Plaines, IL Cashier | August 2008-Present Maintaining the Bakery and Dining room, while constantly providing outstanding customer service. Recognized for learning quickly and resolving customer conflict efficiently. Recognized for consistency in the work place. LEADERSHIP Middle Eastern Politics Association | Chicago, IL Treasurer Search for affordable spending on necessities for events. Monitor funding of the organization. Contributing to preparation of events. Discuss and prepare for events Melkite Association of Young Adults (Mid-West Division) | Northlake, IL Secretary August 2010Present Working closely with the President to coordinate tasks. Recording and allocating funds into data programs. Summarize and send e-mails to members updating them on our progress. Record the progress of each persons fundraising and analyzing the growth of funds Sabeel-Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center | Jerusalem International Young Adult Conference-July 2012 Recognized Leader in Human Rights Gained a firsthand experience in human rights issues that occur in the West Bank Taught how to cope and interact with victims of human right violations Christian Arab American Center | Des Plaines, IL Scout Leader of the First Arab American Scouts September 2007-June 2011 Coordinate and plan fundraising to support weekly educational and social events. Communicated with other scout leaders and adult leaders within the program. Negotiated, conceptualized, and co-presented a fundraising budget to upper administration. Sigma Alpha Pithe National Society of Leadership and SuccessDePaul University, Chicago, IL SKILLS An advanced and efficient use of Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook) Consistent and well-rounded in the work place Recognized for extraordinary analytical skills Fluent in English, Arabic, and Spanish