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Name: Michael Wade Date: 8/16/12 Per:


What do you know about HOSA?

Go to the National HOSA website: www.hosa.org to answer the following questions. 1. What is the current years national theme? Build a better you 2. What state submitted that theme? Minnesota 3. Who is the National president? President elect? From which states? David Kelly. Antonio Hernandez. David is from the Netherlands and Antonio is from California. 4. What is the mission statement of HOSA? Enhance the quality of healthcare. 5. List the names of the competitive event categories and one event from each category.
Health Science Events Medical Spelling Health Professions Events Biotechnology Emergency Preparedness Events CPR/First Aid

Leadership Events Job Seeking Skills

Teamwork Events Forensic Medicine

Recognition Health Care Issues Exam

Appendices Standard Waiver Form

6. What year was HOSA organized? 1976

7. Open the Spring 2012 edition of the E-Magazine. Give a 2-3 sentence summary of the article on pg. 4? For the following questions find a competitive event that you would be interested in competing in and answer the questions below. 8. Name of the event: Emergency Medical Technician 9. What skills or knowledge do you have to have for the event? You would have to be a quick thinker and have a strong knowledge of All health topics.

10. What materials are you required to bring? (Indicated by the ***) *** 1. Number 2 lead pencils and pens *** 2. Barrier supplies for each competitor: 10 pairs of gloves AND 2 masks AND 2 gowns 1 set of goggles or safety glasses per person *** 3. Watch with a second hand *** 4. 10 "4x4" (packaged any way) *** 5. 10 any size self-adhering roller bandages (i.e. Kling) *** 6. 6 cravats (Defined as strips of cloth, triangular bandages folded into strips, roller gauze, or other similar material to tie or anchor splints in place.) *** 7. Adhesive tape *** 8. Scissors *** 9. Penlight *** 10. 3 occlusive dressing supplies *** 11. 3 abdominal dressings *** 12. Stethoscope/B/P cuff *** 13. Trauma dressing (ABD) *** 14. Oral airway kit (sizes 0-6) *** 15. BVM *** 16. Pocket mask and/or other appropriate barrier (face shield, mouth-to-mask device) *** 17. Tourniquet *** 18. Cell phone for simulating call for EMS assistance *** 19. Print or electronic copy of the event guidelines for the event orientation (one per team).

11. Give a brief summary of how the event competition goes. This event will consist of two rounds of competition for a 2-person team. Round One is a of Event: written, multiple choice test of knowledge and understanding. The top scoring teams will advance to Round Two for the performance of selected skill procedure(s) identified in a written

scenario. The scenario will require the use of critical thinking skills. The performance will be timed and evaluated according to the event guidelines.

12. Who won that event at the state competition last year? (found on the Utah HOSA website listed below)

Now go to the Utah State HOSA website at http://www.schools.utah.gov/ate/HST/hosa.html to answer these questions. 13. Who is the Utah State HOSA Advisor?

Denise J.K. Abbott

14. Who is the Utah president? From which school?

Brendan Abbott
15. How many geographic regions are there in Utah HOSA? Which one are we in?