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U.S. Treasury's Hardest Hit Fund - Quarterly and Cumulative Activity Report Arizona Department of Housing This report provides a summary of information that has been reported by the State of Arizona to the U.S. Department of Treasury in connection with the Hardest Hit Fund Program for the latest quarter, as well as cumulative data on the program. Tast Quarter Cumulative Save Our Home AZ Program 2h 2012 ea Applications denie asi 2605 Total Applications funded: 2s 703 Principal Reductions: $26,368 $ 153,609, Number of Commitments made/transaction closed 2 3 Tumber of Commitments made/transaction not closed ° ot Number of alternate mortgage modifications generated ° 0 Second Mortgage Settlements: $ 46,161 $ 65,728 Number of Commitments made/transaction closed 4 3 Number of Commitments made/transaction not dosed 0 hE Under/Unemployment Assistance: $ 1,524,433.74 $ 3,489,085.97 Number of Commitments made/transaction closed 208 34 Number of Commitments made/transaction not closed 33 (al Short Sale Assistance: $55,695.44 $61,695.44 Number of Commitments made/transaction closed 3 i Number of Commitments made/transaction not closed: a | The Arizona Department of Housing issues a quarterly report on the Save Our Home AZ program, as required by the U.S. Department of the Treasury ("Treasury") For Treasury reporting purposes, only those amounts of assistance that have already been remitted to a lending institute are counted in the program statistics. Arizona's program, however, has committed significant resources to assist households beyond those reported above and throughout this report As of June 30, 2012, the cumulative commitments for assistance to households includes: Principal Reductions: $153,609; Second Mortgage Settlements: $497,719; Unemployment/Underemployment ‘Assistance: $13 428,028; and Short Sale Assistance: $61,695, Explanations and Definitions: Applications denied means applications that were danied for assistance, and could include denials at theState, Mortgage Counseling Agency, oF LenderiServicer levels. Reasons for denial ifr, depending on wherethe denial occurs. *state-tevel denials generally accur because the application was determined inligibl fr falure te meet the program requirements orthe applicant provided insuficent documentation © Counsslar-tevel denials generally accur because a detailed review ofthe application indicates thatthe project doesnot mest the financial parameters for program participation. + Lender/Servcer-lavel denials generally ccur because the Lender/Servcerhas determined not to participate inthe program. In some cases the Lander/Servicer may deny the HHF request, but counter fferto provide the martgagee assistance through anather modification ethos. ‘Total Applications funded is broken down by typeof transaction. The dollar figures reported only incude the numberof cammitments made in which the transactions closed, Number of commitments made, where transactions are pending is povided for information only. This document describes the Housing Finance Agency (HFA) Hardest-Hit Fund (HHF) data that state HFAs are required to provide to Bank of New York Mellon. It includes quarterly borrower characteristic data and program specific performance data. All HFA HHF data submitted to Bank of New York Mellon must be accurate, complete, and in agreement with retained HFA records, Data should be reported by each state HFA by the 15th of the month following the quarter. Data requested in the "Borrower Characteristic” worksheet should be reported in aggregate for all HHF programs run by the state HFA. Program specific data is separated into reporting tabs for each individual program. State HFAs should report program performance data on an individual program basis. A data dictionary has been provided to assist in the definition of each data point. ‘Template Version Date: April 2012 Arizona HFA Performance Data Reporting. Borrower Characteristics ro [Number of Unique Borrowers Receiving Assistance’ INumber of Unique Borrowers Denied Assistance INumber of Unique Borrowers Withgrawn rom Program INumber of Unique Borrowers in Process Total Number of Unique Borrower Applcaris [Above $00,000. (s70,000. $39,000. [se0,000- $69,000. [Below 360.000 [above 120% 10%. 170% 00%- 100% laos 20% laps. 60%. [Below 60% Maricopa Cou Pima Cou Pinal Cou [Balance of Sate [Race [American indian or Alsskan Native [asian [ack or Afiean American Native Hawaian or other Paco lander [wie Information Not Provided by Sorower [ethnicity Hispanic or Latno INot Hipanie or Latino Information Not Provided by Sorower [sex [Male [Female Information Not Provided by Sorower Co-Borrower [Race [American indian or Alaskan Native [asian [Black or Afican American INative Hawaian or other Paco lander [wie Information Not Provided by Sorower [Ethnicity IHspanic or Latno INot His panieor Latino Information Not Provided by Sorower Isex Mate [Female information Not Provided by Sorower DRAFT -PREDECISIONAL: FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY. This information has been prepared solely for the use and benefit ofthe Department ofthe Treasury andthe U.S. Government and isnot intended for reliance by any other person.