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Ohio County Local Coordinating Committee Citizens for a Drug Free Community July 9, 2012

Attendees: Deborah Thomason, Karen Ernst, Amber Johnson, Tina Keller, Saraha Slayback, Laura Rolf, Amy
Beckett, Paula Goodpaster, Brandon Bogue, Ethan Allen, Don Allen Jr, Debra Marsh Niccum and Elissa Pogue. Deborah Thomason called the meeting to order.

Minutes- June Minutes were discussed and changes were made to the Youth Report. Amy Beckets name was
written on the minutes regardin the Judge Advocate Council and it should have been Shannon Buskirk with Purdue Extension . Motion to make changes to minutes and pass the minutes was approvedby Amber Johnson and second by Laura Rolf.

Treasurers Report No Treasurers report. Youth Report

No one was present.

State Report - No State report was given but Debbie Thomason received email from Shannon Buskirk to attend meeting in July but Debbie is still waiting on the date. Old Business Grant reports were given: Karen Ernst from the Prosecutors Office spoke regarding the AIT Laboratory Testing. All money was spent and extrememly useful to officers and to the Prosecutor to promote the fair, impartial, and expeditious pursuit of justice. Debbie Marsh Niccum from Country Serenity Counseling also reported on the counseling sessions that
she has had with teenagers, young adults, families and grandparents. Debbie shared will the group that she has encountered some disturbing beliefs from parents and grandparents ...that drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana is okay and they dont understand the big deal.

New Business Don Allen Director of Through Him Ministries would like to offer his services to educate and empower the community on the alcohol and drugs. Discussion was held regarding having Don talk about Enabling with parents during school open house or Red Ribbon week. Laura Rolfe passed pamphlets to all regarding Lifestyle Risk Reduction Training Part I on Saturday September 8 from 9-3:30 at the Ohio County Education Center of Rising Sun. this is free training sponsored by the ASAP Center. Elisa Pogue from ASAP Center talked about the Minimize Risk Maximize Life and thought that would be a good thing for parents to attend and it could be tailored for adults; parents and grandparents this also could be free for those attending. A discussion was then held regarding all 3 of the above work shops working to incorperate with Red Ribbon Week for School. Debbie will talk to School officials and will get back with the group regarding the possiblities. Announcements Aug 15th , 8am to 10am Safe Passage will present Domestic Violence training will be held at Lawrenceburg Community Center . Please RSVP to Tina Keller at 812-212-8365 or email tkeller@safepassageinc.org

Paula Goodpaster from SIEOC announced their Job fair is July 18th from 9-2 at SIEOC in Aurora. Drop off resumes and pick up information about job opportunities about the Head Start program. Elisa Pogue from the Cincinnati ASAP Center encouraged anyone who had questions and concerns about the new Obama Heath Care contact the Elisa. The Health Foundation is happy to come and answer any questions that their may be. All politics aside.

Adjournment Motion to Adjourn was made by Amber Johnson and second by Debra Marsh Niccum Next Meeting August 13th at 11:30 Ohio County Website www.ohiocountydrugfree.com

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