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Amazing Adventures

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The right of Lee Taylor to be identified as author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with section 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publishers. Any person who commits any unauthorized act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

A CIP catalogue record for this title is available from the British Library. ISBN 978 1 84963 159 4 www.austinmacauley.com First Published (2012) Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd. 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LB

Printed & Bound in Great Britain


Chapter 1

This is a story about a superhero called Catman. James Spader worked for a technology company in Liverpool designing state of the art gadgets. The stuff they had in there would be on sale to the public two years after they had been designed, so the public would gobble up the invention while another great invention would be invented and designed for the publics use. James loved his job as a scientist designing gadgets and futuristic stuff. James was also a real comic buff; he loved Superman and Spiderman. He was an average-looking guy, mid-twenties, six foot tall, brown hair with the usual phisogamy. He lived in a small flat with a landlady called Miss Night, at number twenty-two, Slater Street. James left home at the age of nineteen; he finished college and then went to university to get his cap and gown in technology science, after which he worked for Kersco Technology Park. He was on good

money and he had a few girlfriends, but nothing serious. After a day at work, James would go home and have his meal with Miss Night; she treated James like a son. Miss Night asked, So what were you doing today James? Oh, just the usual stuff: designing. You look exhausted James. I think you should have an early night. I think I will, Miss Night. James had been working twelve hour shifts and he was extremely tired. The next day James went back to work. Unknown to anyone, James was fulfilling his dream of becoming a superhero, like Batman, except he was going to call himself Catman. James was designing a suit that could change into different cats, like a tiger for strength and a leopard to climb, a cheetah to run very fast and a panther for camouflage in the night. James was designing the suit with state of the art, technical material that could be transformed by James voice through fibre optics in the suit and a special change-like material. But the suit would only recognise James voice pattern and no one elses. James had been working on this cat-suit for just over two years. When it was worn, it made James look like a human cat; he could run upright in it but when in cheetah mode, he could run sixty miles an hour easy, using his arms and legs. The cat-suit gave him extra strength for different purposes. James was still experimenting with the cat-

suit, trying different things, like climbing tall buildings in leopard mode and then jumping off and landing on his feet. Like all cats, he had special pads on his feet which could absorb his landing when jumping off tall buildings and, like a cat, he couldnt half jump. When James went out in his cat-suit one night, as he only went out in the night in panther mode so he couldnt be seen, James heard a scream. James was on Scotland Road; he was perched up a tree, it was pitch black and he turned to see a woman being robbed by two men: they were druggies. James headed for them and startled them. The two men jumped back in fright, they couldnt believe what they were seeing. To them it looked like a giant cat but with human characteristics. Leave her alone or youre dead. The two men both went for James with knives they had been using on the woman. The first guy lunged at Catman; Catman countered, locked the mans arm and broke it. The other came at him. Catman kicked him in the face; the guy flew back and fell down the wall, then he tied them up with cat rope which he could fire out of his arm, just like Spiderman. He then phoned the police on his cat cell phone, and made sure the girl was alright. Are you ok miss? Im fine. Who are you? Im Catman.

Catman left, but before leaving, he heard the girl say, Thank you, Catman, and then the police were on the scene. What happened here? The girl told the police about Catman, but they didnt believe her. The two robbers got in the front car and the girl got in the back car. As for Catman, he was cruising the city still doing different things with his suit. The next day, James was in work watching a bit of telly on his break when the news came on showing the girl he rescued last night. She was telling the interviewer how a superhero called Catman had rescued her from being robbed, how nice he was and what he looked like, and how easily he had stopped the robbers. James was dumbfounded but he was also glad that he had become what he always wanted to be: a superhero. So now James was established as a hero of Liverpool, he decided to do more crime busting and to stop crime wherever it was. While in work one day doing his usual stuff, a new colleague had started work at Kersco Technology; her name was Jenny. She came into the lab with Charles Boya, Jamess boss. He introduced Jenny to everybody in the lab. James couldnt believe how beautiful she was; he decided to ask her on a date. He went over to her to get to know her. Hi, Im James, as Mr Boya introduced me. So, Jenny, whats a gorgeous girl like you doing in a hole like this? Is that your best shot?

No, of course not. How would you like to come out with me, say, for a meal one night, if you dont have anything else to do? Jenny thought James was funny and she thought he looked ok, so she decided to give him a chance and said, Ok. James was a happy guy and he told her about a nice place in town that had a good choice of food and drink. Jenny liked the sound of it and they agreed they would go out on Friday night. The day went quick. James went home and all he could think about was Jenny. He was excited. It was Wednesday, James couldnt wait for Friday. Eventually the day came, they met in town and headed for Ranchos. A table for two please. The waiter led them to a table and James ordered the drinks; he had a glass of red wine and Jenny had a glass of white wine. So how long have you been doing this job? Oh, about four years. How about you? About six years. What got you interested in a job like this? Ive always loved technology and new inventions, and what you can do with different materials. I guess at the end of the day Ive always been an inventor buff; and what got you interested in a job like this, Jenny?

Oh for me its about different things and inventions, but I want to help create the future through different things; maybe one day well invent a time machine. Who knows what the future holds, or who will one day know what the future is, thats more to the point. So all that night they talked and they realised they had a lot of things in common. They went back to Jennys for coffee and they kissed; it being their first date, that was all they would do. They swapped phone numbers and James left with a happy heart; it was a nice night so James decided to walk home. After twenty minutes into his walk, James saw a man leaving a house with another man; they both had full bin bags in their hands and were loading them into a van. James thought they were robbing the house so he decided to run home and get his cat suit. He was a three minute run away from his flat; he ran through the entry which took him into his street, got his key out of his pocket and dived upstairs as quiet as could be so he didnt wake Miss Night. He got his suit out of his wardrobe and put it on; he jumped out of his window and went into cheetah mode. He ran as quickly as he could to the house where the men were; it took him just under a minute. James said Put that back. Who are you? Im Catman. Now do as I say or therell be trouble.

I aint scared of no pussy cat. The man pulled a steel bar out of his jacket and said, Come on, pussy, come get your milk. Catman became panther mode so he was hard to see; he then dived for the tall guy and knocked him over. He pinned him on the ground and showed him his fangs. The man was terrified, shouting, Get him off me. The other hit Catman on the back with a piece of wood; the wood snapped on Catmans back, Catman turned into a tiger, turned round and went for the other man. The man ran for it but Catman jumped after the man, landed on top of him pinned him to the ground, then tied the guy up with his Catman rope. He turned on the other guy who threw the bar at Catman. Catman dodged the bar and turned to cheetah mode, chased the guy as he ran past him. The guy was terrified and he turned round and ran the other way. The guy was too tired to run any more so Catman tied him up, phoned the police and left. When he got home, James went to bed. The next day in work he watched the news and sure enough, those two guys were on the news saying what happened to them. The reporter finished with, Who is this Catman? Wouldnt we all love to know who this super hero is. If youre watching, Catman, we love you and we all want to know who

you are, and maybe meet you. This is Cathy Bates Liverpool, Channel five. James smiled to himself.

Chapter 2

Where James worked, there was a department of the factory which only a few select people knew about. It was a dark secretive place, like Roswell in America. They were building things there with the type of technology no one knew about. One of the select people was the owner of the whole company, called Jack Wilson. He was an American billionaire, a very powerful man and he always got what he wanted. He started off in America, Ohio, in a hardware stall selling all different things for different businesses. He worked his way up to the top and built his giant business; he was one of the richest men in the world and with money came power. He had two sons with his wife of thirty years. Her name was Avaline and his eldest son, Max, was heir to the Wilson business. His younger brother was called Ben and the two boys were educated in Oxford; they had everything money could buy, like motorbikes, fast cars, jets, yachts, women, you name it, they got it. Jack was waiting on a

grandson but Jack also loved power, and he loved technology developments. He had a lot of top scientists working for him, the best money could buy. You see, his business was a cut throat business; the guy with the best invention made the most money, depending on the popularity of the invention. Well, a few of Jacks scientists were working on robotology and over ten years, they had created a robot that looked human and acted like a human being. Now this was what Jack wanted. You see he had the idea that if he could create a robot like Keith Bradshore, the Prime Minster of Great Britain, and control this robot to his own will, and the real Keith Bradshore was seen off with no one knowing, he could then rule the country and through other robotic leaders, the world. These robots could even have sex. It had taken a whole decade to perfect these robots to this state and now Jack was going to put them into action, starting with Keith Bradshore. But first the real Keith would have to disappear very quietly. This was Jacks next move. While all of this was going on, James head was still in the clouds over Jenny, as well as being a Superhero. He was thinking of becoming really serious with Jenny and moving out of Miss Nights, and getting a place between him and Jenny so they would be together more, he was just waiting for the right time. James also decided to get himself a car to go with his

Catman image; he would call his car Tiger and he would design the car himself. Wilson had hired a hit man from the Far East, a Ninja Yakuza who would kill the Prime Minister. He was costing him 10 million, a mere penny to Wilson. The hit would be on the 1st of July while the Prime Minister was touring the country; it would happen in one of the stopovers at night so the Ninja had complete cover; the night time being the best time for ninjas to operate, they could move without being seen or heard. The 1st of July was only a month away. If Wilson succeeded, the President would be next and then the world. The General Election was coming up and most people thought Labour would win again. They were the best party for the country in most peoples eyes. James was really serious about Jenny but he was also nervous about meeting Jack Wilson. The money mogul had told his employees he was making a tour of his factory in Liverpool; everybodys hearts were in their mouths. The factory was to be kept clean and tidy and everybody on their best behaviour, otherwise heads would roll. So far James had kept his suit a secret and thats how he wanted to keep it. He had taken everything out of the factory that he had used to create the suit so no one would find out. But James had noticed something different about the factory in the last week while taking his things home. He had decided to go out of bounds when removing his things. James had always

obeyed the rules within the factory but on this day, curiosity got the better of him and he went down a corridor he wasnt supposed to go down. He walked very slowly and very quietly, he then began to hear voices. He put in his Catman earpiece which magnified the noise ten times louder; he could hear what the scientists were saying. Watch what youre doing, you fool, youll smash it like that. Give it to me, you idiot. As James followed the noise, he came to a door that was slightly ajar. He decided to have a peak in so he opened the door slightly. He couldnt believe what he was seeing there was moving robots everywhere, they were talking and laughing and shouting and singing. He also saw scientists putting human-looking skin on them and making them look human. These guys were decades ahead in robotology. James couldnt believe it. He was watching the future in present day. Then he saw something that nearly killed him. He saw a half-robot half-human President O Voiught sitting down drinking tea. James couldnt believe it. He then thought that these robots were either for the good of humanity, or maybe they were for something more sinister. He would have to find out. The next day, Jack Wilson came to tour his factory and met his employees. Everybody was nervous. He met Jenny and spoke a few words to her, he then came to James. James shook his hand and Jack said, What a good job his scientists were doing. James smiled and thought, well, tonight is the night to

find out what Jack Wilson is really up to. So the day passed with tea and biscuits, and James was a happy guy when he could go home and have his tea. At about 8 oclock, he got changed into his catsuit to check out what Jack Wilson was really up to. So he headed out for the factory in panther mode; it took him just on half an hour to get there. He looked for the secret part of the factory where the robots were being made and moved towards it cautiously. He found a vent and opened it with his cat-nail, which he could turn into an electric screwdriver. He entered the vent and listened for noise; he heard voices and followed them. He came to the end of the vent and he could see Jack Wilson speaking to a scientist; he homed in. When will the President be ready. I want the hit to happen soon so I can take control. Bradshore will be dead soon. I need to know. Morley, Give me one more week and President O Voiught will be ready for business. Good. You know, Morley, youre a brilliant scientist. I made a good investment when I brought you over here from Russia. Youre worth every penny, Morley. Thank you sir.

James now knew what was going on and why Wilson wanted theses robots. The picture hit him. This all meant one thing, world domination. Wilson was a present day Hitler; he wanted to rule the world through these robots from behind the scenes. He had to be stopped and soon, before the President and the Prime Minister were killed. How would he do it? James listened. Jack, Ive arranged the hit on Keith Bradshore to happen on the 1st of July while hes touring the country. Hell be killed at night in one of the stopovers and then his double will replace him. The real prime ministers body will be taken away under the cover of night and incinerated into ashes. Wilson began to laugh. James couldnt believe it but he now knew Wilsons plan and he had less than a month to stop Wilson from succeeding. But how? He decided to leave. He got home in less than twenty minutes in cheetah mode. He couldnt sleep, all he could think about was Wilsons dastardly plan.

Chapter 3

Ninjas were regarded as the best hit men. They could move silently and with great ease without making a noise. They were deadly. James now had to find out who the hit man was on the Prime Minister, but how was he to do this? He decided to put a cat bug, which he had developed, on to Wilsons car. Wilsons tour was a two-day tour so James slipped out during lunch and put the bug on Wilsons car. That night, when he got home, he got changed into his catsuit and followed the signal. It led him straight to Wilsons home. He climbed onto the roof and found a place where he could hear Wilson talking. Yes I want your best Ninja for the hit. Yes, the 1st of July is ok. Good, its a deal. James couldnt believe it. Ninjas, they were the best hitmen the Japanese had developed over hundreds of years; they knew their job and they were deadly. How was

James going to stop a Ninja and save the Prime Minister? He had less than a month to find out. So the weeks went quickly and Keith Bradshore began his tour. James had decided to take two weeks off work as a holiday. He could have told the authorities about Wilson but who would believe him against a money mogul like Wilson? No one. So he decided to follow Bradshore for the tour and wait for the Ninja to make his hit. Unbeknown to Wilson, James had planted a home-made bomb in the factory; he was going to blow up that part of the factory with the robots in it, thus stopping Wilson from gaining world power. But first, he would get rid of the Ninja. So he followed Bradshore who was having a very successful campaign and then the night came, 1st of July. So James got a room. He wanted one next to Bradshore but he couldnt, it being tight security, so he got one down the same hallway and put on his catsuit and waited for the Ninja. James had also developed his cat eyesight a lot better so he could see the Ninja move as they were very well camouflaged during the night in their black suits, just like Catman, so they were hard to see. James headed for the roof and waited; then the time came, James spotted a movement on the roof, a crouching figure moving like a cat on the prowl. James was a bit scared but he decided to move in and tackle this lethal killer. The Ninja saw him and threw a Ninja Star right at him. James dodged it and threw a cat claw at the Ninja who chopped it in half with

his sword. James attacked. The Ninja started using his Ninjitsu Marshal Arts, the fight began. Fortunately for James, his catsuit made him a lot stronger than the Ninja, but the Ninja was very fast. James counted his attacking blows but he couldnt match the Ninjas speed for very long. The Ninja gave James a body blow; James moved back a bit, winded. He went for the Ninja again. The Ninja went for Jamess head with his sword; James grabbed the sword with his palms and snapped the blade with shear strength. He then locked the Ninjas arm; the Ninja flew back out of the lock and hit James in the mouth. James fell back onto the vent. The Ninja threw another star, catching James in the leg. James came back at the Ninja; the Ninja ran at James with a kick; James locked his leg and snapped it. The Ninja was in real pain but still he went for James. James hit the Ninja several times in the face and body; the Ninja went down. James tied the Ninja up with cat rope and handcuffed him to a steel drain pipe. He left the Ninja there with a note explaining everything. James headed for the Prime Ministers room and found that the Prime Minster was ok, but where was the robot that was supposed to replace the Prime Minister? Just then James spied the mad scientist, Morley, coming out of a nearby caf, heading for a room in the hotel. This would be the room where the fake Keith Bradshore would be. James followed Morley.

Right, my boy, heres a bacon sandwich for you and a sausage sandwich for me, said Morley. James peeked through the window, the robot was there but how would he destroy it? He knocked on the door. Morley answered. James hit him out cold. Only the robot was left. The robot went for James and grabbed him. Boy these robots are strong, James thought. James grabbed its head and smacked it against the wall, they both fell to the ground. James hit the robot several times; the robot shutdown. James went to tie up Morley but he must have escaped while he was fighting with the robot. He grabbed the robot and stuck it in the boot of his new car, Tiger, and he headed back home towards the factory now knowing the Prime Minster was safe. He crashed through the fencing in tiger mode, turning his car into a stripy tank, it being made of a similar material as his suit. He found the room with the robots in and he put Bradshore with them. He made sure it was all clear and he blew the whole room to bits; all that work gone in one explosion. He now knew Wilson would be well pissed. He then headed back home. Nothing was on the news about a Ninja hit, but the factory explosion was on the news. It was put down to an accident. It was a cover up; James could just imagine Wilson. Morley, what the hell happened? It all went wrong, said Jack.

I know who it was; it was that superhero Catman, he ruined everything. He done it, Boss. I want him dead and I mean dead. Hes cost me everything and now Im going to cost him everything, all his goddamn nine lives. Morley, have you ever heard of Bad Bob Ohio? Hes like a bad superhero; hes strong and hes deadly, and hes killed more men than Hitler. Hes the man we want and theres also another guy called Snake Maroon, he loves to kill. He could shoot a man dead from ten thousand yards easy. Now, I want these two to kill this so called Catman and exact my revenge. Get me? Yes boss, said Morley. Get to it now, money aint no object when it comes to killing this mangy cat. So the war was set and Wilson meant business. Catman knew there would be repercussions so he would wait and see. So the two hit men came to Liverpool to kill Catman. They decided to set a trap for Catman; they brought a woman with them and pretended to rob her. James, as usual, went out that night and headed towards the city centre; then he heard the screams of a woman and he followed the cries; the plan had worked and the hit men began to hit.

Youre dead, pussy cat, said Snake. Shoot him, said Bad Bob. I am, but theyre just bouncing off him. Ill lasso the son of a bitch. The rope went around Catman but he cut it with his claw. He pounced on Bad Bob and knocked him to the ground. Bad Bob got back up and right hooked Catman, sending him into the wall. Youre not the only one with super strength, you son of a bitch. Now lets see what youve really got, said Bad Bob. Catman couldnt believe this guys strength. This fight would be a real test of Catmans strength. They both went for each other and then Snake Maroon joined in and started punching Catman while Bad Bob had him pinned to the wall. Catman kneed Bad Bob in his tender regions then he headbutted him, locked his arm and snapped him into the wall. Snake went for him; Catman back fisted him; Snake went back; Catman went to kick him; Snake ducked and uppercut him; Catman flew back; Snake ran at him; Catman grabbed him and threw him into the wall; Snake was out cold. Catman tied him up quickly with rope and went for Bad Bob. He grabbed him, threw him to the ground and began punching him. Bad Bob was tough; he head-butted Catman. Catman stood up; he was dizzy. Bob punched him in the stomach; Catman felt sick; Bob hooked him in the face; Catmans face was bleeding; Bad Bob was

laughing; Catman was disorientated; his senses were failing him; he ran up a wall away from Bad Bob for a few seconds. He got himself together and launched himself at Bad Bob, kicking him in the face. In mid-air Bad Bobs jaw snapped. Catman gave him a few body blows and then he elbowed Bad Bob in the face. Bad Bob went down. He got on top of Bad Bob and he head butted him in the face, knocking Bad Bob out. The woman had well gone by now. Catman knew it was a set up so he tied them up and left a logo of a cats claw. He headed for Wilsons house in cheetah mode to get there quickly. When he got there, he changed to panther mode for cover and approached the house quietly. He could see Morley through the window ; he listened with his cat earpiece. Well, Morley, with luck Catman should be dead by now. Heres to my future, said Jack. They both toasted and Morley said, To your future. But just then Catman kicked in the door and said: Yeah to your future, Wilson, twenty in Walton easy. Catman, but youre supposed... said Jack. To be dead? I know. Wilson took his gun out of his pocket and aimed it at Catman. Well, its all over now, Catman, youre dead. Wilson shot the bullet, it bounced off Catman. So your suit is

bulletproof. Ah well, that wont stop me, you see, I have a laser gun and somehow I dont think your suit will save you now. Wilson aimed the gun at Catman. Catman dived out of shot. Morley threw a spear off the wall at him, while Wilson let his Rottweiler dogs at Catman. Catman jumped into the air and grabbed the chandeliers; he swung across the room and landed on the upstairs balcony. Wilson fired again, snapping the balcony in half. Catman threw a cat claw at Morley, hitting him in the face. Morley was angry . Catman threw another claw at the chandeliers; they were cut from the ceiling landing on Morley; he was out, just Wilson was left. He fired at Catman again; Catman jumped onto the other balcony. The dogs were after him; he picked up a vase and threw it at the dogs; it smashed on the biggest dogs head, who fell back down the stairs. He then kicked the other dog in the face; he went flying down the stairs. There was only Wilson left. Youre dead, Catman. Im going to make you pay for everything youve done. Youre over, Wilson. Catman jumped into the air as Wilson fired. He grabbed the other chandelier, swung off and landed on Wilson, knocking him to the ground. Wilson dropped the gun; they both went for it. Catman punched Wilson in the face; Wilson hit back;

Catman punched Wilson again then he kneed him; Wilson went down. Catman got the gun and tied him up, and phoned the police. He left a DVD of everything he had recorded as evidence against Wilson and what he had tried to do, and how Catman had stopped him. It was all over at last and James was a happy pussy. As for James and Jenny? Well, thats another story.

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