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The 2011 Most Popular


Baby Names

Presenting the annual Huggies Popular Baby Names list, as voted by our Baby Club members. Choosing a name for your baby should be a fun and satisfying experience - its right up there with the most important things you will do for your child. Whether youre here searching for a bit of inspiration, or seeing if your babys name made the hit list, its time to have a look at the trendiest baby names from the last 12 months.

For Girls

For Boys

Most popular Girls baby names

Ava Charlotte Amelia Chloe Sienna Ella Olivia Mia Grace Ruby Isabella Sophie Lily Emily Zoe Matilda Isla Georgia Scarlett Imogen Zara Aria Lucy Emma Evie Aaliyah Abigail Sophia Alyssa Maya Bella Holly Jessica Savannah Jade Eva Lexie Isabelle Lilly Summer Tahlia Annabelle Caitlin Jasmine Rose Stella Layla Mikayla Molly Charli Violet Ellie Hayley Audrey Amelie Chelsea Alice Keira Indie Poppy

For Girls

Most popular Boys baby names

Lucas Noah Lachlan Oliver Ethan Cooper Xavier Jack Liam James Blake Archer William Harrison Max Jacob Joshua Thomas Logan Hunter Alexander Aidan Flynn Oscar Isaac Harper Mason Levi Samuel Addison Elijah Finn Jackson Ashton Caleb Benjamin Luca Jasper Archie Harry Declan Aiden Jake Ryder Jayden Angus Luke Zachary Nate Sebastian Seth Hamish Mitchell Nicholas Henry Callum Daniel Eli Hudson Jaxon

For Boys

All Star Baby Names

Charlotte and Eva are still the hottest girls names, swapping places from their rankings in the most popular baby names from 2010, at number one and two on the list. The ever-popular Lachlan and Noah have moved into prime position this year, knocking long-standing favourite, Jack, from the top spot down to eighth place.

Famous Baby Names

While we arent naming our children with quite the same creative gusto as celebrities, we do seem to have been influenced by them. Girls names especially echo the popularity of public figures, ranging from classic heroines such as Ella Fitzgerald and Ava Gardner, to more contemporary stars, such as Sienna Miller. A lot of our boys are still being named William, perhaps as a nod to the recently married Duke of Cambridge.

Religious Baby Names

Biblically themed names seem to be a hit with the boys this year. Names like Isaac, Joshua and Jacob are making their presence felt, with Noah sitting right on the tail of the number one spot. Religious baby names for girls this year are a little more subtle, with Amelia meaning Work of the Lord and Grace, of course, being another word for a blessing. Olivias can also thank the bible for their name, being a reference to the olive branch of peace, brought to Noah on the arc.

The Wrap Up
So, there you have it the best baby names of last year, according to the people in the know Huggies Baby Club members. Who knows what well see in 2012. Will Bieber Fever cross over into our babys names? Will we prefix names with a lower case i in honour of the late Steve Jobs? Or will we combine grandmothers names, like Renesme from the Twilight Saga? We cant wait to find out.

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