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`****Africans & Americans Lost History****~

Chapter 3


When anthropologists were asked who built the city of Great Zimbabwe, they
boldly, stated nobody knows who built it or why it was built.

In introducing the concept of development in Zimbabwe and trying to describe

what its early culture was all about. One of the paradoxes in studying the early
periods of Africa is it cannot be fully comprehended without first deepening our
knowledge of Africa in general. To better understanding the complexities of
Africa’s development, we must have a clear understanding of Africa history as a
whole and this can only be done when we really know the truth of Africa;s
history. Than and only than will we be able to do intensive studies of the
lost history and glorious past.

Let us look at the kind of myths told about Zimbabwe during the fourteenth
century and up until this passed twentieth century. When the city of Great
Zimbabwe was first discovered, it was more of a norm for archaeologists to
disregard the African people that lived there, so that knowledge of its people
being projected as an under developed society.

The term “Zimbabwe” is being used here to designate the African Zambezi and
Limpopo tribe’s culture covering the territories that were once called
Mozambique and Rhodesia. Mozambique was first called Monomotapa when the
Europeans first came there. The word Rhodesia came from the early explorer
whose name was Cecil Rhodes.

The writers of history, had no interest in writing preceding the Europeans

on the continent of Africa, Gold, copper mining and city building flourished in
Zimbabwe’s society. The most characteristic feature was the building of a large
stone circular structure and city made entirely out of ganite stone, both of which
is referred to collectively, as Great Zimbabwe. The myths of Zimbabwe and
Africa in general were spreading around the world. Many of the myths came from
news reports from special journalists and agents sent to Africa. From the many
negative myths of Africa, from the early historians records and books. One stands

The Great Zimbabwe

out and is quite obvious where the facts of covering up Africans true identity was
admitted, a German Egyptologist by the name of Richard Lepsisu in the mid
nineteenth century AD 1842.

In his book entitled: discoveries in Egypt pg.117. He gives this explanation as to

how archaeologists ignore who the real and original Egyptians are, he says the
bone structure of the ancient Egyptians are purely African and belongs to a
Negroid race of people or an African ethnic group of people.

He said this is why some anthropologists say so little about the otology of the
original Egyptians, scientists hide the truth the original Egyptians were of
origin, since Europeans first encountered the ruins of the Great Zimbabwe city it
has been the focus of ideological concern and conflict.

They are unwilling to believe sub-saharan Africans could have built such a
structure, adventurers and ideologues long claimed the ruins a mystery, theorizing
ancient Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, or Hebrews created the structures. In fact, a
European writer by the name of Tingay points out, since archaeologist Gertrude
Caton-Thompson excavations in 1932, it has been widely known that Great
Zimbabwe is truly of Africa and less than 1000 years old, nevertheless, the White
Rhodesians, whose ideology proclaimed the land empty of people and culture
before they arrived, tried to rewrite history asserting an African genesis for
Zimbabwe was tantamount to treason, after the Liberation war in the 60’s the
new nation, discarded the name Cecil Rhodes and Europeans gave it,
Mozambique and Rhodesia, looking to the past to their African roots and culture
they choose to re-name the state, Zimbabwe which is what it is called this present

Who would disagree that there wasn’t a cover up when it came to writing specific
facts about Africa history.

Proof of this cover up was unveiled when the ruins of the great city of Zimbabwe
was first discovered in the fourteenth century, the original people founded
Zimbabwe in AD 600. These were the only people living there at the time of its
discovery, they later became mixed African tribes. The first founders were the
Karanga of whom we call Bantu today, they were the ancestors to the present day
Shona people later the Hottentots, Khoisans and Zulu inhabited the area, they

The Great Zimbabwe

were the only Africans that had migrated there from eastern and western Africa
south of the Sahara.

It was and still exists as the only city in the world made out of blocks of
the same type stones found inside the great pyramids in Gaza. The stones were
placed one on the other with exact precision. Its a miracle the structure stands
present century, sadly neither structure was placed on the list of the world
wonders, paleontologists and anthropologists should have a field day with these
two amazing discoveries, during my research when I called different scientific
institutes. I asked them directly, who built the city of Great Zimbabwe, they all
said, no one knows who built it and some even went as far as to say no one knows
why it was built, all of these so-called experts with degrees in the study of

All these scholars of the world, historians and sociologists conspire that there
isn’t any evidence of who built the city of Great Zimbabwe and the large circular
structure, they all claim they don’t know how it came into existence this let me
know its a white conspiracy. I say white since it all came from so-called white
scientists response.
The truth of the matter is they have a white inferiority complex. I think they
afraid of big black ugly blackmen, there is a white conspiracy to cover up the
truth of Africans history. I’ll take it a step further and say it also reflects
on their
mental state of mind even in this 21st century, it shows them wanting to still
continue to promote a “white supremacy ideology due to their white inferiority
When an early explorer by the name of Cecil Rhodes heard of the gold mines in
southeast Africa he sent his brigands to Zimbabwe to rob and steal all they could
manage to carry out of the country, including the native people of Zimbabwe
whom he intended to put on the slave trade market to be sold as slaves.
When his expedition and other European agents arrived in Zimbabwe they could
not help but marvel in wonderment at the surviving ruins of what were once the
Great Zimbabwe city and culture. Automatically and subconsciously, without
having evidence or proof, they assumed right there on the spot that it had been

The Great Zimbabwe

built by European people who may have lived there before they arrived, in this
21st century they still have the tendency to look at its achievements with a sense
of wonder but not as an outgrowth of the Africans social development, the
Karanga tribes,of whom we call Bantu tribes were the first people to inherit the
land of Zimbabwe, they later formed two groups one became the Zambezi tribe
and the other were called the Limpopo tribe, they are ancestors to the Shona
who reside in the areas this present day these African tribes constructed the
circular structure and city they are the founders who formed the first Rozwi
Mutapa empire in the region.
The cyclopean structure was referred to as a temple by the Karanga tribes at the
time it existed it served religious purposes, even with this scanty evidence its
obvious the great importance of this African society was the religious aspects of
serving the individual and what is closely, tied to a form of social development,
the ruling class the Mwene empire, were known to have oracles of the people,
some of their religious rituals included objects that were symbolic of cattle,
as horns, bones, tail fans as is found in the interlace kingdoms like today
Karagwe tribes of southern Africa one can only guess that the rituals symbolized
the dominance of owners of cattle, as some tribes today pay respect to the
pre-existing idea of cultivating cattle and herding, in order to effect a stable
What is distinguish about Great Zimbabwe culture and city is it use of granite
rocks the entire city was built from it, built on a granite hill of flaked or
granite, it should be called the most famous site of surviving stone ruins in the
world, it is located north of the river Sabi in eastern Zimbabwe, some of the
principal structures or features of Great Zimbabwe society were the walls.Which
raised to about 30 feet high, 20 inches thick and estimated at over 950 meters in
length and 1200 meters in width. The technique of laying bricks with lime as

The styles of encircling brick walls are characteristically, African it is

of how the kraals are enclosed the same way the roofs are built in a circle on top
of the grass and mud huts as the African Bantu tribes build their huts in Tanzania
this present day one European archeologist said although he did not know who
built it said, there was as much labor extended in building the Great Zimbabwe
The Great Zimbabwe

city of granite stone as it were to build the Great pyramids in Gaza, he went on
say, that skill creativity and artistry went into the construction of the walls
especially, with regard to the decorations and the inner recesses and the doors,
city of Great Zimbabwe was sat up between the Zambezi tribe and the Limpopo
tribes culture.
The ruler was called Mutapa, which meant the great lord of the Rozwi empire,
to the followers Mutapa mean pillager to the native people, Arabs at that time in
history insistence in trying to get the leaders to go to Mecca pilgrimage there
their holy month of fasting. The Mwene empire was the capital, they appointed
chiefs and governors to rule over various local villages, outside the capital,
are comparable with the Bachwezi culture in western Sudan, the Mwene society
encouraged productions for exports notably, traded gold, iron ore which the local
tribes mined themselves, they mined copper, all of these were traded with other
African states in the fourteenth century later they traded with Arabian merchants,
who came into the region by way of the Indian ocean, between the thirteenth and
the fourteenth. millennium AD Zimbabwe was a zone with mixed farming with
cattle being its most important assess.

The region at the time was free from the tsetse flies or so-called horse fly it
also be said, irritations and terracing of crops reached heights of considerable
portions, they did not build water dams and reservoirs comparable to those built
in Rome and Asia.

If you took a trip to the area today, you will observe that the African people
living there during that time in history, made countless little streams which were
diverted to flow around hills and into wells in a manner, it indicates the people
the area had an awareness of scientific principles in governing the motions of
how water flows, Africans living there in affect produced in effect a modernized
form of hydrologists from understanding their material environment, they made
wells and dams as good and useable as modern day reservoirs, five hundred years
before Europeans set foot on Africa.

The people of Great Zimbabwe had produced modernized water dams and
reservoirs indicating the people of the area had an awareness of how hydrologists
works aware of scientific principles in governing the motions of how water
flows. Another advanced skill the African people of the area in question had
acquired is they had to have geologists.

The Great Zimbabwe

Africans with knowledge of digging and mining for gold, diamonds and other
precious metals, the Zimbabweans had to have produced expert prospectors who
had a clear idea of where to look for gold and copper within the mining subsoil,
when the outsiders of Europeans origin colonized Zimbabwe in the nineteenth
century, they found virtually, all the gold bearing and copper bearing regions had
been mined previously, by the Africans living there, although it was not on an
advanced scale as the Europeans who had developed new types of drilling
methods. Zimbabwe set up a system of external trade within Africa and the rest of
the world because of gold, the demand for external trading caused them to
accelerate in mining presumably there was a upper class aristocracy that used
large supplies of gold in the village of Ingombe Iiede just north of the Zambezi

These gold supplies came from the mines further south since gold is required in
large quantities in societies that need a large economic surplus and can afford to
transform part of the surplus into gold coins to be used as money for spending for
prestige purposes, the societies did not need a large surplus of gold for the
reason as the Europeans, gold did not circulate a great deal within their social
order when the Arab traders arrived in south Sofala, once called the Mozambique
channel. Zimbabwe was spurred to mine more for the purpose of exporting.

At the same time starting from the eleventh century stone buildings had already
been perfected the implication is all of these factors coincided namely, building
techniques, external trading, governmental consolidation and class stratification
there were several different ethnic groups or African tribes that contributed to
Great Zimbabwe society, other then the first African inheritance who were the
Zambezi and Lampopo culture. Bantu better known as Bushmen were the earliest
population of the region, next the Khoisan genetic type of hunter-gathers, they
found today throughout southern Africa. In fact it was these newcomers
incorporated into the area who contributed the famous language Bantu, with its
unique clicking sounds to the region.

Among these new Bantu speakers there were a couple of other groups coming
into their own in the same region, however at different times, the Zulu and the
Hottentots, material evidence discovered by archaeologists who dug around ruins

The Great Zimbabwe

of Great Zimbabwe during the nineteenth century, revealed the various styles of
these different tribes in the pottery and artifacts that were found there. The
contrasting styles on burial sites also the difference in the bone structure
what skeleton remains belong to what ethnic group or tribes. Why can't scientists

of the world do this with skeleton bones found in Egypt and in Egyptian tombs
dating back 2, 980 BC to let the world know who the original Egyptians were
built the first Step pyramid and the three Great pyramids in Gaza.

The same way scientists and sociologists say they do not know who built the
Great pyramids in Gaza, they also claim they do not know who built Great

My question to them would be how is it you can discover and learn everything
there is to know about dinosaurs can tell us what dinosaur bones belongs to what
dinosaur that were found millions of years in the past.
But somehow you becomes absent-minded when asked about human bones that
were found in the regions of Zimbabwe 600 AD and when asked about bones in
Egypt, that were found in tombs , they have no idea what origin of people the
bones belongs too, but knows what dinosaur bones belongs to what dinosaur they
found millions of years old.

I discovered and I’m far from being a scientist but I learned that there were
artifacts found in Zimbabwe over the centuries, they were able to show what
African tribes and African cultures occupied Zimbabwe the sixth millennium.

I find it amazing scientists and archeologist do not know and have no idea what
tribes of people built the pyramids and city of Great Zimbabwe, somehow they
were able to graduate with degrees in science and higher education without any
knowledge of the very subject for which they received the degrees much of the
cultural intermixing and intermarrying of one group to another was done
traditionally it was done peacefully, though at the same time evidence of
hilltops and stone defenses showed the larger states were engaged in military
struggles for territory and economical reasons.

To take control of the gold mines and trade market industry

Because of these warring conflicts some ethnic groups or tribes were reduced to
an inferior status and now it would be fair to say they were sold into slavery.
of course brings us to the famous quote everyone likes to make, which is
“Africans sold Africans into slavery and sold their own people into slavery” the
truth is the Africans sold their enemies into slavery, this was indeed the norm
that time in history and in Europe Caucasians were also being sold to Egypt, Arab
states and other nations as slaves.

White people sold white people into slavery too because of wars for economical
growth and to take control of the gold mines in the southern part of Zimbabwe,
certain tribes were forced into an inferior status just as in other parts of the
during this time Africans enslaved weaker tribes to provide the labor needed for
agriculture, building and mining, some Africans specialized in pastorals, others
practice warfare strategies, some were medical men and specialized in finding
herbal cures for illness, there were those in control of the religious factors and
the art of divination, reading consultations of stars, give sound advice from

The principal rulers the first through the eleventh century in Zimbabwe were the
Rozwi lords of Mwene, they are the Africans who organized a system of trade and
production. They exacted tributes from various communities inside their
kingdoms. The Africans had a system of sovereignty, techniques for gold mining
and for the movement of goods throughout the area which gave way to their
mastery of the trade industries. No doubt it was the foreign trade that
strengthened the Mwene empire. It alone strengthened the ruling stratum.

The socioeconomic groups who was the ruling commercial lords of Zimbabwe
they alone had a monopoly over the aspects of economical growth and activity. In
comparison with other African states at the time the Rozwi empire had a ways to
go they were still not in the same category as the African nobility in Ethiopia or
the African Berber feudal lords of the Sudan. Who mastered the iron industry.

Even though there was influence coming into the area from the outside the
Arabian merchants the fourteenth and fifteenth century brought in alcoholic
liquor to be sold to the natives of the land, obviously, as a commodity.

The Great Zimbabwe

With their belief of trying to persuade the rulers of Great Zimbabwe to make the
pilgrimage to Mecca, they persuaded the Africans leaders in Mali, Chad and
Sudan to convert to Islam and make pilgrimage to Mecca. However the ruling
class in Zimbabwe never did travel outside of the territories that was under their
direct control mainly, the local tribes dress was still animal skins the little
they utilize were recent imports brought into the area by Arab traders clothes
were not a product made from their own skill and utilized on a daily bases, we do
agree with archaeologists when they specify that the evolution of cloth making
was found to be lacking throughout the African continent due to hot climatic
conditions on the continent. Africans even in this present day find that wearing
clothes is more of an inconvenience then something that is socially, accepted.

They think in contrast to the more advance societies of the world who wear
clothes for a completely different reason it is this explanation that should clear
the myth of the Africans not wearing clothes which is made clear in the following
explanation, “just because certain African tribes prefer not to wear clothes this
no means make them savages.” It was in this respect Zimbabwe trailed behind
the other early African states whose societies had developed a higher form of
diplomacy in short states that wore clothes such as the Oyo’s state in Yorubaland
and the Benin bronze empire in Nigeria.

The fourteenth century ancient empire of Kongo had grown to full diplomacy
trading with the Europeans. Portuguese referred to their empire as the greatest
state in West Africa in 1400 AD when they arrived there. It has been necessary
for me to illustrate some although not all of the myths that were started in the
early development of Zimbabwe and explorations of Africa.

For the sole purpose of bringing dignity, understanding and truth to the Africans
and Americans lost history in general. Zimbabwe history can be summed up in
the following manner, before the coming of the white men to Africa, Zimbabwe
had a number of small villages and communities emerging with one another in
were growing into states larger in size and expanding, these communities shapely,
stratified internally and displayed an impressive level of economical advancement
especially, in the rim of trade goods for exports and imports, this description
alone should be sufficient to establish Africa in the fourteenth century was not
uncivilized dark continent.

The Great Zimbabwe
Where a jumble of naked tribes without a history were running around in the
jungle with no where to go and not knowing what to do a pattern was set in Great
Zimbabwe a historical movement was being made although Ethiopia and Egypt
were furthest on the scale of progress in evolution. Zimbabwe and the other
southern states of Africa were clearly, not to far behind. As for comparing
Zimbabwe’s growth and development with that of Europe between 1300 and
1400 AD. when the two established a close relation through trade.

Europe already had a slight edge but the edge represented the difference between
a striving capitalist society and one that were still emerging from communalism
in these changing times studies on early African history is not lacking real
information concerning Africans lost history. Africans history is no longer
considered as having so little value that its not worth reconstructing another
decisive factor is that studies of Africans history in the past was carried out by
white bourgeois anthropologists, whose ideas pre-eminently, exposed them to
believing white men are dominant some believed in white supremacy which were
expressed in their philosophical outlook on African societies.

Throughout these studies scientists called Africans savages. simply, because they
did not wear clothes, they wrote the Africans practice witchcraft and voodoo
without really understanding their religion, they kept them separate and isolated
from the world, by not allowing them access to the best schools, they denied them
the proper education so they can advance themselves along with other nations,
they said they were three -fifth a human being and without having a conscious
they mindlessly, covered up the Africans glorious historical context by claiming
they do not know who built the pyramids in Gaza and last they told the world lies
about African people.

I think it was ultimate the responsibility of the writers of history to write the
ideas of the times the truth of what they saw and not what they felt which was a
white European invasion of Africa an enslavement of Africans, the writers of
history had the responsibility not to corrupt their point of view and not to be
fearful of writing the truth, not to self censor it for their own selfish needs,
is a certain honor that goes alone with just telling the truth, when you tell the
truth, you see through delusions in the world.

The Great Zimbabwe

You see through your own self-deceptions and will refuse to tell lies you see the
dreams and hopes of the people you write about and you see the same dreams and
hopes of the people are your very own. I admit Africans have always had tribal
wars and conflicts, all nations do Americans kill other Americans.

The s#!t really hit the fan in Africa during the slave trade era this is when
Africans were divided on an international scale in keep in mind by so-called
outsiders. I say to you and I say this with all truthfulness it has been the
non-Africans that have kept Africa down, who stands over Africa with their boots
on her neck who robs her with the right hand yet feed her the crumbs from the
master’s table with the left hand.

Who sing sweet songs to her to rock her to sleep, but throws her in jail the
she awakes and fight for her freedom the truth is all humanity and every nation
have pulled together to keep Africa down they all know the truth and they are

They know whenever Africa is united as the United States of America as one
united country, its all over, the Africans will be the rulers of the world to put
bluntly, there goes the white boys club, which means there goes their white
supremacy ideology. To all of you my people who keep pushing for this to
happen. To have a United States of Africa. I say to you this is still not the way
go in the future our children will learn that black supremacy is just as bad as
white supremacy what will make us winners without a doubt is when the United
Nations form a one world government however that will be the first step. In order
for us to have a perfect civilization, the civilized must be able to teach the
uncivilized how to be civil in a civilized world, only than will you people have
enough sense not to want to blow up our planet.

My question is why all the negative reporting about Africa, history has taught us
people have committed worst atrocities upon people of their own racial origin, on
the other hand there is no such thing as an evil nation of people, sometime
kill their own kind because they were influence by others, what is your point you
may ask what do this have to do with Africa I say to you, I believe it is the
so-called outsiders and non-Africans that have turned Africa hands against it

The Great Zimbabwe

this is what really put Africans against Africans. Africa and Africans would not
so divided today if Europeans, Arabs and all the other foreigners had left
for the Africans.

Whether they are aware of it or not the news media is the greatest contributors to
Africa downward spiral, they corrupt Africans good intentions with all the
negative reporting, constantly, and daily about Africa. Zimbabwe people
produced expert craftsmen who made beautiful gold ornaments with tremendous
skill and lightness of touch. If you were to visit Zimbabwe today, you will find
is still recognized as Zimbabwe masterpieces of African fine cultural art.Its on
display and can be found in various art museums around the world, least we
forget, just about every country you visit in the world

You will find these nations have imported animals from Africa, for their zoo why
don’t the news media write something about how all the countries in the world
are taking animals out of Africa for their zoo there is an ostrich farm here in
America with over five hundred ostriches on it why, if there is an extinction of
any animals in Africa its because nations and countries all over the world have it
in their zoo or on their damn lion country safari.

This goes for African art too

In nations and countries across the globe, museums are stocked with African
artifacts and genuine refine African art yet if any of them are asked to elaborate
on the African art its origin, the tribe’s name, cultural habits, beliefs etc. or
any one of the rare pieces of artifacts they have on display inside their museums
no one can tell you any facts concerning any of the art pieces and collectors
they stripped away and stole from Africa what they will tell you is that they
needed certain animals from Africa for their zoo and African art inside their
museums as if that would be an answer to your question no one knows a damn
thing about Africa's history, but everyone knows of the painful and negative
conditions the people of Africa must bear, just recently, in this 21st twenty
century the Africans took back control of the gold and diamond mines in Africa,
for hundreds of years these mines were operated and controlled by foreigners, I

The Great Zimbabwe

guess now we can stop boycotting diamonds (smile ladies) because now it will
help with the growth and development of certain African states.

I would suggest you find out first which countries are mining their own diamonds
and deal with them directly the point is simply this its really no big deal for
African states to take control of their diamond mines now in the 21st century,
these states are so behind in other areas and are held back from making progress
on the world scene its no different than giving a homeless person a million
and no one will sell him a home.

Africa is the largest continent on earth with the largest economical, social,
care, no lights or running water, starvation and poverty problems, the largest
continent on earth is more in need of help than any of the small countries on
earth, all nations in the world have went into Africa and stripped her of her
resources, precious metals and materials.

Whereas its also true some states within Africa’s borders, has caused internal
and suffering. Africa’s biggest problem is external, people coming from outside
of Africa, ripping her off of her valuable resources. If these same nations
contribute to its growth the people of Africa struggle to survive and impoverish
conditions would disappear in less than a year, throughout the centuries to be
more exact the pass four hundred years archaeologists and scientists have focus
on Africa under achievements, you can say these negative ideas about Africa are
still being promoted today in this 21st century.

News reports come out about Africa daily reflecting on Aids, wars, violence,
rape, murder, sickness, negative on top of negative.

How long it takes for over a million human beings to stave to death, what were
these so-called civilized nations doing while millions of people were staving to
death my answer would be no one knows and no one gives a f- - I'll keep it clean
and say no one cared. I can count the good news I’ve heard about Africa for the
last forty years on one hand or maybe two hands, still in my whole life time that
would mean I’ve only heard good things about Africa five or six times in over
The Great Zimbabwe

forty years. And I think four out of the five or six times I did hear something
positive concerning Africa it had to do with our dear sister Oprah Winfrey:

1. Her Angel network aspiring others to help the needy in Africa.

2. For Christmas one year, “Oprah’s favorite things.” when she bought
and toys for little African children in South Africa.

3. At present building a school in South Africa

4. Her support for the Aids fund drive in Africa , with Alicia Keys and
may I just add India.Arie is also contributing.

I have no idea of who all the many hundreds of thousands of other people
is helping Africa in a positive light, all these concerts and fund raisers to help
Africa is for people own personal gain, they are worthless, the proof is as years
by Africa continue to not make head way and gets worse year after year now you
tell me where are all the money going, what good did these fund raisers do - our
dear sister Oprah is the only one I’ve seen and witness doing something genuine
about Africa. I ask you take a good look at Africa this present day, you tell me
what do you know positive that comes out of Africa, my positive look on Africa is
new studies are under way in colleges and universities across America.
Significant break throughs are being made to provide worth while information
regarding Africans glorious history. If not today in the very near future. I can
imagine this new approach to learning about Africa, Africans and Americans lost

Will definitely, give way to a new way of thinking, a new perspective, a new
awareness a new type of scholarship for American history students, especially,
those students of African origin here in America of whom I salute, applause and I
am very proud of you If I was to advise the news writers of today, the
anthropologists and journalist who write about Africa and Africans life in
I would tell them:

The Great Zimbabwe

A. Stop making Africa a freak show of the absurd and stop making the absurd a
theater of ideas about Africa.

B When you speak of pointless facts of Africa and think they are funny the
people will laugh but they will be laughing at your refusal to see the truth.

C. Stop building Africa up like its the Wailing Wall in Africa, you will become
as the Wailing Wall yourself and you will find your own tears and lamentations
will cause you to lose your soul.

D. Do not play on the people emotions trying to turn them against Africa by
clenching their fist for them, they will turn to you and strike you instead.

I say to you writers of Africa’s history and writers of current affairs about
your children will be affected by what you write, down the road your children will
drink from the same cup of poison that you gave to the people, your own poison,
the negative things you write about Africa will one day destroy the mind of your
own children, you seem to forget, whenever you dish out poison, give the people
poison to drink you must taste a little yourself to make sure it is the right
eventually, the poison will affect you and you will also die a slow death from
your own poison, words.