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Literature Log table

S.no. Name Author Year Type Method Findings Analysis Comments

Secretary, 12th 5 year plan for Ministry of Civil 1 Civil Aviation Sector in April - June 2011 Aviation, Govt. of India ( 2012-2017 ) India

Comprehensive Study of past perfomances and recommendations for the next plan

#Review of physical and financial Immense growth in aviation performances of various sector & the advantages to its constituent units of Aviation linked sectors Sector

developing strategies linking all the different sectors of Aviation Needs a broader outlook while Industry and make them developing strategies for success profitable in the interest of the implementation. nation.

# Log linear time series regression model of passenger & cargo traffic

Strategic Plan for Civil Ministry of Civil 2 Aviation ( 2010 - 2015 Aviation, Govt. of ) India

broad vision plan which would lead to a Jan-10 more detailed 5 yr action plan ( refer s.no. 1)

Studies and observations through data collection done by the ministry of Civil Aviation via SWOT analysis of various stake holders and external factors.

underlying need to improve connectivity to smaller towns especially non-metro cities and also improving cargo-handling facilities to facilitate greater revenue generation.

categorising capacities for different airports across India & the potential to develop air-side and land-side infrastructure around them.

giving importance to other means of revenue generation in aviation like cargo facilities, M-R-O. facilities , training schools- need to be taken up to increase the viability of this sector in India.

Upgrading India's 3 C.I.I. Aviation Infrastructure

Studies in terms of challenges comparitive study of and key enablers regarding Aviation Infra. In general aviation, slot policy, Indian cities vs aviation training ,FDI by foreign western counterparts. carriers, hub policy and air traffic management.

# Lack of aviation infrastructure development fund. # Disparity with global ATF prices. # No pricing policy. # Inflexible use of aerospace

# Development of National Aviation Academies on PPP mode. # Allocation of slot through market mechanism ( inter- airline trading ). # Need for flexible use of aerospace.

Re-structuring of financial parameters of new upcoming Aviation infr. To reduce the burden on stakeholders.

4 Cities of the Plane

Mark J. Bouman

# LONDON * disrupting the fertile land resulting in loss of # study and observation of agricultural and industrial Theoritical analysis of previously planned aviation infra. 1996 growth. #CHICAGO * planned airport cities. At Chicago and London. Environmental bottlenecks in the development of O'Hare airport.

Need for an integrated transit system involving excellent linkages from city centre to airport with rapid urban rail transits, mainline rail service or a superhighway.

Appropriate site selection for terminal within the city to reduce the impact on Urban Fabric.