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1. Overview of the SAP CRM application 2. CRM WEBUI Architecture. a. Presentation layer MVC Architecture b. Business Layer 1.

BOL Layer 2. Genil Layer c. Database Layer 3. Business role Concept Creating New Business Role 4. Navigation Bar Profile Creating Links in Navigation Bar 5. Enhancing and Customizing a. UI Config Tool b. Easy Enhancement Workbench c. Practical examples: Adding Fields to UI, 1. Changing Field Labels 2. Adding Captions 3. Adding new Custom Fields and Configuring. 4. Role Based Configuring 5. Configuring Search Pages,OverviewPages. 6. Design Layer a. Structure of the Design Layer b. Practical example: 1. Creating design Object 2. Assigning the design object to the context node 7. OOPS ABAP Basics 8. Component Workbench a. Component structure browser b. Runtime Repository Editor c. BOL Model Browser Root Nodes Access Nodes Dependent Nodes Search Nodes Search Result Nodes Dynamic Search Result Nodes 9. UI Component Architecture Theory a. View Controller b. View Context c. Event Handler d. Plugs e. View Layout f. View Set g. Window

Controller and Context o Component Controller o Custom Controller o Context Nodes and Attributes o Context Node Binding Component Interface h. Interface View Events UI Component Usage 10. UI Component Enhancement Concept a. Enhancement Set b. Enhancing UI components c. Enhancement Set in the Component workbench d. Practical example: Creating Two enhancement Sets and Dynamic activation of EnhSets 11. Navigation a. Navigation between Views b. Navigation across Components c. Object Based Navigation d. Practical example: Navigation from one Screen to another Screen which includes data sharing 12. Transaction Launcher: a. Launching Third party websites. b. Launching ECC Transactions 13. Message Output a. Outputting Messages in the Messages Bar b. Message Filter 14. Creating Custom BOL object 15. Programming for BOL Browser. a. Working with Collections 1. Access using iterators 2. Filtering Collections 3. Sorting Collections b. BOL Core c. Searching For BOL entities d. Traversing Via Object Model e. Locking BOL entities f. Transaction Context 16. Global Custom Controllers 17. Real Time Scenarios:

a. Adding New Fields to Standard Screens at database level and Presentation layer level. b. Enabling /Disabling Fields c. Providing Search Help d. Providing Dropdown e. Populating One dropdown value based on selected value of another dropdown f. Adding the New Buttons to the Screens g. Adding/Removing One action click Buttons (OCA) to Tool Bar h. Creating Custom Screen from scratch which includes following i. Table View ii. Search View iii. Search Result View iv. Overview View 18. Middleware Concepts CRM Middleware / Administration Console BDOC. Initial Load Delta Load Request / Data Flow Common transactions used. BDOC Extensions.