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the just shall live by faith michael bolerjack

The Just Shall Live By Faith 1 of 100 Michael Bolerjack

After mid-September 2012 I continued the writing for The Complete Apocalypse that was appearing serially on the internet, but did not publish anything new, instead substituting older texts, poetry and essays on the deconstruction of philosophy. By the first of November I had amassed hundreds of pages, much of it usable, that developed the main line of investigation stemming from the writings on the mass code and on the tribe of Dan. In addition, I was attempting to understand the point made by Aquinas early in his career that it has not yet been demonstrated that God cannot create an infinite number of things simultaneously. The work I begin publishing today will show, I hope, that God is in control, but that the battle of good and evil is real. The most important thing a person can do as the world is ending is to decontaminate oneself. In the Marginality 1 and 2 such decontamination began for the Church and at the same time for me. What I plan to publish over the next many weeks as installments is at least partly poetic, partly mystical, partly based on what I have already written in notebooks from mid-August to today, things outlining the attack the human race is undergoing at all levels of the retro era, the ways in which everything is being re-written, from the DNA on up, and perhaps what can be done about it. I am to issue 100 such cantos on the chaos, interwoven with theses on moral beauty, besides the concerns of the apocalypse unfolding, which I now date from 1939, with the outbreak of WWII, the start of the papacy of Pius XII, and the publication of Finnegans Wake. In other words, the apocalypse is almost over. Michael Bolerjack November 5, 2012

For Mary Greet Mary, who bestowed much labour on us. Romans 16:6

Thous and Thees For God and For Her I wrote on the 25 Years in the And bricks and mortar To dedicate Told, mind you, they sent a calf, young and foolish, To defeat HCE The Highly Compensated Employee From Howth Castle and Environs, cause the course of the ricorso does not, never can, will not by any means Circle back around To an Apocatastasis, No de capo, Not again again, neither do I hope to, For thouendsthee And every good poet must be ste set tse stet against the wake, Away alone along The Thing we call world ends more like Yes Than it Aint

Is to a T, the tt, the anti- the tain, the taint? Reading, For it is all teletyped Cept the stakes And putting it all in the machine was the best thing I could do, For look at what became of written reading and Language, And the world, it too in a, I mean l The bender, I lean, And remember Her, She knew something we didnt, But Susan knew, And I will not forget her or our sins, For God put me, Hear to remember Her, For you, For Ever,

For Man is the animal that makes mistakes, And he came to be, Leaving after he wrote his Apocalypse, That the world does not end with a whimper, but set his might On that They repeat the lie, now Sooner Every fire shall rise to Linger not In waste Of The shoring of runes but A temple not built by hands But Of some finer thing Of something fine to finish Knowing, Yet Elegant, So Intelligent, And mixing Mememoremee and desire,

Like the graduate students saying Chaucer and Eliot to me in Recital, Around the table knowledgeable, In seminar, And I disseminating on the deLimitation of the working of Art symbols of, That it we neither intend nor unIntend, Like A process of the organic, One you know all Too well, And the professor Glared, And the students Laughed, But I was surprised at the un-doing, For I had neither intended it Nor not, That was to have been my exemplification.

And so I was, and quit what they did not requite, Quieter, Qui etre, Being the one more sinning than signed, Having in my confused way shown them, though I knew it not, that God is already doing an infinite number of things simultaneously, As Thomas Aquinas mentions at the end of the eternity of the World as we know it, And that, being the burden, In a virtual argument from design, Even if it looks like we are in the l bender, l bent, Truly, We are not, We only look like we are when we watch ourselves in each other. Therefore, Whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work

We begin with the letter P. I had had a dream on July 29, 2012, concerning the work. It was prophetic. A woman said something to me in the dream like pub two September 18 and I asked her two Pulitzer prizes? and then she showed me some sort of chart or diagram and used two words, one of which I forgot shortly after I woke up. The other was the word power. Between July 29 and mid-August, the Mother of God led me out of the forest of difficulties I had languished in during June and July, a complex assault on my intelligence and my morals intended to destroy me and my marriage and so destroy the work of God I had been engaged in since May 2010 when I had discovered the meaning of the number 666 in Revelation. I have Mary to thank for every good thing that has ever happened to me, including all that is to come in this written work, the second part of the prophecy, which will fill in what was lacking in The Complete Apocalypse, a work of some 70 volumes, still appearing online as this second witness takes shape. To return to the dream, there was that word power, the only clue I had to what I was to pub-lish on September 18. In mid-August, I was following the struggle between the American nuns and Rome, as well as the case of Paolo Gabrielle, the Popes butler arrested by the Vatican for stealing papal secrets and handing them over to the press. As I looked in the dictionary, my tenth edition Websters Collegiate, given to me by my father twenty years or so ago, under the letter P, around the word power, I found the keys to begin again the writing of the apocalypse. Power of attorney Practice (what you preach) Practical theology Praemunire

This last word, Praemunire, became the basis for the putting into question of the sovereignty of Pope Benedict XVI. Praemunire: An offense against the English crown punishable chiefly by forfeiture and originally committed by asserting papal legal supremacy in England. I immediately drew the conclusion, a fortiori, if it applies to the English King, how much more so to the King of Glory? I thought also of the solemnity in the Catholic calendar called Christ the King which occurs at the end of the liturgical year in November. In what is to follow, in the next few pages at least, I will reproduce the notes for the two texts that were published, not on September 18, but a month earlier, under the title The Post Pontiff Church, as well as being appended to a selection of the apocalyptic articles that had appeared previously in the publication of End of the Church (in April) and its shorter redaction An Icon from an Evening in Glas (in May), called The Catholic Apocalypse. It was from this small re-founding of the work in mid-August that Mary would begin the multiplication of it to many times the size it had been theretofore, both in terms of the number of texts available online and, more importantly, the number of the readers of it.

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