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After introductory music, the anchor smiles and introduces the Promethean Board presentation. Anchor: Hi and Welcome to Tech News 3. I am Angela Kennedy, your host today. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of using the Promethean Board in the classroom and walk through a short demonstration for using the Promethean Board for the first time. By using the Promethean board and its accessories, teachers can leverage interactive, integrated technology and real-time assessment tools to create a classroom where they are empowered and students become active participants. One of the best reasons for using Promethean is the overall time saved. Some features that really enable instructors to better utilize their time in the classroom are the flipchart and the learner response system. When using Activinspire and the flipchart, teachers can quickly write notes on the board with the Acitivpen and save it as a PDF at the end of the class. These notes can then be printed or emailed to students at a later date. With the ActivExpression Learner Response System, the instructor can quickly assess student understanding as material is covered and immediately see at a glance how many students do or dont understand the material. This previously would have been impossible due to students who may not want to speak or participate. By having this data so readily available teachers can immediately clarify misunderstandings. Because of this and the active participation of students, not only do teachers save time, they can personalize lessons, see an improvement in student learning, and an increase in student test scores. So, are you ready to get started? Lets begin the walkthrough of the Activboard accessories and see the demonstration! The anchor smiles and looks down at the upcoming video.

ActivBoard Accessories
1. ActivExpression Narrator: Before we get started with the how to presentation, lets first discuss a couple of the fantastic accessories that can be used with the Promethean board. First are the Activ Expressions. As you can see, they come in a nicely padded carrying case, making them easy to carry in the event that you are moving from room to room. The ActivExpression is a Learner Response System that encourages student engagement and participation. Resembling a smartphone, it is intuitive and allows students to express themselves through instant polling.

The Technical Coordinator(TC) shows a close-up of the ActivExpression unit and demonstrates its use. Narrator: This enables the instructor to quickly assess students comprehension of key concepts before progressing further into a lesson. Because these devices allow students to express their opinions without having to speak out, more active and complete participation occurs. Additionally, students can also take true/false and multiple choice quizzes that are automatically scored with these devices and have their grades stored after a one-time setup. 2. ActivSlate Narrator: Another wonderful Promethean accessory is the ActiveSlate. The Promethean ActivSlate is a wireless tablet that works seamlessly with Prometheans ActivInspire! The Technical Coordinator(TC) shows a close-up of the ActivSlate unit and demonstrates its use. What is really great about the ActivSlate is that it doesnt require an ActivBoard for use. The ActivSlate can work independently or in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard. There are several benefits for using the slate instead of simply writing on the board. First, teachers can teach from anywhere in the classroom and dont have to stand next to the board or computer, nor do they have to turn their backs on their students when writing. Additionally, students can complete problems, using the slate without ever leaving the desk, which of course, is also a benefit for shyer students who may be uncomfortable standing in front of the class.

Setting up the Promethean Board

1. Checking for connectivity Narrator: Now that we have discussed some of the great accessories that Promethean offers, lets walk through the basic process of getting started with using the Board. When setting up the Promethean board the first thing you will want to check is that the board is connected. The TC stands by the board and points to the Promethean flame logo. Narrator: To do so, look at the Promethean logo in the upper left corner of the board. It should be lit as shown here. If it is red or not lit, the board is not

connected. In this case, you should call your Technical Coordinator for advice on next steps. The TC exits the screen. 2. Checking the computer Narrator: After insuring the board is connected, we also need to make sure the computer that is connected to the Promethean board is on. In this case, we can see that this computer is already turned on. 3. Checking the projectors power Narrator: Even if the computer was off, we could still see whether the projector is on or off by looking at its light. If the projector is off, the light will be red. 4. Turning on the projector Narrator: You can turn the projector on by using the Promethean remote. Narrator: We will simply point the remote control up toward the projector and press the red power button. It should take about 10-15 seconds for the screen to project the image from computer. The TC holds the remote, points it upward and presses the power button. 5. Close-up of projector with power on Narrator: Voila we have the computers image on the board. 6. Long-shot of Promethean Board Narrator: The image should fit within the borders of the Promethean Board as shown here. 7. Close-up of the side of the Promethean board Narrator: Lets also look at the other features located on the left side of the Promethean board. Here you will find volume controls, connections for stereo and

computer out , mic to PC, DVD CD, connection for the pc, auxiliary, as well as a stand by button. Finally, you will see a slot for the Activepens. 8. Close-up of Activpen Narrator: The Activpen behaves similarly to a mouse. It allows you to hover over icons and access helpful tools. It can also be used to Drag-and-drop, highlight, open tools and applications, switch between pages and activate sounds and images. Because of its precision, you want to make sure that the pen and cursor on the board match. 9. Calibrating the pens- TC walks through showing how to calibrate the pens and board. Narrator: You will need to calibrate the pens to the board. TC enters the screen and hovers the pen over the logo. Narrator: First, hover the pen very close to the Promethean logo at the top left corner of the board, and you will see an image in the center of the board that says click on the surface to begin. TC clicks center image. Narrator: Using your pen click there. Then another image with an X in the upper left corner will appear. Use your pen to click there as well. TC clicks upper left corner X. Narrator: Then you will see another in the upper right, click there. TC clicks upper right corner X. Narrator: Then you will see another in the lower right, click there. TC clicks lower right corner X. Narrator: Then you will see another in the lower left, click there. TC clicks lower left corner X. Narrator: Finally, you will see one in the center left, click there. TC clicks center left corner X and exits the screen. Narrator: Congratulations you are now ready to use your board.

You are now ready to use the board. 10. Review Narrator: Lets quickly review the steps you will take before using the Promethean Board. First make sure the board is connected by checking the Promethean fire image in the upper left corner. Second, make sure you have turned on the PC that is connected to the board. Third, make sure the projector has been turned on, and that the image displayed on the board fits within its borders. Fourth, make sure your pens are calibrated to the board. If they are not, hover your pen above the Promethean logo until you see an image in the center of the board that says click on the surface to begin. Thats it! Now, all you have to do is design some great lesson plans that incorporate the fantastic features and accessories of your Promethean board. Have fun!