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Living Bridges
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Social Capital World Forum 2012 Sweden

Living Bridges
organisations from civil society, NGOs, social enterprises etc. working at a regional/ national level. SCWF considers social capital as a key resource for enhancing community well-being and sustainability. The aim with the forum is to integrate a common language that will facilitate the progress of our communities socially, environmentally and economically. In 2012 an ongoing series of events has been co-produced by the association Social Capital Forum in Bergsjön, Gothenburg Sweden in cooperation with various actors around the world. A special focus during the year has been how to bridge people and networks working on creating solutions on societal problems. For this reason the metaphor and motto of 2012 is “Living Bridges”. The conference is closing this process, that started with the kick-off event on March 15th in Gothenburg. Video with Colin Campbell and Dr. Manfred Hellrigl presenting the start of 2012 years forum: Welcome to the final event of 2012s Social Capital World Forum Sweden – Living Bridges. This is an event which will focus on discussing and working on solutions on our pressing challenges in society. These are questions for example related to youth unemployment, environmental problems and various forms of exclusion. Challenges, which will require new entrepreneurial approaches in business and new ways to work together. This is an event for people in businesses, civil society, academy and municipalities, all working to develop a resilient society. The Social Capital World Forum (SCWF) was launched in Scotland in 2009 by Colin Campbell, Scotland and Dr. Manfred Hellrigl, Austria. The intention of the forum is to bring together

we will implement some elements of an innovative conference structure. We will connect the local with the virtual, reaching a globally distributed audience, using social media and the Living Bridges Planet network. The conference will center on three topics: Methods – Participatory methods to foster endurable participation and engagement Tools – How do we use tools, as for example apps, or social media, to generate social capital. Measurement – How do we know that we have created social capital, and how can we measure the outcome. Preliminary program – We leave open for a few additional contributions in the program. Friday November 30 Start 13:00 Intrapreneurs developing social capital On Friday, we will mainly focus on how actors as municipalities, regions, universities and NGO:s work with social capital. For example, we will see how a housing company, owned by the municipality Halmstad, by focusing on the social dimension of the economy and building social capital with the residents have been highly successful in finding new jobs for long term unemployed and get people engaged in developing the neighborhood. We will also look at the challenges for local democracy and its system of values in the networked economy. Moreover we will also hear the background to the first state in US, Illinois, which recently started it`s task force for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, unique in it’s intention to work with social capital as an elevator for progress in the state.

The conference in Gothenburg will give participants a possibility to learn more about how social capital can be stimulated and be used in practical work for change. It will also provide an opportunity to create social capital and collective action. The conference will offer a number of presentations but there will be workshops also in which people will take part and co-create the content. In addition,

A selection of the presentations: Organizing social entrepreneurship: The power of associations, Prof. Stefan Tengblad, Skövde University, Sweden Social Capital - does it mix with the public sector? Thomas Martinsson, Deputy Mayor Gothenburg City, Sweden Rise of the Citizen Expert, Nadia ELImam, Director of Edgeryders, Brussels, Stockholm Experiences from leveraging of social capital in a small village and its importance for local societies, Anders Y Larsson, Glocal Future Vuollerim, Sweden Social Capital – What’s the Problem, PerEric Ullberg-Ornell, Marketing Strategist Lidköping Municipality, Sweden The enabling Housing company, Helene Blomberg, Director for Social Impact, Halmstads Housing Company, Per Thronée, Employment office in Halmstad, Sweden How Social Enterprise Policy Becomes Law: Illinois’ Social Capital Initiative, Marc J Lane, Chairman of the Task force for social innovation and entrepreneurship, Illinois state, USA (Skype) Creating a meeting place for social innovation, Pia Svanqvist, Director Gothenburg Civic Center Panel discussion – How does the public sector view co-operation with civil society? Examples from Region Skåne in supporting local development, Ulf Kyrling, Regional Developer, Skåne, Sweden Identity of a place as a trigger for local development, Lasse Fryk, Kommununiversitetet, Gothenburg, Sweden Evening gathering with gaming at “Galaxen” in Bergsjön: In the evening we will experience the unique environment of Galaxen in Bergsjön. A rural landscape in an urban setting. Also we will have the Pre Launch of Clear Fear Game - Activate your social capital: produced by Philippe Greier from the Playmakers Industries, Austria and Martin Webber, University of York, UK Saturday December 1 Outlining the landscape of social capital

The morning session will show social capital from various perspectives. For example we will look into issues of how to measure it and how social and ecological dimensions go together. We will also hear examples on how new innovative platforms are forming which support public- private partnerships and social capital development, creating shared values. Social Capital meets Green Capital: Green Media Forum, Dr. Clara Mavellia, Director of Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute Berlin, Germany Bringing social innovation to market, Louise Dufwa, Inkludera Invest, Stockholm, Sweden Center for Public Entrepreneurship, a Nordic example on how to work with Social Capital, Nils Phillips, Center for Public Entrepreneurship, Malmö, Sweden Social Capital goes Econometrics - First steps to establish social capital as an indicator, Alexander Dill, Managing director Basel Institute for commons and economics, Switzerland Social Capital from a financing perspective: Experience of financing the social economy, Jan Svensson, Manager, Credit Guarantee Union Social Economy West of Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden Connecting Islands: the Human Quest for Transition in the 21st century, Rafael Reinehr, Founder of Coolmeia – Ideas for Co-operation, Araranguá, Santa Catarina, Brazil Creative Social Networking, a tool for Creative Social Capital - a real scenario, Azoska Saint Simeone, Ghana, MVENTURIAN GLOBAL LCC, & Flexiwaggon AB, Sweden Online interaction – possibilities and obstacles when working with young people, Marita Isaksson, manager JOINA and freelance organization consultant, Gothenburg, Sweden Building an education city based on gathering our young social capital, Justo Méndez Arámburu, Nuestra Escuela delegation, Puerto Rico Panel discussion – How do we leverage social capital? – What are the challenges and opportunities?

Lunch Break In the afternoon two workshops will be held that will focus on how to foster and develop social capital. Workshop 1 will show a cutting edge example from Sweden in how to develop a platform for creating shared values among civil society, municipalities and businesses. Workshop 2 will take a deeper look into how we can develop platforms between countries. In this case Mexico and Sweden. Workshop 1: Methods and Tools for development, a workshop by Center for Public Entrepreneurship, Ingemar Holm and Nils Phillips, Center for Public Entrepreneurship, Malmö, Sweden. Workshop 2: Maria Trinidad – The ship of the future – Towards a more human and just world, José Manuel Sáenz Arroyo – Cozumel, Mexico, Bo Londrén , Londra Förlag Anki Bentenius, Gothenburg, Sweden Cultural Evening in Bergsjön The magic of fire - Torches and bonfire, By Team Klara Hansson, Social Entrepreneurs Gothenburg, Sweden In the Nordic winter darkness, fire has always held a special place in peoples hearts. On Saturday evening a magical walk with flaming torches will be led by one of the local social entrepreneurs, Klara Hansson. Klara will guide the procession through the forest of Bergsjön, ending up by a bonfire in the woods where stories from the past will be passed on to new listeners. Sunday December 2 Social Capital and Co-Working – The way of organizing in the 21st century Over the last years co-working has

emerged as a global phenomenon. The session will focus on some of the pioneering examples in the global coworking scene. We will also in more depth look into the Jellyweek, which in 2011-2012s, was one of the most engaging global social innovation projects with 233 spaces in 34 countries and many thousands of changemakers around the world who gathered in January 2012 for celebrating “working together”. Luck, insight - or social capital? Elements of serendipity, Ilkka Kakko, Karostech Ltd, Global Oasis Network, Finland Going beyond coworking - how to engage online and offline communities for common actions, Mindaugas Danys, Catalyst, Hub Vilnius, Lithuania How to foster Social Capital using glocal-virtual events. Practical experience with the Living Bridges Planet network, Willi Schroll, Social Foresight Network, Berlin, Germany Sealand Multiversity - collaborative Makerspace metaplatform, Joy Lohmann, Hanover, Germany Jellyweek - An integrated case Celebrating working together all over the world, Anni Roolf, Founder Jelly Week, Germany The Jellyweek Quilt: sewing ideas in glocal scale, Leila País de Miranda, Rio, Brazil Something is happening in Oslo - the need for co-working spaces. About Pop Ups and Jelly. Nadina Helen Bakos, Sweet Chili Arts, Oslo, Norway Lunch Break Afternoon session: Culture, gaming and social media as power to solve societal problems. Local entrepreneurs and civil society organizations from Bergsjön, Gothenburg, will join a workshop, Play open source sustainability, facilitated by Tudor Tarlev Dream Ups, Austria, and Philippe Greier, Playmakers Industries, Austria-Brazil, to create a direction for the future. Connected to this session we also engage global social innovators in the learning field from the Edu Tour goes

Social Capital World Forum: “What skills are needed for the future” *During a Social Media Tour starting in Amsterdam and ending in Gothenburg at the Social Capital World Forum (SCWF12) a team of Game Changers from 14 countries identifies and presents inspiring education initiatives that are reinventing schools / universities. Friends who are using new curriculum designs and teaching methods, creating innovative learning environments. Passionate teachers who are rethinking their system through the use of technology more creatively and providing more and problem-solving learning spaces. See link for updates: The Global Pitch During the conference we will have premiere for the Global Pitch. In the global pitch local and global entrepreneurs give their ideas to a jury in Gothenburg. Some will do it through social media, some will do it at place in Bergsjön. This is a new way to bridge local and global, scale innovation by using the global pool of knowledge and transfer it to local communities. In the weeks leading up to the conference entrepreneurs can register their interest in beeing part of the pitch on: Monday 3d of december On monday morning we will summarize the conference and connect to next year’s conference which will be held in Scotland in september 2013. Colin Campbell, co-founder of Social Capital World Forum, is hosting next year’s SCWF. For questions contact: To stay during the conference Our conference guests are recommended to stay at the following places: Tikitu: Our local partners Tikitu, a community based tourism enterprise in Bergsjön. is, in co- operation with other actors in Bergsjön, offer accommodation and several services during the conference. For extensive program follow the link

below: Kviberg Hostel and Cottages: Le Mat: Conference location The conference will mainly be held at Gothenburg Civic Center. Adress: Mellangatan 1 Södra Allégatan 1B Contact General Inquiries: Bert-Ola Bergstrand, ola.bergstrand@, +46739516758 Diana Waage,, +46767681548 Social Media related to Social Capital World Forum Sweden - Living Bridges #scwf12 livingbridgesplanet/ Fees and registration Including fees are full program, coffee breaks, lunches and evening party on friday. All prices including value added tax, 25 percent. Volunteer - Free of charge. Apply for ticket. Go to eventbrite for registration http://w w w.eventbr event/4539473688# Contact us for more information about fees and registration: Sponsorship - Investing Interested in becoming a sponsor of the event and our social entrepreneurs? Please contact

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