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1. In the enlightenment, there are 2 dimensions of change which are __________.

A. Thinking and social B. Industry and the creation of new tools

2. What is meant by theory?

A. Theory is the fact that less accurate is describing the phenomenon. B. The theory is an abstract statement or assumptions about the relationship between variables to explain the phenomenon

3. Social scientists have outlined some features of the theory of functions by _________ to assists the understanding.

A. Providing guidance on the matter to be investigated B. Expanding knowledge through reason

4. What is the theory of Structuralism / Functionalism?

A. Assume that society will experience a change in uniform regulation based B. Assume that there is a certain structure is the formation of a society

5. August Comte (1798-1857) made an assumption that there are 3 levels of human thought, namely _________.

A. Theology, Metaphysics, and Positivism B. Metaphysics, Pure Science and Positivism

6. Important concept that refers to the motivation includes _________.

A. Needs motives, motivation and behavior B. Needs motives, desires and behavior

7. A represented __________.

A. Social need / Love B. Esteem Needs

8. B represented ___________.

A. Safety requirements B. Physiological needs

9. Meant _________________ encouragement

A. Internal force that drive basic requirement B. The rise of the internal or mental processes generated by the need

10. What are the 2 important components of emotions?

A. Personality and mental B. Physiological and cognitive

11. The following is a TRUE statement about secondary group EXCEPT _______.

A. Members interact indirectly, formal and rarely face B. Members form a group on a specific purpose and the group will remain forever

12. What is the circumstance that causes the secondary group can turn into a primary group?

A. When fewer members in the group refuse to cooperate with each other B. When all the members have mutual cooperation and understanding

13. What is the importance of secondary group to individuals and society?

A. So that a committee can create a policy and implement it B. So that the community is more aware of their surroundings

14. What causes the existence on in-group and out-group?

A. Sense of sense of belonging in a strong group B. The existence of jealousy of each other

15. What are the unique factors in the age group?

A. Fun B. Equality

16. Which of the following are key factors that influence the information of inter-group relations?

i. ii. iii. iv.

Place Size Power Behavior

A. i and ii B. ii and iii

17. Simmel (1950) has made a study of relations of dyads and found that ___________.

A. If any member will withdraw, it will result to the destruction of dyads B. If any member will withdraw, it will strengthen the dyads

18. According to Shark R. (1987), sociologists have found that there are some rules of Triads behavior, namely ______.

i. ii. iii. iv.

Ethnicity Transitivity Sensitivity Coalition formation

A. ii and iv B. iii and iv

19. Which of the following statement exactly define secularism?

A. Victory in the war only with military and tactical equipment alone B. Scientific knowledge of human opportunities is radical and conservative thinking

20. What is the basic appearance of one religion in this world?

A. Sense to find a supreme power B. Sense to find a top leadership

21. Among the general characteristics of the religion of between of heaven is absolute separation between God and not God, also known as?

A. Transcendent B. Immanent

22. The following are philosophical about the existence of God, EXCEPT

A. Agnostic B. Anime

23. The following are the factor of religious people EXCEPT

A. Well-being in the world B. Safety

24. The following are the characteristics of sky religion EXCEPT

A. Acknowledges the existence of the holy book as a guide B. Think of God and environment are the same

25. The following are the characteristics of culture religion EXCEPT

A. Think of God and the nature of two distinct entities B. Myth explains the relationship of God with nature

26. Communication process can be defined as ______

A. Start as soon as someone to talk B. Is unique and cannot be repeated

27. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?

A. Communication in the process we are trying to understand someone B. Communication is one way a person shows his power

28. Which of the following is NOT a communication process?

A. Home builders knock nails B. Ice-cream seller rang the bell

29. Which of the following can be categorized as a communication channel?

A. Anti-drug awareness campaigns B. Billboard

30. Which of the following in NOT a channel of communication?

A. Magazine B. Street lights

31. The following are key element in the basic communication model EXCEPT

A. Entropy and Redundancy B. Messages and Channels

32. Communication can be defined as

A. Two-way process, continuous and has a message through the channel behavior B. There are 15 different conceptual in the process of effective communication

33. What is Mass Communication?

A. Message transmitted to the public in person B. It is directed to target large, heterogeneous, and anonymous

34. Initial model presented by Lasswell (1948) contains elements of ______.

A. Who said what, through what channels, to whom, with what effect B. Who said, through what channels, to whom, with what effects

35. What is meant by the term BYPASSING in the communication process?

A. Clearly understood the information without seeking certainty B. Give the information at first glance without seeking clarification

36. The following define political organization EXCEPT

A. Its own decision making and confident purpose can justify the means B. System within the organization will establish and maintain roles among member of the organization

37. There are several individual characteristics the influence political behavior in organization. Which of the following feature that causes an individual to exploit other to achieve organizational goals?

A. Machiavellianism B. The need for power

38. Good political management organization is ________.

A. Not ashamed to do something to achieve its objective B. Avoid tension and conflict that can affect performance and organizational productivity

39. Farrell and Peterson (1982) introduced the 3 dimensional typology for understanding the political behavior of the organization and one of them is the legitimacy of political action. Why is this action important?

A. Role is to develop, organize rules and maintain order among the members of the organization B. So that decision made have the popular support and consent of the members of the organization

40. The following are opinions of Robbins (2001) about political ethics organization EXCEPT

A. Manager must be in accordance with universal standard of justice and equality and not threaten the right and liberty and worker interest B. Managers need to consider the impact of the action or decision making on the personal interest in advance

41. There are 2 factors affecting the changes in political behavior, namely _______.

A. Management and Leadership B. Organizations and Individuals

42. Knowledge is a necessity in human life because ________.

A. The rank and dignity of people is measured based on the knowledge they acquired B. To get a good job of human life

43. Knowledge can be learned through two methods, namely ___________-.

A. Formal and informal B. Through reading and discussion

44. Knowledge can be divided into two, namely science and _________--.

A. Humanity B. The community

45. What is the exact meaning of science?

A. Knowledge that examines the psychological and aesthetic in man B. Knowledge that uses scientific methods to explain the reason why things happen

46. What is exact focus of social science?

A. Field study physical phenomena using scientific research methodology and systematic B. Field study human social phenomena using scientific methodology and systematic review

47. Based on Darwins idea that emphasizes the concept of survival of the fittest in explaining the changes in society. Which of the following that further define the stated idea?

A. Society varies according to cultural evolution starting from a nomadic way of life, stay local and start using the technology B. They will stand strong and the weak are eliminated naturally in accordance with the laws of nature.

48. Lewis Henry Morgan (1818-1881) developed the theory of evolution which assumes that culture and society is divided into 3, namely____________.

A. Early, middle and end B. Savagery, barbarism and civilization

49. Which or the following are key concept in the sense of psychology?

A. Scientific concept, behavior and mental processes B. Scientific concept, conduct systematic and mental processes

50. The goal of psychology is as follows, EXCEPT

A. Change human behavior B. Decision making

51. Emotions, feeling, motivation, thought and stimulation are referred to as _______.

A. Mental processes B. Systematic behavior

52. Scientific and systematic methods in social science research include 2 major components, namely __________-.

A. Authority and systematically B. Pattern discovery and production of organizations

53. There are 2 approaches of studying social sciences, namely ________---.

A. Statistical and experimental B. Qualitative and quantitative

54. In the early stages of human knowledge of Greek knowledge Ages founded to be _________.

A. Rational nature, combined with the philosophy B. Figures based study

Time X Rational knowledge is blocked because they believe that the phenomenon is fated to be accepted without the need to think of reasons why it happened.

55. Time of X in above statement refers to _____________

A. The Middle Ages B. Enlightenment Era

56. Renaissance science split into 3, the human, physical, and

A. Metaphysics B. Microphysics

57. Mr. Rahman is a counselor at one of public. He would often give advice to student facing difficulties. He was able to achieve the task of psychology which is to ___________.

A. Influence B. Describe

58. Psychology is one field of scientific research. Some of the methods that can be used is the study of psychology are ______________.

A. Observation method, observation and experiment B. Influence methods, prediction and observation

59. Among the field of applied psychology is

i. ii. iii. iv.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Clinical and Counseling Psychology Psychological Society and Nature School of Psychology and Education

A. i, ii and iii B. i, ii and iv

60. The definition of intelligence reflects exactly by which of the following?

A. Capacity and capability of a person with knowledge and adapt to the environment B. Capacity and capability of a person in manipulating the environment

61. Psychology divide the components of thought associated with the personality into 3 categories, EXCEPT

A. IQ B. Superego

62. Which of the following is NOT a theory related to human development

i. ii. iii. iv.

Piagets Cognitive Theory Cognitive theory of Freud Erikson Psychosocial Theory Psychosocial theory Wechsler

A. iii and iv B. ii and iv

63. which of the following are the stages in Kohlberg Moral Development Theory?

i. ii. iii. iv.

Pre-Conventional Moral stages Conventional stages Conventional Partial level Conventional General level

A. i and ii B. I and iii

64. Stanford Test Bined Ravens Progressive Matrices Test measures the

A. Fitness B. Personality

65. Be realistic and comply with the principles of reality. It is a rational and logical personality and characterized by a more structures thinking and critical. This statement is consistent with the characteristics of ____________.

A. Id B. Ego

66. The following is TRUE about the definition set out by Merton group, EXCEPT

A. A person who is member of the group cannot be a member in another cluster B. Social group is composed of a group of people interact in a certain way

67. Which of the following is the statement of the peer group specified by Frederico RC (1976)?

A. Peers usually present in childhood B. Peer group is a group that is difficult to control

68. The following statement are TRUE regarding the reference group EXCEPT

A. Group of individuals who serve as a guide to an individual B. Individuals are also included in the reference group

69. Which of the following is TRUE with respect to Association as a group?

A. Also known as categorical groups B. Usually found in a complex industrial society

70. The relationship between Mrs. Seri Sofia and Datin Lim is very close since they are living in Taman Bukit Indah, Jitra. They are more comfortable with each other because they have almost the same status and possession, their relationship can be classified as _______ group.

A. Categorical B. Association

71. Which of the following is TRUE about the aggregate group?

A. Members are not concerned about other members B. Interaction between members of the aggregate group were frequent

72. The meaning of street in religion definition is the following EXCEPT

A. Go B. Goan

73. The word Religion is derived from the Latin word Religere which means

A. Be Careful B. Considerate

74. The following are theory of religion EXCEPT

A. Schmidt theory B. Osgood theory

75. Based on the theory of Schmidt, the first religion is also known as

A. Beginning of monotheism B. Preliminary monotheism

76. Which is TRUE about peace in accordance with religious doctrine?

A. Islam Entering Paradise is bliss B. Christian Desires and Consciousness

77. Who is Master of Western Sociology which first argues that religion is a religion of honor, Supreme Exist?

A. Frederich Max Muller B. Wilhelm Schmidt

78. The following statement are about the function of religion in the formation os social harmony in Malaysia EXCEPT

A. Forms a perfect education system B. Sentence based on a rational set

79. The following statement is on the Code of Conduct EXCEPT

A. How to behave, organize human life and relationship to God B. Believes that an individual must be saved from any threat of physical, mental and spiritual

80. Agnostic is one of the 3 schools of philosophy in which the community __________.

A. Believes in the existence of God B. Reveals the existence of God can be proved or not proved

81. Which is TRUE about the 2 forms of Theism?

A. Monotheistic Islam B. Polytheistic Christianity

82. Which of the following in NOT a goal of communication?

A. Offensive to someone B. Convey important information

83. Which explains the process of encoding?

A. Speakers as a source of message B. Receiver interprets the message sent to him

84. Which statement is TRUE regarding mass communication?

A. It is flexible and easily adapted according to need B. It usually requires a costly expenses

85. Which situation can be categorized as interpersonal communication?

A. Activities in the school sports day B. Two people who argue that right

86. In the small group communication situation, what is the advantage of larger number of members?

A. More opportunities for high entropy rate B. Grater the potential for knowledge and skills in the group

87. The following are barrier to communication EXCEPT

A. Repetition B. Misinterpretation of the encoded process

88. The component of communication is

A. Symbol B. The mass media

89. In the game of win, lose or draw, an act out of something. Then other people should guess what was communicated. The process of expressing the answer is

A. Decode B. Feedback

90. Sign language is an example of ___________ in the communication process.

A. Source B. Symbol

91. An organization can lead to political conflict in the form of _________.

i. ii. iii. iv.

Intra-personal Inter-group Inter-personal Intra-group

A. ii and iii B. iii and iv

92. Definition of organizational politics by Fran Vigoda (1998) is

A. Competitive pursuit of power, influence and position B. The relationship between power and influence of individuals involved individuals and groups of people whether they are internal or external organizational environment

93. The following are individual factors that influence changes in political behavior EXCEPT

A. The need for power B. Ambiguity

94. In political ethics, a manager must have the following characteristics EXCEPT

A. To think an d act alone B. Needs to improve the welfare of the workers

95. For an organization, transmission and delivery of information from the upper to the lower level quickly is essential because ________.

A. If information is unclear and confused, it will lead to some problems and confusion B. Competing with each employee

96. One of the important political tactics is to build organizations and develop a support base within the organization. The following are important political tactics EXCEPT

A. Easy for the manager to control the acquisition of important and confidential information B. Produce consensus, cooperation, consensus and a strong combination

97. The following are the 3 political strategy by Jeffrey Pfeffer (1981), EXCEPT

A. Basic Support form B. Integrity form

98. The following are techniques often used in organizations that recognize the political behavior associated with political tactics by Jerald Greenberg (1996), EXCEPT

A. Change and adaption information B. Aligns them with higher authority

99. Some guidance may be used to minimize political activity. Which of the guidance require that each individual should avoid unhealthy competition in the political organization?

A. Challenging political behavior B. Makes things clear

100. Which of the following are CORRECT factors that can influence the organization to identify the political behavior?

i. ii. iii. iv.

Ambiguity Conflict of norms Individual values Continence

A. i and ii B. ii and iii