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Half of the 2012 is gone. During the next few weeks Conquest as an Organisation have to reflect on their work over the past months. We have to see what work and what does not work. We have to look at our strategies including our fundraising and programs. I think the biggest challenge facing not only Conquest For Life but NPC all across the world is the sustaining factors. With the financial crisis in the US and UK , it has an impact on all the organizations. Conquest is no exception. The crisis in the US and UK affected Conquest For Life as our International Funding has been affected. This vacuum is still not filled and have caused some challengers for the organization. Early in the year, around February, Conquest For Life staff joined other organizations in marching to the Lottos office. To date the lotto has still not come back with a plan of action to support the Non Profit Sector. Government also has no plan of action and remains silent. There is a growing need for NPC to become self reliant and still stay true to its original mandate and that is to empower the underpowered. If you have not yet supported the NPC sector, now is a good opportunity to do. Many of these organisations have done tremendous work over the years. Could you imagine what will happen if the NPC sector decides to STRIKE in ubity for just one day all across ? July September 2012 Volume 2, Issue 2

Inside this issue:

Gautrain Youth Day 2 2

Building Bridge 2 Thank You Youth Worker Reathusana Support CFL 3 3 3 4

Kathlegos Story
Katlego is in grade 4 at Rebogwe Primary school. She came to attend our aftercare program because she hath a problem, she cant read. She is a very hyper active child and very playful, we heard from her class mates that she is a problem at school. Every time she was asked to read she will have an excuse or get out from the program and stay for a long time in the toilet until the reading lessons have finished. After consulting her class teacher and parents we found out that she has the same problem at home and at school. We took some time with her and asked the school to let her come to the office early so that we can have enough time to assist her. From February we have been assisting her and during the second term she managed to do well. Her teacher said she is now able to stay in a class and she is not afraid to read.

Above: Matilda with the aftercare Kids

My Gautrain Experience
55 Children took a trip on the Gautrain to the Pretoria Zoo as part of their holiday program which started at the beginning of the Winter school holidays. Not all out Aftercare children participated as most of them had to home (homelands) to go and visit family members. Children came from Orange Farm, Ennerdale, Soweto and Westbury and surrounding communities. Most of these kids have never seen animals and all of them it was the first time on a high speed train or on the Gautrain. There was a lot of expectation in the air. You could see in their faces, sense it in the air. The children were very excited and were constantly looking out of the window and chat to their friends. Below is a few pictures and you put a story to it:

Youth Day June 16 2012

June 16 2012 was officially Youth Day in South Africa. June is Youth month and thus the whole focus of June is on Youth. Conquest For Life with the support of YDF/ GIZ organized two soccer tournaments in Soweto, Meadowlands and one in Claremont, Johannesburg. The tournament ran over a two day period , 1617 June 2012. The tournaments started at 10:00 am until around 15:00 pm and again the following day from 10:0013:00 pm In Soweto about 18 teams registered with more than 320 people attending. Claremont have seen 12 Teamas registered and more than 230 people in attendance. The two days were filled with fun and games. Teams included girls teams and a mixture of boys and girls. Our own young people from the aftercare had their own team and to our amaze they were real conquerors. This mixed team of boys and girls were called the Conquest Classics and they are going throw to the next round where they will be playing against teams from Westbury, Orange Farm, Ennerdale and Newclare. We are looking forward to their Victory.

Youth Day is for the Youth by the Youth

Building Bridges Diversion Camp

14 Young people went on a weekend camp in De Deur, Vereeniging. Young people came from Orange Farm, Ennerdale, Soweto and Ennerdale. The purpose of the camp was to get all the participants together irrespective of their offences or where they are coming from. It also created a platform where young people from different backgrounds, communities could come together and interact with each other and learn from each other and from their peers experiences The participants found the opportunity to tell their stories and most of them said they learned that crime does not bring success and victory but it create violence because their parents cant trust them. They said as they started to attend the Diversion Program parent noticed the change of behavior and they gave them a chance again they

started to support them. They said they learn that as a young people they have to find their good talent and focus on it.

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Thank You for Supporting Conquest!!

LV & I Middleton Charitable Trust


Solomon Ruben & Ann Winer Benefit Trust

Youth Worker by Profession, Mother by heart

Matilda Mogari was born and grew up in Soweto in Meadowlands. She is a mother of two kids, a counsellor, a teacher and a helper. She likes doing community work, helping people who are in need and people who are taking TB treatment. She is passionate about assisting children who does not have parents and wants to continue with their school. She is a very humble person, giving an ear to people and somebody that will listen to them. She likes her job as a youth worker, assisting the local schools in Soweto and the after care. She is currently helping 12 kids who are orphans including one child who is in university student.

I am to Me that which I now can see CFL Camp slogan

Reathusana Youth Child Justice Project

Reathusana name came form Sotho meaning helping one another , the project aimed help the inmates and rehabilitating working with juvenile inmates in correctional facilities once a week . We facilitate life skills training in three prisons, Leeukop, Suncity (Johannesburg) and Leeuhof in Vereeninging. We run life skills sessions as a mentorship programs for young inmates, we have since noticed how young people have changed their lifes. Mpho who was an inmate in Leeukop prison phone our office to thank us as he was one of the participant in our program, he was released from prison as the minister released the offenders this year. He informed us that due to his behavior and hes attendance of the Reathusana Program, the social workers recommended him and the parole board granted him parole. It is clear that the Reathusana Project provided a sense of self worth by developing the young inmates ability to be accepted again into the community.

Volume 2, Issue 2

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Have you considered supporting Conquest?

The resources required to successfully run a concern such as Conquest for Life are many and varied. The following list are sugges ons for you to choose a par cular way that you could assist: A monetary donation between R10 and R1000 000 or any other amount you feel drawn to donate. A monthly commitment of R100, R1000, or R10 000 which we will use towards meeting our monthly running costs. Specific donations towards the cost of producing our newsletters and broachers Donations of household and office furniture, equipment, stationary - paper, printers, faxes, carpets, crockery and cutlery, linen and accessories. We gladly come and collect. Computers and equipment will enable us to meet the growing needs in our Computer Training programme as well as running our programmes and administration efficiently. Hardware supplies like paint, tools and garden equipment will assist us in maintaining the building in each of our branches. We welcome anyone who would like to share their time, talents and skills with us that will enable us to meet all our objectives.

Please feel free to call the director and discuss any other means not mentioned above that you see will assist us in reaching our objectives.