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Test Date: Thursday, November 29

I will not collect this study guide. It is only to help you prepare for the test. I am available in person or by email to answer any questions you may have.

Your test will have questions similar to the ones below. What was the name of Hitlers book? What were Hitlers strengths as a politician and leader? How did the Depression help Hitler come to power in Germany? What did many Germans dislike about Communism? In the 1930s, what did the German people want from their government? How did Hitler use force to take control of Germany? What strategies did the Nazi Party use to gain votes for their party and for Hitler? How did Hitler use terror methods to control Germany in the 1930s. Why did many of the German people approve of Nazi rule? How was propaganda effective in controlling Germany in the 1930s? How did the Nazis control the media? How did the Nazis use of propaganda make their terror methods more effective? How did the Nazis win over young people? How did some young people resist the Nazis? Which people were considered undesirable and persecuted by the Nazis? How did the Nazis deal with people they considered undesirable? What traits did the Nazis find most desirable? What does appeasement mean? Why did British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain choose a policy of appeasement with Germany in 1938? Which countries signed the Munich Agreement? Which countrys land was given to Germany in the Munich Agreement? How did Germany react to the Munich Agreement? Why did Hitler need to make a deal with Stalin in 1939? Why did Stalin agree to a deal with Hitler in 1939? What does blitzkrieg mean? Why was the Battle of the Atlantic significant? How did the British and American bomber attack against Germany help the Allies win the war? What was D-Day? What was VE Day? What is conscription? How did conscription affect people in Britain? What actions did the British government take to prepare for air raids? Why did the British government need to control information during WWII? What were the aims of government propaganda in Britain during WWII? How did the evacuation affect Britain? How did the war change British peoples lives? Explain how the world economic depression created conditions that led to war. Hitler was solely responsible for starting World War II. How much do you agree with this statement?