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FarGo, nd - Moorhead, Mn

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Food for thought
Diverse dining scene has everyone thinking about what’s for dinner
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2013 edition | voluMe 2

FarGo, nd - Moorhead, Mn
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8 draMatic show oF support
Local theater groups thrive


Food For thouGht
Diverse dining scene has everyone thinking about what’s for dinner

18 lessons on learninG
Top employers give Fargo-Moorhead teachers real-world instruction ideas

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2013 edition | voluMe 2

FarGo, nd - Moorhead, Mn

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on the cover Microsoft Fargo Photo by Michael Conti


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FarGo, nd - Moorhead, Mn

lessons on learninG
Top employers give teachers real world instruction ideas

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Food for thought
Diverse dining scene has everyone thinking about what’s for dinner
sponsored by the Greater FarGo Moorhead econoMic developMent corporation

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FarGo, nd - Moorhead, Mn
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Welcome to Fargo-Moorhead
child’s Play
The children’s museum at yunker farm is set on 55 acres and features a miniature train, carousel, playground, pumpkin patch, nature trails, miniature golf course and more. The 50-plus interactive exhibits are designed to engage and stimulate creativity in children. The museum building is also interesting because it was the first brick house built in the Dakota territory, dating back to 1876. it became a museum in 1989 following a complete restoration. for more information, visit childrensmuseum-yunker.org.

Dilly of a Treat
Dairy queen has been an american restaurant favorite since 1940, and perhaps its most famous menu item is the Dilly bar that debuted in 1955 in Moorhead. The Dilly bar is soft serve ice cream on a stick that is covered with chocolate, cherry or butterscotch. The Moorhead restaurant has been a traditional walk-up Dairy queen since it opened in 1949, and besides the traditional Dairy queen menu items, it also offers customer favorites such as Chipper sandwiches, Mr. Malties, Monkey Tails and old Fashioned sodas. More information can be found at moorheaddairyqueen.com.

Wild about Wildlife
Red River Zoo sits on 33 acres and is home to 300 animals of 75 different species including some of the few red pandas in captivity in the world. visitors can comfortably tour the facility in 60-90 minutes, and some of the rare animals on display include the endangered bactrian camel and sichuan takin. a family of five timberwolves was also recently added to the overall population following their births. The zoo is known for its well-manicured grounds, and the facility’s smaller size allows a more interesting and intimate experience for anyone who visits. For more information, see www.redriverzoo.org.


fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

The Plain Truth
The single biggest art museum between Minneapolis and seattle is Plains art Museum in Fargo, which comprises 56,000 square feet for both rotating and permanent exhibits. Recent displays have included an exhibit of Rembrandt etchings, the art of Fargo native Matt Mastrud, and a show entitled “Rodin: a Magnificent obsession.” Plains also sponsors a biennial regional juried exposition along with an annual series that showcases regional musicians, composers and artists who work with digital media. in addition, the museum hosts educational workshops in printmaking and landscape painting, plus a yearly clay camp for kids. More information is available at plainsart.org.

Fast Facts
n fargo-moorhead is located on the red river of the North, one of the few rivers in the world that flows northward. n Forbes magazine named fargo one of its best places to retire in 2011 n moorhead’s pioneer Prairie home cemetery on eighth Street is often cited as the inspiration for the name of garrison Keillor’s national radio program, A Prairie Home Companion. n fargo-moorhead is among the top 50 most bike-friendly cities in the United States, according to Bicycling Magazine. n although the academy awardwinning 1996 film Fargo is named for the city, none of the movie was shot on location in fargo. The city is only seen briefly in the film’s opening scene. n fargo-moorhead was named the No. 1 best Place for Jobs by cNNmoney.com in 2009.

Fargo-moorhead at a glance
population (2010 census) Fargo-Moorhead Msa: 208,000 location Fargo, n.D., and Moorhead, Minn., are divided by the Red River, which serves as the border between the two states. beGinninGs Fargo and Moorhead became boomtowns with the arrival of the northern Pacific Railway in 1871. For More inForMation greater Fargo Moorhead economic Development Corporation 51 broadway, suite 500 Fargo, nD 58102 (701) 364-1900, (877) 243-0821 www.gfmedc.com
18 7 75
Red R.

Page Arthur Ayr Georgetown



Averill Dilworth
9 94 10




Casselton Fargo West Fargo
eR .



Alice Leonard


She yen n




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PHoTo CouRTesy oF THe FaRgo-MooRHeaD CoMMuniTy THeaTRe

fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

PHoTo CouRTesy oF Robby nJos

Dramatic Show of Support
theatrical Groups thrive
sToRy by nancy Mann-jackson PHoTogRaPHy by Michael conti

or Gen Eidem, a frequent theater-goer in Fargo-Moorhead, live dramatic productions “feed the soul,” she says. “Theater contributes to the quality of our life by energizing us and by providing a means for us to come together for a common reason. There is something totally magical about theater, and believe me, we don’t have to fly off to NYC to find good productions. We have them right here in our area.” art appreciation Eidem isn’t alone in her appreciation for local theater. The dramatic arts have long been an important part of the Fargo-Moorhead community. “We have always had a strong history of supporting


the performing arts, and in the recent past, that has really grown,” says Dayna Del Val, executive director of The Arts Partnership. “The community has been very supportive of the work being done by the various theatrical companies with both financial assistance and with attendance. This is a community that seems to really value live performance.” And theaters in Fargo-Moorhead offer live performances in a number of styles and genres including musical theater, classic American theater, contemporary theater and true community theater, Del Val says. The community also offers dramatic programming for every age group, from the very youngest children all the way up to senior adults. “We now have multiple summer programs

top: music Theatre fargo moorhead production of chicago the musical; bottom: act Up Theatre companies production of Spring awakening

l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o



fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

Photo Courtesy of sCot t M. Brusven

P h o t o C o u r t e s y o f t h e fa r g o M o o r h e a d C o M M u n i t y t h e at r e

specifically geared for elementary, junior and senior high school students,” Del Val says. “We have also seen a surge in the number and variety of types of adult theatrical experiences being offered throughout the community.” take a peek backstage While theater patrons broaden their horizons by enjoying live theater, the performers and behind-the-scenes workers gain additional value. “One of my favorite things that I take away from my involvement in the theater is meeting new people,” says Linda Hinrichs, who has performed in plays with several local companies. “I consider it a very special treat when I have the opportunity to perform with others that I have been on stage with before. I appreciate the experience of working with different directors and learning from them, as well as the people I am acting with.” Over the past several years, Fargo-Moorhead has

become a haven for performers, theater buffs and theater novices who want to experience something new and exciting. And the dramatic arts have made Fargo-Moorhead a richer, more interesting place to live. “On any given weekend throughout the year, there is at least one live theatrical performance going on somewhere, and often, there is more than one,” Del Val says. “Our programming has expanded and increased as our quality of life has. It’s been a very symbiotic relationship, as the demand for both more theatrical programming and quality of life issues have grown up together. Today, there is cutting-edge theater being produced [here] as well as contemporary and classical musicals. The best of American theater and Pulitzer Prize-winning plays are being done. Comedies, dramas, farces, musicals and more are showcasing the best of the theatrical experience to our audiences and our actors.”

clockwise from top left: Trollwood Performing arts School in moorhead; The fargo-moorhead community Theatre’s children’s Studio Theatre performs annie Jr. The Stage at island Park in fargo is a 330-seat venue that offers live performances. fargo-moorhead community Theatre’s 2009 production of into the Woods

Photo Courtesy of BruCe danuser

l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o



fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

dininG scene has everyone thinkinG about what’s For dinner
sToRy by joe Morris PHoTogRaPHy by Michael conti

Food for

argo-Moorhead foodies have a lot to be proud about when it comes to the local restaurant scene. Innovative foreign cuisine jostles good ol’ American standbys, sometimes on the same menu. This is an area that likes choice, and its restaurateurs respond. “We have a variety, and the majority of our restaurants are locally owned so they add a lot of flair and personality unique to Fargo,” says Mike Hahn, president and CEO of the Downtown Community Partnership. “They help our downtown core stay vibrant, but also add to the overall personality of the community.” One of the best-known players on Fargo’s restaurant roster is Mezzaluna, which hangs its hat on the use of fresh, local ingredients in a rotating menu. “We’re definitely known for our duck, but people


also really like our seafood, which we have flown in,” says Sara Watson, who along with husband and chef Eric owns and operates Mezzaluna. “Fargo loves its food, and in the eight years we’ve been here we have found it to be a really special place.” downtown Fargo restaurant scene prospers While there’s fine dining to be found all over the area, downtown Fargo is known for its concentration of quality restaurants. If wine’s your thing, then don’t miss Taste of Italy, which continues to add traditional wines to its offerings. A well-known spot for romantic dinners, the restaurant also has private dining rooms and banquet facilities for larger parties. A taste of Tuscany is also an offering at Toscana,

Diners enjoy the food and atmosphere of hoDo restaurant at hotel Donaldson in downtown fargo.

l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o



fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

clockwise from top left: Diners enjoy a meal at mezzaluna. classic bruschetta with spinach-almond pesto, tapenade and toasted breads is on the menu at mezzaluna. Usher’s house executive chef cary carr prepares a meal at the moorhead restaurant. hoDo restaurant at hotel Donaldson in downtown fargo draws diners with fresh food and a comfortable atmosphere. hoDo restaurant’s menu includes dishes such as these pan-roasted manila clams.

which promises an escape to Italy in everything from seafood dishes to the décor. Over in the Hotel Donaldson, the HoDo Restaurant maintains its local favorite status. Its “come as you are” ambiance belies the care and attention that goes into its food. Like your dining with a twist? Then try the martinis at Monte’s Downtown, which blends upscale cuisine with urban hip. The organic vibe continues at the Green Market Kitchen, where fresh-daily cuisine mixes everything from flax crepes to socca (chickpea) cakes with red pepper mojo. Want a view with that truffle mac and cheese? Then don’t miss Usher’s House, overlooking the Red River from its perch in Davey Memorial Park. If you haven’t filled your dining calendar yet, then be sure to mark down Maxwells, one of North Dakota’s most award-winning restaurants. Steaks and seafood also lead the bill of fare at the Cork ’n Cleaver, which also is rightly known for its amazing salad bar.

You’re a long way from Kentucky, but if you need a Hot Brown sandwich, then stop over at John Alexander’s, where casual dishes are elevated to fine-dining status. casual dining scene offers variety Food on the fly also has its place here, too, where a quick, casual meal, snack or drink is easy to find and enjoy. On the pizza front, look no further than Rhombus Guys, whose unique visions have led to many a satisfied customer over the years. And for a memorable burger, try JL Beers, where the Humpty Dumpty has made a believer of many. Lighter fare can be found at Nichole’s Fine Pastry, where soups and salads nudge up against such daily features as house-made gelato and sorbets. If you need to feel important, then don’t miss the VIP Room. Large dining rooms with local art and classical music provide a relaxing dining experience. Then there’s Bertrosa’s Cafe, which introduced Vienna all-beef hot dogs to North Dakota.
l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o


College Towns
OxFOrd Mississippi LOuisviLLe Kentucky COLLege sTaTiOn Texas auburn alabama FargO north dakota ann arbOr Michigan MadisOn Wisconsin aThens georgia burLingTOn vermont bOuLder Colorado

Top 10

Fargo made the list.

Top 10 College Towns
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Local Flavor

other Food Favorites
iNTereSTiNg TiDbiTS aboUT fargo-moorheaD’S local flavor
ating is believing in FargoMoorhead, where culinary options are abundant. Here’s a taste of interesting tidbits about what the area has to offer.


sushi so far inland, but there are several excellent spots that include 101 sushi bar, kobe’s, osaka, samurai, Wasabi and yuki Hana.

character. The restaurant calls itself a Mexican food and pizza joint, and has a large selection of beers.

Dining choices in FargoMoorhead range from bison burgers and traditional steakhouses to ethnic cuisine such as italian, Mexican, german and Russian. Meanwhile, you might not expect to find great

lake hot spot
Zorbaz is a favorite restaurant chain for all the locals who head to lake country over summer weekends. it was established in 1969 and named after the 1960s movie Zorba the Greek, who was a fun-loving, free-spirited

culinary arts program
Minnesota state Community and Technical College has a culinary arts program for students who want to pursue a career in the restaurant and hospitality industry. M state students receive hands-on practical lab training paired with traditional academic courses aligned with industry needs. Demand these days is high in the overall culinary field, with culinary arts accounting for more than 9 million jobs annually in the united states.

Residents who advocate farm-to-table dining practices can turn to Fargo Local Foods for information on local farmers markets as well as businesses and restaurants that sell and prepare food using products from area farms and producers. notable farmers markets in the area include the Fargo Community Farmers Market and the FM Farmers Market. Locally-owned Hornbacher’s supermarkets also are known for carrying a variety of local produce and meats.

local Wine
Maple River Winery is a short 20-mile drive west of town, in Casselton, n.D. it opened in 2001 and specializes in making small batches of wine with north Dakota fruit. The array is impressive: dandelion, apricot, country crabapple and even apple jalapeño pepper, to name just a few. – Kevin Litwin
MiCHaeL ConTi

Wasabi Sushi and asian grill in downtown fargo

l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o



Sanford health medical center in fargo, one of four local employers participating in the 2012 Teachers in industry program

sToRy by erin edGeMon PHoTogRaPHy by Michael conti

on Learning
principles they teach in their classes through a summer internship at some of the area’s largest employers. teachers in industry The Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation and North Dakota State University launched the Teachers in Industry program in 2011 to spark more innovation in teaching in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math in hopes more students will enter the workforce in related fields. The program grew to include four employers – Sanford Health, Bobcat, Microsoft and John Deere Electronic Solutions – in 2012; it is expected to grow by at least two companies in 2013. There’s a real world app that seventh-grade teacher Adam Gehlhar learned through his summer internship at North and South Dakota’s largest employer, Sanford Health, that the work his school is doing “to teach kids how to think, not what to think, is critical to their success in the 21st century.”

top eMployers Give FarGo-Moorehead teachers real-world instruction ideas

one are the days where students would sit in algebra class wondering how they will ever use what they are learning in the real world. Today, more and more students are being taught through STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, which focuses on engaging students in projects and using the engineering design process. Greater Fargo-Moorhead teachers now have the chance to learn real world applications for
fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N


From top: John Deere electronic Solutions in fargo, a participating company in the 2012 Teachers in industry program, designs, develops, manufactures and tests products including display systems for John Deere vehicles. microsoft, also a program participant, handles research, development, sales and more at its fargo campus.

The first few weeks of Gehlhar’s classes at the West Fargo STEM Center in fall 2012 focused on some of the hands-on demonstrations of lean engineering that he learned during his month-long internship at Sanford Health. “The students will learn and apply these concepts to improve processes and standardize our workflows for the year,” he says. “We will use lean engineering and its ideas to support building a growth mindset within our students.” Students also will learn to apply math concepts by using Excel to tabulate and analyze data as Gehlhar learned in the Office of Continuous Improvement at Sanford Health. research and development EDC Communications Coordinator Lisa Gulland-Nelson got the idea for the internship program after speaking to the principal of the West Fargo STEM Center. She learned teachers are trained to educate, but they rarely get exposed to the working world.

From there, she went to work on securing large employers to partner with and allow area teachers to work in companies that have some of the most in-demand jobs. Companies say they participated in the internship program as a way to serve the community and assist in educating the future workforce. “We truly benefited from having an engaged and eager teacher as a part of our team this summer. He brought forth lots of great questions, input and observations,” says Nicole Schell, human resources advisor for Sanford Health. At John Deere Electronic Solutions, the teacher intern was exposed to the different phases of the design and development of new projects to the manufacturing and testing of prototypes. “These activities correlated very closely to what the teacher was hoping to get from the experience as we wanted to make sure that they were very engaged throughout the process,” says Sam Wheeldon, technical manager of electronic design at John Deere.
l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o



farm and construction equipment manufacturer and retailer cNh employs more than 1,000 people here.


fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

smart and affordable
ecoNomy STroNg WiTh Tech comPaNieS, DiverSe real eSTaTe
argo-Moorhead’s economy is known for companies that excel at developing and implementing technology, advanced manufacturing and a diverse and affordable real estate market awaiting new workers.


tech companies
Microsoft’s Fargo facilities make up the company’s second-largest campus worldwide, where more than 800 employees develop and support major software products. This campus features a Microsoft Dynamics Development Center and houses Microsoft’s executive briefing Center. PRaCs institute’s Fargo facility represents more than 25 years of research experience in clinical pharmacology. This facility has completed more than 5,000 studies and features 120 iCu-style hospital beds; experienced physicians, nurses and clinical staff; and a database with more than 120,000 people who are available for Phase i-iii studies. nokia develops and supports the gPs navigation software that is used in many in-car navigation units today including those produced by garmin, Magellan, and TomTom. nokia’s production center in Fargo develops digital mapping.

and master-planned overlays. Many appeal to young families due to having nearby schools, soccer fields and swimming pools. virtually any style of home is obtainable here including rowhouses and twinhomes to single-family homes of all shapes and sizes, with pricing of new houses starting in the low $100,000s. “From new homes to remodeling projects, Home builders association of F-M members strive for quality and putting up a product that consumers appreciate and enjoy,” says bryce Johnson, executive vice president of the Home builders association of F-M. “in general, those who belong to the Hba see a need to stay on top of current industry developments and care about giving back to their industry. They have a sense of responsibility.” For detailed information, contact the Hba of F-M at (701) 232-5846 or visit www.hbafm.com. – Braxton Shoop

advanced manuFacturing
bobcat Company, a leader in the engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of construction equipment, has its corporate offices on six acres of land in West Fargo, employing nearly 200. Farm and construction equipment manufacturer and retailer CnH has a major presence in Fargo, employing more than 1,000 people. John Deere electronics solutions, a global provider of design and manufacturer of high-value rugged electronic solutions for use in harsh physical and electrical environments, is headquartered in Fargo and employs nearly 700.

real estate
There are more than 30 housing communities being developed in the Fargo-Moorhead region, offering prospective homebuyers nearly limitless options when deciding where to live, ranging from downtown condos to suburban communities. amenities found in these communities include ponds, fountains, walking and biking paths, playgrounds, picnic areas and golf facilities. some have characteristics of new urbanism such as walkable neighborhoods, empty-nester attractions

MiCHaeL ConTi

l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o



Biz Briefs
aMity technoloGy Biz: Agriculture equipment manufacturer Buzz: With its research, development, manufacturing and headquarters in Fargo, Amity Technology offers agriculture equipment. The company provides sugar beet equipment, crop management equipment, air seeding tools, potato equipment and more. Amity Technology’s products are available around the world, and they are also frequently on display at farm shows throughout North Dakota. www.amitytech.com pactiv Biz: Foodservice disposables, food packaging manufacturer Buzz: Pactiv, the largest manufacturer of disposable materials and packaging products for the food industry in the world, provides items such as molded fiber egg cartons, portion cups and lids, berry clamshells, cutlery and more. The company operates 55 manufacturing facilities around the world, including one in Moorhead, Minn., and serves more than 1,600 customers. www.pactiv.com solid coMFort Biz: Wood furniture and cabinet manufacturer Buzz: Solid Comfort’s facility in Fargo produces beds, dressers, nightstands, desks, vanities and more. The company’s furniture can be seen in well-known hotels such as Country Inn & Suites, Radisson Hotels & Resorts, Embassy Suites and Hilton Garden Inn. www.solidcomfort.com sundoG Biz: Marketing and technology company Buzz: Headquartered in Fargo, Sundog assists clients with content development, website design, advertising and more. The company has worked with clients throughout the United States such as Sanford Health, Bobcat, Schwan’s and United Healthcare. www.sundoginteractive.com

a SamPliNg of bUSiNeSSeS – large aND Small – ThaT helP DefiNe fargo-moorheaD’S STroNg aND Well-balaNceD ecoNomic climaTe

swanson health products Biz: Nutritional supplement provider Buzz: Swanson Health Products offers vitamins and minerals to aid in cardiovascular health, cholesterol support, fitness and energy, and more. The company also provides products to enhance diets such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher. www.swansonvitamins.com


business at a Glance

$3 billion
Annual Retail Sales

Retail Sales Per Capita


Annual Hotel and Food Sales

$314 million

Total Number of Firms
source: U.s. Census QuickFacts



fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

econoMic proFile
business overview
Fargo-Moorhead’s business environment is evolving rapidly, adding new expertise, facilities and capacity every day. businesses are benefiting from world-class education and research, unique advanced facilities, strong industry-university partnerships, sophisticated business infrastructure, and hardworking, skilled and productive employees.


amtrak Passenger Service www.amtrak.com otter Tail valley railroad www.railamerica.com/ railservices/oTvR.aspx red river valley & Western railroad www.rrvw.net

Per capita income

Major eMployers
Sanford health 6,739 employees North Dakota State University 2,339 employees blue cross blue Shield of N.D./Noridian 1,872 employees fargo Public Schools 1,762 employees essentia health 1,264 employees West fargo Public Schools 1,034 employees cNh america 1,005 employees US bank Service center 975 employees microsoft 869 employees

average annual household income

Air Service: hector international airport 2801 32nd ave. n.W. Fargo, nD 58102 www.fargoairport.com Bus: maT – metro area Transit System www.matbus.com Jefferson lines www.jeffersonlines.com Major Highways: i-94, i-29 Railroads: bNSf railway www.bnsf.com


approximate Total Workforce

have attained an education level beyond high school (age 25+)

White-collar Jobs

blue-collar Jobs

ThiS SecTioN iS SPoNSoreD by

l i va b i l i T y. c o m / fa r g o


arts & Culture

children paint with their parents at the children’s Museum at yunker Farm.

Jump right in
regioN offerS maNy cUlTUral eveNTS aND aTTracTioNS


he Fargo Moorhead region’s many cultural attractions and events ensure people always are in the middle of the action when it comes to the arts.

live events, Festivals
visit the gate City bank Theatre, located inside the Fargodome, to enjoy broadway shows such as Rent, as well as concerts by top entertainers. situated downtown, the Fargo Theatre offers plays, concerts, and various films. bluestem Center for the arts is home to Trollwood Performing arts school, and The stage at island Park hosts plays, concerts and more. additionally, the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater puts on several shows a year. Musical offerings in the area include the blues Festival in Fargo and We Fest in Detriot

With rotating exhibits and a permanent collection, the Plains art Museum is the largest art museum between Minneapolis and seattle. aviation lovers may enjoy the Fargo air Museum, which is home to the world’s only flying super Corsair and a beech staggerwing. With more than 50 exhibits, the Children’s Museum at yunker Farm keeps little ones entertained. according to Child magazine, the museum is one of the best in the nation.

Lakes, Minn., which features three days of country music at soo Pass Ranch. For more live music, check out the Fargo-Moorhead opera, Fargo-Moorhead symphony orchestra, Jazz arts group of Fargo-Moorhead, great Plains Harmony Men’s Chorus, The Hub and The aquarium.

gallery 4, Ltd. and ecce, both on broadway, attract artsy types. gallery 4 Ltd. shows paintings, drawings and sculptures by local artists, while ecce showcases the works of local and regional artists and offers yoga classes. – Pamela Coyle


fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

sports & Recreation

Fitness and Fun
oUTDoor, iNDoor oPPorTUNiTieS KeeP commUNiTy oN iTS ToeS


hanks to an abundance of places to get active, Fargo Moorhead area residents stay busy no matter the season.

Biking in Fargo
named one of the “top 50 bike-friendly communities in the u.s.” by Bicycling magazine in 2011, Fargo recently developed a plan to create additional on-street bike lanes in the community. Many of the new lanes will be located in the 6-square-mile area that includes the central business district, a hospital, north Dakota state university’s main campus and the city’s downtown. The city is also home to the great northern bicycle Co., which is also known as island Park Cycles. The shop provides new and used bicycles, parts, accessories and more, while also offering repair services and organizing community bike rides.

each year is the Fargo Marathon, a boston Marathon qualifier enhanced by events spanning an entire weekend, including a half marathon, the Radio FargoMoorhead 10k Run, the Fargo Marathon youth Run and the swanson Products Health & Fitness expo. The main marathon begins and ends at the Fargodome, and the course has live music from more than 60 bands. after the race, finishers receive medals and enjoy a concert.

golF courses
both Rose Creek golf Course and edgewood golf Course in Fargo offer 18-hole courses, while osgood golf Course, Prairewood golf Course and el Zagal golf Course provide nine holes. More courses are located in Moorhead such as Meadows golf Course and village green golf Course. The city also features The sports bubble, which includes a driving range, golf simulators and a mini-golf course.

multi-use trails
Fargo maintains 85 miles of paths for walking, running, biking and in-line skating, plus four crosscountry ski trails, including some that utilize public golf courses. The trail system has received regional and national awards, and the city keeps adding to it. in 2008, Fargo finished a trail along a drainage canal that will include a bridge connecting to osgood Park and the last leg of the Red River Trail. This trail runs through Wildflower grove Park and loops through downtown Fargo and Moorhead, Minn.

spectator sports
The north Dakota state university bison, Minnesota state university-Moorhead Dragons and the Concordia College Cobbers get area college sports fans on their feet. The region also has the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks baseball team and Fargo Force, a junior hockey team. Roller derby fans cheer on the Fargo Moorhead Derby girls, north Dakota’s first and premier flat-track roller derby league. and don’t forget new york yankee great Roger Maris is a Fargo native. – Pamela Coyle

Fargo marathon
in addition to a strong cycling community, Fargo is home to devoted runners. The biggest event for the running community

cyclists compete in a mountain bike race at M.b. johnson park in Moorhead.

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smart approach
iNNovaTive SchoolS earN accolaDeS


o to the head of the class if you realize that Fargo-Moorhead has numerous educational opportunities, from innovative public and private schools to several high-quality colleges and universities.

students, and offering more access to technical education programs.

three puBlic school districts
Fargo Public school District has classes from preschool through high school, plus performance and musical arts training at the Trollwood Performing arts school. West Fargo Public school District provides classes from kindergarten through high school and also contains a sTeM Center, which teaches a curriculum focused on science technology, engineering and mathematics. Moorhead area Public schools address the needs of students from kindergarten through high school, also providing an emphasis on sTeM courses at both the middle and high school levels.

succeed 2020
The Hess Corporation has donated $25 million to help north Dakota students become better prepared for college and careers, with the south east education Cooperative in charge of designing specific programs for Fargo schools. specific goals in the succeed 2020 initiative include increasing aCT scores, improving college and career counseling beginning in middle school grades, increasing advanced placement course opportunities for rural

private schools
students walk past weld hall at Minnesota state university Moorhead.

Fargo-Moorhead’s religion-based private schools all include high-quality education while instilling the values of their respective faiths. blessed John Paul ii Catholic schools network, oak grove Lutheran school and Park Christian school all provide education from kindergarten through high school, while grace Lutheran school educates students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

state colleges
north Dakota state university offers a wide range of opportunities in programs covering 112 bachelor’s degrees, 61 master’s degrees and 44 doctoral degrees. Minnesota state university Moorhead delivers variety with 75 majors and 16 pre-professional programs, while north Dakota state College of science-Fargo and Minnesota state Community and Technical College both have many academic and career programs that prepare students to enter four-year institutions or technical careers.

private colleges
Concordia College features 78 majors and 12 pre-professional programs, with all students required to learn one of nine global languages. Rasmussen College has degrees and diplomas in allied health, business, justice studies, and technology and design fields, while globe university Minnesota school of business has degrees in business, health science, legal science, technology and multimedia fields. The university of Mary also offers a vast accelerated program to meet the needs of working adults. – Kevin Litwin
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Best Western Kelly Inn & Suites www.bestwesternfargo.com Border States Electric www.borderstateselectric.com Cardinal IG www.cardinalcorp.com Cass County Electric Cooperative www.kwh.com City of Moorhead www.cityofmoorhead.com Fargo Public Schools www.fargo.k12.nd.us Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation www.careerfm.com Holiday Inn www.fargohi.com Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead www.hbafm.com Homewood Suites by Hilton www.fargo.homewoodsuites.com Kilbourne Group www.kilbournegroup.com Minnesota State University Moorhead www.minstate.edu Moorhead Area Public Schools www.moorhead.k12.mn.us Oak Grove Lutheran School www.oakgrovelutheran.com Phoenix International – A John Deere Company www.johndeerecareers.com Ramada Plaza Suites and Conference Center www.ramadafargo.com Rasmussen College www.rasmussen.edu Sanford Health www.sanfordhealth.org Swanson Health Products www.swansonhealth.com West Fargo Public Schools www.west-fargo.k12.nd.us

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Do you have goals for your child’s education? WE DO.
All WFPS students will continuously improve toward, or maintain proficiency in essential skills in core content areas of reading/language arts; mathematics; science; and social studies. All WFPS students will graduate college-ready and/or work-ready. All WFPS students will be lifelong learners, demonstrating and applying 21st century skills.

West Fargo Public Schools
Educating today’s learners for tomorrow’s world. (701) 356-2000 www.west-fargo.k12.nd.us


fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

Health & Wellness

a healthy outlook
meDical choiceS are PleNTifUl iN fargo-moorheaD
healthy mix of hospitals, specialized medical services and community clinics make the Fargo-Moorhead area a health-care destination.


sanFord health
Fargo-based sanford Health is the largest, rural, not-for-profit health-care system in the nation. The largest employer in north and south Dakota, sanford Health operates 34 hospitals and 116 clinics. sanford Fargo Medical Center is a 583-bed teaching hospital with a Level ii trauma center, LifeFlight air transport services, newborn/pediatric intensive care services and children’s, women’s, orthopedics, heart and cancer centers. at sanford Children’s Hospital Fargo, pediatric and neonatal specialists care for kids. The hospital received a welcome boost in 2012, when Minnesota Wild center Matt Cullen donated $1 million to create a 3,000-square-foot, hockeythemed play and learning area at the children’s hospital. also in 2012, sanford Fargo Medical Center broke ground on a new $541 million hospital set to open in 2016. The new medical center will add 2,000 full-time positions to the 7,463 employees already working at sanford’s Fargo-Moorhead locations.

care. services also include a 24-hour emergency Department with Level ii trauma designation. in 2012, essentia Health became Fargo’s first hospital to offer interventional neurology, which uses high-tech imaging and a tiny catheter to open blood vessels in the brain and prevent strokes. That ability and essentia Health-Fargo’s stroke team have earned the facility accreditation as an advanced Primary stroke Center. essentia Health-Fargo also features a medical clinic, while the essentia Health Heart & vascular Center provides cardiac care.

Fargo va health care system
veterans and their families rely on the Fargo va Health Care system, which serves more than 89,000 veterans living in north Dakota, Minnesota and south Dakota. services at the Fargo va Medical Center include extended care and rehabilitation, mental health programs, a pharmacy, specialty care and women’s health services. The system also operates eight outpatient clinics in the region.

prairie st. John’s
Fargo also is home to Prairie st. John’s, a 91-bed facility offering services for children, adolescents and adults struggling with mental health issues, chemical dependency or addiction and co-occurring disorders. services include inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization, residential treatment, intensive outpatient services and clinic services. – Melanie Hill

essentia health
another key player in regional health care is essentia Health-Fargo. The 104-bed multispecialty hospital offers critical care, medical surgical care, pediatric, neonatal intensive care, and maternity

essentia health-fargo

Sanford fargo medical center’s children’s area

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see the City

Veterans Memorial Bridge in Moorhead Photo by Michael Conti


fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N

Cyclists enjoy trails near downtown Fargo. Photo by Michael Conti

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4611 15th Ave. NW • Fargo, ND 58102 (701) 492-0920 • www.cardinalcorp.com


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see the City

The Fargo Theatre in downtown Fargo Photo by Michael Conti

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coMMunity proFile
coMMunity overview
Fargo-Moorhead is a diverse, stimulating and family-oriented city with all the amenities that make for a satisfying and fulfilling life. There are exceptional k-12 and higher education systems, worldclass health care, affordable housing, a low cost of living and a myriad of cultural and entertainment options.

cost oF livinG

median household income

age 20-54

With lots of sunshine all year long, Fargo-Moorhead has temperate, bright springs, warm summers and crisp, cool autumns. Winter’s frequent snowfalls each average less than an inch. Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year.

median home Price

age 55 and over

median rent for a Two-bedroom apartment



household inForMation


82° 16°

median resident age


July average high



January average high


16.5 minutes
average Travel Time to Work

annual rainfall vs. National average annual rainfall of 37”

age 19 and Under

tiMe zone

ThiS SecTioN iS SPoNSoreD by


fa r g o , N D - m o o r h e a D , m N